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List of Summaries: Literature

Summary2.490 Words / ~8 pages Neuenburg am Rhein - Kreisgymnasium Nick Hornby – Slam Reading Log chapter 1 summary The maincharacter­, 15-year-old Sam, is introduced. He likes skating (his idol is Tony Hawk), his parents don’t live together anymore and he’s in love with a girl named Alicia. personal thoughts • Sam really adores Tony Hawk • Sam is a little bit weird (he talks with a poster of Tony Hawk) new words • pathetic: weak, not successful • to own up to sth.: to admit, to confess • to duct tape sb.: to tie sb up with strong adhesive tape • to screw sth. up: to make a mistake chapter 2 summary Sam talks about his friends and family and how he got to know Alicia at the birthday party of her mum. They slept together the second day they knew each other. personal thoughts • Rabbit is really weird and unintelligent (wants to go out with Sam’s mum) • Sam feels cool, anyhow he’s unconfident in some situations new words…[show more]
Summary1.335 Words / ~6 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Summery The British museum is falling down (1965) David Lodge ➢Story: ⓣ 1960s (see “Beatles” p.38), November (p.11) ⓛ London (see “the British Museum” p.12, “Thames” p.35, “Bloomsbury” p.38, “the Great Russell Street” p.39), the British Museum (p.39ff) ⓟ · Adam Appleby, twenty-five years old, post-graduate student (p.11) · Barbara Appleby, Adams wife (p.12) · their children (p.13): ◦ Clare, firstborn ◦ Dominic, a year younger than Clare ◦ Edward, the youngest · Mrs Green, the renter, widow (p.28) · Father Finbar Flannegan, catholic priest (p.33) · Bernie Schnitz (p.92, p.164); the rich, fat American (p.33, p.49) · the door-keeper at the British Museum (p.40) · the two men at the ticket office in the British Museum (p.41) · Camel, Adams friend (p.44) · the Chinese (p.60) · Pond, an acquaintance of Adam at the British Museum (p.61)…[show more]
Summary8.471 Words / ~29 pages Highschool About a boy by Nick Hornby Reading Journal Content 1. Book summary 2. Book recommendatio­n in a letter to a friend 3. Write a vocabulary list for each chapter 4. Summerize the most important facts of 4 Chapters: The “w” questions 5. Choose two or more Characters to write Characterisat­ions 6. Write a newspaper article on an event of the novel 1. Book summary Chapter 1 we are given basic information on Marcus and his mum, Fiona: that they recently moved from Cambridge to London, that his parents are splitted up and that his mother had several relationships none of which worked out. Her latest boyfriend, Roger, has just left the flat never to return. Marcus is interested about the reasons they split up and so they have a conversation about them. After that they watch TV. Marcus worries about her mental state and only chooses trouble less films…[show more]
Summary1.132 Words / ~ pages Waldorfschule Lübeck Hurry on Down Short Biography John Barrington Wain was born on 14th March 1925 in Staffordshire England. Wain went to St. John´s College in Oxford. He seems to have married in 1947, since C.S. Lewis wrote a poem for his wedding in June of that year. He was an English novelist, poet and critic associated with the literary group “The Movement”. For most of his life, john Wain worked as a freelance Journalist and author, Writing and reviewing for newspaper and radio. He taught at the University of Reading during the late 1940s and early 1950s, and in 1963 spent a term as professor of rhetoric at Gresham College in London. John died on the 24th May 1994. John Wain´ s first novel was “Hurry on Down” in 1953. The idea for the novel can be led back to a very early period. When John Wain was nine, one afternoon he was walking back to school…[show more]
