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List of Homeworks: Literature
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Book report: The face on the milk carton
Akademisches Gymnasium Linz, 2005, 2010-10-29
The face on the milk carton Describe Janie: Janie is a 15-year-old girl with long, curly, red hair. Janie at first looked like a normal girl her age but after she found her picture on the milk carton her life completely changed. She’s very emotional and has a lot of trouble to deal with the unsure

Keywords: janie, reeve, page, american, couldn, milk carton, only person,
The history of Graffiti - Topic Interest - Facharbeit
BG Landwiedstrasse Münster, 2008, Haider, 2011-01-23
The history of Graffiti Topic of Special Interest – English Contents 1. Introduction.. 2 2. Terminology: 2 3. History of graffiti: 4 4. Different forms of Graffiti: 9 5. Government responses on graffiti: 16 6. Graffiti and Law: 17 7. Motivation for writing: 18 8. Sources: 19 1. Introduction In almost

Keywords: writing, time, writers, style, graffiti artists, reverse graffiti, graffiti culture, many graffiti artists,
The Hobbit
Highschool MK/Kopavogur, 2010, 2011-04-07
Essay The Hobbit Snorri Skúlason 10-Ö Kársnesskóli Kennari: Sif Garðarsdóttir Introduction The books name is “The Hobbit”. The authors name is J.R.R. Tolkien. The book was published in Great Britain by George & Unwin in the year 1937. The book has 273 pages. I chose this book because it was

Keywords: gandalf, lord, rings, time, bilbo baggins, dwarfs again,
A Prayer for Blue Delaney - Reading Log
Carl Bantzer Schule, 2010 Frau Dünkel, 2011-08-31
A Prayer for Blue Delaney Chapter 1: The first Chapter is about a boy who calls Colm and who is very sad because he must lives in an orphanage. There is another boy in the orphanage. His name is Dibs. Colm is 5 years old and his mother brings him into the orphanage. He runs away because he would like to live with

Keywords: bill, rusty, annie, tommy, blue delaney, colm thinks, sister mercia,
Humour in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
VIS Vienna, 2008, 2011-11-19
Humour in the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald To begin with the actual story of ‘The Great Gatsby’ is not funny. But a lot of the language used and comments heard from, especially, drunk people can be very comical and amusing at times especially in combination the rather entertaining

Keywords: gatsby, daisy, novel, amusing, full, eyes, ‘the great, great gatsby’, ‘the great gatsby’,
Shakespeare in Love
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU, 2009, Keteman Andrea, 2012-02-23
Shakespeare in Love Will Shakespeare, who is a young playwright, doesn’t have a creative muse and now he is also suffering from “writers- block”. Mr Henslowe, the owner of the Rose theatre, desperately needs a play to be completed so he can pay off his creditors from the money they will earn

Keywords: viola, play, shakespeare, romeo, thomas, lord wessex, been killed, christopher marlow,
Two frogs - the tale
Univerzita Komenského Bratislava, 2011, 2012-03-12
TWO FROGS (essay) I have chosen really short, though inspirational fictional story in prose, called Two Frogs. The only characters are represented by a group of frogs. The main of them are the two, that fell into a deep pit. The narrator is the third person. The story has got the character of fable because

Keywords: encouraging, deaf, understand, group, word, other frogs, kept telling, supporting them,
Charles Dickens : David Cooperfield
Universität New Mexico, 2012, 2012-03-27
Text analysis (Chapter 2 of “David Copperfield”) Charles Dickens (1812-1870) is one of the most famous English novelists of the Victorian period. During his lifetime Dickens’ works enjoyed unprecedented popularity and fame, and they remain popular today. It was in the twentieth century,

Keywords: childhood, needs, peggotty, works, mother, david copperfield, david copperfield”,
Trash by Andy Mulligan - Book Report / Inhalsangabe
Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln, 2nd year, proffesor lincoln, 2012-04-13
Trash - Andy Mulligan Friendship is the biggest This book is written by Andy Mulligan and is about three boys from the age ten to fourteen. The three boys are Rat, Raphael and Gardo and they are best friends. It all began as Raphael found a piece to a crime. Now Raphael, Gardo and Rat are set on an adventure

