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List of Summaries: Literature
Summary Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium Bruchsal
The talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith About the author Patricia Highsmith was born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1921. Her parents moved to New York when she was six, and Barnard College. In her senior year she edited the college magazine, having decided at the age of sixteen to become a writer. The
Summary unknown
Karens jul Novelle av Amalie Skram Novellen begynner med en beskrivelse av et hus, ikke bedre enn en rønne, som ligger ved kaien i Kristiania. Huset ble tidligere benyttet av ferjemennene når de ventet på kunder men nå står huset tomt. Tre dager før jul går en politikonstabel der forbi og oppdager en
Summary Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Summery The British museum is falling down (1965) David Lodge ➢Story: ⓣ 1960s (see Beatles” p.38), November (p.11) ⓛ London (see the British Museum” p.12, Thames” p.35, Bloomsbury” p.38, the Great Russell Street” p.39), the British Museum (p.39ff) ⓟ Adam Appleby, twenty-five
Summary Gymnasium Lienz
About the book! Author: Stephanie Meyer Country: United States Language: English Series: 2nd book of the Twilight Saga Genres: Young adult, romance novel, vampire fiction Publication date: September 6, 2006 Pages: 563 The author: Stephenie Meyer Stephenie was born in 1973 in Connecticut. In her
Summary Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Ames, Michael M. (1992), ‛How Anthropologists Stereotype Other People’, in Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes. The Anthropology of Museums, Vancouver, 49-58. There a four ways of ethnographic collections in museums by Ames Michael: Cabinets of Curiosities: The material properties
Summary Neuenburg am Rhein - Kreisgymnasium
Nick Hornby – Slam Reading Log chapter 1 summary The maincharacter, 15-year-old Sam, is introduced. He likes skating (his idol is Tony Hawk), his parents don’t live together anymore and he’s in love with a girl named Alicia.    personal thoughts • Sam really adores    Tony Hawk •
Summary AHS-Wien
Le petit prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Résumé - Zusammenfassung Le narrateur avait une panne dans le désert du Sahara, ou il rencontre le Petit Prince. Le petit Prince lui demande dessiner un mouton, mais il ne veut un serpent dans un boa. Le pilote dessine quelques moutons, mais ils ne plaisent
Summary Bundes Gymnasium Horn
Lamb to the Slaughter Mary Maloney is waiting for her husband like she used to do it every day. When he comes home at the same time like ever every thing acts the same like every day. But Mrs Maloney knows that something is wrong to day with her husband. He drinks his whisky faster than usual (He gulps it in one
Summary Wilhelmsgymnasium München
The Time Machine by Herbert George Wells 1. Summary of the Plot: At the beginning of the story the Time Traveller, a very ambitious English scientist and physicist, invites his friends and workmates to explain his new theory to them: he tells them that there have to be four dimensions in physics, not only
Summary Highschool
About a boy by Nick Hornby Reading Journal Content 1. Book summary 2. Book recommendation in a letter to a friend 3. Write a vocabulary list for each chapter 4. Summerize the most important facts of 4 Chapters: The w” questions 5. Choose two or more Characters to write Characterisations 6. Write a newspaper
Summary Gymnasium
Summary of the novel 'Brave New World' The novel 'Brave New World' written by Aldous Huxley imagine a society in the future London in the year 632 after Ford. The three ideals of the society are "community, identity and stability" and are for all visible on public buildings, so they are always
Summary Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU
Riassunto - Il giorno prima della felicit Nelle prime pagine si parla di un bambino senza nome, un orfano. Questo bambino un giorno ha preso una palla perduta su un balcone è per questo gli altri bambini lo lasciarono giocare a calcio con loro. Il protagonista è innamorato in una ragazza che lui non
Summary San Alberto Magno San Sebastián
Summary- “The Big Sleep” by Raymond Chandler 26th .9.2011 The murder mystery “The big sleep” written by Raymond Chandler, retold by Rosalie Kerr; first published by Hamish Hamilton in 1939, the simplified edition published by Oxford University Press in 2000, tells one about the intrigues
Summary Waldorfschule Lübeck
Hurry on Down Short Biography John Barrington Wain was born on 14th March 1925 in Staffordshire England. Wain went to St. John´s College in Oxford. He seems to have married in 1947, since C.S. Lewis wrote a poem for his wedding in June of that year. He was an English novelist, poet and critic associated
Summary University of Amsterdam
Summary of Page 1-20 (White Tiger) The Book "The White Tiger" from Aravind Adiga is about a men who writes a letter to the premier of China,Wen Jiabao.The name of the man is Balram Halwai.He lives in Bangalore,India. In his letter he wants to ask the premier,if it´s true that he wants to come
Summary German School Korea
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Study Guide For Chapter 1-2 The description of poor food shops in contrast to weapons’ shops. A barrel of wine breaks and poor people gather to get bits of it. A man (Gaspard) dips his finger into the red mud and writes the word BLOOD on the wall. (Foreshadowing)
Summary Holland High School Jamaica