Summary569 Words / ~ pages AHS-Wien Le petit prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Résumé - Zusammenfassu­ng Le narrateur avait une panne dans le désert du Sahara, ou il rencontre le Petit Prince. Le petit Prince lui demande dessiner un mouton, mais il ne veut un serpent dans un boa. Le pilote dessine quelques moutons, mais ils ne plaisent pas au Petit Prince. C´est pourquoi il dessine un mouton dans une caisse et pour le Petit Prince ça c´est le meilleure dessin. Le petit prince pose beaucoup de questions au pilote et il parle aussi un petit peu de son passé et le pilote commence à comprendre la vie du petit prince : La planète d’origine du Petit Prince est a peine plus grande qu’une maison et s’appelle astéroïde B 612. Il a trois volcans, qui arrivent jusque ‘au genou du Petit Prince. Un volcan est éteint, mais les deux autres sont encore en activité. C’est bien commode pour faire…[show more]
Summary2.135 Words / ~4 pages Wilhelmsgymnasium München The Time Machine by Herbert George Wells 1. Summary of the Plot: At the beginning of the story the Time Traveller, a very ambitious English scientist and physicist, invites his friends and workmates to explain his new theory to them: he tells them that there have to be four dimensions in physics, not only length, breadth and thickness, but also duration or simply time. Therefore one must be able to move in time, just as one can move in space. He wants to prove his theory by experimental verification and so he has built a model of a Time Machine, which he starts now. The model disappears immediately, but the others believe in a trick. The Time Traveller tells them to come back on the next Thursday. One week later, the circle meets again, but the Time Traveller himself is too late. The men discuss the happenings the week before and time-travelli­ng…[show more]
Summary9.558 Words / ~18 pages University of Amsterdam He stays a whole day in his room sitting in a mosquito net, pulled up his legs to his chest. It was like he was trapped in the Rooster Coop. As Balram stays in his room, the man with the skin disease enters and ask him, weither everything is ok. Then Balram goes up to the apartment of his master. The Mongoose opens the door and tells him, that the father is there. It was Stork. While Balram enters the room, the Stork is sitting on the couch. Later Mr. Ashok and the Stork tell Balram, that they have contacts to the police and they told them, that nobody observed the accident. Pinky Madam gets angry, runs into her room and slams the door. A few days later, Balrams drives the Stork and the Mongoose to the railway station, to travel back to their home Dhanbad. At night, Balram wakes up, because somebody stands in his room. It was Pinky Madam. She tells him…[show more]
Summary629 Words / ~1 page Starkenburg Gymniasium Heppenheim The Great Gatsby – The American Dream One of the main themes in F. Scott Fitzgerald­217;s­ novel “The Great Gatsby” is the American Dream. Different Characters symbolize moral values of the old American Dream and the new, disintegrated one. The moral values of the different Dreams are described and lived by several characters. Daisy symbolises the total lack of the traditional values of the American Dream, because she just spends money, which she does not even own, talks about rumours and spends her time in pleasure and glamour together with her friend Jordan. Nearly on the same level is Daisy’s husband Tom, who is member of an Aristocratic American family. Because of this fact he is a rich person and a kind of bored. So he falls in love with another woman, who is a poor, unhappy, middle aged woman and the only…[show more]
Summary746 Words / ~ pages Alman Lisesi Istanbul Joyce Carol Oates Joyce Carol Oates published her first book in 1963 and has published over fifty novels as well as many volumes of short stories, poetry and Nonfiction. Her novelsthem won theNational Book Awardand her novels Black Water,What I Lived For, andBlonde were nominated for thePulitzer Prize. Other novels of J.C. Oates: Zombie We Were the Mulvaneys Man Crazy My Heart Laid Bare Broke Heart Blues Blonde Middle Age: A Romance Ill Take You There The Tattooed Girl Setting The story takes place in Westchester County, Central Park and Rocky River High in the months of January, February, March and April of 2001. _____________ Summary The book Big Mouth and Ugly Girl by Joyce Carol Oates in 2002 is about a misunderstand­ing and the events after the misunderstand­ing. A student of Rocky River High, Matt Donaghy, makes a joke about…[show more]
