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List of Presentations: Biosciences

Presentation1.377 Words / ~ pages Sinsheim Parelli Natural Horsemanship Today my presentation is about “Parell­i Natural Horsemanship”­. On this poster you can see my structure: At first I want to tell you general things about Natural Horsemanship Secondly I give you informations about Pat Parelli Then I will go on with 3. The four savvys and at last I explain you The seven games and introduce my horse “Alwali­d” 1. Natural Horsemanship Natural (Neitschurl)H­orsem­ansh­ip means the natural exposure (expouscher) to the horse. It isn’t any riding style, but it’s about the natural communication (commjunikeis­chn).­ The horse lovers want to understand their animals and learn their language. The harmonious (hamounies) cooperation is the important thing and not the training to a sport horse. The aims of the training after Horsemanship are:…[show more]
Presentation1.469 Words / ~7 pages HAK Eisenerz What is Cloning? Presentation in English - Englisch Referat Contents 1 Introduction – What does cloning mean? 1 2 Difference between Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning? 2 3 Why do scientists want to clone embryos for research? 3 4 Religious arguments against cloning. 4 5 Benefits of human cloning. 5 6 Stem cell therapy. 6 1 Introduction – What does cloning mean? The First Question should be „What do we mean by human cloning?“ A definition: Human cloning is the production of a genetic copy of another human organism. Cloning involves the creation of an embryo which is an identical copy of another human being. Clones can be created through dividing an embryo at its earliest stage (creating two identical embryos). They can also be created using Cell Nuclear Replacement , the technique which was used to create Dolly the Sheep in 1997.…[show more]
Presentation3.228 Words / ~13 pages University of Montana/ Missoula December 9, 2010 Fisheries of the Flathead Reservation While the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes have maintained a longstanding connection with the land and its resources, their competency with regards to the stewardship of these natural resources has constantly been called into question. With the arrival of the Europeans, and the consequent overuse and decline of natural resources, the Indigenous people of North America have watched their way of life disappear. The intimate, sustainable relationship that they had known since the beginning of time was no longer an option, as whites began moving into the area. Confined within the borders of their reservations, these once nomadic people could no longer sustain themselves as they always had. The new utilitarian way of life introduced by the White settlers took its…[show more]
Presentation709 Words / ~2 pages RGO Middelharnis Grijs of groen? Keus ligt aan jou! Wereldpopulat­ie neemt nu met een snelle tempo toe, en daarmee neemt de energieverbru­ik ook toe. Het Internationaa­l Energie Agentschap voorspeelt dat de vraag naar de fossiele brandstoffen tot 2030 zullen verdubbelen van huidige vraag naar de brandstoffen[­1]. De hoeveelheid van fossiele brandstoffen die we nog kunnen gebruiken is echt onbekend[2]. Maar wat wel duidelijk is, is dat de winnen van fossiele brandstoffen steeds duurder zullen worden omdat deze steeds moeilijker is om te winnen(omdat deze vaak diep in de bodem zitten)[3]. Op den duur moeten we dus overstappen naar duurzame energie, de groene stroom. Dit nieuwe energie soort is eigenlijk niet meer een nieuws omdat we dagelijks zullen tegenkomen in de reclames van verschillende energielevera­ncier­s op de televisie. Maar…[show more]
Presentation583 Words / ~ pages Sakarya Üniversitesi Biyoloji Felsefesi, alan olarak diğeri biyoloji alanlarına göre daha çok yenidir. Biyoloji felsefesi diğer alanlardan farklı olarak deney yapabilme ve bir úeyi ispatlayabilm­e úansı yoktur.Bu nedenle Biyoloji Felsefesinin amacı labarotuvarda ispatlanamaya­n problemleri varsayımlar üreterek çözmektir.Bu problemlerden en büyüğü ve en sık tartıúılanı da Dünyanın ve ilk insanın var oluúu konusudur. İúte bu problemler tartıúılırken­, tarafsız olan bilim maalesef bazı gruplarca siyasallaútır­ıl­ıyor ve bilim subjektif olmaya zorlanıyor.Bu problemler tartıúılırken biyoloji ile uzaktan yakından ilgisi olmayan kiúiler bile bu tartıúmanın içinde yer alabiliyor. İúte bu nedenle Biyoloji Felsefesi objektif olmaktan uzaklaúıyor. Günümüzde en sıcak tartıúmaların yaúandığı konu: Evrim Teorisi-Yarat­ılı­ú…[show more]
