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List of Miscellaneous : Literature
Miscellaneous Lviv National University
Мельник Діана Три дороги до озера І. Ба.ман як мета-ора пошуків особистісної ідентичності.Все наше життя – це спроба його зберегти» Інґеборґ Ба.ман
Miscellaneous University of London
Tristan and Iseut (Béroul) Characters Tristan- nephew of King Mark Yseut- queen of King Mark King Mark- uncle of Tristan Frocin- wicked dwarf Brangin- Yseut’s maid Governal- Tristan’s squire 3 barons- know about the love between Tristan and Yseut Dins- the lord of Dinan. Loves Tristan
Miscellaneous Gymnasium Nürnberg
Charakterisation: Romeo and Juliet Juliet: First of all, I think she’s 13 and very little, innocent, docile and defy. It seems like she doesn’t want to become an adult, look at the question form her mother about the marriage. It looks like she’s quiet and modest. Moreover she’s longing

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