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List of Homeworks: Literature

Homework2.709 Words / ~10 pages Carl Bantzer Schule A Prayer for Blue Delaney Chapter 1: The first chapter is about a boy named Colm, who is very sad because he has to live in an orphanage. There is also another boy in the orphanage named Dibs. Colm was only five years old when his mother brought him to the orphanage. He tries to run away because he would like to live with his mother, but one of the nuns is faster than Colm and can catch him. After that a big and red faced man asks Colm what he knows about Australia. The nun, her name is Clothilde, should bring Dibs and Colm to Australia. Chapter 2: In this chapter Colm is already on the ship to Australia. There are some Irish children on the boat too and a boy, who falls down from the railing. Colm saves the boys live, but the kids laugh about him. After that Colm meets Sister Mercia, who is a nun. Later he makes friendship with a boy named Tommy. Tommy is from…[show more]
Homework1.906 Words / ~9 pages Alman Lisesi Istanbul Kral Lear, eser incelemesi Dönemin Esere Yansımaları İçindekiler 1. Makyavelizm ‘ in esere yansıması 1 2. Kapitalizm 2 3. SOYTARI 3 4. KARAKTERLER. 3 5. KARAKTER ÇATIŞMALARI 6 6. TEZLER. 8 7. Eserin Dil ve Anlatımı 9 8. Eserin Zamanı ve kurgusu. 9 9. KAYNAKLAR : 9 1. Makyavelizm ‘ in esere yansıması Makyavelizm, başarıya giden yolda baştaki kişilerin duygularından arınmaları, hiçbir şekilde kendi duygularını ve düşüncelerini­, kendi özel hayatlarını, halkın önünde tutmamaları gerektiğini savunur. Aynı zamanda siyasetçinin başarıya giden yolda yalan, dolan, üçkağıtçılı&s­hyk gibi yollara başvurması gerekebileceğ­ini söyler. Kısacası, amaca ulaşmak için her türlü aracın kullanılmasın­ın­, bütün yolların denenmesinin meşru olduğu, siyasette ahlaki ilkelerin işlevsizliğin­i ve esas belirleyici faktörün güç…[show more]
Homework1.053 Words / ~ pages VIS Vienna Humour in the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald To begin with the actual story of ‘The Great Gatsby’ is not funny. But a lot of the language used and comments heard from, especially, drunk people can be very comical and amusing at times especially in combination the rather entertaining slang of the 1920s (jazz age). A lot of the ‘deeper’ jokes are mostly funny due to their either very cynical or ironic view, just like most of the things that happen and are said in the ‘The Great Gatsby’ have a positive and negative connotation towards them. For example the following quote: I had taken two finger-bowls of champagne, and the scene had changed before my eyes into something significant, elemental, and profound. This can be seen well as he finally understood what Gatsby’s parties are all about, but on the other hand it is sad to…[show more]
Homework671 Words / ~ pages Akademisches Gymnasium Linz The face on the milk carton Describe Janie: Janie is a 15-year-old girl with long, curly, red hair. Janie at first looked like a normal girl her age but after she found her picture on the milk carton her life completely changed. She’s very emotional and has a lot of trouble to deal with the unsure “fact” of being kidnapped. In my opinion Janie is really responsible and reasonable, a sweet little girl who suffers from being not sure of her existence. American Way of Life: Do Americans really eat hamburgers and pizza everyday? I think that is a frequently asked question and here’s my answer: Not at all!! American food is a combination of many types of international foods. Breakfasts are usually cereal and milk or something else cold and not bacon and eggs. Lunch is usually a sandwich. Dinner is the main meal of the day and…[show more]
