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Category Health and Human Development

Documents about Health and Human Development

Report614 Words / ~ pages Leiden University S1102656 woorden: 616 Overgewicht - een gezamenlijke zaak van de regering en burgers We leven snel, dus eten we gemaksvoedsel (fast food), wat even snel tot overgewicht en gevaarlijke ziekten kan leiden (diabetes). Terwijl we lui zijn en van voeding houden, die goedkoop en snel te bereiden is en goed smaakt, neemt het aantal mensen met overgewicht drastisch toe. Men kan zichzelf afvragen, wie de schuld ervan draagt - de burgers, die goedkope maar niet altijd gezonde levensmiddele­n kiezen of de regering, die de verkoop van zulke producten toelaat. Ik ben van mening, dat beide partijen schuldig zijn maar in verschillende mate en dat ze zullen meewerken om het probleem van het overgewicht op te lossen. Ten eerste beschrijf ik op basis van enkele voorbeelden wat iedere burger kan doen, om gezond en fit te blijven. Ik ben zeker dat iedereen…[show more]
Discussion1.592 Words / ~ pages Queen Mary and Westfield Collegue, University of London Abortion should be available on demand As we know, the legality of abortion is nowadays one of the most controversial issues that is affecting not only the British society but also all societies worldwide. There are many people with different opinions, thoughts, ideas and reasons who are in favour of the availability of abortion on demand and others who are against this position. In a way, it seems clear that abortion is for some people an essential human right, especially a woman’s right, and for others it is just immoral, unethical and inhumane. However, there are actually no real right or wrong opinions inasmuch as it is more a matter of own personal, religious and cultural beliefs with regard to this. Despite a great variety of one’s positions, ideas and opinions on this topic, in my own opinion, abortion should be available on…[show more]
Specialised paper1.658 Words / ~8 pages Dominican College Higher Degrees in Nursing Higher Education in Nursing and its Impact on Healthcare Nyack College Abstract Over the last decade, there has been recent expansion of clinical knowledge and increase in health care complexities. This has determined that registered nurses should continue with academic progression in order to complete the various responsibilit­ies that are required of them. Therefore, the Associate’s nursing degree has been considered the bare minimum requirement for nursing practice and the Institute of Medicine has suggested nurses to pursue higher education in order to benefit their patients, employers and communities. Higher Nursing Education in the Past In the 1970’s, although there were individuals who believed that higher education in nursing would further enhance the profession by training educators…[show more]
Homework954 Words / ~2 pages North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA Devoir maison : Comparaison scène du boudoir et scène de lagonie Scène du boudoir : Jacques Bourdillère rencontre Berthe à la plage. A la ligne 2, lusage de ladverbe « brusquement » évoque quelque chose de soudain, comme si le personnage était surpris par ce sentiment étrange. Lauteur nous décrit en premier le « petit pied » de Berthe. Au début, comme il ne nous précise pas lâge du personnage, en raison du titre « LEnfant » et de ladjectif qualificatif « petit », limage dune jeune personne se dessine. Lusage des noms communs « gentillesse » et « mignardise » renforce la bonne impression que nous inspire lentrée de ce personnage. Ligne 6 « il ne voyait dailleurs que les chevilles et la tête », lécrivain nous décrit uniquement le bas et le haut du corps de Berthe. Le milieu du corps est pudiquement enveloppé dans un peignoir, comme nous le montre…[show more]
Presentation2.184 Words / ~6 pages University of New Orleans Open Source Clinical Application and Resource Conestoga Health Service OSCAR EMR Implementatio­n Introduction: Canada is always trying to do better in health services. With a similar vision, Conestoga Health services -which provides health care services mainly to the students- is now developing a plan to include the Open Source Clinical Application and Resource (OSCAR) in their service. By implementing OSCAR, the office will enhance its workflow in a paperless atmosphere. OSCAR is an open source electronic medical record (EMR). It was developed by the doctors and staffs of the McMaster University. It was primarily built for primary health care service providers. OSCAR supports all the necessary functions to run a small medical practice, such as patient registration, client scheduling, electronic billing etc. Conestoga…[show more]
Presentation1.261 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU EATING DISORDERS & HABITS Begrüßung + Einleitung And so we will talk about obesity and anorexia in our society. Nutrion gets more and more to a worldwide problem. During our presentation we will give you some impressions about Obesity and their consequences, how business profits gain with overweight people. Then different types of anorexia and finally we will show the optimum nutrion. Feel free to ask any questions you like as we go along. Obesity Allgmein Let´s begin with Obesity, it´s a modern epidemic. A person is defines as obese if their body mass index, the result of a calculation involving weight and height is above a certain level. The results of obesity are diseases and other health problems like heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. Statistics shows that are more women overweight than men. At first it was Malta with the…[show more]
Review1.376 Words / ~6 pages St John's Medical College, Bangalore, India The Elderly in India – a health challenge The term “elderly” has been defined in many dimensions. Biologically, the process of aging begins at least as early as puberty and is a continuous process through adult life. Socially, the characteristi­cs of members of society perceived as being old vary with the cultural setting, and from generation to generation. Economically, especially in rural areas, the elderly are simply seen as being those who are too old to work and earn. Chronological­ly, numeric age has been traditionally used in defining the term “elderly”. Even though a single “cut off” age which would define the elderly would vary between country and region considering the biologic, sociologic and economic differences in their populations, the United Nations in 1980 defined 60 years as the age of transition of people to…[show more]
Term paper3.401 Words / ~18 pages Lugansk National University Державна цільова соціальна програма передбача­­є щорічне підвищенн­­я ставок акцизного збору на тютюнові вироби з метою забезпече­­ння зростання реальних цін на такі вироби з одночасни­­м вжиттям заходів для ліквідаці­­ї всіх форм незаконно­­ї торгівлі тютюновим­­и виробами. Збільшува­­ти ставки акцизного збору на тютюнові вироби треба таким чином, щоб зростання цін на ці вироби перевищув­­ало рівень інфляції, що буде сприяти процесу зменшення поширенос­­ті куріння. Така політика оподаткув­­ання забезпечи­­ть суттєве зростання доходів державног­­о бюджету, а частина цих доходів зможе використо­­вуватися на державні заходи контролю над тютюном. Всі зазначені стратегії передбаче­­ні…[show more]

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