Presentation735 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Bielefeld Cloning: Definition, types and stemm cell research Table of contents: Definiton of clones 3 types of cloning Stem cell research , Definition of Stem cells, iPS cells Vocab What are clones? -Clones are defined by having identical genetic material. That means their sequence of bases in their DNA is exactly the same. A DNA consists out of 4 bases. Twins are an example for being clones, because they do have exactly the same DNA. Another example is a Bacterium. It can clone/ replicate himself and is used in science. The 3 types of cloning: It is especially used for one of the 3 types of cloning – the Recombinant DNA Technology ENTER -To make use of this technique, scientists take a DNA fragment containing the gene, they want to clone. -Then they connect the gene with a cloning vector (transport medium) in the lab. -They both form a recombinant…[show more]
Presentation1.065 Words / ~ pages Beethoven Oberschule Berlin BIOPLASTIC Structure: Introduction: -What is plastic? (When was plastic invented?)-Co­uld you imagine life without plastic?-Plas­tic facts Bioplastic:-l­ies about our bioplastic today, difference plastic types-Differe­nce to conventional plastic (how both decompose, what is it made of, how it is made, qualities)-ma­ybe disadvantages and advantages-Wh­at is it good for? (Pictures discussion) Conclusion:-s­mth. Like still not as good as normal plastic, but needs less time to decompose-env­ironm­ent, cheap, no crude oil needed, more safety for animals 1. Introduction: My topic plastic or bioplastic is really complex. We have so many different types of plastic, which makes it also difficult to recycle. Recyclable plastic and non-recyclabl­e plastic, fossil-based plastic which is made of crude oil or petroleum,…[show more]
Presentation666 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Buxtehude Süd, Buxtehude Dolly the sheep What was Dolly?: Dolly the sheep is the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell. An other name for Dolly is 6LLS this is the code name and it was the name of the project. Dolly was born on the 5th July in 1996 in Scottland. The sheep died on the 14th February in 2003 in Scottland. Dolly was only 6 years old. Dolly lived for her entire life at the Roslin Institute. Pictures about Dolly: Here is Dolly as a lamb with her surrogate mother. And here is Dolly the sheep being scanned. The two mans in the backgrund are professors from the Roslin Institute. Dolly: The cloning oft he sheep: Dolly the sheep was cloned by the scientist and professor Ian Wilmt he worked for the Roslin Institute. Dolly died in February 2003 after developing a lung infection and arthritis Arthrits is a joint disease Dolly was an exactly genetic copy oft he…[show more]
Presentation1.235 Words / ~ pages Sciences Po Nancy Yellowstone Biodiversité: diversité des espèces vivantes et de leurs caractères génétiques. Écosystème: unité fondamentae détude de lécologie, formée par lassociation dune communauté despèces vivante(biocé­nose­) et dun environnement (biotope) en constante interraction (syn. Milieu naure). Tous les écosystèmes forment la biosphère ( faible portion de la Terre et de latmosphère favorable à la vie). UNESCO: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organiation. Créé en 1945-46 pour e maintien de la paix et de la sécurité international­e. Topographie: disposition et relief dun lieu. Nous allons vous présenter le parc naturel de Yellowstone. Tout dabord nous vous parlerons de celui-ci avant de vous décrire la biodiversité animale puis végétale se trouvant à Yellowstone. Nous mettrons ensuite en valeur…[show more]

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