Keywords: gardo, friendship, raphael, trash, behala dumpsite,
Kral Lear, eser incelemesi
Alman Lisesi Istanbul, 2012 , 2012-04-16
Kral Lear, eser incelemesi Dönemin Esere Yansmalar çindekiler 1.   Makyavelizm ‘ in esere yansmas 1 2.   Kapitalizm 2 3.   SOYTARI 3 4.   KARAKTERLER. 3 5.   KARAKTER ÇATIMALARI 6 6.   TEZLER. 8 7.   Eserin Dil ve Anlatm 9 8.   Eserin Zaman ve kurgusu.

Keywords: fakat, için, onun, goneril, william kral, shakespeare william, lear remzi kitabevi,
Denoument de Dom Juan: Acte 5, Scénes 5 et 6
gabriel fauré , Foix, premiere, 2012-06-29
Dom Juan, Molière Acte V, scènes 5 et 6 En 1665, son dernier ouvrage Tartuffe ayant été censuré , Molière décide d’écrire Dom Juan. Cette pièce de théâtre relate les aventures d’un libertin. En effet, le héros de cette pièce de théâtre, Dom Juan, n’accepte aucune

Keywords: juan, mais, statue, nous, cette pièce, justice divine, deux scènes,
The Apocalypse
Gateway High School Aurora, , 2013-01-08
THE APOCALYPSE One day a guy named k. was hanging out with his friends in a place called The Bro Cave. They were chilling and playing MW3.The bros are Black Magic, Conpai, Flexy and Jumper. Out of nowhere JRC comes in The Bro Cave and says: Sup bros, yo I saw the weirdest thing outside”. k. replied

Keywords: dragon, guys, zombies, black magic, kevin replies”,
ION de Liviu Rebreanu: Caracterizare personajului principal ION
Samuel von Brukenthal Gymnasium Sibiu, 2013, 2013-04-14
Caracterizarea pe­rsonajului principal ION Ion este personajul principal, eponim, rotund al romanului ,care ii poarta numele, de Liviu Rebreanu. El este fiul Zenobiei si al Glanetasu din Pripas. Mama sa intrase in casatorie cu ceva pamant insa Glametasul bause” teritoriul, motiv

Keywords: este, care, pentru, florica, dupa, fata, vasile baciu, altceva decat, glasul iubirii,
Lecture analytique d'un extrait du Roi se meurt- Ionesco
Lycée français, 2013, 2013-08-29
Lecture analytique dun extrait du Roi se meurt- Ionesco Séquence 2: Abus de pouvoir- Quelle représentation des figures de tyran au théâtre? Texte 4: Le Roi se meurt, E. Ionesco, 1962 Eléments de présentation de la pièce et du texte ( utiliser notamment pour une introduction) Pièce écrite

Keywords: homme, pouvoir, même, tout, royaume, sans divertissement, cette situation,
Marinelli und Rota in Emilia Galotti
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2014, 2014-03-03
Marinelli und Rota in Emilia Galotti In Lessings Stück Emilia Galotti erwachsen aus der Spannung der höfischen und bürgerlichen Lebenswelt die Rollenkonflikte und schließlich auch das tragische Scheitern der Protagonisten Emilia. Aspekte höfischen und bürgerlichen Lebens in Emilia

Keywords: stück, rota, kammerherr, lessings, marinelli, höfischen bürgerlichen, emilia galotti, deutlich lessing,
Kral Lear - Ana karakter Karakterizasyonu
IICS, Istanbul, 2014, 2014-10-08
Kral Lear  - Ana karakter Karakterizasyonu Inhaltsverzeichnis ALBANY DÜKÜ: 1 CORNWALL DÜKÜ: 1 KENT KONTU: 2 EDGAR: 2 GONERL: 2 ALBANY DÜKÜ: Goneril’in eidir. Eserin banda ei Goneril’in babasna yapt nankörlüklere göz yummasna ramen Fransa’nn Britanya

