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List of Essays: Biosciences

Essay8.945 Words / ~13 pages Mendel University Brno DEVELOPMENTAL DYNAMICS OF NATURAL BEECH FOREST IN 62 YEARS Ing. PhD. Author: Ing. PhD. (e-mail: ) Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno Department of Forest Botany, Dendrology and Typology Zeměd­83;ls­ká 3/5, BRNO 613 00, CZECH REPUBLIC 1. INTRODUCTION The goal of the work is to evaluate forest condition and transformatio­n on research plots established by Prof. RNDr.Ing. Alois Zlatník in the Eastern Carpathians in the territory of the then Sub-Carpathia­nUkra­ine in the 1930s. The research plots were established with the main objective to study developmental dynamics of natural forest ecosystems. Results from the study of the development of natural ecosystems under minimum impact of man after more than sixty years provide unique information about functioning of the most complex ecosystems…[show more]
Essay655 Words / ~ pages la Sale duarte S. March 13, 2011 Science 8 Weed as a Medicine Many people believe that marijuana is a highly addictive highly dangerous drug. This however is not true. Marijuana or weed has been known to cure or help prevent things such as glaucoma, chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, most cell mutation problems, many forms of cancer, insomnia, skin conditions, infections, diabetes, warts, moles, ulcers, burns, asthma, anxiety, depression, regulation of body weight, it heals scar tissue, it rejuvenates vital organs, and more. Richard Simpson was a Canadian who gave away hemp oil to cancer patients. This oil cured multiple people from things as severe as cancer to simple things such as wart removal. This man saved lives of Canadians every-were and was later shut down. This has to do with physical science is that this all has to do with chemicals…[show more]
Essay586 Words / ~ pages Angell Freiburg Avian Influenza Bird Flu is also called H5N1, a subtype of the Influenza A Virus which was firstly identified in chicken. There are many subtypes of Avian Flu, but only four of them are highly pathogenic in humans, H5N1 being the most aggressive one which could start a pandemic outbreak. The name comes from aviary or flying. Before the 1990s Bird Flu was just an endemic problem which was carried but not infected a lot, and if, just minor illnesses (here called flues) occurred. With the domestication of poultry it mutated into a form that kills 90% of an infected flock corresponding to hygiene deficiency and crowded cages as in 1968 in Hong Kong. It can only be stopped by killing every single bird in this area. After H5N1 infected a human in the 1990s for the first time people changed their perspective of pandemic flues and were concerned.…[show more]
Essay848 Words / ~ pages Colegio Helvetia de Bogota SECOBARBITAL Introduccion: Definicion del tema: Secobarbital o seconal, es un tipo de droga depresora que pertenece a los barbitúricos, es decir que deriva de un ácido llamado acido barbitúrico, el cual tiene función de sedante hipnotico del sistema nervioso central. Hoy en dia se conocen masomenos 12 drogas derivadas de los barbitúricos, pero el secobarbital se destaca por su alto nivel de adicion, pues en una escala del una al 100, esta presenta un 82 en potencial de adicción.Esta droga reduce la actividad cerebral y es inhibitoria. Para tener acceso al Secobarbital, se necesita una receta medica, y es recetada normalmente para problemas de himsomnio o ansiedad antes de una cirugía. Antecedente histórico: El secobarbital o seconal, es una droa proveniente del acido barbitúrico, el cual fue in ventado por la empresa alemana…[show more]
Essay1.525 Words / ~6 pages Schiller-Gymnasium Berlin The structure and function of Proteins The main structure groups in which we divide proteins are the Primary level of protein structure, the Secondary level of protein structrue, Tertiary level of protein structure ans the Quaternary level of protein structure. Primary: it refers to the sequence of amino acids and the location of disulfide bonds. When the amino acids are linked by the peptide bonds they are called residues. Short chains of amino acids residues are often called (oligo-)pepti­des. The top diagram is the 3D structure the bottom one the chemical structure. (N-terminal end of a polypeptide contains a free amino group and C-terminal end contains a free carboxylate group) Secondary: refers to regular, local structure of the protein backbone. It is stabilised by intramolecula­r and sometimes intermolecula­r hydrogen…[show more]
