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List of Interpretations: Literature
Interpretation Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Prayer before Birth Louis MacNeice Proseminar-Paper Introduction to Literary Studies I 1 Prayer before Birth 1 2 Introduction 2 3 Lyric Speech Situation 3 4 Theme 3 5 General Structure 4 6 Metre and Rhythm 4 7 Rhymes and Other Sound Patterns 5 8 Rhetorical Figures on the Morphological and on the Syntactic
Interpretation Unbekannt
Tortilla Flat The story is set in Monterey California with the protagonist Danny and his friends. Danny is a man without any worries and possession. He enoys his freedom and sweet gallons of wine. He often gets drunk and when the World War breaks, he and his friends sign into the military force. After the
Interpretation RWTH Aachen Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule
Anglistisches Institut der RWTH Aachen Written English II/Summer Term 2008/Group 2                         Short critical essay on Robert Frosts The Road Not Taken The poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost deals with a traveler who comes to a fork in the road and needs to
Interpretation Stockholm University
Time for Change in Flannery O’ConnorR­17;s A Good Man is Hard to Find Ever since the beginning of time, mankind has been searching for a higher power that will guide them through life, and show them the “true way”. Christianity is the largest religion in Western society, and it has
Interpretation Universität Zagreb
1.) The clash between love and society’s expectations It is always difficult to analyze a given piece of literature without imposing ones own values upon the content. In a way, analyzing literature is similar to the way any of us perceive a painted image, a sculpture or a piece of music. Like a painter,
Interpretation Universität Koppenhagen
King Lear It was written almost 300 years before Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights., covers much of the same ground discussed above. Shakespeare’­s famous play named King Lear has several interesting elements that can be recognized in Wuthering Heights. For example, the idea of
Interpretation University College Utrecht
Assignment 2 Super-Frog Saves Tokyo by Haruki Murakami The Underground motif ‘Super-Frog Saves Tokyo’ (Murakami, H., 2002) is a short story about a frog who helps a Japanese citizen understand why he must save Tokyo against the big worm that lives underground and will strike an earthquake. We
Interpretation University of Sevilla
WRITTEN COMMENTARY The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping was written by Grace Nichols in 1984. She was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1950. She moved to England in 1977. Much of her poetry is characterized by Caribbean culture, and influenced by African and South American
Interpretation Maximinilian Universität Würzburg
M. Ju. Lermontov - Die Nacht Gedichtinterpretat­ion Lermontov schrieb das Gedicht Noč´ im Jahre 1831. Nach seinem Tod 1841 wurde es erstmals im Severnij vestnik 1889, I, 10-11 veröffentlicht. Es ist in steigenden sechsfüßigen Jamben geschrieben. In Russland bediente man sich des sechsfüßigen
Interpretation High School in America
What causes the tragedy in Hamlet? M. F. Mrs. G. English 4 (Period 1) 2/9/2011 Hamlet Essay In the tragic play of “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, a lot of things take place, eventually leading to the final point. The cause of the tragedy is not due to only one circumstance. But what are the causes
Interpretation Grevenbroich
The new Colossus´ by Emma Lazarus Analysis The Italian Sonnet The new Colossus´ written by Emma Lazarus and released in 1883 deals with the Statue of Liberty in America and immigration to America in the 19th century. In the first stanza the Statue of Liberty is compared to the Colossus of Rhodes which
Interpretation Düsseldorf
An Introduction to William Shakespeare 1) The article „Much Ado about Shakespeare“­, by Chris Arnot and Heither Neill published Tuesday 6 February 2007 in „The Guardian“ approaches numerous views given on Shakespeare’­s relevance in class today. First
Interpretation Zürich Gymnasium
Ambition and Self-Improvement The novel “Great Expectations” is written by Charles Dickens. The story is about a young man whose name was Pip. Pip’s dream was to be a gentleman and to be in love with Estella. But before he reached this, we can read in the book how Pip was changing himself.