Summary1.780 Words / ~ pages Uniwersytet Gdański - UG Streszczenie Siedmiu braci 1. Nieopodal wioski Toukola leży gospodarstwo Jukola. Dzięki pracowitym założycielom jest ogromne. Mieszka w nim siedmiu braci: Juhani, Tuomas (bliźniacy), Aapo, Simeoni, Timo i Lauri (również bliźniacy)ora­z Eero. Wszyscy są w wieku od 25 do 18 lat. Razu pewnego gdy byli dziećmi ukradli jaja sąsiadce (a raczej jej kurze) i zjedli je w lesie. Gdy wrócili matka groziła im biciem więc uciekli w te pędy. Po paru dniach matka zaczęła się niepokoić i zwołała ludzi. Przeszukiwali puszczę i w końcu znaleźli chłopców, którzy zaszyli się w lesie. Zostali gruntowanie obici. Teraz, gdy umarła ich matka muszą sobie radzić sami (bo ojciec, zapalony myśliwy zginął z niedźwiedzich łap już dawno). Większość chce zostać w Jukola, ale Lauri ma inny plan. Chce wyruszyć w las i utrzymywać się z polowania. Zresztą wszyscy…[show more]
Summary1.237 Words / ~ pages BRC Krommenie Schachnovelle (1941) van Stefan Zweig Samenvatting 1. Samenvatting Boek. 1 2. Mening. 3 3. Biografie Schrijver 3 Samenvatting Boek Het boek is een fictionele thriller en de reden waarom het Schachnovelle heet is volgens mij omdat het boek over schaken gaat en ook de personen bij elkaar komen rond het schaakbord. Het boek begint met aanboort gaan van de passagiers aan een passagierssch­ip dat van New York naar Buenos Aires zal varen. Het speelt zich af rond 1960. Op het schip bevindt zich de verteller die met een vriend toekijkt hoe alle mensen het schip oplopen. De vriend, McConner een Schotse ingenieur, merkt op dat Czentovic, de wereldkampioe­n schaken zich ook op het schip bevindt. Mirko Czentovic groeit op in een klein dorpje als wees en wordt door een pastoor opgevoed. Czentovic is in bijna niets geïnteresseer­d, behalve in schaken…[show more]
Summary3.578 Words / ~12 pages Bergisch Gladbach nicolaus cusanus gymnasium Handlungsüber­sich­t Tauben im Gras Tauben im Gras (W. Koeppen) –Handlungsübe­rs­icht Seite Zeile Figuren Zentrale Inhalte 1 9 1-7 Erzähler Der Erzähler blickt zum Himmel auf und sieht dort Flugzeuge, die er als Zeichen einer unheilvollen Zukunft deutet. 2 9-10 8- 27 Erzähler Während Deutschland im Spannungsfeld zwischen Ost und West steht und sich in einer „Atempause des Schlachtfelde­s“ befindet, bilden die uralten Ölquellen ein neues Konfliktpoten­zial, das einen neuen Krieg nicht unwahrscheinl­ich macht. 3 10-13 28-8 Alexander, Messalina, Alfredo, Susanne, Hillegonda, Emmi Schon früh morgens wird Filmschauspie­ler Alexander ins Studio gerufen und als prunkvoller Erzherzog eingekleidet, doch er fühlt sich beengt, schwitzt, ist blass und leidet noch unter den Folgen seines nächtlichen Alkoholkonsum­s.…[show more]
Summary587 Words / ~1 page Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium Bruchsal The talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith About the author Patricia Highsmith was born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1921. Her parents moved to New York when she was six, and Barnard College. In her senior year she edited the college magazine, having decided at the age of sixteen to become a writer. The talented Mr. Ripley , puplished in 1955, was awarded the Edgar Allan Poe Scroll by the Mystery Writers of America and introduced the fascinating anti-hero Tom Ripley. Patricia Highsmith died in Locarno, Switzerland, in February 1995. Summary of the plot Tom lives in New York and can’t stay any longer there because of his committed crimes there. Tom was 25 years old when Herbert Greenleaf, a shipyard owner wants him to travel to Italy to convince his errant son to come back to the USA and join the family business. Ripley sees this as…[show more]
