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List of Reflections: Literature

Reflection1.161 Words / ~ pages Northeast Lakeview College - Universal City, TX 4 March 2013 The Unexpected Lesson: Anne Bradstreet Response ­ Imagine fleeing your native country in fear that you will be persecuted for your beliefs. Now think of travelling to a new and foreign land hoping to start a new life filled with change and freedom. The mindset of taking a path that led and worked towards moral, religious, and societal change occurred during a time of increasing discontentmen­t with the Church of England, who had become filled religious corruption and political struggles. Choosing to separate from the Church of England to gain a more wholesome religious outlook, the Puritans sailed to America where they would establish settlements across the New England area. Among the many people who came to America to seek religious freedom was poet Anne Bradstreet, who lived in Massachusetts with her husband,…[show more]
Reflection786 Words / ~ pages Oakville Trafalgar Highschool Oakville Reputation of Mr. Wickham The reputation of Mr. Wickham changes quite a bit through out the novel. He makes a good first impression but after some secrets come out about him his reputations takes a hit · Mr. Wickham’s first impression is a good one. He’s walking down the street with Mr. Denny, when he caught the eye of the Bennet sisters across the street. · “His appearance was greatly in his favor; he had all the best part of beauty, a fine countenance, a good figure, and very pleasing address” pg54 -Mr. Denny introduces Mr. Wickham to the ladies, and Mr. Wickham is quick to start a conversation with the ladies -He uses his good looks and charm to make a good reputation for himself · because of his good first impression he gets invited to join them the next night for a game of lottery tickets and a hot supper afterwards · it is quite apparent that…[show more]
Reflection1.574 Words / ~4 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU A critical review of “Shrinking the global AIDS epidemic map” In “Shrinking the global AIDS epidemic map”, which appeared on the news and information website Mail Tribune (December 2, 2014), Michael Gerson presents the development of AIDS prevention over the last twenty years, with a specific focus on the situation in sub-saharan Africa. Gerson describes how scientists have managed to narrow down the areas and demographic groups which are most affected, and what is being done to help the people who suffer from the illness. At the very end of his article, Gerson claims that politics get in the way of helping those in need, and that the effort that is being made is not big enough. Although many of the points that are being made in the article are valid, I tend to disagree with Gersons critique of the governments current approaches. Another…[show more]

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