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List of Term papers: Literature

Term paper6.101 Words / ~23 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare Term Paper TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Introduction. 4 2. Analysis 4 2.1. The Poem 4 2.2. German Translation. 4 3. Story 5 3.1. Characters 5 3.2. Action 5 4. Discourse. 6 4.1. Characterisat­ion. 6 4.2. Types of Events 7 4.3. Structure of Events 7 4.4. Tell-ability 7 4.5. Types of Discourse. 8 4.6. Time Management 8 4.7. Real- life Frames 8 4.8. Form 8 4.9 .Indeterminac­ies 9 4.10. Unmediated vs. Mediated. 9 4.11. Linguistic Level 9 4.12. Rhythm 12 4.13. Phonological Figures 13 4.14. Morphological Figures 14 4.15. Semantic Figures 16 4.16. Semantic level 19 4.17. Mode 20 5. Themes 20 6. Norms 21 7. General Overarching Principles of Analysis 21 7.1. Deviation 21 8. Conclusion. 21 9. Bibliography 23 Introduction Sonnet 18 is certainly one of the most famous sonnets of William Shakespeare and it may be even the most…[show more]
Term paper2.239 Words / ~5 pages Universität Bukarest Universität Bukarest - Fremdsprachen­- Fakultät Abteilung: Philologie Johann Wolfgang Goethe Faust - Der Tragödie erster Teil Inhaltsverzei­chnis­s I. Warum gehört „Faust” der Weimarer Klassik an? II. Warum ist die Faust-Dichtun­g eine Tragödie? III. Wetten in Goethes „Faust” IV. Das Verhältniss Faust-Mephist­o V. Sturm und Drang Elemente in der Gretchen Tragödie VI. Die Rolle der drei Einleitungen des Goethe „Faust” I.Warum gehört die Tragodie ‚Faust‘ der Weimarer Klassik an? Die Weimarer Klassik ist maßgeblich von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe und Friedrich Schiller geprägt. Sie begann mit Goethes Italienreise und erreichte ihren Höhepunkt in dem Jahrzehnt der Zusammenarbei­t der beiden in Weimar. Als Reaktion auf die unruhige geschichtlich­e Situation nach der Französischen Revolution (1789) war die Klassik…[show more]
Term paper4.618 Words / ~14 pages Universität Rostock The Imagery in Edgar Allan Poes - “The Fall of the House of Usher” A Gothic Short Story between Gloom and Insanity TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction The uncanny in Gothic Literature Elements of American Gothic Literature The gothic elements in The Fall of the House of Usher The mansion and its gloomy atmosphere Fear and madness Incest and the double Allegories in the story Interpretativ­e approach of the character of Madeline Usher Conclusion Bibliography 1. Introduction “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” (Edgar Allan Poe) Edgar Allan Poe is considered as one of the most popular authors of American Gothic Literature. Insanity, murder, gloomy atmospheres and supernaturali­sm are some Gothic elements which Poe uses in his writings to mesmerise the readership. Beside many extraordinary poems and his invention…[show more]
Term paper1.204 Words / ~6 pages Masaryk University, Brno - FF Muni Filozofická fakulta Masarykovy univerzity v Brně Franz Kafka: Auf der Galerie Úvod do studia německé literatury – Dr. Kopřiva (Seminární práce) Povídka „Auf der Galerii – Na galerii“ vyšla společně s dalšími krátkými povídkami, jako již několikátá Kafkova kniha, ve sbírce „Ein Landartz – Venkovský lékař“ v roce 1918. U nás je doposud vydávána a to jak v českém překladu, tak i v německém originále. Můžeme říct, že se z hlediska literárního žánru jedná o povídku, protože v mnoha ohledech splňuje její rysy. Málo hlavních postav, které se nijak zásadně nevyvíjejí a zásadně se nemění ani jejich charakter. Máme zde krasojezdkyni­, jedinou aktérku, která vše vytváří. Je to aktivní postava děje. Vnímáme ji jako ztělesnění křehkosti, ženské jemnosti, chce se předvést a omámit publikum. Také je zde návštěvník galerie, který je vystaven…[show more]
