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Tutorial650 Words / ~2 pages ZCU Plzen Programovani aplikaci pro Android Na zacatku bychom si měli zvolit vhodne prostredi, ve kterem chceme aplikace programovat. Lze vybrat mezi klasickymi Java Sofware jako jsou Eclipse, Netbeans, ale oficialne se doporucuje a nejvhodnejsi je pouzit prostredi Android Studio. Naistalujeme si ho tedy se vsemi doporucenymi komponenty, které po nás studio automaticky vyzaduje a pustime se do první aplikace. Android studio hned na zacatku nabidne několik sablon, ze kterých zacinat, ale my muzeme vybrat i docela prazdnou, abychom měli jaksi cisty stul a tim lepe porozumeli jednotlivym funkcionalita­m. Pro nase dobro po nas GUI bude chtit pojmenovat první package. Udelejme to a ulehci nam to starosti pozdeji, protože nic jako default package nelze pozdeji nahrat do google play. K samotnemu usporadani v GUI bych řekl: Máte tam…[show more]
Essay1.803 Words / ~6 pages North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA Bitcoin vs. Litecoin Cryptocurrenc­ies Explained What is a cryptocurrenc­y and how does it work? A cryptocurrenc­y is a digital currency that uses cryptography to secure and transfer the currency. Cryptocurrenc­ies rely on a peer to peer network so they are decentralized with no central authority. Bitcoin and Litecoin are by far the two largest cryptocurrenc­ies but there are lots of other cryptocurrenc­ies. Bitcoin is largely regarded as one of the first cryptocurrenc­ies and certainly the first to become successful. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Not much is known about Satoshi since the name is believed to be a pseudonym. Litecoin is the second largest cryptocurrenc­y and was created in late 2011 close to two and a half years after Bitcoin. Although Litecoin is a viable and ever growing cryptocurrenc­y that was designed…[show more]
Essay1.798 Words / ~8 pages Pädagogikal Universität Yaroslavl The history of the operating system OS2 ContenTs Abstract 3 Chapter 1 4 Chapter 2 5 Chapter 3 7 Conclusion 8 List of literature 9 Abstract In my work I would describe the history of the operating system OS/2. OS/2 is a computer operating system, initially created by Microsoft and IBM, then later developed by IBM exclusively. The name stands for Operating System/2, because it was introduced as part of the same generation change release as IBMs Personal System/2 (PS/2) line of second-genera­tion personal computers. OS/2 is no longer marketed by IBM, and IBM standard support for OS/2 was discontinued on 31 December 2006. Currently, Serenity Systems International sells OS/2 under the brand name eComStation. World OS/2 is the whole set of systems based on base component - OS/2 Warp operating system. Which all charm that it, similarly…[show more]
Report4.604 Words / ~22 pages Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida - JIIT MIMO OFDM SYSTEM Limitations of MIMO-OFDM · Antenna spacing must be appropriate depending on the type of channels · Very complex transmitter and receiver SIGNAL PROCESSING TECHNIQUE TO ENABLE CONCURRENT COMMUNICATION IN MIMO NETWORKS From the above discussions it has been clear that MIMO systems provide improved capacity for a single link due to their spatial multiplexing gain, diversity gain, and interference mitigation abilities. Among these benefits, interference mitigation and spatial multiplexing can be used to enable concurrent communication­s with the purpose of increasing the aggregate throughput in a MIMO enabled network. It has been well studied that independent data streams can be sent from a multi-antenna transmitter and decoded by multi-antenna receiver using spatial multiplexing techniques. This…[show more]
Report633 Words / ~ pages Friedrich-Gymnasium Wien Today there is nearly no one, who is not presented in any form of a social network, such as facebook, blogs in the internet or in the form of a personal website. These social structures are made up of individuals or organizations called ‛nodes&­#8217­, which are connected by one ore more specific types of independency. About 85% of all adolescents over 14, are registered in a social network. It is used like a meeting place, to share links, videos, pictures etc. Even the pope and Obama, own a video channel were people can get informed about coming events, choice programs and the latest news. But now, we want to focus on one of the most popular social networks in the World Wide Web: Facebook Social Networks Facebook is a network which came into being in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates. First it was an online platform, were…[show more]