Summary525 Words / ~ pages unknown Karens jul Novelle av Amalie Skram Novellen begynner med en beskrivelse av et hus, ikke bedre enn en rønne, som ligger ved kaien i Kristiania. Huset ble tidligere benyttet av ferjemennene når de ventet på kunder men nå står huset tomt. Tre dager før jul går en politikonstab­el der forbi og oppdager en ung kvinne med sitt nyfødte barn som har tatt sin tilflukt dit for å få ly mot snøen og kulden. Hun forteller at hun heter Karen og egentlig tjener hos Fru Olsen. Fru Olsen, som er jordmor, ble p.g.a jobben sin nødt til å dra oppover landet hvor hun ble liggende syk og Karen har nå hørt at Fru Olsen skal komme tilbake hjem til jul. Derfor har Karen akkurat nå ikke noe sted å bo og må tigge mat om dagen. Konstabelen må egentlig melde Karen som løsgjenger og mener at hun burde melde seg til fattigvesenet­. Dette vil ikke Karen da alt blir bedre for henne og…[show more]
Summary2.059 Words / ~9 pages Gymnasium Lienz About the book! Author: Stephanie Meyer Country: United States Language: English Series: 2nd book of the Twilight Saga Genres: Young adult, romance novel, vampire fiction Publication date: September 6, 2006 Pages: 563 The author: Stephenie Meyer Stephenie was born in 1973 in Connecticut. In her childhood she spent five years in Phoenix, Arizona. Later she graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English literature. Now she lives in Arizona with her husband and her three sons. Her novels from the Twilight Saga: “Twilig­ht”, “New Moon”, “Eclips­e” and “Breaki­ng Dawn” are international bestsellers. Her latest book (also from the Twilight Series) “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” She not only wrote Twilight books, she also published “Prom Nights from Hell” and “The…[show more]
Summary796 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Ames, Michael M. (1992), ‛How Anthropologis­ts Stereotype Other People’­, in Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes. The Anthropology of Museums, Vancouver, 49-58. There a four ways of ethnographic collections in museums by Ames Michael: Cabinets of Curiosities: The material properties of tribal peoples were classed with strange flora and fauna, as object of wonder and delight. It was important to select objects that would stimulate admiration and wonder to reflect the special knowledge or privileged status of the collector. Early anthropology museums and the natural history approach: In the latter part of the 19th century the cabinets of curiosities were transformed into organized museums that present artefacts of “primit­ive societies” as a part of nature with their evolutionary stage of development…[show more]
Summary517 Words / ~1 page Bundes Gymnasium Horn Lamb to the Slaughter Mary Maloney is waiting for her husband like she used to do it every day. When he comes home at the same time like ever every thing acts the same like every day. But Mrs Maloney knows that something is wrong to day with her husband. He drinks his whisky faster than usual (He gulps it in one slap) and afterwards he just gets him self a glass of dark amber with the amount of whisky in it. She asked him if he is alright but he don´ t say a word. After a while he says that he needs to tell her something important. The reader doesn’t know what it is about just that it´ s very shocking for Mrs Maloney. However after wards she is really shocked and wants to cock some supper. He doesn’t refuse any more so she went down in the cellar to get some meat. She just takes the first thing she grabbed witch is a leg of a lamb. As she came back upstairs…[show more]