Term paper1.994 Words / ~11 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU SONNET XII by William Shakespeare Proseminar paper for LITERARY STUDIES I SS 10 by [student name] Matr.Nr. Table of Contents 1) Introduction 3 2) Lyric Speech Situation . 3 3) Theme 4 4) General Structure 4 5) Metre and Rhythm 5 6) Rhymes and Other Sound Patterns 6 7) Rhetorical Figures on the Syntactic Level . . 7 8) Rhetorical Figures on the Semantic Level 7 9) Argumentative Structure 8 10) Conclusion 8 11) Works Cited . 9 SONNET XII 1When I do count the clock that tells the time, 2And see the brave day sunk in hideous night; 3When I behold the violet past prime, 4And sable curls all silverd oer with white; 5When lofty trees I see barren of leaves 6Which erst from heat did canopy the herd, 7And summers green all girded up in sheaves 8Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard, 9Then of thy beauty do I question make, 10That thou among the wastes…[show more]
Term paper2.236 Words / ~11 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU William Shakespeare&#­8217;­s Sonnet No. 12 Seminar Paper: Literary Studies I Table of contents 1. Introduction page 3 2. Sonnet page 4 3. Lyric Speech Situation page 5 4. Theme page 6 5. General Structure page 6 6. Rhythm and Metre page 6-7 7. Rhyme and Other Sound Patterns page 7 8. Rhetorical Figures on the Semantic Level page 8-9 9. Conclusion page 9-10 10. References page 11 1. Introduction “To be or not to be, that is the question” is a very famous quotation from Shakespeare&#­8217;­s “Hamlet­”, one of his most popular dramas. But what many people do not know is that Shakespeare wrote much more than “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet­” and “Macbet­h”, he also wrote 154 lyric poems, which are nowadays known as the Shakespearean English sonnets. He wrote them during the years while the theaters had…[show more]
Term paper3.654 Words / ~9 pages Universiteit Antwerpen De Koninck Taal-en letterkunde: master Nederlands Van schavot tot schouwburg Frans Gittens en het jonge Vlaamsche tooneel In wat volgt heb ik een beeld geschetst van de theaterschrij­ver Frans Gittens, die actief was in de toneelletterk­unde in het verfranste negentiende-e­euwse Vlaanderen. Hij mag beschouwd worden als een van de grondleggers van een Vlaamse dramatraditie­. Na de onafhankelijk­heid van België in 1830 stond de Vlaamse toneelletterk­unde nog op een laag pitje. De Belgische overheid was minder geïnteresseer­d in de ontwikkeling van een autonome toneelschrijf­kunst­, maar had in het theater wel een ideaal propagandamid­del gevonden om hun eigen bestaan te legitimeren en moedigde schrijvers dan ook aan tot het creëren van patriottische teksten die de Belgische volksaard zouden stimuleren. Dit resulteerde…[show more]
Term paper1.757 Words / ~7 pages Universität Hildesheim Introduction to English Literature Winterterm 2007/08 “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte “Describe the role of girls and women in Victorian society by looking at the character Jane Eyre.” Table of contents Topic:­ Page: 1. Introduction 2 2. Jane Eyre, an Victorian woman between social classes 2-4 3. Conclusion 4-5 4. Bibliography . 6 a. Literature b. Internet 5. Appendix . 7-12 6. Statement . 13 1. Introduction Live with your century, but do not be its creature. This wisdom of Friedrich Schiller could apply to the view of Jane Eyre in the same book by Charlotte Brontë. The book follows the development of Jane Eyre from a young child into a young woman in Victorian society. The parents of Jane Eyre live in the bad conditions of lower social class, when Jane is born. But the parents die and so she grows up with her relatives, who are of the…[show more]
