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About A Boy Zusammenfassung

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Reading Log: "About a boy" by Nick Hornby








Marcus, Fiona, Roger

After they moved to London

London, their flat

Fiona and Roger had a disagreement and split up. Marcus thinks about his past with Roger.

The1 reader gets a view what kind of person Marcus is.


Will, John & Christine

Shortly after J&C got their 2nd Baby

Wills flat J&C´s flat

Will talks to himself why he is so cool. Then he visits his friends, but he rejected the oppertunity to take responselbility for the baby

Will shows the reader his mental age


Marcus, Fiona

Night/morning during the week

Marcus flat

Marcus can´t sleep cause he hates his school, cause Marcus gets bullied

Marcus sitouation at

school is awful and thats why he hates going there


Will, Angie

2 Days after the 2nd chapter

A Café and a restaurant

He dates Angie, who has 2 children. He| discovers his fabel for single mothers. After a short time Will splits up with her.

Wills attidude against women is pretty rude


Marcus, Fiona, Nicky, Mark

Monday morning

Marcus flat, school

Fiona cries in the morning. Marcus is overwhelmed. In school, Marcus and his friends get bullied. N&M dont want Marcus to hang out with them anymore.

Marcus life is getting worse cause of his mum and his bullies


Will, Members of SPAT

First Thursday in the month


Will invents "Ned" to become a member of SPAT. He is looking for a new girlfriend.

Will´s fable for single women gets a new level of madness


Marcus, Fiona, Bullies


Shop, Marcus flat

Marcus gets bullied in the public but he tellshis mum the opposite

Marcus life is getting destroyed. He cant rely on anyone.


Will, Marcus, Suzie


Regent Park

Will and Suzie are getting better with each-other. Meanwhile marcus kills a dug with a bread.

Suzie is not impressed by Wills lifestyle but she likes the way he is acting with Marcus


Marcus, Fiona, Will, Suzie

Same day as in chapter 8

Regent Park, Marcus flat

The Park keeper wants to scold Marcus for the dead duck but Will helps out Marcus Afterthat they drive home where Fiona tried to kill herself. Marcus is shocked.

Fiona is performing

very bad as a normal mother for Marcus


Fiona, Marcus, Will, Suzie

Same day, but in the evening

Marcus flat, Hospital

Emergency doctor brings Fiora to the hospital, where she stays over night. Marcus sleeps at suzies

Marcus is completely overhelmed with the sitouation


Fiona, Marcus, Suzie

Next day morning

Marcus flat

Marcus finds the suicide note. Fiona comes home. Marcus wants to find a new boyfriend for Fiona

Marcus starts to be more composed. Marcus and Fionas relation is getting better


Will, Marcus


Will´s flat

Suzie wants Will to worry about Marcus. Later, Marcus calls Will and Will invites him. Marcus wants his mum to join them.

Both want to meet eachother again what shows their crazy relation


Marcus, Fiona, Will

In the evening

Several restaurants

They want to go to “Planet Hollywood”, but it´s too full. So they go to “Twenty-Eight”. After a while they start a conversation. Will has a child seat for “Ned” with him.

Marcus shouldn’t care about his mum that way that he has to find a boyfriend for her.


Marcus, Fiona, Will

A few days later

Marcus and Will´s flat

Will visits Fiona and Marcus. They sing “Killing me softly” what shows Will their hippie lifestyle. Later, Marcus visits Will and realizes, that Will has no sun.

Fiona´s hippie based lifestyle makes Marcus laughable


Marcus, Will

Period of time about a few weeks

Will´s flat

Marcus visits Will in his flat continually. They get better with each other and watch TV, what Marcus is not allowed at home.

Will gives Marcus a retreat from the heavy control of his mum.


Marcus, Will, a group of Marcus bullies

Same period as in 15)

Will´s flat

Marcus visits become kind of normal for both. One day a group of bullies chase Marcus to Will´s home, where Will scares them off. After that he buys Marcus new cool clothes.

Will becomes Marcus big brother, who guards him.