Keywords: babasna, için, daha, albany, krala, cornwall dükü, sadece çkarlar,
'Of Mice and Men' - John Steinbeck - Comparison of the book and movie
Galway High School, Note: 90%, Jahr: 2014, 2014-11-07
Of Mice and Men, Book and Movie Review Of Mice and Men is a novella written by Nobel Prize-winnin­g author John Steinbeck. Published in 1937, it tells the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place together in search of new

Keywords: lennie, movie, george, scenes, director, music, different camera, camera angles, john steinbeck, different camera angles,
Biografie von Philip Kindred Dick.
IGS Linden Hannover, 2015, 2015-05-06
Philip Kindred Dick Philip Kindred Dick (1928 - 1982) oder Philip K. Dick war ein amerikanischer Schriftsteller. Die meisten seiner Romane, Kurzgeschichten und Essays sind über Science-Fict­ion geschrieben. Philip K. Dicks Werke wurden mit politischen und sozialen Strukturen und

Keywords: philip, roman, geboren, autoren, science fiction, kindred dick, kleo apostolides,
Classic books as a quintessence of human wisdom - Les Miserables
Peking University,Beijing , 2014, Lu Wei, 2.0, 2015-06-26
Classics, which come in multiple forms, both spiritual values and material wealth, are quintessence of human wisdom. Usually they express some artistic quality, which bears witness to the creativeness of the people in the past. Therefore, classics can always appeal to those who want to extract value

Keywords: thinking, human, spring, photograph, classic books, classics have, classics which,
Surrealismus in Bretons "Nadja"
Bochum Hochschule, 2015, 2, 2016-01-12
Inhaltsverzeichnis Einleitung.... . Surrealistische Geisteshaltung in Nadja . . Zufall und Wunderbares... . Bretons Nadja als Ideal des Surrealismus.. . Nadjas Wahnsinn... . Das Abhängigkeitsverh­ältnis zwischen Breton und Nadja. . Zusammenfassung... Literaturverzeichn­is...

Keywords: surrealismus, wirklichkeit, andré breton, bretons nadja, objektive zufall, nerval maupassant breton, überwirklichkeit nerval maupassant,
Gedichtsinterpretati­on Frische Fahrt - Eichendorff
Ludwig Erhard Schule Mosbach, Wengele, 2016-10-15
Gedichtsinterpreta­tion Frische Fahrt Das vorliegende Gedicht Frische Fahrt wurde von einem der wichtigsten deutschen Dichter der Lyrik verfasst, Joseph von Eichendorff, welcher von 1788 bis 1857 lebte. Joseph von Eichendorff schrieb vor allem Werke in der Hoch und Spätromantik und zählte

Keywords: vers, lyrische, frühlings, ziel, frische fahrt, joseph eichendorff, schöne welt,
Half broke horses reading journal
IGH Heidelberg, student , 2016-11-07
Reading Journal Half Broke Horses” U. G. 7th November 2016 Mrs. H. IGH Heidelberg Contents Task I: Chapter by Chapter Summary Chapter I: Salt Draw (p.13-46) Like already mentioned in the title, the first chapter of the true-life novel Half Broke Horses is about the homestead of the Casey family located

Keywords: lily, ranch, rosemary, adam, casey family,
The Awakening and The Yellow Wallpaper
UCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017, Cecilia Kenedy, 6, 2017-09-10
Name: O. María B. Date: 5/6/17 Assignment on The Yellow Wallpaper” and The Awakening You must answer 5 questions in all: You should not resort to information from external sources except for Manfred Jahn’s Narratology or the articles I sent you on Feminism and Psychoanalysis. If you use any of

Keywords: narrator, edna, time, women, herself, passage, behind wallpaper, internal focalizer, woman behind, strength would never, unaided strength would, unaccustomed vision stretch,
Assignment: Edgar Allan Poe, Structuralism applied to short-story, Introduction to poetry, Intertextuality
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - UNAM, 2015, 2018-05-04
Assignment N°1 – 2016 TOPICS: Edgar Allan Poe, Structuralism applied to short-story, Introduction to poetry, Intertextuality A.- Consider The Fall of the House of Usher, Barry’s Beginning Theory (chapter 2 – Structuralism) and answer the following questions: 1.- Refer to the concept of

Keywords: usher, house, paragraph, structuralism, atmosphere, short story, edgar allan,

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