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Documents about Criminal law

Diploma thesis5.700 Words / ~20 pages FON, Skopje Do Nastavno-nau~­en sovet na Fakultetot za Bezbednost i Detektivi vo sostav na Prviot privaten univerzitet FON Od _______ Dosie br.____ P R I J A V A na skica za izrabotka na magesterski trud Po~ituvani, So ogled na faktot {to imam zavr{eno moite obvrski i poloeno site ispiti od polediplomski­te studii, sakam da ja prijavam magisterskata teza koja {to po~nav da ja izrabotuvam. Vo sorabotka so mojot mentor Doc. D-r izgotviv skica na magisterkiot trud so naziv Ulogata na privatnite komanii za obezbeduvawe vo sistemot na bezbednost vo kriznite podra~ja Irak i Avganistan, sakam da ja podnesam za razgleduvawe i prifa}awe od strana na Nastavno-nau~­niot sovet na Prviot privaten univerzitet FON. Odnapred vi blagodaram na sorabotkata i razbiraweto. So po~it, Podnositel; Skopje, 2015 FON UNIVERZITET PRV PRIVATEN UNIVERZITET VO R.M.…[show more]
Discussion2.338 Words / ~9 pages City University of Hong Kong Topic: 2-sides arguments on Chemical Castration and whether Hong Kong should have this penalty? Castration has been documented throughout the history, regarded as a punishment for sex offenders and rapists. Currently, both physical and chemical castration have been implemented by varies countries in order to reduce sexual violence. For Hong Kong people, the use of cast castration was not commonly talked but actually, this punishment has been carried out for around 50 years. In this essay, the benefit to the society and disadvantages of chemical castration will be discussed and concluded with whether Hong Kong is necessary to propose this penal issue. Different from physical castration, chemical castration is a reversible measure. Chemical castration does not required to cut testes or any sex organs through surgery,…[show more]

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