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Today there is nearly no one, who is not presented in any form of a social network, such as facebook, blogs in the internet or in the form of a personal website.

These social structures are made up of individuals or organizations called ‛nodes’, which are connected by one ore more specific types of independency.

About 85% of all adolescents over 14, are registered in a social network.

It is used like a meeting place, to share links, videos, pictures etc.

Even the pope and Obama, own a video channel were people can get informed about coming events, choice programs and the latest news.

But now, we want to focus on one of the most popular social networks in the World Wide Web:


Social Networks

Facebook is a network which came into being in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates.

First it was an online platform, were only Harvard Students can exchange their information.

Today Facebook is the most used social networking service and the capacity increase over 500.000.000 users worldwide.

There are even 15million users in Germany, which created their own profile, share interest and preferences, send messages and add other users as friends, everyday.

Statistics, which were made in year 2011 proofed, that Facebook has overtaken Google as the most visited site on the Internet.

That means that over 175Millionen users logging on every 24 hours to check their messages, post a comment or inform their friends about coming proceedings.

Certainly, Facebook has many advantages, but also lots of disadvantages.

It is a nice way to stay in contact with friends or relatives all over the world. You can stay up to date about recent activities of friends, your favourite musicians, about all the things that you are interested in.

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Social Networks
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And all this features you get for free, without paying any money. Many of people prefer to write the person, he wants to stay in contact with, a message on Facebook, then to write a personal message. Because of all that people can exchange information all over the world in velocity of light.

But on the other hand there are many controversies about Facebook and compliance with users privacy. Everybody can have a look on your personal information and posts. Even the concern is making money by selling the users personal information to advertisement concerns, to look up their personal interest and habits.

Facebook is also a big reason for Internet addiction. Lots of people spend more time on Facebook than to studying or going to class, which contributes lower grades.

48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook, right when they wake up.

We have collected two opinions about Facebook, which were contrasting.

The first respondent says: ‛Well, in the online world, you can chat with people all around the world. I have a friend from Sweden that enjoys chatting, because we both share the common interests.’

Socializing online is incomparable to real-life socializing. You need to be sure to get out from behind your computer and talk to your friends in real life. Otherwise, you'll end up a 40 year old unmarried loser, who doesn't have any real friends.

It's alright to socialize on the internet, just have a life. If you spend all of your time online, you might find yourself saying
in an actual conversation.’

We thought that this statements, both were right, but we also think that everyone needs to have his own opinion, about how much time he wants to spend on the internet and how much time he wants to spend in a social network.
In conclusion it is important to think before you post something on your wall, because everybody can cast an eye on it.

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