Homework3.725 Words / ~19 pages BG Landwiedstrasse Münster The history of Graffiti Topic of Special Interest – English Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Terminology: 2 3. History of graffiti: 4 4. Different forms of Graffiti: 9 5. Government responses on graffiti: 16 6. Graffiti and Law: 17 7. Motivation for writing: 18 8. Sources: 19 1. Introduction In almost every big city in the world, even in most small towns, there are walls, trains, signs and many other objects with graffiti on them. I did not know a lot about graffiti before. I only knew that it is part of Hip Hop culture, like rap music, which I primarily listen to. I wanted to learn more about it, so I chose graffiti as my topic of special interest. Most people think that there is only the word graffiti for all the paintings they are confronted with, when they walk through their city. What they usually do not know is, that there are many different…[show more]
Homework662 Words / ~ pages Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln Trash - Andy Mulligan Friendship is the biggest This book is written by Andy Mulligan and is about three boys from the age ten to fourteen. The three boys are Rat, Raphael and Gardo and they are best friends. It all began as Raphael found a piece to a crime. Now Raphael, Gardo and Rat are set on an adventure that starts of in Behala Dumpsite, their home town. A lot happens throughout the adventure, like developing friendship, not just with the three boys but with other characters in the book. Raphael and Gardo were born in Behala. Gardo is left with his Uncle and Raphael is left with his Auntie. Theyre best friends “ Gardo is my partner, and we always work together. He looks after me” (7) and they also pick trash everyday hoping to find something special. “ I guess you just never know what youll find sifting through rubbish!” (3). Rat, also known…[show more]
Homework612 Words / ~ pages Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Marinelli und Rota in Emilia Galotti In Lessings Stück „Emilia Galotti“ erwachsen aus der Spannung der höfischen und bürgerlichen Lebenswelt die Rollenkonflik­te und schließlich auch das tragische Scheitern der Protagonisten Emilia. Aspekte höfischen und bürgerlichen Lebens in „Emilia Galotti“ sowie in der gesellschaftl­ichen Wirklichkeit Deutschlands des 18. Jahrhunderts sollen auch Thema der vorliegenden Stunde sein. Die unterschiedli­chen Lebensformen waren aber keineswegs immer deutlich. Lessing nimmt in seinem Stück keine bequeme Aufteilung in Gut und Böse vor und provoziert bei dem Leser somit auch eine Positionierun­g. Die S u S werden im Laufe der Lektüre immer wieder mit der Ambivalenz einzelner Rollen konfrontiert (z.B. Orsina, die sich zwischen der kritischen Aufklärerin und der hysterischen, verlassenen…[show more]
Homework3.153 Words / ~12 pages Bochum Hochschule Inhaltsverzei­chnis Einleitung...­.....­....­........... . Surrealistisc­he Geisteshaltun­g in „Nadja“......­... . Zufall und Wunderbares..­.....­....­...... . Bretons Nadja als Ideal des Surrealismus.­.....­. ... Nadjas Wahnsinn.....­.....­....­...... . Das Abhängigkeits­verhä­ltni­s zwischen Breton und Nadja.... . Zusammenfassu­ng...­....­............. Literaturverz­eichn­is..­.............­... . Einleitung Der Surrealismus ist eine literarisch-k­ünstl­eris­che Avantgardebew­egung­, die sich im Frankreich in der Zeit zwischen dem I. und dem II. Weltkrieg entwickelt hat. Der Surrealismus weist ein problematisch­es Verhältnis zur Rationalität auf, indem er sich mit einer Art „Überrealität­“ jenseits der Vernunftkontr­olle unter Einbeziehung von Traum, Zufall und Wunderbarem…[show more]
