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List of Presentations: Literature

Presentation1.779 Words / ~6 pages Max-Delbrück Oberschule Berlin Daniel Kehlmann: Ruhm – 9. Kapitel Wir werden uns in unserem Vortrag zum 9. Kapitel von Daniel Kehlmanns Episodenroman auf zwei Schwerpunkte konzentrieren­: Figurenkonste­llati­on Stilistische Mittel, die der Erzählung der Geschichte bzw. der Darstellung der Personen dienen. Zur Einführung möchten wir euch kurz den Inhalt dieses Kapitels in Erinnerung rufen: Im 9. Kapitel des Romans begleitet der Autor Leo Richter seine Freundin Elisabeth, eine Ärztin, im Rahmen ihres Engagements bei „Ärzte ohne Grenzen“ auf einem humanitären Einsatz in einem nicht näher benannten Kriegsgebiet in Afrika. Der Kerngedanke dieser Episode wird bereits im Titel deutlich: GEFAHR! Und dieser gemeinsame “Ausflug“ in das afrikanische Kriegsgebiet ist für die beiden Protagonisten in diesem Romanabschnit­t in doppeltem Sinne gefährlich:…[show more]
Presentation527 Words / ~ pages ESG Gütersloh James Thurber: The Birds and the Foxes Content: 1) Explanation of the fable 2) Application to the US-foreign policy 3) Conclusion Explanation of the fable: Its content: - orioles live in a protectorate entirely encircled by a high wire fence - when the fence was put up, foxes protested o unnatural, arbitrary boundary - they did nothing - but “civili­zed” the nearby geese and ducks o à taught them not to fly any more in order that the foxes could eat them - after eating/killin­g all the geese/ducks, the foxes interested themselves in the orioles - want to justify to attack the birds o before the installation of the refuge, foxes lived there o Baltimore orioles belong to Baltimore o as long as the orioles live protected the peace of the world is menaced - the other animals warned the foxes no to attack the orioles - however, the foxes attack…[show more]
Presentation717 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Carneri Graz The Bad Girls Club by Rhian Tracy First published in 2005 in Great Britain Pages: 263 Takes place in Great Britain About the book: The book is told in the four voices of the girls plus a narrator who pops up between chapters to stir up the tension. Author: She was born in Swansea in 1976. Her first language was Welsh. She has a brother and he was born 1980. They lived in Wales until she was 11. Then they moved to Herford in England where she forgot how to speak Welsh. She went to Aberystwyth University from 1994-1997. Plot: The bad girls´ club is a story about friendship. Mary a young girl heard in radio the Jazz breakfast show. There was introduced a Book Club. Young girls and boys were invited to have a book club every week, on the radio. Mary wants to work in the book club but she needs 3 other girls do to it. So she asks her teacher miss. Philips. Miss…[show more]
Presentation2.484 Words / ~6 pages Gymnasium Renningen Renningen Respire Lauteur En général Lauteur du livre Respire sappelle Anne-Sophie Brasme. Elle est née en 1984. Elle a écrit son premier roman à 16 ans. Elle la écrit en deux mois en parallèle de lécole surtout pendant les week-ends, les soirs et les nuits. Respire est devenu un best-seller qui était vendu dans 17 pays. Après son succès, Anne-Sophie Brasme a commencé à étudier la littérature moderne. A légard de son roman Dans le roman, il y a un peu dautobiograph­ie de Anne-Sophie Brasme. Elle est par exemple asthmatique tout comme Charlène. Au début Anne-Sophie Brasme voulait écrire sur une tueuse en série mais elle a changé le courant de lintrigue. Anne-Sophie a eu une amitié pendant laquelle elle a perdu un peu de sa personnalité mais cétait pas aussi pire que pour Charlène. Dans le caractère de Charlène, lauteur a mit tout ses expériences…[show more]
Presentation1.487 Words / ~6 pages KTS Flensburg Assessment of a book report: “ Betrayed” von Carl Taylor” 1. Summarize the book in a poem form with rhyme ( 20 lines) 1 2. Write a ballad or folk song telling the story. 2 3. Write a letter to the author, telling him how enjoyable his book was. 3 4. A letter to Thomas Walker 4 5. Pretend you are interviewing a person from the book. 5 6. List ten things you learned from the book. 6 Summarize the book in a poem form with rhyme ( 20 lines) A poem about Hartlands School A boy called Thomas arrived at Hartland school But some boys treated him like a fool. The first night Bradley walked into his room Thomas soon felt – it was his doom. Bradley always bothered him So Thomas became very grim. He couldn’t sleep well at night But he didn’t dare to fight. A teacher called Mr. Clay Wanted to help him to find his way Thomas was happy having a friend But the attacks of Brad…[show more]
Presentation1.166 Words / ~2 pages Goethegymnasium Kassel Bend it like Beckham The author: Narinder Dhami : • born in Wolverhampton on November 15, 1958 • british childrens author • her father was an Indian immigrant, her mother is English • she started working as a teacher • she writes about children growing up in Britain • her character reflects the British urban ethnic mix • most famous and biggest selling book was “Bend it like Beckham” characterizat­ion: Jesminder (Jess) Bhamra: is 18 years old is an Indian girl lives in London is an independent-m­inded­ young woman feels the need to rebel à source of rebellion is to play football has one passion – football ; wants to be a professional footballer. Unfortunately­, her parents have more traditional ideas about her future. David Beckham is her hero intelligent Juliette (Jules)…[show more]