Specialised paper1.257 Words / ~6 pages Filozofski fakultet Osiiek Internet i autorsko pravo Sadržaj Sažetak Uvod Razvoj i princip rada Interneta Autorsko pravo i njegova upotreba na Internetu Zaključak Sažetak Kroz rad će se prikazati odnos autorskog prava sa današnjim računalnim tehnologijama­, posebno internetom. Opisom razvoja i načina rada interneta te karakteristik­a autorskog prava, pokušat će se objasniti razlog sukoba između ta dva sustava. Također će se navesti alternative autorskom pravu koje su zbog njegove specifičnosti danas u uporabi. Ključne riječi: povijest interneta, temelji rada interneta, računalne mreže, računalni pirati, autorsko pravo, creative commons. Uvod Razvojem računalne tehnologije omogućeno je prebacivanje postojeće tiskane, audio i vizualne građe u digitalni oblik, te je isto tako omogućeno jednostavnije i brže stvaranje nove digitalne građe.…[show more]
Specialised paper1.774 Words / ~14 pages Murdoch University Wireless Positioning System (WPS) Index Index. 2 1. Introduction - “People Move. Networks must follow.” . 3 1.1 Wireless Positioning System (WPS) 3 2. Position Determination 4 2.1 Calculation Methods . 4 2.1.1 Trilateration . 4 2.1.2 Fingerprint . 5 2.2 Measure Methods 6 2.2.1 Cell of Origin (CoO) 6 2.2.2 Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) . 6 2.2.3 Time of Arrival (ToA) . 7 3. Projects 9 3.1 Magic Map 9 3.2 Google . 9 3.2.1 Demonstration 9 4. Conclusion . 12 1 Introduction - “People Move. Networks must follow.”[1] Navigation belongs to our age. Outdoor navigation through the streets, jam diversion or a tracking device for a car, which reports the position in case of a theft or an accident. The technical advance let the market for services, based on position determination­, grow. In most cases, GPS is used. GPS is…[show more]
Abstract2.074 Words / ~11 pages Universität Hamburg Informatica PO webanalyse, 2012/2013, 4 vwo Voorwoord Inhoudsopgave H1 Johan de Witt college, Den Haag. Site: Ik vind de site wel mooi gemaakt. Het is heel overzichtelij­k gemaakt. De kleuren zijn niet te druk, maar lekker helder. Dat is dan fijner om te lezen. Ook is er aan de zijkant een kolom gemaakt, wat ik ook wel handig vind. Wat ik wel wat minder vind, zijn de links zoals magister, roosters etc. Die staan namelijk aan de rechterkolom onder beetje verstopt. Ik heb dat liever bovenaan waar het wat duidelijker staat. Want ik denk dat de leerlingen meestal voor dat naar de site gaan en dat is dan makkelijker en sneller te vinden. Ik vind dat de links in de bovenste horizontale kolom ergens anders moeten staan. En dat de links waar vaker naar wordt gezocht daar moeten staan. Maar voor de rest is het we goed. Ze hebben de site netjes opgebouwd.…[show more]
Lab Report1.891 Words / ~9 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK Hong Kong Polytechnic University ENG224 Information Technology Assignment+La­b Exercise for Part III Instructions: - Answer all questions. Use this file to prepare your solutions and submit it to WebCT before the due date. Apply your commonsense knowledge whenever needed. Assignment Questions Q.1 a) Draw an Entity-Relati­onshi­p diagram (ERD) containing the Patient, the Doctor, and the Visit entity types connected by 1-M relationships from Patient to Visit and Doctor to Visit. Choose appropriate names for the relationships­. Define minimum cardinalities so that patients and doctors are mandatory for a visit, but visits are optional for patients and doctors. For the Patient entity type, use the attributes Pat_ID (primary key), Pat_FName, Pat_LName, Pat_Address and Pat_HealthPla­n. For the Doctor entity type,…[show more]
Protocol2.313 Words / ~20 pages Wilhelm-Ostwaldgymnasium Leipzig CREATE VIEW tierfeind AS SELECT tid1, name , latein , groesse , lebenserwartu­ng , gewicht , tid2 FROM tier INNER JOIN feind ON tier.tid = feind.tid1; SELECT tid1,tierfein­d.nam­e Tier,tierfein­d.lat­ein lateinischer Name des Tieres, tierfeind.gro­esse Größe des Tieres, tierfeind.leb­enser­wart­ung Lebenserwartu­ng des Tieres, tierfeind.gew­icht Gewicht des Tieres, tid2, tier.name Feind, tier.latein lateinischer Name des Feindes, tier.groesse Größe des Feindes, tier.lebenser­wartu­ng Lebenserwartu­ng des Feindes, tier.gewicht Gewicht des Feindes FROM tierfeind Inner Join tier On tierfeind.tid­2=tie­r.ti­d WHERE tierfeind.nam­e=Tho­mson­gazelle; Schluss Zusammenfasse­nd kann man sagen, dass die erwünschten Funktionen der Datenbank erfüllt wurden. Man kann ein Eigenschaften über die…[show more]
Summary661 Words / ~ pages BG/BRG Lichtenfelsgasse Graz -THE VIRTUAL REVOLUTION- The Web history from the very first days until the present told by Dr. Aleks Krotoski. 1/4 of the world => 2 billion are using the web currently, to work, get knowledge and find love. The roots of the Web: The roots of the web can be found in San Francisco in the early 20.century. At first there were large computers, witch were used in the military for faster information transfer, and at universities to calculate, but these computers were too large for private use. By the time they got smaller and so it was possible for normal persons to afford one. This is the bottom of the skyskraper as we now call internet. IMPORTANT STEPS: In 1960 many computers in the USA were hooked together by the telephone system. In 1965 the first e-mail was sent. At the 6.8.1991 the first .html web site got on the internet. INVENTION OF THE WWW…[show more]

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