Homework2.766 Words / ~9 pages IGH Heidelberg Reading Journal “Half Broke Horses” 7th November 2016 Mrs. IGH Heidelberg Contents Task I: Chapter by Chapter Summary Chapter I: Salt Draw (p.13-46) Like already mentioned in the title, the first chapter of the true-life novel Half Broke Horses is about the homestead of the Casey family located in Salt Draw. In this chapter the characters of the story are represented. The chapter sums up the tragic moment, in which the Casey family lost their homestead in a flashflood after a wicked storm. After the flash flood, the Casey family built a little house out of wood beside their ruined homestead. Afterwards in this chapter, Lily gives the reader an overview about the past of her father Adam Casey Smith. Adam Casey then teaches his daughter Lily how to ride as well as break a horse and during that time she breaks her arm. Chapter II: The Miraculous…[show more]
Homework704 Words / ~2 pages Ludwig Erhard Schule Mosbach Gedichtsinter­preta­tion Frische Fahrt Das vorliegende Gedicht „Frische Fahrt“ wurde von einem der wichtigsten deutschen Dichter der Lyrik verfasst, Joseph von Eichendorff, welcher von 1788 bis 1857 lebte. Joseph von Eichendorff schrieb vor allem Werke in der Hoch und Spätromantik und zählte zu einer der wenigen die diese Epochen am meisten beeinflusst haben. Joseph von Eichendorffs Gedichte handeln von Freiheit und Romantik, so ist es erstaunlich, dass er in seiner älteren Vergangenheit einer Militärkarrie­re nachging. Öfters thematisiert Eichendorff die Natur, so auch in seinem Gedicht Frische Fahrt. Das Gedicht handelt von der Darstellung bzw. der Verschmelzung von Mensch und Natur wobei der hier beschriebene Frühlingsanfa­ng mehr oder weniger das Verbindungsst­ück darstellt. Im Gedicht werden verschiedene…[show more]
Homework672 Words / ~ pages Highschool MK/Kopavogur Essay The Hobbit Snorri Skúlason 10-Ö Kársnesskóli Kennari: Sif Garðarsdóttir Introduction The books name is “The Hobbit”. The authors name is J.R.R. Tolkien. The book was published in Great Britain by George & Unwin in the year 1937. The book has 273 pages. I chose this book because it was the most exciting book I was offered to write an essay about. I think it is an exciting book, because I have heard a lot about it and the guy who wrote this book is the same who wrote the Lord of the rings. I have read one Lord of the rings book and seen the movies, a lot of times. Body text J.R.R. Tolkien was born in Great Britain, the 3rd of January 1892. He died 2.september 1973. he was a university professor in oxford, where he taught English language He got famous for the books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series. The story seems to happens in some…[show more]
Homework588 Words / ~1 page Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Shakespeare in Love Will Shakespeare, who is a young playwright, doesn’t have a creative muse and now he is also suffering from “writer­s- block”. Mr Henslowe, the owner of the Rose theatre, desperately needs a play to be completed so he can pay off his creditors from the money they will earn from it. His creditors treat him very badly and so he makes up a play called “Romeo and Ethel, the pirate’­s daughter”. The problem is that Romeo is safely locked away in Shakespeares head, which means that not a word of Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’­s Daughter is actually written. Viola De Lesseps, the daughter of a very riche nobleman, absolutely loves poetry and the theatre. She has seen Will many times at the playhouse. She wants to be an actress, but in Elizabethan England, women were forbidden to appear on the stage.…[show more]
Homework731 Words / ~ pages Univerzita Komenského Bratislava TWO FROGS (essay) I have chosen really short, though inspirational fictional story in prose, called Two Frogs. The only characters are represented by a group of frogs. The main of them are the two, that fell into a deep pit. The narrator is the third person. The story has got the character of fable because it features animals which are anthropomorph­ized that means they are given human qualities and illustrates a moral lesson. A fable also includes a lot of personificati­ons which are to be found in here, for example: “the other frogs kept telling him, the crowd of frogs yelled at him, the frog explained, that he was deaf“. The story begins with the fall of two frogs into the deep pit. The rest of the frogs stayed safe. As they looked into tho pit at the two frogs, they considered the situation. They thought there was no way to get…[show more]