Essay2.217 Words / ~17 pages Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster - WWU What is Gene Mutation and how does this work 12 Inhaltsverzei­chnis Seite 2 Seite 2 Seite 3 Seite 4 Seite 5 Einleitung II. Verschiedene Mutationstype­n: - Genmutation - Chromosomenmu­tatio­n - Genommutation Seite 6 Seite 6 Seite 6 III. Mutagene: - Chemische Mutagene - Physikalische Mutagene Seite 8 Seite 10 Seite 11 Seite 16 IV. Xeroderma Pigmentosum V. Fazit VI. Quellenangabe VII. Autorenklärun­g 1. Einleitung In dieser Facharbeit im Fach Biologie mit dem Thema „Mutation“ gebe ich einen Einblick in die Veränderungen der genetischen Information einer Zelle. Ich habe dieses Thema gewählt, weil Mutation eine bedeutende Rolle in der Evolution spielt. Mutation wird als die „treibende Kraft“ der Evolution gesehen. Sie kann auch häufig eine negative Auswirkung auf die Organismen haben. Hierzu werde ich im ersten Teil der Facharbeit…[show more]
Essay809 Words / ~1 page Rijksuniversiteit Groningen Kernenergie; een machtigmooie vorm van energie Het is de laatste tijd vaak in het nieuws: de opwarming van de aarde door het versterkte broeikaseffec­t. In 2018 braken we een nieuw record met de CO2 concentratie in de lucht1. Er komen elk jaar meer milieuvriende­lijke en efficiëntere producten op de markt, zoals zuinige autos, energiezuinig­e wasmachines en moderne cv-installati­es. Ook rijden steeds meer mensen in elektrische auto’s en er komen steeds meer windmolens bij. Echter gaat het nog steeds de verkeerde kant op. Hoewel kernenergie een goede oplossing lijkt te zijn, zijn veel mensen er helemaal tegen. Er wordt veel gezegd dat het milieuvervuil­end en ontzettend gevaarlijk is. Daarnaast zijn er ook een heleboel mensen juist voor kernenergie. Mijn vraag luidt dus ook: wat zijn de voordelen van kernenergie? Ten eerste…[show more]
Essay565 Words / ~ pages University of Amsterdam amsterdam Hoofdvraag: Wat is een goede oplossing om de plastic soep op te ruimen? Probleemomsch­rijvi­ng: In oceanen en rivieren zwerft veel plastic afval. Dit wordt veroorzaakt doordat mensen plastic in de rivieren of in de zee gooien. Door de stromingen in de zee komt al het plastic samen op een plek waar ook alle stromingen samenkomen. Deze verzameling wordt de plastic soep genoemd. Momenteel is de grootte van de soep 700 000 km2 groot. Van al dit plastic is 80% afkomstig van het land en 20% is afkomstig van boten. Jaarlijks komt er nog 10 miljoen ton aan plastic afval in de oceanen bij. Gevolgen: Vooral dieren hebben last van het plastic in de oceanen. Dieren raken verstrikt in het plastic en kunnen stikken in kleine deeltjes. Ook kunnen ze giftige stoffen binnenkrijgen die bij het krimpen van het plastic vrijkomen. Hierdoor gaan ze dood.…[show more]
Essay996 Words / ~2 pages Martin College Brisbane Designer Babies: Biology Gene Editing Around 7.9 million children each year are born with a serious birth defect due to genetic inheritance, 30% of all deaths worldwide are due to chronic diseases (such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes) in those under 70. (Genetics, Christopher Gyngell, 2018, pg.1). With technology advancements and extensive testing and research designer babies and genetic engineering may one day give parents the opportunity of modifying their unborn child to prevent them having debilitating diseases. The term designer baby refers to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of genes or characteristi­cs. (Future for All, 2018, pg. 1) Genetic testing is a medical test that identifies changes…[show more]
Essay2.571 Words / ~11 pages España ve , , , , INDICE Índice.......­....­.....­.............­.. 2 Introducción.­....­.....­.............­.. Consignas....­.....­....­.............­... Derechos Humanos: Clasificación y Característic­as..­.....­.......... 5 Orígen y Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos......­.....­....­.............­. 6 La ONU: Estructura y Funciones....­.....­....­..........7 Análisis de caso de la ONU..........­.....­... .8 Sistema de Derechos Humanos, La OEA; Pacto de San José de Costa Rica y Declaración de Ginebra......­.... 9 Pactos y Convenciones de Derechos Humanos......­.....­....­....... .......10 Conclusión y Bibliografía.­....­.....­..........11 Introducción: ¿Cuál es el tema? El tema del trabajo es Derechos Humanos. Los derechos y la dignidad humana no son respetados, por eso…[show more]
Essay3.130 Words / ~12 pages Winslow Township High School Life on other planets About 4.6 billions years ago, Earth started to form and about 3.8 billion years ago, life began on Earth as single celled organisms. Life have alway existed and evolved from its origin to today. If life can form on Earth, then is there life on other planets? As scientists, astronomers and astrobiologis­ts are in the search for life, current discoveries found that many planets could sustain life and that there are also signs of life on other planets, but as of right now, no life has been discovered. Although there are currently no discovery of extraterrestr­ial life (life outside of Earth) on other planets, studies show that life may have previously and may currently exists on other planets. To begin, as of right now the search for life still continues. According to a chemistry article, it states, “To date though,…[show more]

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