Summary856 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium Summary of the novel Brave New World The novel Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley imagine a society in the future London in the year 632 after Ford. The three ideals of the society are community, identity and stability and are for all visible on public buildings, so they are always present. Brave New World describes a world in which people are generated and categorized in social castes through genetics and belong to one of five classes according to their intelligence: from perfect Alphas down to moronic Epsilons. Alphas and Betas have more skilled occupations while Gammas, Deltas and Epsilon perform menial work. To insure worldwide stability, people consume Soma, a legal drug that entertain and raise the sensibility of the consummer. Thus, people are always happy.Hence the motto community, identity and stability refers…[show more]
Summary1.804 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Riassunto - Il giorno prima della felicità Nelle prime pagine si parla di un bambino senza nome, un orfano. Questo bambino un giorno ha preso una palla perduta su un balcone è per questo gli altri bambini lo lasciarono giocare a calcio con loro. Il protagonista è innamorato in una ragazza che lui non conosce e lui vive insieme con un portiere di nome Don Gaetano, che dava a lui sempre la cena. Al protagonista piace andare a scuola e a sentire gli insegnanti. Un giorno questo ragazzo trovò una camera segreta in cui li piace di leggere. Don Raimondo un libraio della città gli prestava spesso dei libri per leggere. Dieci anni dopo Don Gaetano raccontò al protagonista che nell’anno quarantatré in quella cantina segreta lui aveva nascosto un ebreo. In quegli anni gli ebrei venivano perseguiti, e chi aveva una indicazione dove c’era un ebreo,…[show more]
Summary758 Words / ~2 pages San Alberto Magno San Sebastián Summary- “The Big Sleep” by Raymond Chandler 26th .9.2011 The murder mystery “The big sleep” written by Raymond Chandler, retold by Rosalie Kerr; first published by Hamish Hamilton in 1939, the simplified edition published by Oxford University Press in 2000, tells one about the intrigues of rich, pretty and cold women in the 1930s. The story takes place in Los Angeles/Ameri­ca in the 1930s, where murder and blackmailing is a usual work to do. The old millionaire General Sternwood is blackmailed by an unknown person. It can be his son-in-law Rusty Regans, he likes but bunked before the blackmailing has begun. So he asks the private detective Philip Marlowe to find his daughter̵­7;s husband. But soon Marlowe recognizes that there has to be more than a missed person and a blackmailer. He becomes the witness of four…[show more]
Summary1.462 Words / ~7 pages German School Korea A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Study Guide For Chapter 1-2 The description of poor food shops in contrast to weapons’­; shops. A barrel of wine breaks and poor people gather to get bits of it. A man (Gaspard) dips his finger into the red mud and writes the word BLOOD on the wall. (Foreshadowin­g) Lucie Manette and Mr. Jarvis Lorry (a banker at Telson’­s bank in London) come to the wine shop in Paris that is owned by (Defarge) to ask about Dr. Manette (Lucie’­s father who was imprisoned in the Bastille and then set free and who is now under the care of Defarge in a room above the wine shop). Three men call each other (Jacque) drink at the wine shop then they go up to the room where the doctor is kept to take a look at him from a crack in the door. Defarge leads Lucie and Mr. Lorry to the room where they see the three Jacques and find…[show more]
Summary1.085 Words / ~ pages Holland High School Jamaica SUMMARY OF THE PLAY- GOD’S WAY BY DAHLIA HARRIS The play “God­217;s­ Way”, written by the playwright Dahlia Harris. This play begins set in an uptown home, which begins with a prayer meeting with three of the four characters: Deacon (Ainsley Whyte), Samantha (Trudy Campbell) and Valerie (Dahlia Harris), wife of a character who is not featured in the cast (Carlton “Donald Martin”). Georgia (Sabrina Macdonald), as Valerie and Carlton’­;s daughter is the fourth. Georgia is a college student. The play brings out issue that are typically of the Jamaican church. There is much superfluity of naughtiness in the pious Valerie, with a mind from heaven. She is the envy of all her church sisters and her close friend, Samantha. As she appears to be climbing the social ladder until it is revealed that her husband…[show more]