Homework559 Words / ~ pages Universität New Mexico Text analysis (Chapter 2 of “David Copperfield”) Charles Dickens (1812-1870) is one of the most famous English novelists of the Victorian period. During his lifetime Dickens’­; works enjoyed unprecedented popularity and fame, and they remain popular today. It was in the twentieth century, however, that his literary genius was fully recognized by critics and scholars. Dickens addresses social problems like hypocrisy and injustice in his works. One of his significant works is “David Copperfield”. The name speaks for itself that the main character of the novel is David Copperfield. The story traces the life of David Copperfield from childhood to maturity. And now, being an adult, David managed to save remembrance of his childhood. But what does he remember? The first objects that assume a distinct presence…[show more]
Homework1.280 Words / ~3 pages gabriel fauré , Foix Dom Juan, Molière Acte V, scènes 5 et 6 En 1665, son dernier ouvrage Tartuffe ayant été censuré , Molière décide d’écrire Dom Juan. Cette pièce de théâtre relate les aventures d’un libertin. En effet, le héros de cette pièce de théâtre, Dom Juan, n’accepte aucune règle exceptée les siennes. Les scènes auxquelles nous allons nous intéresser sont les scènes finales (Acte V, scènes 5 et 6) : Dom Juan qui agissait sans contrainte ni pitié, que ce soit avec les femmes (abandon de Done Elvire au premier acte), avec la religion (tentation au blasphème dans la scène 4 de l’acte III), avec la société (non paiement des dettes) ou même avec sa famille, va être puni. Nous pouvons alors nous demander quelles vont être les conditions de la punition de ce héros libertin. Nous allons tout d’abord nous intéresser à la représentatio­n du surnaturel, puis…[show more]
Homework4.355 Words / ~23 pages Minsk , BSU Как отмечает Ф. Г. Фогт, « какъ при одномъ, так и при другомъ император­­ъ Вальтеръ одинаково посвящалъ свою поэзiю одному дѣлу, которому принадлеж­­али его личныя, глубокiе симпатiи; именно, Крестовом­­у походу» [7, с. 192]. Как известно, поэт подстрека­­л к походу Оттона, а также во время правления Фридриха он несколько раз склонял к этому делу князей, рыцарей и даже самого император­­а. Постоянно­­е откладыва­­ние похода привело к разрыву между император­­ом и папой: в 1227 году Григорий IX отлучил Фридриха от церкви. Но Фогельвей­­де и тут защищает сторону император­­а и Крестовог­­о похода. Он советует двинуться в поход, который папа желает сделать невозможн­­ым. Цикл «Крестовы­­х песен», призывавш­­их к Крестовом­­у…[show more]
Homework1.761 Words / ~8 pages Gateway High School Aurora THE APOCALYPSE One day a guy named was hanging out with his friends in a place called The Bro Cave. They were chilling and playing MW3.The bros are Black Magic, Conpai, Flexy and Jumper. Out of nowhere JRC comes in The Bro Cave and says: “Sup bros, yo I saw the weirdest thing outside”. replied “What did you see?” JRC said, “I saw something like a big orb outside”. replied “ummmm, ok les go check it out then”. They go outside and the others follow. says,” Yo what is that, I think its glowing”. Then Black Magic says,” It looks like something from Dragon Ball Z”. All of a sudden we heard cracking noises and we started freaking out. Conpai then says,” What is it?” Out came a flash and it blinded us, after that we saw a giant black dragon standing in front of us. We all ran and it went for me then it put me on its back. I guess it chose me as its master or something…[show more]
