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Overgewicht - een gezamenlijke zaak van de regering en burgers
Leiden University, 1, L. Bann, 4, 2011-02-28
S1102656 woorden: 616 Overgewicht - een gezamenlijke zaak van de regering en burgers We leven snel, dus eten we "gemaksvoedse­l" (fast food), wat even snel tot overgewicht en gevaarlijke ziekten kan leiden (diabetes). Terwijl we lui zijn en van voeding houden, die goedkoop en snel

Keywords: overgewicht, voor, burgers, regering, zullen, biologische voeding, niet biologische, voorkomen doordat,
Abortion should be available on demand
Queen Mary and Westfield Collegue, University of London, 2013/2014, 2014-04-26
"Abortion should be available on demand" As ­we know, the legality of abortion is nowadays one of the most controversial issues that is affecting not only the British society but also all societies worldwide. There are many people with different opinions, thoughts, ideas

Keywords: right, women, fetus, baby, human being, hippocratic oath, abortion should,
Specialised paper
Higher Education in Nursing and its Impact on Healthcare
Dominican College, 2013, 2016-07-28
Higher Degrees in Nursing Higher Education in Nursing and its Impact on Healthcare N. S. Nyack College Abstract Over the last decade, there has been recent expansion of clinical knowledge and increase in health care complexities. This has determined that registered nurses should continue with academic

Keywords: nurses, degree, health care, higher education, higher degrees, higher nursing education,
The Children 1) the biggest fish 2) happy near year
North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA, 1990, 2014-09-13
Devoir maison : Comparaison scène du boudoir et scène de lagonie Scène d­u boudoir : Jacques Bourdillère rencontre Berthe la plage. A la ligne 2, lusage de ladverbe brusquement évoq­ue quelque chose de soudain, comme si le personnage était surpris par ce sentiment étrange.

Keywords: elle, comme, nous, ligne, avec, phrase, champ lexical, maupassant utilise,
Open Source Clinical Application and Resource
University of New Orleans, 2012 John Holmes, 2012-08-06
Open Source Clinical Application and Resource Conestoga Health Service OSCAR EMR Implementation Introduction: Canada is always trying to do better in health services. With a similar vision, Conestoga Health services -which provides health care services mainly to the students- is now developing

Keywords: time, health care, medical record, business case, electronic medical record,
Presentation about Eating Disorders
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU, salloker, 2012-06-24
EATING DISORDERS & HABITS Begrüßung + Einleitung And so we will talk about obesity and anorexia in our society. Nutrion gets more and more to a worldwide problem. During our presentation we will give you some impressions about Obesity and their consequences, how business profits gain

Keywords: food, obesity, eating, weight, products, anorexia, overweight people, healthy style,
The Elderly in India: a health challenge
St John's Medical College, Bangalore, India, 2011, 2013-09-16
The Elderly in India – a health challenge The term elderly” has been defined in many dimensions. Biologically, the process of aging begins at least as early as puberty and is a continuous process through adult life. Socially, the characteristics of members of society perceived as being old vary

Keywords: elderly, years, population, india, health service, health care, primary care,
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