Summary524 Words / ~1 page HLW Biedermannsdorf The Solitude of Thomas Cave Georgina Harding is the author of the novel The Solitude of Thomas Cave, published by Bloomsbury in February 2007. Two other works of her are: Tranquebar: A Season in South India and In Another Europe. Today she lives in London and the Stour Valley, Essex. The story begins with a whaling ship at the coast of Greenland in summer. The main character is Thomas Cave and he bets with a ship member that he is able to survive 10 months on a lonely island. So he stays on the island in Greenland and the ship leaves him alone. All his experiences and discoveries are written in his diary. The first two months his daily routine is to hunt and to explore the island. After some months it is getting colder and colder and some blizzards come as well. On day he kills an ice bear and eats his leaver. On the next day he is very ill, but due to…[show more]
Summary1.435 Words / ~3 pages Collège des Rojalets à Coppet La Peur et autres contes fantastiques Auteur: Guy de Maupassant Genre: fantastique (nouvelles) Sur leau Cest le récit dune singuli&egrav­e;re aventure arrivée à un canotier de la Seine en rentrant sur son océan, après avoir diné chez un ami. Résumé : Il sarreta sous une lune resplendissan­te pour fumer une pipe lorsquil tressaillit à cause dun étrange mouvement sous son voilier qui le fit ballotter comme au milieu dune tempete. Il décida de tirer son ancre et de sen aller, mais quelque chose au fond de la rivièr­e le lui empecha. Caché par un brouillard opaque et subite un coup sec le fit soubreter et il se sentit de nouveau étrangement agité. Un malaise horrible, puis un frisson dépouvante le fit raler de peur qui, grandissant toujours, devint une véritable terreur. Il cria au secours inutilement. Pour…[show more]
Summary1.565 Words / ~3 pages AEG Böblingen Animal Farm Summary The story takes place on a farm somewhere in England. The story is told by an all-knowing narrator in the third person. The action of this novel starts when the oldest pig on the farm, Old Major, calls all animals to a secret meeting. He tells them about his dream of a revolution against the cruel Mr Jones. Three days later Major dies, but the speech gives the more intelligent animals a new outlook on life. The pigs, who are considered the most intelligent animals, instruct the other ones. During the period of preparation two pigs distinguish themselves, Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon is big, and although he isnt a good speaker, he can assert himself. Snowball is a better speaker, he has a lot of ideas and he is very vivid. Together with another pig called Squealer, who is a very good speaker, they work out the theory…[show more]
Summary1.040 Words / ~ pages LMG Neuenhaus Literatur nach 1945 : Allgemeines Ende der Nachkriegszei­t historisch schwierig abzugrenzen Die deutschsprach­ige Nachkriegslit­eratu­r dürfte auf die Zeit von 1945 bis zur Auflösung der Gruppe 47 im Jahre 1967 datiert werden. Gruppe 47: die Teilnehmer an den deutschsprach­igen Schriftstelle­rtref­fen Die Treffen dienten der gegenseitigen Kritik der vorgelesenen Texte und der Förderung junger, noch unbekannter Autoren. keine feste Mitgliederlis­te und kein literarisches Programm Nach Ende des 2. Weltkrieges: Literarischer Nullpunkt Trümmerlitera­tur: Literatur über zusammengebro­chene Welt Versäumte Entwicklungen der Weltliteratur werden nachgeholt 2 Deutsche Staaten (BRD, DDR)  unterschiedli­che Bedingungen für die Literatur Deutsche Literatur wird unterteilt: BRD, DDR, Schweiz und Österreich…[show more]
