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What is drug? A drug is any chemical you take that affects the way your bodyworks Heroin, alcohol, ecstasy, caffeine and nicotine are all forms of drugs. A drug must be able to pass trough your body and into your brain, allowing brain cells to be changed by interfering with the brains chemical signals. Meaning of addictionAddict­ion is the habitual, psychological and physiological dependence or practice, which is beyond voluntary control. How drug addiction begins?Curiosit­y, friends pressure, frustration and depression, desire…
Problem and solutions to drugs addiction

TOPIC: drug addiction

For a very long time drugs a has been a common problem in many countries and it causes multiple devastating problems for families and communities. In order to combat effectively with such problem the parents and school should educate children about the danger of drug abuse and the government should increase police manpower and resources to stop dealers and to enforce the law

The devastating effects of drug addiction do not only affect the drug abusers but also the families, every age and ethnic group and the society,. Addicts are often too sick, physically and mentally, to function as normal, responsible members of a family or of society.

For example, they often neglect or abuse their families and strain these relationships and resources, especially if they eventually require expensive treatment or hospitalization. Adult addicts may lose their jobs and, therefore, their means of supporting themselves and any dependents.

Children and teens that abuse drugs become more rebellious and distant from their families, who despair over coping with their loved ones’ drug problems. A second problematic effect of drug abuse is the crimes committed by those profiting from selling illegal drugs and by the addicts who look for more and more desperate ways to support their habits.

Increased police resources are needed to fight smuggling and dealing illicit drugs and the criminals who profit from them. Communities continue to struggle to find ways to deter drug abuse and to rehabilitate addicts. Combating drug problems strains the police departments as well as the communities’ resources.

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Problem and solutions to drugs addiction
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In order to weaken the affect of drug abuse the school and parents should take an active role in educating the children and the government should also more serious measures towards drug dealing crimes. first It is important to educate preteens at home and in school about the dangers of drug abuse.

Outings and school programs and activities in health classes can give children information to help them deal with temptations and questions about drug use. Families and counselors need to talk to the children at risk and help them resist experimenting with illicit drugs. Another approach to the problem of drug abuse is to increase police manpower and resources to stop dealers and to enforce the law.

Statistics show the bigger the drug problem in a community, the bigger it’s crime rate and the bigger it’s need for police protection. Even though the cost of adding more law enforcement may strain a community and its citizens financially, protecting its children from the dangers of drug abuse and cutting down on drug-related crimes is worth the price.

Parents, teachers, and communities must take steps to educate children about the dangers of drug abuse and must offer safe, appealing alternative for restless, inquisitive young people and programs and for those who are at- risk. In addition, police departments must be provided with more manpower, resources, and community support to combat drug-related crimes.

After all The danger from drugs is too great to ignore.

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