Homework804 Words / ~2 pages Samuel von Brukenthal Gymnasium Sibiu Caracterizare­a personajului principal ION Ion este personajul principal, eponim, rotund al romanului ,care ii poarta numele, de Liviu Rebreanu. El este fiul Zenobiei si al Glanetasu din Pripas. Mama sa intrase in casatorie cu ceva pamant insa Glametasul “bause” teritoriul, motiv pentru care Ion incearca un senimtent de ura pentru tatal sau si creste ravnind la pamant, care devine ratiunea lui de a fi. Numele sau reprezinta destinul miilor de Ioni saraci, care tanjesc dupa pamant si care, odata ce l-au obtinut, isi continua viata intr-un mod firesc, banal. Personajul insa iese din acest tipar. Carcaterizat direct de catre autor, Ion este „iute si harnic ca ma-sa”, chipes si voinic, dar sarac, iar din aceasta cauza flacaul simte dureros prapastia dintre el si bogatii satului, ca Vasile Baciu. Cand acest personaj il caracterizeaz­a…[show more]
Homework2.041 Words / ~4 pages Lycée français Lecture analytique dun extrait du Roi se meurt- Ionesco Séquence 2: Abus de pouvoir- Quelle représentatio­n des figures de tyran au théâtre? Texte 4: Le Roi se meurt, E. Ionesco, 1962 Eléments de présentation de la pièce et du texte (à utiliser notamment pour une introduction) Pièce écrite par Ionesco hospitalisé, en proie à langoisse existentielle de la finitude, et dailleurs toute sa vie hanté par la question de la mort « Ionesco se meurt de lidée quil va mourir », et cherche, comme Bérenger, à redevenir un bébé dans « des bras chauds » pour retrouver le temps de la sécurité davant la conscience- il écrit cette pièce dans lidée qu écrire cest apprendre à mourir , que lécriture allait lui fournir un exercice spirituel, une marche progressive vers lacceptation de la mort « je me décharge de mes toxines en les écrivant »- espère aussi en…[show more]
Homework2.736 Words / ~8 pages Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium Konstanz Autobiografía La camioneta Antes no era una carretera, por ese lugar sólo pasaban los coches cargados de bicicletas, sólo pasaban los coches conducidos por personas que visten trajes de ciclismo. Antes ese lugar no estaba rodeado de casas. Antes ese lugar tenía tierra, y no pavimento. El triatlón fue una parte importante en la vida de mis hermanos, en la mía fueron sólo momentos en los que pasaba esperando en el sol. Me hubiera gustado haber sido parte de la tradición, pero por la diferencia de edades no se fue posible. Antes de que yo tuviera edad para entrar, nos salimos del Berimbau (dónde practicaban mis hermanos) y ahora ese lugar dónde se juntaban todos, es la carretera que tomo para ir a la escuela. Antes no era necesario tomar ese camino, pero son muchas cosas las que han cambiado. En uno de esos tempranos viajes al Colegio Alemán,…[show more]
Homework1.610 Words / ~4 pages Nikolaus Lenau Timsoara -Din perspectiva lui Tiberiu- -Dar Majestatea Dumneavoastra­, ce intentionati sa faceti cu restul familiei lordului Asher? Cu siguranta nu mai pot lua parte la Curte, datorita dizgratiei pe care le-a adus-o fiul lor. -Valerian Knight si-a dezmostenit fiul, si prin urmare, are acordul de a trai la Curte si de a participa la Consiuliul Vampirilor. Mi-am inclestat pumnii sub masa, maraind: -Nu cred ca este o idee asa de buna. Dolli a fost ranita din cauza fiului sau, si sunt sigur ca Asher nu se va opri pana nu va obtine ceea ce-si doreste. Au erupt susoteli in incapere, fiecare vampir sustinandu-si punctul de vedere in fata altuia, majoritatea fiind convinsi ca Asher nu ar indrazni sa se intoarca la Curte. M-am abtinut sa nu izbucnesc, atunci cand le-am auzit parerile negative fata de Dolli, si de natura ei. Nu-l cunosteau pe Asher, nu…[show more]
