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English / The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner A. Answering questions on the novel: Part 1 1. Where is the boy living? He lives in England, in Essex in Borstal (type of school for boys who have broken the law) 2. Why does he not make a break for it on his long-distance running? To escape and then to get caught is a fool’s game, and he’s not falling for it. 3. At what time of the day does he go out? He makes his run at 5 o’clock in the morning. 4. What are they training him up for? They’re training him up for the big sports…
6.Which concept refers to unwanted comments, gestures, or physical contact of a sexual nature? A) sexual harassment B) stalking C) gender violence D) female sexuality 7.Naomi Wolf points to what element of our culture in explaining mens power over women? A) our cultural ideas about parenting B) our cultural ideas about sports C) our cultural ideas about beauty D) our cultural ideas about work 8.Which concept refers to biological differences that provide women and men with different roles in reproduction? A) gender B) sex C) sexual…
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