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Documents about Nutritional Science

Essay1.065 Words / ~ pages GEMS World Academy Use of Monosodium Glutamate and its Effects As more chemical additives are made use by growing product businesses every day, problems and suspicions on processed foods are increasing. Used as flavor enhancers to appeal to foods, these additives has become controversial in the past decades. Researches reported of negative reactions in people who’ve consumed chemical-cont­ained products; studies on their roles in the body system raised even more concerns questioning the safety of their uses (Alfaro). A renowned, if not notorious, example of such additive is Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG, its safety in food products still being disputed. MSG is known to best enhance the little-known, fifth basic taste called umami. Umami is what is widely described as ‘savory’ or ‘meaty’, and glutamates such as MSG are the source…[show more]
Final thesis2.039 Words / ~9 pages Deutsches Theoretisches Lyzeum Johann Ettinger, Sathmar Deutsches Theoretisches Lyzeum ”Johann Ettinger” Die Ernährung Essen und Religion Name: Dóra Sára Schuljahr:201­2-201­3 INHALTSVERZEI­CHNIS­: Wie Religion das Essen bestimmt. Typische Differenzen bei der religiösen Konstruktion von Nahrung. Die Ernährungswei­se der Christen,Musl­ime,H­indu und Juden. „Du bist,was du isst“. Quelle. 1.Wie Religion das Essen bestimmt Bei der Ernährung des Menschen handelt es sich nicht einfach um einen ‚normalen’ Vorgang, sondern sie erweist sich bei genauerem Hinsehen als eine grundlegende Ausdrucksgest­alt religiös-kult­urel­ler Bedeutungen. Abgesehen von der Atmung ist das Essen und Trinken zwar die basale und unverzichtbar­e physikalische Schnittstelle des Menschen und seines Körpers zur natürlichen Umwelt; im Unterschied zum Tier verspeist der Mensch…[show more]
Specialised paper1.220 Words / ~6 pages Fachhochschule Bad Honnef - FH Safety issues in Food Production Abstract Normally the experience of dining in a restaurant should be an excellent one. But what happened, if this is not the case? In a food producing organization like a restaurant very high security and safety standards are set regarding the food quality. Some factors are influenced by the employees like the consideration of all hygiene instructions. Storage facilities and an efficient time management are playing also an important role. Lastly different controlling systems, internally as well as externally, are helping the organizations to react against sources of error. Introduction 7 pm in a local seafood restaurant. A couple is sitting at a nice table, expecting a romantic evening. They order a three course dinner and a corresponding bottle of French Chardonnay. She is wondering why…[show more]
Specialised paper1.281 Words / ~ pages BG BRG Leibnitz VARIOUS DRINKS AND COKTAILS Light Bodied BACARDI rum is aged in specially selected white American oak barrels that are maintained by our skilled coopers. By law, all Puerto Rican rum must be aged for a period of one year. The white American oak wood lends flavour and colour to the rum as it ages over the years. In the tropical climate, a percentage of rum from each barrel evaporates each year. They call this the angels share. Bacardi Superior Originated in 1862, BACARDI Superior rum is the original, mixable, light-bodied rum, aged between one to two years in carefully selected oak barrels. After ageing, the rums are blended and passed through a second charcoal filtration to achieve maximum clarity and characteristi­c BACARDI smoothness. BACARDI Superior is clear in colour, smooth in taste and dry in flavour with impressions of vanilla…[show more]
Homework594 Words / ~ pages Yanbian Universität, Yanji, China Mais mit Pinienkern 1. Die rote Paprika waschen und entkernen, und dann klein würfeln. Maiskörner vorbereiten. 2. Erhitzen eine Pfanne. Pinienkern in der Pfanne einlassen und bei kleiner Hitze braten, bis die Pinierkernen alle golden werden. Halten sie auf einem Teller und abkühlen lassen. 3. In einem Tiegel Wasser aufkochen. Dann die Maise hin einlassen. Bei mittlerer Hitze kochen ca. 5 Min. Die Maise entnehmen und abkühlen lassen. Zutaten für 1 Portion: 100g Pinierkernen 3 Mais 2 Rote Paprika 5g feingeschnitt­erner Porree 5g Salz 3g Zucker 15mL Öl 4. In der Pfanne Öl erhitzen, feingeschnitt­ener Porree einfüllen und bei starker Hitze kurz braten. Und dann die Maiskörner und rote Paprika einfüllen. Alle mit Zucker und Salz noch kurz braten. 5. In der Pfanne ca. 15 mL Wasser einfüllen. Zudecken für 3 Min. Die gebratenen Pinierkernen…[show more]
Homework791 Words / ~2 pages BG BRG Leibnitz PRODUCTION OF BACARDI Selecting And Storing The Molasses Every year from November to April, buyers scour the countries of the Latin Tropics in search of the highest quality sugar cane molasses in the world. The molasses is then carefully shipped to the Bacardi plants where they are stored under controlled conditions. Because molasses is organic matter, it is essential that it is properly stored. To ensure this, Bacardi invests heavily in modern tank facilities to provide a closed, dry, controlled environment. Even after such thorough monitoring, Bacardi adds one more step to this process: All molasses must meet strict quality control standards; it is discarded regardless of cost. Only the best quality molasses is permitted to undergo the fermentation process, the next stage in producing the finest rums in the world. Fermentation:­…[show more]
Interpretation649 Words / ~ pages Waldkirch Vegetarianism is the answer: But is it really? Is it better for us and for the environment not to eat meat? I think we all have to ask each other sometimes if it’s not just cruel to murder all these animals or if it’s cruel for the environment. A few days before, I’ve begun to search for more information on the internet or something else whether vegetarianism is good or not. Nearly everybody says that we need the meat to survive and that the proteins are so very important for our body. But we don’t really need meat as a protein supplier, that’s just a big error and if you eat too much meat, you could become much easier heart-circula­tion diseases, cancer, osteoporosis or other diseases of this time. Meat contains very much iron, but in legumes, there’s iron too and we could drink an orange juice to every…[show more]
Lecture583 Words / ~ pages ECOLE Güssing Rede: Die Ernährung der Jugendlichen. Guten Tag meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren! Mein Name ist und ich habe mich in letzter Zeit viel mit dem Thema Sport und Gesundheit beschäftigt. Deswegen habe ich mich entschieden, eine Rede darüber zu halten. Faulheit, Trägheit, Motivationslo­sigke­it: häufig ein Problem vieler Schüler doch ist es nur eine Frage der Einstellung oder spielen auch andere Faktoren eine wichtige Rolle? Welchen Einfluss haben Fitness und gesunde Ernährung auf unseren Alltag? Im Alltag vieler Schüler mangelt es an Bewegung und ausgewogener Ernährung. Der Alltag eines Schülers besteht größtenteils aus Sitzen und nach einem langen Tag in der Schule hält sich die Motivation für Sport bei den meisten in Grenzen. Ein Großteil der Jugendlichen entscheidet sich lieber für Fastfood, anstatt für eine…[show more]

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