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Hilton Hotels and technology IT
MCI Innsbruck, 2010, 2011-05-27
That being said, home agents still go into the contact center once a month for training and to go over quality evaluations with their supervisor. Most other communication, however, is generally carried out via email, live chat and phone conversations. While monthly visits to the contact center for

Keywords: technology, hotel, rooms, hilton hotels, home agents, customer care, hilton madrid airport, hilton papagayo resort, hilton minneapolis south,
Bachelor thesis
The Effects of Consumption and these effects on environment
Vienna, WU, 2015, 1, 2015-05-18
The Effects of Consumption E. P. Introduction Day by day the effects of consumerism are catching more and more people’s attention­. Not only because humanity is getting more concerned about the environmental affects that have been caused over the time. But in fact, people

Keywords: consumer, goods, relationships, mass consumption, mass production, wirtschaft gesellschaft europa, post industrial society, class action lawsuit,
Final thesis
E-commerce in China: The Story of Alibaba.com
Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ, 2016, 2016-04-06
Course: Business to business marketing Profesor: A. P. Student: G. R. A. Date: February 18th, 2016 B2B E-commerce in China: The Story of Alibaba.com Does the bird cage” theory when applied to China´s Internet policy consitute a serious threat to the development of the B2B e-commerce industry?

Keywords: alibaba, china, companies, commerce, market, business model, alibaba´s business, bird cage” theory,
Research Proposal
E-commerce: Success Factors and Models
HAN, Arnhem, 2014, 2014-05-02
Executive Summary With the easier accessibili­ty and development of the internet more companies are making use of the internet to whether reach more customers and exploit business opportunities, to enhance the brand image, create a content- and image-rich information channel

Keywords: companies, facebook, business, ebay, informational communicational, design strategy, info mediary, informational communicational design, info mediary model, transactional design strategy,
Business communication: PM&C marketing on a new product
humboldt, caracas, 2015, Jose L, 17, 2015-06-12
PM&C’S TOTAL SUPERVISION® 1. Automatically calculates the electric bill and compares it with the received one. This app allows you to prove, if the received bill from the electricity company corresponds to what was really consumed by your company. 2. Control of the electric demand and consume

Keywords: power, electric, company, option, control, total supervision®, corrective actions, actions before, corrective actions before, take corrective actions,
Ritz Carlton: Questions about quality of service
Glion University Online Master Program, 2011, 2012-03-16
How does Ritz-Carlton deal with the challenges of ensuring consistency and quality of service? Do you agree that a strong culture can be a source of competitive advantage for service companies? Ritz-Carlton is criticized for applying very strict standards of service amongst all of the properties,

Keywords: employees, company, customer, ritz carlton, service delivery, organizational culture, navigation through change,
Marketing Research on India's breakfast category
IIM Ranchi, 2015 Professor Naresh Kumar, 2016-07-28
Marketing Research Project BREAKFAST CATEGORY IN INDIA Presented By- GROUP 9 69- A. A. 79- K. M. 91- S. L. 102- B. S. 115- K. C. Flow of Presentation Background of Problem Research Objective Research Design Secondary Research Primary Research Analysis and Interpretation Findings Recommendations

Keywords: breakfast, analysis, category, square, research, nutritional value, association between, significant association, significant association between, health nutritional value, canonical discriminant functions,
Rural Marketing in India Financial Initiatives
IIM Raipur, 2015, 2016-12-06
FINANCIAL INITIATVES IN RURAL INDIA -A. P. (. -. A. N. (. - M. T. RS (. ABSTRACT Rural banking in India started since the establishment of banking sector in India. Rural Banks in those days mainly focused upon the agro sector Commercial banks and Regional Rural Banks in India are penetrating every corner

Keywords: bank, india, insurance, loan, credit, reliance money, rural areas, regional rural banks, plan which offers, liquidity needs through,
Case task The retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK, Dr. Kenneth K. Kwong 2015, 2017-03-30
The retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong In this group project, our group is going to evaluate mainly the retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong. As young women, we spend efforts on personal care and some of our group members do sometimes purchase in LUSH. Being attracted by the diversified

Keywords: lush, customers, shop, personal care, care products, retail marketing strategy,
Target marketing, how to target your segments
Aarhus Business School - Denmark, 2017, 2017-03-19
Target marketing, how to target your segmentsHello, my name is A. and i’m a Herbie Hype star reporter on the international magazine Marketing4U. I’m here today to talk about the recent trends in international marketing, I will give some examples of what worked well and what didn’t. I’m sure

Keywords: market, idea, example, product, doll, color, target marketing,
Exam thesis
Survey on Factors affecting consumer behavior of smartphone user
ACE Institute of Management, Nepal, 2018, 2018-08-28
Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior of Smartphone Users A Survey on Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior of Smartphone Users in Kathmandu Valley Submitted by, A. S. MBA-A, (2017-19) ACE Institute of Management PU Registration Number: 2017-2-22-0446 A Graduate Research Project Submitted to,

Keywords: brand, table, smartphone users, consumer behavior, factors influencing, factors influencing consumer, influencing consumer behavior, significant relationship between,

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