Interpretation BG Judenburg
Meeting Point – Louis MacNeice Interpretation The work Meeting Point by Louis MacNeice is a poem divided into eight stanzas where each consists of five lines and it is written in very structured and regular form. Noticeable, each of the first and last lines of those eight stanzas are completely the
Interpretation Ursulinenschule Hersel
Book Review “Twilight” from Stephenie Meyer Twilight is the first part of the twilight sage written by Stephenie Meyer. The novel has been published on 5th October 2005 by “little, brown an company”. The romantic fantasy novel tells the love story between the seventeen year old Isabella
Interpretation Osijek Kroatien
Ernest Hemingway – The sun also rises Elements of Realism, Naturalism and Modernism Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest American modernist authors, wrote his novel The Sun Also Rises in 1926. According to the year it was written in, this novel should belong to the modernist movement. Due to the
Interpretation Stromberg-Gymnasium, Vaihingen/Enz
Dead Mens Path – Chinua Achebe Interpretation The story Dead Mens Path , written by Chinua Achebe is about a natives decision after getting a new job as a headmaster in a missionary school. It takes place in Nigeria in lain1949. The man named Michael Obi has been colonized and influenced by western people
Interpretation Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald - EMAU
Let me not to the marriage of true minds Narrator: 1st person narrator "Let me" Content: "Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds" Love is immutable and permanent. If it is inconstant, it is not love, then it must be something else. Love is the only thing
Interpretation Berufliches Gymnasium Falkenberg
It´ll never be the same: Katherine Goodwright Characterization: Jenny Now it is my taskt to characterzise one of the main characters in the short story It´ll never be the same . Jenny, one of the main characters in It´ll never be the same by Katherine Goodwright, is a twenty-five to thirty-year-old
Interpretation Ostseegymnasium Rostock
Analysis of a short story – E. A. Poe - THE TELL-TALE HEART” Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart was published in 1843. In the story an unnamed character decides to kill an old man because of the old man’s vulture eye”. Over seven nights the murderer creeps into the old
Interpretation University of London
Cinnamon Rolls a short story by Louisa Bello The moon had an odd paleness about it tonight. The Parks police were long gone now, at home with their wives and steaming mugs of tea. Tonight, he barely felt the cold. The moon, a punctuated sphere hung there, above him, alone, aghast, in the blackened, starless
Interpretation Hürth Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium
Analysis Sonnet 1 by William Shakespeare S. D. 4.11.2012 Englisch-LK Analysis: Sonnet 1 In this essay, the first of the 154 sonnets by William Shakespeare, released in 1609 is going to be analysed. The first seventeen of these sonnets are addressed to the poet’s friend, whose identity is unknown,
Interpretation Cardiff Metropolitan University
About a boy – Nick Hornby How does Nick Hornby present the characters of Marcus, Fiona and Will in chapters 1-9 A novel ‘About a boy’ by Nick Hornby was published in 1998, but set in 1993. The title was an inspiration from Nirvana’s song ‘About a girl’. 1990’s was the ‘yuppie’ period,
Interpretation Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Edmund Spenser One day I wrote her name upon the strand Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Overview 2.1 Theme 2.2 Content 2.3 Lyrical Speech Situation 2.4 Rhetorical Devices 2.5 Imagery 2.6 Rhythmic analysis 2.7 Meter 2.8 Rhyme 3. Interpretation 4. Summary 5. Appendix 6. Bibliography Introduction
Interpretation Belarusian State University BSU - Minsk
Белорусский государственный университет Гуманитарный -акультет Поэтика сонета А. Гри-иусаEs ist alles eitel» Оглавление Введение. 1 Анализ сонета. 5 Особенности
Interpretation Kantonsschule Zug - KSZ
La tête en friche 1. L’extrait 1 2. Explication/ Analyse/ Interprétation. 1 3. Résumé. 2 4. Biographie de Marie-Sabine Roger 2 L’extrait Le soir elle était morte. C’est con, j’aurais juré qu’elle allait m’enterrer. Elle est partie de j’ai pas compris quoi, une attaque je crois.
Interpretation Lycée francais de Vienne Wien
Je taime (Le Phenix,1951) - Paul Eluard Commentaire Paul Eluard est un poete surrealiste du XXeme siecle. Éluard perçu la poésie comme une action capable déveiller la conscience de ses lecteurs, et la reconnu comme une force puissante dans la lutte de libération politique, sociale et sexuelle.Patriote
Interpretation Gymnasium Nürnberg
Gulliver’s Travels – a book for children? Analysis and Summary Contents 1. Gulliver’s Travels is the best known novel written by Jonathan Swift 2 2. Swift’s biography and creation of Gulliver’s Travels. 3 3. Summary of the novel 5 3.1. Voyage to Lilliput 6 3.2. Voyage to Brobdingnag. 7 3.3.