Presentation597 Words / ~ pages University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Miss Quinn British Literature 20 October 2011 The Great Beowulf Beowulf was considered to be a “super hero” during his time. He was always called upon by the people of Herot whenever they were in need or in danger. Beowulf protected the Geats whenever they requested his services. He did this without expecting anything in return either. Beowulf is an epic hero because he is the best warrior, the ideal Geate, and he has superhuman traits. Beowulf is considered the best warrior because he is known to be the strongest thing during his time. Beowulf showed that he was truly the best warrior when the town of Herot had been attacked by an evil creature named Grendel. Grendel attacked the town of Herot because they were playing annoying music, and Grendel had very sensitive ears. Grendel asked the Geats if they would turn down their music and…[show more]
Presentation1.025 Words / ~ pages Hamburg The Hitchhiker­217;s­ Guide to the Galaxy (1979) Douglas Noel Adams was born in Cambridge, Great-Britain in March 1952, educated at Brentwood School, Essex and St John´s College Cambridge, where he gained a MA in English literature .After four years as independent author, Adams achieve the break through with his BBC Radio 4 series “The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy´s in the year 1978.The Radio series has been transformed into different mediums: A series of best-selling novels, a TV series, a record album and even a computer Game. Douglas Adams created a hype with his novel series and sold over 15 million books in the UK, the US and Australia and was also a best seller in German, Swedish and many other languages. Adams died unexpectedly in May 2001 of a sudden heart attack. He was 49 years old. He had been living in Santa…[show more]
Presentation1.061 Words / ~ pages Würzburg American Renaissance 1836-1861 1. What means Renaissance? Renaissance means rebirth. Why we call it rebirth? Rebirth is a symbol for something completely new. Something old have to die, so the rebirth can begin. The previous epoch (Second Great Awakening/Ear­ly Republic) was highly effected from Europe traditions and cultures. Whilst in the Romance Age we can say there was culture emancipation and the Americans separated finally from Europe.[1] 30 years after the European Romance reached its top; The American Renaissance starts to begin. The term “Americ­an Renaissance” is generated by a literary scientist named Francis Otto Matthiessen (19.02. 1902 – 1.04.1950). In 1941 he published a book named “The American Renaissance: Art and Expression in the Age of Emerson and Whitman” which includes the works…[show more]
Presentation495 Words / ~1 page University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta, Canada Gardening The Prairie Rock Garden Donna Balzer Red Deer Press Color Photographs and Illustrations 176 Pages Softcover US$14.95 0-88995-195-0 The Old Testaments Book of Genesis tells that God planted the first garden. In the 1600s, Abraham Cowley said that all a man needs before descending to the grave is a small house and large garden. While gardening can be a hobby, passion, science, art, calling, or a frustration, still people have been indulging in variations of it for thousands of years. The Prairie Rock Garden is a manual for and discussion of creating, nurturing, and succeeding in cold weather prairie rock gardening. The author, a Canadian horticulturis­t, gardening instructor, and also the author of Gardening for Goofs, encourages her rock gardening proteges in the first chapter to be themselves and to follow their…[show more]
Presentation1.288 Words / ~ pages Mapple Valley Highschool The Graduate Book Report I.Introductio­n of the book The title of the book is The Graduate. The author’­s full name is Charles Webb. 1. Charles Webb was born in Ogden, Utah, United States. 2. Dean Hughes concentrates on messages of unity, truth, and love,” remarked a contributor for St. James Guide to young Adult Writers, “but the primary tie which pulls all of his works together is the note of hope on which they usually end.” Author of nearly ninety books for young readers, Hughes is a prolific and versatile writer of nonsense poetry, historical novels, sports novels, children̵­7;s stories, and young adult novels. Many of Hughes’­s works for young people II. Appreciation of the book A. The book is a non-fiction book. B. What made this a good book is that it was full of practically everything that I’m interested…[show more]
Presentation1.354 Words / ~ pages Universität Wien - Alma Mater Rudolphina Fate of the “Storm” The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin is a set of five short stories written by Aleksandr Pushkin during Puskin’­s immensely productive Boldino Autumn of 1830. The second story of the series, “The Snowstorm” (“Metel­̵­7;” in Russian), follows a Romeo and Juliet-type of love story set in barren Russia. Using this model, Pushkin establishes a typical tale of the Romantic Era using various clichés of such writing. At the same time, however, Pushkin cuts down these expectations of a Romantic story through a series of surprising events. The story itself, however, offers a deeper message from Pushkin, as he uses the storm of the story as a representatio­n for fate. How one deals with fate and how that relates to preconceived restraints of society quickly becomes the central…[show more]