Term paper3.971 Words / ~14 pages UCD Dublin Music in Ulysses’­; Sirens-chapte­r In James Joyce’s masterpiece ‛Ulysse­sR­17; the topic of music is present throughout the book, yet the Sirens chapter represents the greatest concentration of music, which is why I want to focus on the music in this chapter only. In Sirens Joyce tried to combine literature and music to one greater art. Music can be found as action, as theme and topic for discussion or thoughts, as musical lyrics and noises. In my essay I want to look at the structure of the chapter, with a special focus on the opening section, on the techniques used to create musical references and devices, and later on I will try to answer the question why this chapter is called Sirens. Finally, I want to discuss in how far Joyce succeeded in making this chapter a musical experience for the reader. The Sirens…[show more]
Term paper4.782 Words / ~15 pages Universität Passau Beachy Head: A Longer Version of Wordsworth­217;s­ Tintern Abbey? Table of Contents 1. Introduction . 3 2. A Comparison of Tintern Abbey and Beachy Head 3 2.1 Similarities 3 2.1.1 Genre . 4 2.1.2 Formal Aspects . 4 2.1.3 Imagery and Language . 5 2.1.4 Content 7 Contemplation . 7 Reflection 8 Death . 9 2.2 Differences 10 2.2.1 Details 10 2.2.2 Subjectivity 11 in Tintern Abbey . 11 in Beachy Head 12 3. Conclusion 14 Works Cited . 15 1. Introduction If you have a closer look at the poetry that was composed during the Romantic Age that means the period from 1770 to 1830, you will surely recognize that most of this poetry was produced by the so called ‛Big Six’ that is to say William Blake, George Gordon Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Wordsworth…[show more]
Term paper2.364 Words / ~11 pages Fudan University Traits of plot and symbols in Ray Bradbury̵­7;s The Veld Introductory In The Veld by Ray Bradbury, the author uses special contrivances and details to build suspense and construct an intriguing plot. Ray Bradbury depicts a chaotic world where norms and conventionali­ties are broken through by modernity and technology. By setting the experiences of a common family as the major scenes of the story, he makes his story appear trustworthy and conceivable. The debacle of adults(mature representativ­es of human beings) against machines and dissolute children rings a bell for modern readers of this story. He carefully chooses the images, settings, characters and symbols of the story;­contr­ives brightly the plot turns;­delib­erat­ely plants clues throughout the novel, all of these masterful writing…[show more]
Term paper3.785 Words / ~12 pages Valentin-Heider Gymnasium, Lindau Even though at that time he was married with Christine Wilhelmine Planer (known as “Minna”­)[5],­ he fell in love with Marianne Wesendonck. He saw himself as Tristan and Otto Wesendonck­217;s­ wife as Isolde. Just like in his Opera their relationship was not meant to be, because of Marianne̵­7;s marriage with her husband who Wagner regarded as being King Marke. The soundtrack of the movie “Trista­n and Isolde” composed Anne Dudley, who already became popular with her soundtrack for American History X[6] I took the opportunity of exploring some interesting early music instruments and combining them with an orchestra of predominantly strings. Fundamentally­, this is a tragic love story with opportunities for real passion and pain in the music”, says Anne Dudley about her composition. But critics say…[show more]
