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Tutorial5.935 Words / ~26 pages MCI Innsbruck HILTON HOTELS AND TECHNOLOGY PREPARED BY KONSTANTIN DRAGUN ALVAREZ SANCHEZ ANTONINO SÃO VICENTE GOKTUG SARI INTRODUCTION 1)HILTON BIOGRAPHY 2)CONRAD N. HILTON 3)HILTON FACTS AND NUMBERS 4)HILTON AND TECHNOLOGY IN GENERAL 5)WYSE TECHNOLOGY AND XP EMBEDDED 6)HHONORS 7)HILTON ROOMS 8)HILTON@HOME PROJECT 9)RECENT NEWS AND PROJECTS HILTONS BRIEF BIOGRAPHY Hilton is the proud flagship brand of Hilton Hotels Corporation and the most recognized name in the global lodging industry. Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in Cisco, Texas back in 1919. Since that time Hiltons have grown to over 500 hotels in cities all over the world. Be My Guest is still the gracious and warm way they want for their guests to feel at Hilton hotels and resorts whether its at the grand Waldorf=Astor­ia, the Cavalieri Hilton in Rome, the Hilton Waikoloa…[show more]
Bachelor thesis8.310 Words / ~33 pages Vienna, WU They wanted emotional intimacy, equality in partnership, and they wanted to exercise control over their own lives.” (Rabkin 1985, p. 59) In traditional marriages, men were the providers, who had to meet the requirements of their jobs, and women were responsible for their homes and families and had to struggle with uniformity and isolation in their housewives lives. Nowadays, however, new challenges arise, when both in a partnership want to work. The employed woman releases the man of his work pressure to provide for the basis money for the everyday’s life. As a consequence the problem arises, who of them is willing to do the chores after a long workday, which used to be the woman’s tasks in the traditional marriage. In addition, women used to be the so called “Heave of tranquility”, who were insightfully and gave men psychological­…[show more]
Final thesis1.247 Words / ~ pages Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ Course: Business to business marketing Profesor: Student: Date: February 18th, 2016 B2B E-commerce in China: The Story of Alibaba.com Does the “bird cage” theory when applied to China´s Internet policy consitute a serious threat to the development of the B2B e-commerce industry? The “bird cage” theory developed by Chen Yun, consists that “the economy should be allowed to fly free like a bird but only within the confines of a good strong cage”.1 This theory is similar to one of the possible scenaries of the telecommunica­tion industry which has in consideration the demand and how consolidated is the market: Paradise lost (low demand, fragmented market), Gold Rush (high demand, fragmented market), Wars of attrition (low demand, consolidated market) and finally Gilded cage (low demand, consolidated market). In this industry…[show more]
Discussion768 Words / ~1 page Rutgers, New Brunswick NJ PartI: Decision RulesMarkG:El­im­ination by Aspects PatriciaL: Lexicographic KelseyK: CompensatoryL­aura­M:Eli­mination by Aspects RonJ:Conjunct­ive BruceF:Compen­sat­oryMeg­hanE: Lexicographic DorisA: ConjunctivePa­rt2­. How Laura, Patricia, Bruce and Doris decide to choose acamera1.Laur­ac­hose Brand A (Elimination-­by-As­pect­s)Basedon the EBA model for Laura, we would look at the highest importancerat­ing of print quality, followed by price, weight, zoom capability,an­d lastly battery life. Brand B and C are first eliminated becausethe print quality rating for both of them are lower than the minimumrequir­emen­t of 5 or better. Then we look at the attribute pricerating for Brands A and D which they both surpass the cutoff point of5 or better in their ratings. Finally, we can look at the…[show more]
Research Proposal3.659 Words / ~13 pages HAN, Arnhem E-commerce: Success Factors and Models Executive Summary With the easier accessibility and development of the internet more companies are making use of the internet to whether reach more customers and exploit business opportunities­, to enhance the brand image, create a content- and image-rich information channel or to shift activities to save costs. Depending on what a company is expecting as a benefit practicing e-commerce, it can make use of one of two major web strategies which are the informational­/comm­unic­ational design strategy or the online/transa­ction­al design strategy. Companies deciding for a transactional design strategy can go for one- or a combination of eight different models that are brokerage, retail, mall, advertising, subscription, manufacturer, customization and community. All of…[show more]
Handout620 Words / ~ pages humboldt, caracas PM&C’S TOTAL SUPERVISION® 1. Automatically calculates the electric bill and compares it with the received one. This app allows you to prove, if the received bill from the electricity company corresponds to what was really consumed by your company. 2. Control of the electric demand and consume to avoid fines: It constantly calculates the consumed energy, alerting when the maximal limit of consume is about to be exceeded, which would cause a fine. Besides the warning, it will allow the user to take automatic actions like the disconnection of a non-vital charge, or the ignition of the Power Generator to avoid the fine. 3. The Power Factor: Maintaining a low Power Factor, doesn’t only increase the electric bill, it also, according to the established by the resolution Nr. 75 of the “Ministerio Del Poder Popular” for electricity, it…[show more]
Notes1.514 Words / ~4 pages Glion University Online Master Program How does Ritz-Carlton deal with the challenges of ensuring consistency and quality of service? Do you agree that a strong culture can be a source of competitive advantage for service companies? Ritz-Carlton is criticized for applying very strict standards of service amongst all of the properties, which are highlighted in the service rituals as well behavioral aspects of employee performance. Yet it is the reason for Ritz-Carlton being recognized as the service organization possessing consistent and high quality service. Standards are outlined for every step of the service delivery and service organization, yet allow for employee empowerment while the end goal is customer satisfaction. The standards are not only paper-written­, but are emphasized, trained and practiced by employees on a daily basis through strong company…[show more]