Presentation658 Words / ~2 pages Universitas Indonesia Die Jungfrau von Orleans Latar belakang Drama Schiller ini adalah salah satu drama yang terakhir, yang ditulis pada awal abad 19, beberapa tahun sebelum Schiller meninggal dunia. Terinspirasi dari legenda prancis Joan of Arc. Pahlawan “Joan” atau lebih tepat disebut “Jeanne­”. Menurut sejarawan, ia adalah salah satu dari tiga putri Jacques dan Isabella Darc, yang berasal dari kelas feodal yang dikenal sebagai budak. Ayahnya adalah seorang buruh yang memiliki sedikit kabin, juga sebuah taman kecil dan beberapa ternak di provinsi Domremi di perbatasan Lorraine. Jeanne kecil lahir pada tahun 1410. Ia menerima hampir semua pendidikan apapun, tapi diberi beberapa pelajaran agama oleh ibunya, dan dia menjadi wanita yang lebih unggul dari teman-temanny­a, dia telah ziarah ke Roma dan memiliki nama panggilan…[show more]
Presentation801 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Inventing Situations Pragmatic structure in John Donne’s „Break of Day“ In “A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry” Geoffrey Leech distinguishes between the “given situation”, which is the immediate situation in which any verbal communication takes place, and the “inferr­ed situation”; this is the imaginary situation the writer creates within his/her text. This fictive world is produced by the implication of context. Therefore language is used to create situations in the reader’­s head. This can be achieved by the use of: A) Deictic words and expressions: (pointing to a situation) - Personal pronouns are used to identify the characters of the inferred situation “him” (12) The fictive speaker is a woman “I” (10,11,12) “me” (2) Who speaks about her situation…[show more]
Presentation553 Words / ~ pages Miami Dade College Rocio Guillen ENC 1102 “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” “The Lamb” and “The Tiger” are two poems written by William Blake (1757-1827). This essay is to compare between those to poems. During hos childhood, Blake had no friends; he was mostly a lone kid. He was raised in a family ho really believe in God. However they didn’t like the church. Hi usually read the Bible, what is reflect on some of his poems. In addition he also had a very strong imagination, and liked to reflect about live. One of his most famous publications was “Song of Experience and Innocence” published in 1789 where are contain this two really contrasted poem “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” The principal question surrounding this poem is the difference around these two creatures made by the say God, and they are so opposite.…[show more]
Presentation734 Words / ~ pages Drexel Philadelphia Extra Credit - Democracy Now - Critical Reasoning Nam3 Nam Professor Peter Amato Critical Reasoning 6 December 2010 Extra Credit - Democracy Now From past a decade, until now a case on global warming has been a hot issue international­ly. A lot of scientific researches has been reported and given actual evidences such as melting icebergs of Arctic, Antarctica and rise of sea levels because of its following consequence. Climate change allows each regions of the Earth to have more frequent natural disasters like floods, draughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, and etc. Global Warming is a red light for all livings on the Earth in general. The extinction rates of animals and plants rapidly increase each year. However, a host of Democracy Now on October 20 2009, James Hoggan an author of Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming…[show more]
Presentation953 Words / ~2 pages Toronto Ontario S.R.N. Scotland’s Royal Newspaper Scotland is Victorious! The War Against Norway is Over, as the Brave Men of Scotland Defeat the Enemy Armies. Artyom Karapetov, SRN WRITER Praise the heavens for the marvelous news of Scotland’s victory over the barbar- ian hoards of blood-thirsty brutes! Today, April 21, 1564, is a day of celebration of peace and glory! Over the tragic years of hunger and thirst, all of our countrymen have passed through a tedious battle for justice and peace; and at last our joint ef- forts have shown some prominent results! The brave lieutenants of Scotland and their fellow warriors have shaken the wretched lines of our petrified foes, routing them back to their filthy pit-holes! With God’s angels showing our soldiers the bright path to victory, we have defeated the Nor- wegian armies and slayed some of their…[show more]
Presentation698 Words / ~ pages FUSK Finnsnes Norge Språkhistorie Norges offisielle språk er norsk og samisk. Norsk tilhører den nordgermanske språkgruppa. Det er beslekta med dansk og svensk, og de tre språkene er gjensidig forståelige. Norsk har to offisielle skriftlige varianter som er bokmål og nynorsk. Men koffer er det slik? Norge var nemlig i union med Danmark fra 1380 til 1814. Nordmenn som kunne skrive, skrev derfor på dansk. Det gjorde at det norske skriftspråket gradvis forsvant. I 1814 fikk Norge sin egen grunnlov, og unionen med Danmark tok slutt. Norge kom i union med Sverige, men dansk fortsatte å være skriftspråket i Norge. Norges selvstendighe­it ble ofte diskutert på 1800-tallet, og mange var opptatt av at Norge burde ha sitt eget skriftspråk. Debattene om hvordan det norske språket skulle være, var lange og følelsesprege­de. Det var vanlig å ha et slikt behov…[show more]

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