Term paper6.473 Words / ~18 pages Universität Augsburg The depiction of the stranger in Sarah Orne Jewett - The Foreigner Inhalt 1 Introduction 3 2 Narrative Perspective 4 3 The depiction of the stranger Mrs. Tolland 4 3.1 Behavior and Attitude of Mrs. Tolland 8 3.2 Rejection: Dunnet Landing society 11 3.3 Approaches: Mrs. Blackett and Mrs. Todd 14 4 Conclusion 17 5 Bibliography 19 1 Introduction Warren Berthoff acknowledged “The Foreigner” as one of the mislaid treasures of American writing. The story remained unnoticed in the files of the Atlantic Monthly until David Bonnell Green found and rescued it from oblivion and included it in The World of Dunnet Landing: A Sarah Orne Jewett Collection (Piacentino 92). It tells the story of a stranger among folks in a foreign country. I refer to Georg Simmel’s “The Stranger” to interpret the concept strangeness. Simmel’s stranger is not the…[show more]
Term paper4.778 Words / ~19 pages University of Latvia ORALITY IN SALMAN RUSHDIE’­;S SHORT STORIES TERM PAPER Content Introduction .1 1. Theoretical part . . . .2 1.1. Introduction into orality . .2 1.2. Types of orality .2 1.3. Shift from orality to literacy .3 1.4. Orality versus literacy .4 1.5. Key features of orality 4 1.6. Mnemonic devices and formulas 8 2. Empirical part . 13 2.1. Analysis of orality in Salman Rushdie’­;s short stories . .15 2.2. Good Advice is Rarer than Rubies .15 2.3. The Free Radio .16 2.4. The Prophet’­;s Hair .18 2.5. The impact of orality .20 Conclusions 21 Theses .22 References Abstract Orality, while not as widely used, is still found in the modern literature. This paper deals with orality in three short stories by Salman Rushdie ‛Good Advice is Rarer than Rubies’­, ‛The Free Radio’ and ‛The Prophet’­;s…[show more]
Term paper2.905 Words / ~12 pages Philosophische Fakultät Zagreb Seminararbeit Die Räuber – Figuren und dramatischer Aufbau Inhalt 1. Einleitung 2.1.Figuren Karl von Moor 2.2. Franz von Moor 2.3. Vergleich der Moor-Brüder 2.4. Maximilian von Moor 2.5. Amalia von Edelreich 3. Aufbau des Dramas 4. Schlusswort 5. Literaturverz­eichn­is 1. Einleitung In der vorliegenden Seminararbeit soll eine Charakterisie­rung der Hauptpersonen des in fünf Akten aufgebauten Dramas von Friedrich Schiller (1759 – 1805) dargestellt und Kommentare zu jedem Akt gegeben werden. Der Figurencharak­teris­ieru­ng bezüglich, müssen sowohl mehrere Figuren zugleich untersucht werden, bzw. der Schwerpunkt dieser Seminararbeit liegt auf den Figurenkonste­llati­onen und dessen enge Verbundenheit mit den wesentlichen Handlungszüge­n des Dramas. Zuerst sind einige wichtige Daten des Dramas zu…[show more]
Term paper3.362 Words / ~10 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Term Paper Langston Hughes and the ‘New Negro’ Model of Equality In this paper I seek to explore in some detail how equality for African Americans developed in the United States and I will therefore raise some crucial questions such as: What is meant by equality? Or more importantly, who is equal to whom? Is there such a thing as same chances and equality applicable to every individual on the planet? According to the dictionary entry, equality is the prevailing term of providing ‘equal opportunities­’ which should be guaranteed by the legal liability to implement the same rights for everyone and therefore not being discriminated against on the grounds of a certain group membership as for example sex, religion, race, belief, sexual orientation, or age. Yet, the process of gaining equal rights is one of the most often discussed and…[show more]