Summary1.277 Words / ~ pages Gymnase de Morges Analysis : The Kite Runner Chapters 8-10 Table of contents 1. Summary 2. Historical context 3. Places 4. Characters 5. Themes 6. Symbol 7. Language and style 8. Sources 1. Summary Chapter 8: Hassan avoids Amir and spends most of his time in bed. Baba shows a lot of interest in Amir, even taking him to the movies. However, Amir cannot enjoy any of this because he feels guilty. Hassan attempts to be friendly with Amir again, but Amir pushes him away. Amir becomes mean towards Hassan (pomegranate fight). Amir angers Baba by asking if he ever thought about getting new servants. Their relationship (Baba-Amir) deteriorates. Baba throws a huge thirteenth birthday party for Amir, because he won the kite tournament. Chapter 9: Amir realizes that he cannot live with Hassan anymore. Amir lies and tells Baba that Hassan stole his birthday money…[show more]
Summary455 Words / ~ pages E. Torricelli Bolzano Tre camere a Manhattan Descrizione del libro, riassulto personaggi e commento a atale 2B Tre camere a Manhattan Autore, titolo, edizione; G. Simenon, Tre camere a Manhattan, Adelphi. Periodo storico; Il romanzo è ambientato intorno agli anni 40 del ventesimo secolo. Ambientazione geografica; Il romanzo è ambientato nel grande quartiere di Manhattan della grande mela. Contenuto; I due personaggi principali si incontrano nella notte newyorkese e sitrascinanod­a un bar all’altro fino al mattino quando, ubriachi fradici, devono decidere cosa fare, dove andare. E allora François Combe, attore francese venuto a cercare lavoro oltreoceano per allontanarsi dalla moglie che aveva una relazione con un umo più giovane, trascina Kay Miller nelprimo albergo che trova, dove fanno l’amore. La scena si ripeteperaltr­e notti mentre…[show more]
Summary509 Words / ~ pages Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik Partials – Dan Wells Synopsis Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1. Partials 1 2. History. 2 1. Partials After the war against the Partials - genetically engineered super soldiers - and the RM virus only a few thousand humans are left. The day when the old world ends, because the RM virus, were called “The Break”. Eleven years after the break a few thousand survivors lives in East Meadow, on Long Island. But RM has another effect, too. Every child who was born after the break died within a few days. The community is close to a civil-war. The “Voice”, a group of rebels who are against the “Hope Act”, a law that says that every woman must have a child every four years. The opposite is the government of East Meadow, called “The Senate”. Our protagonist is Kira, a seventeen years old medic in training. She understands, that there is just one way to prevent a civil…[show more]
Summary2.999 Words / ~10 pages Filozofski fakultet zagreb Дядя Lauer o ruskoj književnosti 18. veka Пётр I Великий predstavnik ranoga europskoga prosvjetitelj­stva njegove reforme potiču kulturni zaokret koji se uspoređuje s razdobljem u kojem su Rusi prihvatili kršćanstvo europsku civilizaciju upoznao je na putovanjima po Njemačkoj, Engleskoj i Nizozemskoj (Lauer ne navodi je li u Nizozemskoj uživao marihuanu, ali .) 1703. na ušću rijeke Neve osnovao Санкт-Петербу­рг – grad koji je trebao biti simbol moderne Rusije okrenute Zapadu 1712. Санкт-Петербу­рг postaje metropolom i glavnim gradom Ruskog Carstva Pero Veliki usput i širi granice Carstva, među ostalim imao je uspjehe protiv Turske i Perzije, a pobjeđuje i švedskoga kralja Karla XII (ceo taj rat sa Švedskom Rusi zovu Великая Северная война) u bitci kod Poltave 1709. (Полтавская битва) Rusko Carstvo po prvi put postaje…[show more]
Summary2.140 Words / ~12 pages XV Gimnazija Beograd Ljubav i tragedija Romeo i Julia Tragična ljubavna priča dvoje mladih,Romea i Julije koji potiču iz dveju zavađenih porodica je kroz vekove u literaturi obrađivana i adaptirana kao jedan od najčešćih motiva. U 20. veku je ekranizacija „Priča sa zapadne strane“ Leonarda Bernštajna iz 1956. doživela je veliku popularnost kod širokog auditorijuma. Klasična obrada koja je do dan danas ostala najpoznatija i neprevaziđena je svakako tragedija Vilijama Šekspira „Romeo i Julija“ koja je nastala 1595/96. Ona se uzima kao uzor i merilo za sve kasnije verzije.Zahva­ljuju­ći njemu su imena Romea i Julije postali simbol strastvenog ljubavnog para. Iako ih je Šekspir učinio besmrtnim, oni nisu plod njegove mašte, već se i Šekspir poslužio,kao i kod većine njegovih drama,već postojećom osnovom. U vreme kada je Šekspir sačinio svoju…[show more]
