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List of Final theses: Information Technology / Computer Science

Final thesis6.632 Words / ~33 pages Augsburg Holbein Gymnasium Alexander Berthold Online role play games Facharbeit im Leistungskurs Englisch betreut von Herr Link 13 Jahrgang Schuljahr 2009 / 2010 Holbein-Gymna­sium Augsburg Kollegstufenj­ahrga­ng 2008 /2010 FACHARBEIT aus dem Fach Englisch Thema: MMORPGs, using the example of World of Warcraft, a new dangerous addicting threat or just a great game? Verfasser der Facharbeit: Alexander Berthold Leistungskurs­bezei­chnu­ng: E 21 Kursleiter: Herr Link Abgabetermin: 29.01.2010 Abgegeben am Mündliche Prüfung abgelegt am Erzielte Punkte der schriftlichen Arbeit: Erzielte Punkte der mündlichen Prüfung: Gesamtpunktza­hl (3-fach schriftlich + mündlich = 4-fache Wertung): Doppelte Wertung (= 4-fache Wertung geteilt durch 2, gerundet): Aus der einfachen Wertung (= 4-fache Wertung geteilt durch 4, gerundet):…[show more]
Final thesis2.434 Words / ~13 pages Universität Paderborn [20] TAKAHASHI, S. SHOTS: A methodology for the study of 802.11b. In Proceedings of VLDB (Apr. 1999). [21] TANE NBAUM, A. The influence of extensible modalities on theory. In Proceedings of IPTPS (Sept. 2003). [22] TAYL OR, L., SHAST RI, O., GAYSON, M., WAL L SCHE ID, O., SMIT H, W. I., THOMPSON, E., AND DAVIS, M. Deconstructin­g fiber-optic cables with Dun. Journal of Electronic, Decentralized­, Modular Algorithms 69 (Sept. 2002), 1–19. [23] THOMPSON, K. DHTs no longer considered harm- ful. In Proceedings of the USENIX Technical Con- ference (July 2005). [24] THOMPSON, N., AND GAYSON, M. A case for vir- tual machines. Journal of Cacheable Epistemolo- gies 98 (Oct. 1993), 78–89. [25] ZHAO, W. Deconstructin­g von Neumann machines with GHAZI. Journal of Atomic, Wireless, Repli- cated Modalities 52 (Jan. 2001), 1–16. …[show more]
Final thesis2.091 Words / ~7 pages Spokane. Spokane Final project Phases of a Hack Fictional Scenario Assignment: Project Scenario: The Awesome Education group has a data base full of student information. It is housed inside Building 18 on the SFCC campus. The data is on an isolated network, but a website that is publicly available can do partial look ups of student data for billing and grades. Inside the network, employees involved in handling student information can access it from a separate internal web site. The database developers and administrator­s can access the database directly. Your objective is to collect as much information and retrieve it from the isolated network as possible without being noticed. This database and the web servers don’t exist. It is a scenario, but use our student network for IS/CS as your “protected” network. The details will need to be fabricated,…[show more]
Final thesis1.614 Words / ~9 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK COMP 417 Assignment 1 Due: 23:00 Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 Note: Assignment must be submitted as soft copy on line. Late submission will be subjected to 33% per day and after 3 days, there is no marks. You can submit at most two times (just in case you found a mistake in a previous submission). Grading and late penalty will be based on your latest submission. Student Name: Student ID: Question One (Total: 50%) Your friend owns a computer store in Shatin, selling Desktop and Notebook PCs and other computer peripherals. Having been rather successful with his business there, he decided to venture into the infamous Mongkok Computer Center and he has already been there for three months. As expected, compared to his Shatin store, his new store has been recording much larger revenue but when it comes to profit, he is not so sure. He needs to pay several…[show more]
Final thesis16.421 Words / ~48 pages Hazelwick School Crawley within the case of Jusdrive, they need to make certain that they comply by means of the facts protection Act (1998) with the intention to hold the users records safe. this may be by installing security measures to make sure that the information is stored secure. but, this will suggest that an additional value is being brought within the improvement of the app. moreover, whilst the customer’s records is now not wished, it desires to be disposed of. this will be while the consumer has exceeded their riding instructions. 3.4.8 Potential customer concerns when the software is being released, customers would have concerns on the way to use the app and if it will impact the way which they go on about their day by day activities. those concerns might want to be solved and addressed by way of the business. whilst the new Jusdrive app has been released,…[show more]

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