Term paper1.607 Words / ~2 pages Chosen Hill School Churchdown How is control presented in “The Great Gatsby” and “The Kite Runner”? In “The Great Gatsby” and “The Kite Runner” control is specified through social class and gender. Females are dominated by men, which is emphasised in “The Great Gatsby” especially through the relationship between “The Tom Buchanans”. Similarly in “The Kite Runner” there is hardly any talk of females and if so, they are mostly not very powerful and they don’t play any role in politics. Both sexes are also controlled by their social class and, particularly in “The Kite Runner”, their religion. The Taliban came to prominence in Afghanistan in the early 1990’s and since then, they controlled women and Afghan people, who didn’t support them, in particular ‘Hazaras’. “The Great Gatsby” is set in the time of the ‘Jazz Age’, when material success was very important…[show more]
Term paper962 Words / ~6 pages Universität Leipzig Universidade de São Paulo Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas Departamento de Letras Modernas Interpretatio­n der Gedicht „Berlin“ von Gottfried Benn ine Antoni Nº USP: 7190548 São Paulo 2013 Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1. Einleitung 3 2. Gottifried Benns Dichtungstheo­rie und Deutschland in der unmittelbaren Nachkriegszei­t: 2.1 Gottifried Benns Dichtungstheo­rie .3 2.2 Berlin in der unmittelbaren Nachkriegszei­t .4 3. Inhaltliche und Strukturelle Aspekte der Kurzgeschicht­e: 3.1 Strukturanaly­se 5 3.2 Interpretatio­n 6 5. Bibliographie 7 1. Einleitung In der vorliegenden Arbeit geht es um die Interpretatio­n des Gedichtes „Berlin“, das im 1948 von Gottfried Benn veröffentlich­t wurde. Nur drei Jahre nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg sind seine Folge das Thema vieler Gedichte der deutschsprach­ige Literatur zu der…[show more]
Term paper3.170 Words / ~11 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Analysis of The Tyger by William Blake Introduction to Literary Studies I Table of Content The Poem .............­.....­....­........3 Introduction .............­.....­....­.......4 Historical Background .............­.....­....­...5 Analysis .............­.....­....­.........6 Conclusion .............­.....­....­.......10 Bibliography 11 The Tyger by William Blake Tyger Tyger. burning bright, In the forests of the night: What immortal hand or eye. Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies. Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire? And what shoulder, & what art, Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand? & what dread feet? What the hammer? What the chain, In what furnace was thy brain?…[show more]
Term paper672 Words / ~ pages University of South Florida Literature and The Occult: The Devil Within The Mephisto Waltz and The Exorcist Prof. Lit 3451 Final Term Paper The Devil Within The Mephisto Waltz and The Exorcist The Mephisto Waltz and The Exorcist are two major occult films that happened to be released within two years of each other. While they both have one thing in common—Satan, they are vastly different in many other ways. While they both include instances of possession, The Mephisto Waltz centers on people practicing Satanism, and The Exorcist has people doing the antithesis of that and exorcising a girl through Christ. Although both films have Satan as the behind-the-sc­ene protagonist, they differ in how the possessions are dealt with. In The Mephisto Waltz, the main characters Duncan and his daughter Roxanne are Satanists. Because the virtuoso Duncan is dying, him…[show more]
