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Documents about Financial Law

Essay488 Words / ~ pages University of Delhi Pay day loan In these tough economic times, a lot of people are in need of some extra cash to bridge up the gap until the next pay day. It becomes difficult to cover all financial bills with only a pay check that comes at the end of the month. Online loans have various advantages and the main one is that the applicants are free to search for providers as many as they can get and become able to apply for the most competitive options while still at their homes. These online applicants are first, convenient, and easy, where within a short period of time the funds are deposited into their bank accounts following the fact that their application was accepted. However, some high street banks takes time before accepting the applications, whereas, issuing short –term loans have a simple process of acceptance. The steps that are followed to…[show more]
Specialised paper12.534 Words / ~42 pages Katholieke Universiteit Leuven De onbeslagbaarh­eid van de hoofdverblijf­plaat­s van de zelfstandige ondernemer KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT LEUVEN FACULTEIT RECHTSGELEERD­HEID Academiejaar 2009-2010 Seminarie ingediend door Hox Begeleidster: Marie-Joëlle Versele Inhoud 1. Inleiding. 4 2. Wettelijke basis: artikels 72 tot 82 uit de wet houdende diverse bepalingen (IV) van 25 april 2007. 5 3. Doel van de wetgeving. 5 4. Karakter van de wetgeving. 6 5. Voorloper en model: de franse wet van 1 augustus 2003 voor het economische initiatief. 7 6. Toepassingsge­bied van de wetgeving. 8 6.1. Begrip zelfstandige. 8 6.2. Begrip hoofdverblijf­plaat­s. 10 6.2.1. Omschrijving. 10 6.2.2. Beroepsactivi­teit in hetzelfde gebouw als hoofdverblijf­plaat­s. 12 6.3. Beoogde zakelijke rechten. 16 6.3.1. Algemeen. 16 6.3.2. Recht van gebruik en bewoning. 17…[show more]
Homework2.328 Words / ~15 pages Handelsskolen holbæk Rynkeby foods Indhold Opgave stilling. 2 Kort redegørelse for indholdet af bilag 1, 2, 3 og 4. 3 Udvælg og kort redegør for en eller flere udfordringer for Rynkeby Foods A/S, der har relation til virksomhedens omverdensforh­old. 4 Analysere Rynkeby Foods udfordring med omverdensforh­old. 5 Vurder virksomhedens konkurrence- og vækststrategi­er. 7 Konkurrence strategier : 7 Vækststrategi­er : 8 Konklusion. 9 Kilde angivelse. 10 Bilag. 11 Opgave stilling. Med udgangspunkt i vedlagte tekst/materia­le bedes du gøre følgende: 1. Kort redegørelse for indholdet af de 2 artikler med brug af fagbegreber. 2. Udvælge og kort redegøre for en eller flere udfordringer for Rynkeby Foods A/S, der har relation til virksomhedens omverdensforh­old. (brug omverdens model) resuloment kompetence og modelering kompetance 3. Analysere Rynkeby…[show more]

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