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Documents about Business Law

Homework1.307 Words / ~6 pages University of Delhi There are four different parameters which determine the specific procedure that a prospect FDI inflow follows upon entering India. These parameters are the Industry/ Sector that the FDI intends to be invested in; the FDI Equity Cap, which is the percentage of foreign equity in the investment; the Entry Route that the investment is required to follow; and the need or not for Industrial License for the investment Examination of Indian policy in FDI in R&D – there is a consistency between the technological sectors that India’s general S&T policy lists as priorities and the industrial sectors promoted by its FDI policy. On the one hand, almost all industries that enhance human welfare enjoy FDI under the Automatic Route, allow for 100% Equity and include fiscal incentives. In India, where more than three hundred million people live…[show more]
Term paper3.417 Words / ~15 pages Geschwister-Scholl Gymnasium Staadtlohn Apple - Suing for copied work or their own work? Term paper Table of Contents 1. Introduction – Intellectual property , patents , trademarks and copyrights 2. Apple 2.1 History – Foundation until 2013 2.2 Lawsuits 2.2.1 Xerox versus Apple 2.2.2 Apple versus Samsung 3. Suing for copied work or their own work? 4. Conclusion 5. List of Sources 1. Introduction Intellectual property can be anything you create. It can range from something materialistic­, for example a product, to something artistic, for example a song.[1] It becomes more and more important to protect these intellectual properties by means of patents, copyrights and trad­emarks in this globalized world. All over the world patents are used to protect useful inventions and discoveries mainly to exclude competitors or “others from making, using, offering for sale,…[show more]
Assignment1.458 Words / ~6 pages concordia university montreal Case task The case of corporate governance in North American Paper company North American Paper Inc. (NAP) is a major Canadian producer in the paper industry, providing coated paper that is used in the production process of magazines, catalogues, inserts and commercial printing. The company expanded its operations throughout Canada and the United States; however acquired significant debt by doing so. Due to the declining price of paper, the company was forced to sell a good portion of their assets and issued 600 million shares to raise equity, therefore diluting the market. NAP was highly leveraged and required a strategy to become profitable once again. Erik Bassey, along with Fairview Funds became NAP’s largest shareholders, with 18.7% and 4.3% respectively in January 2011. Bassey, an American Lawyer and financier had…[show more]
Summary1.835 Words / ~5 pages Collegium Josephinum Bonn Bonn Clémentine Dubois Économie : Ordre chronologique auteur/penseu­rs : (Platon – Aristote) – Saint Thomas d’Aquin – (J. Bodin – Colbert) – F. Quesnay – (Adam Smith – Thomas R. Malthus – J.-B. Say – David Ricardo) – Karl Marx – Lord Keynes – L. Walras Conséquences des pensées religieuses : Catholicisme : dvlpt faible car personne ne veut s’enrichir Hindouisme/Bo­uddhi­sme : pas d’élevage/bou­cheri­e, pas de commerce de viande Protestant : ceux qui sont sauvés à leur naissance et ceux non / prédestinatio­n / intérêts ok / s’enrichissen­t s’ils sont choisi par dieu Catholique/Is­lam : emprunt sans taux d’intérêt, moins de gens veulent épargner Catholicisme : travailler = répondre aux exigences de dieu / bon chrétien doit bcp travailler Cicéron : le mépris du travail / noble : économie, guerre/ travail = négatif Augmentation épargne…[show more]

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