Homework1.197 Words / ~ pages Istanbul Lisesi Shakespeareni­n hayatı ve onun kitapları­;ndan biri olan Kral Lear ın dönemin iki ana kavramı üzerinden örneklerle incelemesi. Shakespeare’i­n doğum günü 23 Nisan olarak kabul edilmiştir. Ama bu tarih, hatta yazarın adı bile kesin değildir. İmzasını çok farklı şekillerde atıyordu. ‘’ Shakespeare ‘’ bir düzine kadar farklı örnek arasından en yaygın kabul gören ismidir. Stratford-Avo­n’da 1564 yılında doğdu ve 26 Nisan 1564 günü vaftiz edildi. Annesi Mary Arden , zengin bir çiftçini kızıydı. Babası John Shakespeare bir eldiven imalatçısıydı ve yaşadığı bölgede saygı duyulan biriydi ve büyük olasılıkla katolikti. Babası daha sonra Stratford belediye başkanı seçilmiştir ki, sivil politikada bir adamın yükselebilece­ği en yüksek mevki buydu. 1570 yılında, William okula başladığı sırada babası…[show more]
Homework316 Words / ~ pages IICS, Istanbul Kral Lear - Ana karakter Karakterizasy­onu Inhaltsverzei­chnis ALBANY DÜKÜ: 1 CORNWALL DÜKÜ: 1 KENT KONTU: 2 EDGAR: 2 GONERİL: 2 ALBANY DÜKÜ: Goneril’in eşidir. Eserin başında eşi Goneril’in babasına yaptığı nankörlüklere göz yummasına rağmen Fransa’nın Britanya topraklarına girmesiyle beraber olaylara karşı sesi daha çok çıkmaya ve sadıklığını göstermeye başlamıştır(s­.­143). Karısı tarafından ihanete uğramıştır(s.­1­86) CORNWALL DÜKÜ: Rega’nın eşidir. Eşi gibi gözünü mal mülk boyamıştır.(p­ar­acı) Krala karşı saygısızdır(s­ay­gısız). Bunu Kent Kontu kralın mektubunu iltmeye geldiğinde suçunun karşılığını gerektiğinden daha ağı bir ceza vererek ve kralın habercisen böyle bir ceza vermek krala saygısızlık olur dediklerinde bunu umursamamış olmasından anlayabiliriz­(s.80­-81)­. Krala…[show more]
Homework1.339 Words / ~ pages Galway High School Of Mice and Men, Book and Movie Review Of Mice and Men is a novella written by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck. Published in 1937, it tells the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place together in search of new job opportunities and who have the dream to have their own ranch at one point in their life. Lennie is a very big guy and very strong, but he is not smart and does some bad things sometimes because he doesn’t know better and because he’s obsessed with petting soft things. George is a small guy but he’s very smart and he takes care of Lennie. The story happens during the Great Depression in California, United States. The book was made into a movie in 1992. There are a few differences and lots of similarities between the book and the movie. Differences are the part…[show more]
Homework1.137 Words / ~3 pages UFRGS - Porto Alegre, Brazil Acrobacias de vanguarda A primeira observação que evoca o debate entre Roberto Schwarz e Augusto de Campos diz respeito a um fato curioso: trinta anos atrás, ainda existiam debates nos jornais brasileiros. Seja devido à uniformização da imprensa em torno da cartilha politicamente correta, que não só proíbe determinadas perguntas, como ainda desencoraja a busca de respostas, seja devido ao falecimento de boa parte dos nossos grandes críticos (pensemos num José Guilherme Merquior, num Paulo Francis, num Wilson Martins), seja em razão de outros fatores que me escapam, a verdade é que há muito não se lêem debates tão apaixonados nos suplementos de cultura (por que não mais “suplementos literários”?) dos jornais. Aí, a crítica parece ter cedido espaço à resenha e ao ensaio, isto é, a gêneros mais “comportados”­, menos suscetíveis,…[show more]
Homework459 Words / ~ pages Peking University,Beijing Classics, which come in multiple forms, both spiritual values and material wealth, are quintessence of human wisdom. Usually they express some artistic quality, which bears witness to the creativeness of the people in the past. Therefore, classics can always appeal to those who want to extract value from achievements of our predecessors. People assume that classics have stood the test of time and can give human different perspectives to look through. The remarkable books that reveal the gradually developing ideological achievements, for example, can bring us new perspectives and knowledge, which helps us understand the human nature better. With the social context and practice style changing, the mode of thinking is always transformed. However, themes of love, death, faith and life, no doubt, can always touch deeply…[show more]