Marcus, Fiona, Will

Next day

Marcus flat

Will´s flat

Marcus mum wonders about the new clothes. They have an argument about Marcus. They come to the conclusion that Marcus can still visit Will

Even Fiona recognizes that Marcus needs a father


Fiona, Will

Shortly before Christmas

Wills flat, Bar

Will hates the Christmas time cause of his father. He meets Fiona in a bar and they talk about Marcus and Will´s meetings

Fiona doesn’t want Will and Marcus to meet cause then her heavy control about Marcus is gone


Marcus, Will, Ellie, Principal


School, Marcus flat

Marcus goes to the principal and tells her the story of his stolen shoes. In front of the room he meets Ellie, who makes fun of Marcus because he doesn’t know Kurt Cobain

Marcus realizes that he has no idea of modern stuff


Will, Marcus

Same day as in 19)

Will´s flat, streets

Marcus plays truant and Wills sees him on the streets. Later on, Marcus visits Will in his flat. He tells him about his problems and Kurt cobain.

Marcus sees in Will a confidant more then in his mum.


Marcus, Ellie, Zoe, Will

Next day

Will´s flat, school

On the next day, Marcus meets Ellie and her friend Zoe again. They like him and so they take him with them. Marcus tells Will about Ellie.

For the first time Marcus feels integration and he really likes it.


Marcus, Fiona and their family/freinds, Will


Will´s flat, Marcus flat

Marcus wants Will to spend Christmas with them. They enjoy the time.

Marcus tries to integrate Will in his family life.


Marcus, Fiona and their family/friends, Will


Marcus flat

Client takes drugs in front of Marcus, so the family has a argue about this. Suzie is pissed about Will cause of his lies. Will wants to go but is staying.

Will sees the bad sites

Of a family life.


Will, Rachel

New year

New years Eve

Will falls in love with Rachel at the new years party. Talks with her about his way of life.

Rachel thinks bad about Will´s lifestyle


Marcus, Ellie, Ellie´s mum

New year

New years Eve

Marcus meets Ellie at the party. They talk to each other and they are having a good talk to know them better

Marcus gets better with Ellie


Marcus, Rachel, Will, Ali

Some days after the party

Rachel´s house

Will wants to meet Rachel in her house. He wants to Marcus to perform as his son so Rachel likes him. Ali, Rachel´s son is one of Marcus Bullies. So Marcus wants to leave the house as soon as possible.

Marcus is in a Dilemma cause of Ali and Will doesn’t realize


Marcus, Will, Rachel, Ellie Zoe

Same day as in 26)

Rachel´s house, streets of London, Shopping center

Marcus leaves Rachel’s house, but Marcus catches him. Later they go shopping with Ellie and Zoe. Some guys come and bully Marcus. Ellie punches one of them and Marcus is impressed.

Ellie is so much cooler then Marcus but he doesn’t realize.


Marcus, Rachel, Will

Same day


Will and Marcus talk about their imaginations of relationships. Later Will and Rachel meet and will tells her his true relation to Marcus.

Will recognizes, that lying has no value.


Marcus, Fiona, Ellie

Few weeks later

Marcus flat. Will´s flat, school

Fiona starts crying again. Marcus is overwhelmed and wants Will to help him, but will decided. Later he meets Ellie, who is crying cause of Kurt Cobain´s suicide attempt.

Ellie and Marcus both have a blow, but they are so selfish that they think that their blow is more important.


Will, Rachel

A few days later

Rachel´s house

Will meets Rachel in her house. They have sex. After that Will tells Rachel Fiona´s bad situation. She wants to help her.

Will realizes, that Fiona´s Problems are serious and that she will attempt to suicide again.


Marcus, Fiona, Ellie


Marcus flat, train

Marcus dad had an accident. Marcus doesn’t want to visit him, but finally his mum can convince him, to travel to him with Ellie. While they travel, Kurt Cobain commits suicide.

Marcus has a bad relation to his parents.


Will, Fiona, Marcus(phone)



Will meets Fiona and she started to cry immediately. Rachel doesn’t join them. Will and Fiona have a talk. Marcus calls them, that Ellie is at the police station.

Will doesn’t know how to help Fiona


Marcus, Ellie



Ellie freaks out, cause Kurt Cobain is dead. She drinks a lot of alcohol and starts to cry and shout.

Marcus can´t handle Ellie´s problems


Will, Rachel, Fiona, Marcus Ellie, Clive, Lindsey


Police station, car, restaurant

Will and Fiona drive to Marcus and Ellie. They meet there with Clive and Lindsey. Ellie has a conflict with a shop owner. After that they go to a restaurant.

The situation escalates


Marcus, dad, Lindsey



Marcus, Lindsey and Clive drive back to Cambridge. Clive talks a lot with Marcus about his live.

Clive tries to be a good father but he has no chance.


Will, Rachel, Ali



Will wants to take responsibility for Ali and Rachel. He thinks about Marcus development

Will´s lifesty.....[read full text]

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