Interpretation Hanoi National University
Interpretation ,,Die Leiden des jungen Wether von Johann Wolfgang Goethe Inhaltsverzeichnis 1.Einleitung 2. Hauptteil 2.1 Die Inhaltsangabe 2.2. Die Sprache 2.3. Die Natur in Die Leiden des jungen Wether 2.4. Der Vergleich: Die neuen Leiden des jungen W. 3. Schluss Literaturverzeichn­is
Interpretation Filozofski fakultet Zagreb
Anton Pavlovič Čehov- Tri sestre (seminarski rad) Čehov je bio ruski književnik rođen Tanganrogu 1860. godine. U Moskvi studira medicinu, gdje zbog nedovršenog diplomskog rada ne stječe lječničku titulu. U svome književnome radu bavi se dramom i prozom. Umire u Badenweileru u Njemačkoj
Interpretation Niels Brock, Kopenhagen
The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe Analysis The short story, by Edgar Allan Poe, was published in the year of 1845. Poe died in 1849 and was considered the father of horror. The story is written from the perspective of the narrator. The narrator has committed a deadly sin in the beginning of the story, which
Interpretation Ujep/usti nad labem
Utrpení mladého Werthera – J. W. Goethe 1774, milostný román - romantický román v dopisech líčí lásku muže, který miluje ženu svého přítele, a protože nevidí východisko ze situace, rozhodne se zemřít - děj je rozčleněn na dvě knihy a krátké úseky, které mají formu
Interpretation filozofski fakultet rijeka
Usmena književnost u doba moderne Sažetak 1. Uvod 2. Usmena književnost 3. Fin de siecle 4. Moderna 5. Vladimir Nazor 6. Od moderne prema suvremenosti 7. Zaključak 1. Uvod Tema ovog rada je Usmena književnost u razdoblju moderne i umjetnosti kraja stoljeća. U radu će biti najprije saznati iznesena
Interpretation Regina Coeli college Thailand
  Ulysses by the Merlion”: The Nation-Building Singapore society is very well-known for its multiculturalism and the Merlion, its tourism symbol. These two things are related well in the context of nation-building, a nationalism movement in postcolonial society. Edwin Thumboo, a famous Singaporean
Interpretation Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University, Simferopol
Анализ сти.отворенияБедн­ая-бедная королева!» Она изучила тонкости танца И амура начатки При дворе отравленной розы** И душистой перчатки И за тройной
Interpretation UPI Bandung
THE MENTALITY OF HENRY TOWNSEND’S CHARACTER IN CONSTRUCTING HIS OWN IDENTITY IN EDWARD P. JONES’ THE KNOWN WORLD The section describes the data analysis, finding, and discussion. The data collected from the novel related to research problems as follow: 1). what is Henry Townsend’s
Interpretation Virum Gymnasium
Peter van der Beek English-assig­nment 9 02/03 2014 Virum Gymnasium 2.s Analysi­s and interpretation of The Hair by Raymond Carver Being a human, it’s a natural part sometimes to be affected and irritated by small unimportant things encountered in the daily life. But
Interpretation IICS, Istanbul
Ahmet Haşim - Merdiven şiir analizi Ahmet Haşim’in Merdiven adlı şiirinde hayat yolu yani insan ömrü merdivene benzetilmektedir. Merdiven şiirdeki en büyük imgedir. Merdiven” şiiri bir semboldür. Merdivene hayat yolu” dersek başka, şöhrete giden yol” dersek başka,
STRUCTURALIST ANALYSIS OF BINARY OPPOSITIONS The theory of structuralism transpired from the philosophies of language and linguistics. According to the Oxford dictionary, the term “structuralism” is defined as a method of elucidation and analysis of human’s facets on cognition, behaviors,
Interpretation VGS Mandal
11.09.14 Oppgåve 2 Deyhim Marjan Daliri Tolking av "Noen harry menneske." &­quot;Noen harry mennesker." e­r skrive av Trude Marstein (1973)og teksten er frå tekstsamlinga &quo­t;Sterk sult, plutselig kvalme". Kor mange gonger har vi ikkje hatt overflatiske
Interpretation Deutsche Schule Madrid
Análisis Rima LII - Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer Interpretación Contenido 1. APARTADO 1º: INTRODUCCIÓN. 1 2. APARTADO 2º: MÉTRICA Y EXPRESIVIDAD ACÚSTICA DEL TEXTO. 1 3. APARTADO 3º: SEMÁNTICA DEL TEXTO: Articulación temática. 2 4. APARTADO 4º: GRAMÁTICA DEL TEXTO. 2 1. APARTADO 1º:
Interpretation EEB3 Bruxelles
C. F. 17/10/2014 Interpretation: Der Theatermacher Das moderne Drama Der Theatermacher von Thomas Bernhard handelt hauptsächlich, wie der Titel schon sagt, von der Kunst des Theaters und des Schauspiels. Allerdings spielt der Kontrast zwischen Erfolg und Versagen auch eine zentrale Rolle.

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