Powerpoint1.972 Words / ~30 pages IIM Ranchi Marketing Research Project BREAKFAST CATEGORY IN INDIA Presented By- GROUP 9 69- 79- 91- 102- 115- Flow of Presentation Background of Problem Research Objective Research Design Secondary Research Primary Research Analysis and Interpretatio­n Findings Recommendatio­ns Limitations References BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM For the most part, Indians have inclined towards consuming their quintessentia­l hot, cooked breakfast (naashta), and find it difficult to give in to such breakfast options as cereals with milk. However, lifestyles are changing in tandem with increasing spending power, greater time-poverty, higher need for convenience, and health consciousness­. Indias breakfast cereal market was growing with a CAGR of 22.07% over last five years. Cornflakes, as a category dominates the market with highest market…[show more]
Powerpoint8.312 Words / ~214 pages IIM Raipur FINANCIAL INITIATVES IN RURAL INDIA - - RS ABSTRACT Rural banking in India started since the establishment of banking sector in India. Rural Banks in those days mainly focused upon the agro sector Commercial banks and Regional Rural Banks in India are penetrating every corner of the country are extending a helping hand in the growth process of the rural sector in the country Banks in India finance rural areas under: Banks in India finance rural areas under: Farming Cattle Milk Hatchery Personal finance Institutional Arrangements for Rural Credit (Co-operative­s) Institutional Arrangements for Rural Credit (Co-operative­s) Short Term Co-operatives Long Term Co-operatives Short Term Co-operatives | District Central Co-operative Banks | State Co-operative Banks | Primary Agriculture Credit Co-operative Societies |…[show more]
Presentation1.714 Words / ~9 pages KLUniversity - Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation Tanzania IMC Plan - Tourism 1.0 Current market analysis Tanzania is situated on the edge of East African peninsula, and facing the Indian Ocean. Tanzania has a stunning coastline and an abundance of wildlife. More than 25 per cent of Tanzania’s land area is covered with magnificent game reserves and national parks.There are 14 national parks, 29 game reserves, 40 controlled conservation areas and marine parks. Tanzania also have the world renowned Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the highest point in Africa, as well as three of the largest lakes on the continent. In nowadays, tourism in Tanzania has been growing yearly and is fast becoming one of the major sources of income in the country. Roughly 600,000 visitors per annum enter the country. 1.1 Transportatio­n According to official statistics, some 62% of tourists arrive by air, 31%…[show more]
Assignment3.382 Words / ~16 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK The retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong In this group project, our group is going to evaluate mainly the retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong. As young women, we spend efforts on personal care and some of our group members do sometimes purchase in LUSH. Being attracted by the diversified and creative products, we are interested in LUSH and believe that LUSH must have developed its own unique retail strategy. Therefore, we decide to explore more on LUSH as a retailer via this project. At the beginning, we aim to introduce the background of LUSH and its involved skin care market in Hong Kong. Then we will further discuss LUSH’s retail format, retail channel and retail marketing strategy. Last but not least, by analysing its retail marketing mix, we will further investigate how those activities contribute to various…[show more]
Lecture620 Words / ~ pages Aarhus Business School - Denmark Target marketing, how to target your segmentsHello­, my name is and i’m a Herbie Hype star reporter on the international magazine Marketing4U. I’m here today to talk about the recent trends in international marketing, I will give some examples of what worked well and what didn’t. I’m sure you all know about some failures of marketing and some of you might not. Anyway, I will introduce it for you. The first example is from McDonalds in Israeli with the McFalafel, which I already can tell didn’t end very well. They introduced this product on the Israeli market, where it’s common to eat a falafel. They thought it was good idea because the people usually eat falafels. But that is not always a good idea when the people is used to buy them from the corner on the street. The Israeli people had no reason to go to the local McDonald to buy a falafel, because…[show more]
Exam thesis14.004 Words / ~75 pages ACE Institute of Management, Nepal Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior of Smartphone Users A Survey on Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior of Smartphone Users in Kathmandu Valley Submitted by, MBA-A, (2017-19) ACE Institute of Management PU Registration Number: 2017-2-22-044­6 A Graduate Research Project Submitted to, Mr. Pravat Uprety Faculty: Business Research Methodology ACE Institute of Management As a partial fulfilment for the Degree of Masters of Business Administratio­n Kathmandu August, 2018 Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior of Smartphone Users Letter of Acknowledgeme­nt This graduate research project “A Study on Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior of Smartphones Users in Kathmandu” would not have been possible without the help and guidance of several individuals who in one way or another contributed their valuable assistance…[show more]

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