Summary2.093 Words / ~6 pages Alman Lisesi Istanbul Kaybolan bir anne, daha ağlaması duyulmadan veda edilen bir kardeş. On yedi saat göçük altında otuz beş gün de hastanede verilen yaşam mücadelesinin ardından, Eylül’ün yirmi birinde taburcu oldu. On bir Ekim’deyse okula başladı. Sağ olsunlar, özel bir eğitim kurumu, o tarihte, depremzedeler­e kapılarını açmıştı. Yeğenimi de böyle bir okula yerleştirdik. Yeni evi okulun yurdu, yeni annesi öğretmenleri oldu. Ah o yatılılık. İlkokulu bitirdiğimle birlikte ben de yıllarımı vermiştim yurtlara. Hayat denen yol her ne kadar acı dolu dense de onu karanfillerle­, menekşelerle, güllerle bezemek bizlerin elinde. Yaşamdan zevk almayı bildikçe, umudu daim kıldıkça, belki bazen topallayarak ama çokça da oyunlar oynayarak, danslar ederek, el ele, gönül gönüle gideriz bu yolda. Ara ara Seymen taraflarına yolum düşer, her seferinde…[show more]
Summary6.478 Words / ~17 pages Plymouth High School for Girl - Plymouth “no one in the world could do this better than Briony Tallis” and “people studied her closely and marvelled at her technique” (page 75) – she desires attention for her destruction. A desire to craft a personal narrative that places herself at the centre, making herself the hero, without regard for how it affects others. Briony’s petty dislike for her cousins in reminiscent of her mother’s dislike of her sister, Hermione. Both characters are judgemental and inclined to bear grudges. Chapter Eight Summary: Robbie is having a bath, he thinks of Cecilia, goes to the study and writes her a letter. He goes out for dinner and passes the letter to Briony. It’s too late when he realises it’s the wrong note. Key Quotes & Analysis: “Not blemishes. Adornments” – A moment of boyish daydream, which contrasts to later parts in the novel where he is…[show more]
Summary6.844 Words / ~18 pages Plymouth High School, Devon PART ONE Chapter One Summary: Briony has finished writing the Trials of Arabella for her brother’s return (Leon). Her room and stories are describing, reflecting aspects of her personality that align with her future actions. The cousins from the north are arrive (Lola Quincey and the twins, Jackson and Pierrot) because their parents are getting a divorce. After the twins have had a house tour and a swim in the pool, the first rehearsal for the play begins. Briony involves the cousins in the play and reluctantly casts Lola as Arabella. Key Quotes & Analysis: “love that did not build on a foundation of good sense was doomed” “Tempest of composition”– a storm is coming, foreshadowing the destructive nature of Briony’s future actions. Also hints at the contextual unrest of the country – the impending war. “luminous, yearning fantasies”…[show more]
Summary1.272 Words / ~4 pages Shanghai International Studies University Literaturgesc­hicht­e als Provokation der Literaturwiss­ensch­aft (I.II.III.) Vorstellung: Autor, Zeit, Historischer Hintergrund, als Meilenstein der Entwicklung der Rezeptionsäst­heti­k Inhaltsangabe I.II.III. Niedergang der Literaturgesc­hicht­e; Zusammenhang der Geschichtssch­reibu­ng und der Literaturgesc­hicht­ssch­reibung; Kritik an der marxistischen Literaturwiss­ensch­aft I. Niedergang der Literaturgesc­hicht­e 1.Höhepunkt der Literaturgesc­hicht­e: 19 Jh. 2.höchstes Ziel: Darstellung der Idee einer nationalen Individualitä­t. 3. Zustand: ein kümmerliches Dasein: 1) Schule: in einer abbaureifen Examensforder­ung der staatlichen Prüfungsordnu­ng 2) Universität: in den Vorlesungsver­zeich­niss­en schwinden. Die Vorlesungen mit problemgeschi­chtli­chen­…[show more]

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