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List of Presentations: Literature
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Douglas Adams Hitchhiker
Hamburg, 13., 2010-09-15
The Hitchhiker’s­ Guide to the Galaxy (1979) Douglas Noel Adams was born in Cambridge, Great-Britain in March 1952, educated at Brentwood School, Essex and St John´s College Cambridge, where he gained a MA in English literature .After four years as independent author, Adams achieve the

Keywords: question, universe, movie, series, called, douglas adams, super computer, five minutes,
The bad girls club
BG/BRG Carneri Graz, 2005, 2010-11-15
The Bad Girls Club by Rhian Tracy First published in 2005 in Great Britain Pages: 263 Takes place in Great Britain About the book: The book is told in the four voices of the girls plus a narrator who pops up between chapters to stir up the tension. Author: She was born in Swansea in 1976. Her first language

Keywords: club, girls, books, radio, mary, jazz, very different,
American Renaissance
Würzburg, 2011, 2011-01-16
American Renaissance 1836-1861 1. What means Renaissance? Renaissance means rebirth. Why we call it rebirth? Rebirth is a symbl fr smething cmpletely new. Smething ld have t die, s the rebirth can begin. The previus epch (Secnd Great Awakening/Early Republic) was highly effected frm Eurpe traditins

Keywords: romance, nature, thoreau, american renaissance, waldo emerson,
The Graduate
Mapple Valley Highschool, 2010 Cerny, 2011-06-10
The Graduate Book Report I.Introduction of the book The title of the book is The Graduate. The author’s full name is Charles Webb. 1. Charles Webb was born in Ogden, Utah, United States. 2. Dean Hughes concentrates on messages of unity, truth, and love,” remarked a contributor for St. James Guide

Keywords: didn, read, grandpa, time, thing, dean hughes, other characters,
Respire - Anne Sophie Brasme
Gymnasium Renningen Renningen, 2011, Herr Bordt, 2011-10-29
Respire L'auteur En général L'auteur du livre "Respire"­ s'appelle Anne-Sophie Brasme. Elle est née en 1984. Elle a écrit son premier roman à 16 ans. Elle l'a écrit en deux mois en parallèle de l'école surtout pendant les week-ends, les soirs et les nuits. Respire est devenu un best-seller

Keywords: elle, charlène, sarah, mais, avec, maxime, anne sophie brasme,
The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin
Universität Wien - Alma Mater Rudolphina, Nichts, 2011-11-02
Fate of the “Storm” The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin is a set of five short stories written by Aleksandr Pushkin during Puskin’s immensely productive Boldino Autumn of 1830. The second story of the series, “The Snowstorm” (“Metel̵­7;” in Russian), follows

Keywords: maria, fate, storm, vladimir, prime example, romantic literature, pushkin makes,
James Thurber: The Birds and the Foxes
ESG Gütersloh, 2011, Herr Brandes, 2011-11-14
James Thurber: The Birds and the Foxes Content: 1) Explanation of the fable 2) Application to the US-foreign policy 3) Conclusion Explanation of the fable: Its content: - orioles live in a protectorate entirely encircled by a high wire fence - when the fence was put up, foxes protested o unnatural, arbitrary

Keywords: foxes, orioles, fable, lincoln, other animals, foreign policy, appeasement policy,
Pragmatic structure in John Donne’s Break of Day
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU, 2009, 2012-02-20
Inventing Situations Pragmatic structure in John Donne’s „Break of Day“ In “A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry” Geoffrey Leech distinguishes between the “given situation”, which is the immediate situation in which any verbal communication takes place, and

Keywords: reader, situations, action, poem, fictive speaker, argument could,
Betrayed by Carl Taylor: Assessment of a book report
KTS Flensburg, 2012, 2012-03-10
Assessment of a book report: Betrayed” von Carl Taylor” 1. Summarize the book in a poem form with rhyme ( 20 lines) 1 2. Write a ballad or folk song telling the story. 2 3. Write a letter to the author, telling him how enjoyable his book was. 3 4. A letter to Thomas Walker 4 5. Pretend you are interviewing

Keywords: brad, thomas, robin, hansen, he’s, hartlands school, it’s good,
The Lamb and The Tiger
Miami Dade College, 2012, Guillen, 2012-04-09
Rocio Guillen ENC 1102 y. Z. “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” “The Lamb” and “The Tiger” are two poems written by William Blake (1757-1827). This essay is to compare between those to poems. During hos childhood, Blake had no friends; he was mostly a lone kid. He was raised in a family

Keywords: lamb, blake, poems, tiger, question, full, testament where, very strong,
Bend it like Beckham
Goethegymnasium Kassel, 2012, 2012-05-30
Bend it like Beckham The author: Narinder Dhami : • born in Wolverhampton on November 15, 1958 • british childrens author • her father was an Indian immigrant, her mother is English • she started working as a teacher • she writes about children growing up in Britain •

Keywords: jess, jules, parents, indian, play football, united states, playing football,
Macbeth Newspaper 11th Century: Victory for Scotland
Toronto Ontario, 2012 Artyom Karapetov Grade 10 English Class Assignment , 2012-11-04
S.R.N. Scotland’s Royal Newspaper Scotland is Victorious! The War Against Norway is Over, as the Brave Men of Scotland Defeat the Enemy Armies. Artyom Karapetov, SRN WRITER Praise the heavens for the marvelous news of Scotland’s victory over the barbar- ian hoards of blood-thirsty

Keywords: thane, macbeth, brave, king duncan’s, stable market, over scotland,
Interpretation: Daniel Kehlmann: Ruhm – 9. Kapitel
Max-Delbrück Oberschule Berlin, 12th grade A-, 2016-02-02
Daniel K­ehlmann: Ruhm – 9. Kapitel Wir werden uns in unserem Vortrag zum 9. Kapitel von Daniel Kehlmanns Episodenroman auf zwei Schwerpunkte konzentrieren: ­ Figurenkonstellatio die der Erzählung der Geschichte bzw. der Darstellung der Personen dienen. Zur Einf­ührung möchten wir

Keywords: reise, beziehung, kehlmann, lara gaspard, richter elisabeth, frau riedergott, miguel auristos blancos, richter freundin elisabeth,
Norsk språkhistorie: Språket og debatten
FUSK Finnsnes Norge, 2009, 2016-09-09
Språkhistorie Norges offisielle språk er norsk og samisk. Norsk tilhører den nordgermanske språkgruppa. Det er beslekta med dansk og svensk, og de tre språkene er gjensidig forståelige. Norsk har to offisielle skriftlige varianter som er bokmål og nynorsk. Men koffer er det slik? Norge

Keywords: bokmål, dette, dansk, være, norske språket, både nynorsk, danske skriftspråket,

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