Homework1.232 Words / ~2 pages IGS Linden Hannover Philip Kindred Dick Philip Kindred Dick (1928 - 1982) oder Philip K. Dick war ein amerikanische­r Schriftstelle­r. Die meisten seiner Romane, Kurzgeschicht­en und Essays sind über Science-Ficti­on geschrieben. Philip K. Dicks Werke wurden mit politischen und sozialen Strukturen und wie sie auf Selbstwertgef­ühl und Vernunft des Einzelnen im Zusammenhang besorgt. Er präsentierte oft Dystopien, die von Politik und Wirtschaft hegemonialen Organisatione­n dominiert werden. Schizophrenie und Drogenmissbra­uch werden oft als die zu transzendenta­l erbärmlichen Zustände dargestellt. Philip K. Dick verwendet diese Handlung Geräte an seinen größeren geistigen Interessen der Theologie und Metaphysik zu erkunden. Philip K. Dick hielt sich für einen Fiktionalisie­rung Philosoph. Sein Roman Das Orakel vom Berge gewann den…[show more]
Homework844 Words / ~1 page Sanata dharma yogyakarta Analysis of Work of Atrifice A WORK OF ARTIFICE (Free Verse) The bonsai treein the attractive potcould have grown eighty feet tallon the side of a mountaintill split by lightning.But a gardenercaref­ully pruned it.It is nine inches high.Every day as hewhittles back the branchesthe gardener croons,It is your natureto be small and cozy,domestic and weak;how lucky, little tree,to have a pot to grow in.With living creaturesone must begin very earlyto dwarf their growth:the bound feet,the crippled brain,the hair in curlers,the hands youlove to touch. Free Verse; The poem is free verse and has no specific rhyme scheme, an ironic feature of the poem because of the way it contrasts with the lack of free nature of women in society as depicted by Pierce. The structure is significant by using short and simple line, the poet emphasizes the…[show more]
Homework1.890 Words / ~4 pages UCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina Name: María Date: 5/6/17 Assignment on “The Yellow Wallpaper” and The Awakening You must answer 5 questions in all: You should not resort to information from external sources except for Manfred Jahn’s Narratology or the articles I sent you on Feminism and Psychoanalysi­s. If you use any of the aforementione­d sources you need to cite them. A) Analyse the following passage from “The Yellow Wallpaper”: (2 quests) I really have discovered something at last. Through watching so much at night, when it changes so, I have finally found out. The front pattern does move--and no wonder! The woman behind shakes it! Sometimes I think there are a great many women behind, and sometimes only one, and she crawls around fast, and her crawling shakes it all over. Then in the very bright spots she keeps still, and in the very shady spots she just takes hold…[show more]
Homework1.189 Words / ~ pages Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - UNAM Assignment N°1 – 2016 TOPICS: Edgar Allan Poe, Structuralism applied to short-story, Introduction to poetry, Intertextuali­ty A.- Consider The Fall of the House of Usher, Barry’s Beginning Theory (chapter 2 – Structuralism­) and answer the following questions: 1.- Refer to the concept of thematic unity in the short story and quote examples that illustrate the theoretical point. 2.- What assumptions can be made regarding time and characters in the opening paragraph? Quote three samples and analyse them. 3.- Refer to the pathetic fallacy used in the initial paragraph. 4.- Illustrate Barthes’ codes in this short story (hermeneutic, symbolic and cultural) B.- Consider The Raven by Poe, the theoretical notes by Manfred Jahn Poetry ( especially P1 to P4) and the pdf attached which briefly introduces the concept of Intertextuali­ty.…[show more]

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