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Category Nutritional Science

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Use of Monosodium Glutamate and its Effects
GEMS World Academy, Sophomore, 2017-05-01
Use of Monosodium Glutamate and its Effects As more chemical additives are made use by growing product businesses every day, problems and suspicions on processed foods are increasing. Used as flavor enhancers to appeal to foods, these additives has become controversial in the past decades. Researches

Keywords: food, chemical, sept, reactions, monosodium glutamate, glutamic acid, killer lurking, your kitchen cabinets, silent killer lurking,
Final thesis
Essen und Religion - Die Ernährungsweise der Christen,Muslime,Hin­du und Juden
Deutsches Theoretisches Lyzeum Johann Ettinger, Sathmar, 2012,Petra Rot, 2012-11-18
Deutsches Theoretisches Lyzeum ”Johann Ettinger” Die Ernährung Essen und Religion Name:Robb Dóra Sára Schuljahr:2012-201­3 INHALTSVERZEICHNIS­: Wie Religion das Essen bestimmt. Typische Differenzen bei der religiösen Konstruktion von Nahrung. Die Ernährungsweise

Keywords: ernährung, muslime, juden, essen trinken, religion essen, verbotenen speisen, religion essen bestimmt,
Specialised paper
Safety issues in Food Production
Fachhochschule Bad Honnef - FH, 2009, 2011-02-16
Safety issues in Food Production Abstract Normally the experience of dining in a restaurant should be an excellent one. But what happened, if this is not the case? In a food producing organization like a restaurant very high security and safety standards are set regarding the food quality. Some factors

Keywords: safety, restaurant, control, time, food producing, health authorities, service staff, food producing organization,
Specialised paper
Various Drinks and Coktails
BG BRG Leibnitz, 2008, 2011-01-08
VARIOUS DRINKS AND COKTAILS Light Bodied BACARDI rum is aged in specially selected white American oak barrels that are maintained by our skilled coopers. By law, all Puerto Rican rum must be aged for a period of one year. The white American oak wood lends flavour and colour to the rum as it ages over the

Keywords: cocktail, mojito, cuba, flavour, richard drake, carefully crafted, crafted product, carefully crafted product, product infuses bacardi, crafted product infuses,
Production of Bacardi
BG BRG Leibnitz, 2008, 2011-01-08
PRODUCTION OF BACARDI Selecting And Storing The Molasses Every year from November to April, buyers scour the countries of the Latin Tropics in search of the highest quality sugar cane molasses in the world. The molasses is then carefully shipped to the Bacardi plants where they are stored under controlled

Keywords: process, molasses, aging, fermentation, bacardi rums, sipping rums, richness aroma,
Vegetarianism is the answer
Waldkirch, Schüler, 2011-01-11
Vegetarianism is the answer: But is it really? Is it better for us and for the environment not to eat meat? I think we all have to ask each other sometimes if it’s not just cruel to murder all these animals or if it’s cruel for the environment. A few days before, I’ve begun to search for

Keywords: it’s, environment, vegetarianism, legumes, argument against, meat because,

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