Term paper3.539 Words / ~9 pages Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela República Bolivari de Venezuela Universidad Central de Venezuela Facultad de Humanidades y Educación Escuela de Idiomas Modernos Iniciación a la Literatura Comparada ANÁLISIS IMAGOLÓGICO DE “EL RASTRO DE TU SANGRE EN LA NIEVE”, DE GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ Estudiantes: Caracas, julio de 2015 “Creo haber logrado así el libro de cuentos más próximo al que siempre quise escribir” anuncia el renombrado escritor colombiano Gabriel García Márquez en el prólogo de Los doce cuentos peregrinos, un compendio de doce cuentos escritos durante 18 años. Dentro de estos doce cuentos, se lizará brevemente, desde la perspectiva imagológica, el doceavo titulado El rastro de tu sangre en la nieve. En este cuento, Nena Daconte y Billy Sánchez, una pareja de recién casados, iban rumbo a su luna de miel a París. Antes de ir a París, fueron a Madrid…[show more]
Term paper2.988 Words / ~11 pages Filozofski fakultet Zagreb Sveučilište u Zagrebu Filozofski fakultet Odsjek za istočnoslaven­ske jezike i književnosti Katedra za rusku književnost Teorija noveleNikolaj Vasiljevič Gogolj Nos (seminarski rad) Studentica: Sorić Mentor: dr. sc. Vojvodić, izv. prof. Zagreb, 13.6.2015. Sadržaj Predgovor 2 Uvod 2 1.1 O autoru 2 1.2 O noveli Nos 3 Realizam u književnosti 2.1 Značenje pojma 32.2 Realizam u ruskoj književnosti 4 Što je novela? 5 Definicija i etimologija 5 Teorija novele 5 Obilježja novele na primjeru Nosa 6 4.1 Fabula i forma 64.2 Likovi 7 4.3 Vrijeme 8 4.4 Završetak i poanta 8 Zaključak 9 Literatura 9 Predgovor Glavna je tema ovoga seminarskog rada kolegija Uvod u rusku književnost teorija novele. Izabrala sam djelo Nikolaja Vasileviča Gogola Nos te ću na njegovom primjeru pokušati odgovoriti na pitanje „Zašto je novela Nos – novela?“ i…[show more]
Term paper4.210 Words / ~17 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Karl-Franzens­-Univ­ersi­tät Graz - Institut für Germanistik Literaturwiss­ensch­aftl­iches Forschen (Literarische­r Expressionism­us) GOTT UND TEUFEL, MENSCH UND BESTIE Das Böse und Asoziale in Bertolt Brechts Figur Baal Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1 Einleitung. 3 2 Bertolt Brecht: Baal 4 2.1 Brecht und der Expressionism­us. 4 2.2 Inhalt 4 3 Entstehung und Einflüsse. 6 4 Baal, der böse und asoziale. 8 4.1 Wer ist er eigentlich?. 9 4.2 Das Tier 11 4.3 Ende des Individuums. 12 4.4 Untergang und Tod. 13 5 Zusammenfassu­ng. 15 6 Literaturverz­eichn­is. 16 1 Einleitung ,,Ich will ein Stück schreiben über Françios Villon, der im XV. Jahrhundert in der Bretagne Mörder, Straßenräuber und Balladendicht­er war“[1], schrieb Brecht 1915 an seinen Freund Caspar Neher. So entstand drei Jahre später die erste von fünf Fassungen des Dramas…[show more]
Term paper1.001 Words / ~2 pages Scoala 3, Piatra Neamt O scrisoare pierdută (caracterizar­ea personajului principal) De I.L. Caragiale Comedia este o „specie a genului dramatic în care sunt înfățișate personaje, caractere, moravuri sociale într-un chip care se stârnească râsul, având totodată un sfârșit fericit spre deosebire de tragedie, și, deseori, și cu un sens moralizator – > - râzând îndreptăm moravurile.” (Dicționar de termeni literari, coordonator Al. Săndulescu). Obiectul comediei, în accepția aristotelică, este „Cusurul și o urâțenie de un anumit fel, ca izvoare ale ridicolului, păcatele trupului și ale sufletului.” (Despre comedie) Stăpânind un talent inconfundabil­, scriitor vizionar, obiectiv, lucid și ironic, I.L. Caragiale este creatorul unei dramaturgii inegalabile, un spirit critic profund, un creator de viață în complexitatea ei. Aparținând…[show more]
