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Documents about Zoology

Essay759 Words / ~2 pages Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule Mannheim The Sydney funnel-web spider Description The female Sydney funnel-web spider is up to 40mm tall, while the male is only 30mm high. Since the strong poison claws can grow to a length of 5mm, is still striking that it has a considerable massive physique. Their spinnerets at the rear end are very long and well recognized. Neither she nor her head front body are covered with hair, but have a glossy black color. This spider is the abdominal area sparsely haired and has a bright color on the male darker. It also has a very smooth body armor at the front. The body of this spider is dark brown to black. The female has a not so graceful as the male physique. In the male, a small spur is to be discovered on the second pair of legs. The legs are hairless and are pointed. Furthermore, they are also dark and metallic luster. The eyes of this spider are closely…[show more]
Graduate thesis16.091 Words / ~72 pages Fakultet za zemjodelski nauki, Skopje kategorijata na ivinsko meso vo slu~aj na sveo meso vkupnata cena i cenata po edinica teina. sostojbata vo koja mesoto se prodava i temperaturata na skladirawe. registarskiot broj na klanicata ili objektot za obrabotka na ivinsko meso. vo slu~aj na uvezeno meso od tretite dravi, ozna~ena zemjata na poteklo. Sledni dopolnitelni merki koi gi definira Regulativata se na smrznatoto meso. Temperaturata na smrznatoto meso od ivina mora da bide stabilna i odruvana na site mesta na proizvodot, na -12°S ili poniska, so kratkotrajni oscilacii ne pogolemi od 3°S. Ovie tolerancii na temperaturata na proizvodot se dozvoleni vo sklad so dobrata praksa na skladirawe i distribucija, lokalna distribucija, distribucijat­a vo maloprodabata i izlozite. @ivinskite trupovi i delovi od trupot, opfateni od Uredba moraat da gi ispolnuvaat…[show more]

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