SUMMARY OF THE PLAY- GOD’S WAY BY DAHLIA HARRIS The play “God’s­ Way”, written by the playwright Dahlia Harris. This play begins set in an uptown home, which begins with a prayer meeting with three of the four characters: Deacon (Ainsley Whyte), Samantha (Trudy Campbell) and
Summary HLW Biedermannsdorf
The Solitude of Thomas Cave Georgina Harding is the author of the novel The Solitude of Thomas Cave, published by Bloomsbury in February 2007. Two other works of her are: Tranquebar: A Season in South India and In Another Europe. Today she lives in London and the Stour Valley, Essex. The story begins with
Summary Starkenburg Gymniasium Heppenheim
The Great Gatsby – The American Dream One of the main themes in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s­ novel “The Great Gatsby” is the American Dream. Different Characters symbolize moral values of the old American Dream and the new, disintegrated one. The moral values of the different Dreams
Summary Collège des Rojalets à Coppet
La Peur et autres contes fantastiques Auteur: Guy de Maupassant Genre: fantastique (nouvelles) "Sur l'eau" C'est le récit d'une singulière aventure arrivée à un canotier de la Seine en rentrant sur son océan, après avoir diné chez un ami. Résumé : Il s'arreta sous
Summary AEG Böblingen
Animal Farm Summary The story takes place on a farm somewhere in England. The story is told by an all-knowing narrator in the third person. The action of this novel starts when the oldest pig on the farm, Old Major, calls all animals to a secret meeting. He tells them about his dream of a revolution against
Summary Alman Lisesi Istanbul
Joyce Carol Oates Joyce Carol Oates published her first book in 1963 and has published over fifty novels as well as many volumes of short stories, poetry and Nonfiction. Her novels them won the National Book Award and her novels Black Water, What I Lived For, and Blonde were nominated
Summary LMG Neuenhaus
Literatur nach 1945 R.: Allgemeines Ende der Nachkriegszeit historisch schwierig abzugrenzen Die deutschsprachige Nachkriegsliteratu­r dürfte auf die Zeit von 1945 bis zur Auflösung der Gruppe 47 im Jahre 1967 datiert werden. Gruppe 47: die Teilnehmer an den deutschsprachigen
Summary Uniwersytet Gdański - UG
Streszczenie Siedmiu braci 1. Nieopodal wioski Toukola leży gospodarstwo Jukola. Dzięki pracowitym założycielom jest ogromne. Mieszka w nim siedmiu braci: Juhani, Tuomas (bliźniacy), Aapo, Simeoni, Timo i Lauri (również bliźniacy)oraz Eero. Wszyscy s. w wieku od 25 do 18 lat. Razu
Summary Gymnase de Morges
Analysis : The Kite Runner Chapters 8-10 Table of contents 1. Summary 2. Historical context 3. Places 4. Characters 5. Themes 6. Symbol 7. Language and style 8. Sources 1. Summary Chapter 8: Hassan avoids Amir and spends most of his time in bed. Baba shows a lot of interest in Amir, even taking him to the
Summary BRC Krommenie
Schachnovelle (1941) van Stefan Zweig Samenvatting 1. Samenvatting Boek. 1 2. Mening. 3 3. Biografie Schrijver 3 Samenvatting Boek Het boek is een fictionele thriller en de reden waarom het Schachnovelle heet is volgens mij omdat het boek over schaken gaat en ook de personen bij elkaar komen rond het
Summary Bergisch Gladbach nicolaus cusanus gymnasium
Tauben im Gras (W. Koeppen) –Handlungsübersich­t Seite Zeile Figuren Zentrale Inhalte 1 9 1-7 Erzähler Der Erzähler blickt zum Himmel auf und sieht dort Flugzeuge, die er als Zeichen einer unheilvollen Zukunft deutet. 2 9-10 8- 27 Erzähler Während Deutschland im Spannungsfeld
Summary XV Gimnazija Beograd
Ljubav i tragedija Romeo i Julia Tragična l­jubavna priča dvoje mladih,Romea i Julije koji potiču iz dveju zavađenih porodica je kroz vekove u literaturi obrađivana i adaptirana kao jedan od najčešćih motiva. U 20. veku je ekranizacija Priča sa zapadne strane Leonarda Bernštajna
Summary Filozofski fakultet zagreb
Дядя Lauer o ruskoj književnosti 18. veka Пётр I Великий predstavnik ranoga europskoga prosvjetiteljstva njegove reforme potiču kulturni zaokret koji se uspoređuje s razdobljem u kojem su Rusi prihvatili kršćanstvo europsku civilizaciju upoznao je na putovanjima po Njemačkoj,
Summary Alman Lisesi Istanbul
2023’e Mektup Her şey bir babanın iki yaşındaki kızına mektup yazmasıyla başlıyor. 23 Nisan 2002´de kaleme aldığı hayallerinin 29 Ekim 2023´te kabus olacağını bilmeden yazıyor. Baba, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Posta Telgraf Telefon (PTT) Kurumu´nun 2023’e Mektup Kampanyası”’ndan
Summary Plymouth High School for Girl - Plymouth
PART ONE Chapter One Summary: Briony has finished writing the Trials of Arabella for her brother’s return (Leon). Her room and stories are describing, reflecting aspects of her personality that align with her future actions. The cousins from the north are arrive (Lola Quincey and the twins, Jackson
Summary Plymouth High School, Devon
PART ONE Chapter One Summary: Briony has finished writing the Trials of Arabella for her brother’s return (Leon). Her room and stories are describing, reflecting aspects of her personality that align with her future actions. The cousins from the north are arrive (Lola Quincey and the twins, Jackson
Summary Shanghai International Studies University
Literaturgeschich­te als Provokation der Literaturwissensch­aft (I.II.III.) Vors Historischer Hintergrund, als Meilenstein der Entwicklung der Rezeptionsästh­etik Inhaltsangabe Literaturgeschicht­e; Zusammenhang der Geschichtsschreibu­ng und der Literaturgeschicht­sschreibung;

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