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Android: Co potrebujete vedet, nez zacnete programovat v Androidu
ZCU Plzen, MKZ, Pesicka, 2012, 2018-01-19
Programovani aplikaci pro Android Na zacatku bychom si mli zvolit vhodne prostredi, ve kterem chceme aplikace programovat. Lze vybrat mezi klasickymi Java Sofware jako jsou Eclipse, Netbeans, ale oficialne se doporucuje a nejvhodnejsi je pouzit prostredi Android Studio. Naistalujeme si ho

Keywords: aplikace, bude, programovani, manifestu, android studio, pokud delate, klasickymi java,
Bitcoin vs Litecoin:Cryptocurri­encies explained
North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA, Monosmith, 2013-12-17
Bitcoin vs. Litecoin Cryptocurrencies Explained What is a cryptocurrency and how does it work? A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to secure and transfer the currency. Cryptocurrencies rely on a peer to peer network so they are decentralized with no central authority.

Keywords: currency, cryptocurrencies, user, block chain, processing power, than bitcoin, george mason university,
The history of the operating system OS2
Pädagogikal Universität Yaroslavl, 2010, 2018-05-06
The history of the operating system OS2 ContenTs Abstract 3 Chapter 1 4 Chapter 2 5 Chapter 3 7 Conclusion 8 List of literature 9 Abstract In my work I would describe the history of the operating system OS/2. OS/2 is a computer operating system, initially created by Microsoft and IBM, then later developed

Keywords: microsoft, version, windows, support, operating system, operating systems, warp server,
Minor report on MIMO-ODFM - multiple input multiple output- orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida - JIIT, 2011, 2013-02-13
Minor report on MIMO-ODFM - multiple input multiple output- orthogonal frequency division multiplexing ABSTRACT In this new information age, high data rate and strong reliability features in wire-less communication systems are the dominant factor for a successful deployment of commercial networks.

Keywords: mimo, ofdm, channel, spatial multiplexing, data streams, frequency division multiplexing, orthogonal frequency division, multi antenna receiver,
Social Networks
Friedrich-Gymnasium Wien, 1969, 2012-04-19
Today there is nearly no one, who is not presented in any form of a social network, such as facebook, blogs in the internet or in the form of a personal website. These social structures are made up of individuals or organizations called ‛nodes’­, which are connected by one ore more specific

Keywords: users, friends, world, over, social network, about facebook, personal information,
Specialised paper
Internet i autorsko pravo
Filozofski fakultet Osiiek, 2009, 2014-01-27
Internet i autorsko pravo Sadržaj Sažetak Uvod Razvoj i princip rada Interneta Autorsko pravo i njegova upotreba na Internetu Zakljuak Sažetak Kroz rad e se prikazati odnos autorskog prava sa današnjim raunalnim tehnologijama, posebno internetom. Opisom razvoja i naina rada interneta

Keywords: interneta, koji, zbog, autorsko pravo, autorskog prava, digitalne grae,
Specialised paper
Wireless Position System
Murdoch University, 2011, 2012-03-05
Wireless Positioning System (WPS) Index Index. 2 1. Introduction - “People Move. Networks must follow.”. 3 1.1 Wireless Positioning System (WPS)... 3 2. Position Determination.. 4 2.1 Calculation Methods.. 4 2.1.1 Trilateration.. 4 2.1.2 Fingerprint... 5 2.2 Measure Methods... 6 2.2.1

Keywords: distance, google, signal strength, position determination, online available, received signal strength, wireless positioning system,
Informatica S. C. PO webanalyse, 2012/2013, 4 vwo Voorwoord Inhoudsopgave H1 Johan de Witt college, Den Haag. Site: www.jwc.nl Ik vind de site wel mooi gemaakt. Het is heel overzichtelijk gemaakt. De kleuren zijn niet te druk, maar lekker helder. Dat is dan fijner om te lezen. Ook is er aan de

Keywords: goed, site, niet, vind, zijn, tekst, ongeveer hetzelfde, voldoende informatie, makkelijk door, door jullie groepje, jullie groepje wordt, groepje wordt genomineerd,
Lab Report
Information Technology - Assignment and Lab Exercise: Entity-Relationship diagram (ERD)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK, 2009, 2015-04-27
Hong Kong Polytechnic University ENG224 Information Techno­logy Assignment+Lab Ex­ercise for Part III Instructions: - Answer all questions. Use this file to prepare your solutions and submit it to WebCT before the due date. Apply your commonsense knowledge whenever needed.

Keywords: table, nurse, load, entity type, output impedance, power transfer,
Informatik-Projekt - Datenbank-Praktiku­m Tierdatenbank mit XAMP Inhaltsverzeichnis 1. Einleitung 2. Entwicklung             2. 1 Verbale Beschreibung             2. 2 Zielstellung             2. 3 Entity-Relationshi­p-Diagramm            

Keywords: tier, land, kontinent, feind, lebenserwartung gewicht, groesse lebenserwartung gewicht, latein groesse lebenserwartung, name latein groesse,
Advantages and Disadvantages of Digitalization
Barton Court Grammar School Canterbury, , 2010-01-12
Advantages and Disadvantages of Digitalization Presentation Contents Advantages and Disadvantages of Digitalization 1 Introduction 1 What is actually digitalization?. 1 Advantages of digitalization: 3 Disadvantages of digitalization: 4 Introduction Digitalization is very important for

Keywords: digitalization, computer, analogue, digital data, input signal, gets sampled,
The virtual revolution
BG/BRG Lichtenfelsgasse Graz , 2011, 2012-12-02
-THE VIRTUAL REVOLUTION- The Web history from the very first days until the present told by Dr. Aleks Krotoski. 1/4 of the world => 2 billion are using the web currently, to work, get knowledge and find love. The roots of the Web: The roots of the web can be found in San Francisco in the early 20.century.

Keywords: internet, data, computers, started, sharing, things, worldwide there, blogs worldwide,

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