Term paper5.894 Words / ~34 pages Moscow State Linguistic University МИНИСТЕРСТВО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ МОСКОВСКОЙ ОБЛАСТИ ГОСУДАРСТВЕНН­ОЕ АВТОНОМНОЕ ОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬН­ОЕ УЧРЕЖДЕНИЕ ВЫСШЕГО ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬ­НОГО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ «МОСКОВСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕНН­ЫЙ ОБЛАСТНОЙ СОЦИАЛЬНО-ГУМ­АНИТА­РНЫЙ ИНСТИТУТ» ФАКУЛЬТЕТ ИНОСТРАННЫХ ЯЗЫКОВ Кафедра французского и немецкого языков «Допущена к защите» Декан _____ «_____» ____2014 г. Зав. кафедрой _____ «_____» ____2014 г. Жанрово-стили­стиче­ское своеобразие стихотворений в прозе в литературе венского модерна КУРСОВАЯ РАБОТА Выполнила: Студентка IV курса очной формы обучения Кулешова Наталья Александровна Руководитель: кфилн, доцент Хвостов Б. А. Итоговая оценка___ Подпись_____ (кандидат филологически­х наук, доцент кафедры французского и немецкого языков Хвостов Б.А.) Коломна – 2014 г. СОДЕРЖАНИЕ Введение.....­.....­....­.............­...…[show more]
Term paper3.652 Words / ~11 pages St. Xavier's College, Mumbai | 4 Roll no: 199 TYBA UID no: 141020 A.ENG.5.05 Date of Submission: 1st September, 2016 Exploring elements of Psychoanalysi­s and Gender Studies in Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (2012). Abstract: Literary criticism has, over the years, introduced several schools of theory to analyse works in literature, which makes for easier understanding­. Although closely tied to the history of literature, “literary theory” in the modern sense dates approximately to the 1950s, when the structuralist linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure strongly influenced English language literary criticism. Works from different time periods are analysed with a framework most relevant to it, and sometimes, from different frameworks, which shows exactly how varied and vast a text can be. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (2012) is a psychological thriller that…[show more]
Term paper1.620 Words / ~7 pages UNIVERSITATEA DE STAT DIN MOLDOVA UNIVERSITATEA DE STAT DIN MOLDOVA FACULTATEA ȘIMBI SI LITERATURI STRAINE DEPARTAMENTUL TRADUCERE, INTERPRETARE SI LINGVISTICĂ APLICATĂ Chișinău, 2017 Lucru individual la filosofie„Ciu­ma” de Albert Camus Elaborat: Cucoș Ana-Maria, studentă gr. FE 161 APL Verificat : Mărgărint Tatiana Cuprins : Date biografice Albert Camus 3 Filosofia lui Camus 4 Ciuma. Analiza operei 4 Reflecții personale. Concluzie 6 Bibliografie 7 Date biografice Albert Camus - se naște la 7 Noiembrie 1913, ca al doilea fiu al lui Lucien Camus și Catherine Camus - 1914 – izbucnește primul război mondial. Tatăl lui, rănit pe front, moare într-un spital din Saint Brieue. Catherine, împreuna cu cei doi copii se stabilește la Alger, câștigandu-și existența ca femeie de serviciu. Camus își petrece copilăria între mama sa, aproape surdă si vorbind foarte…[show more]
Term paper5.581 Words / ~18 pages University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca Universitatea „Babeș-Bolyai­” Cluj-Napoca Facultatea de Litere LEAGĂNUL MATRICIAL AL LITERATURII ROMÂNE VECHI: CONȘTIINȚA EXACERBATĂ A THANATICULUI Coordonator științific, Conf. univ. dr. Horea Poenar Student, Lupașcu-Doboș 2019 LEAGĂNUL MATRICIAL AL LITERATURII ROMÂNE VECHI: CONȘTIINȚA EXACERBATĂ A THANATICULUI Cuprinsul lucrării 0. Precizări liminare 3 0.1. Definirea termenilor heideggerieni 3 1. Locul „deschiderii” literaturii române vechi 7 2. Etapele devenirii întru ființarea autentică 9 2.1. Elementul religios ca interpunere între Dasein și Nichtsein 9 2.2. Mecanismul angoasei 12 2.3. Des-văluirea ființei-întru­-moar­te 13 3. Corolar 17 0. Precizări liminare Încă din cele mai vechi timpuri, omul și-a îndreptat atenția către natura sa umană, către starea lui de „a fi”, încercând să găsească…[show more]

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