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Documents about Communication / Media

Worksheet1.300 Words / ~3 pages Ranum efterskole college Youtube som erhverv Til at besvare de her sprørgsmål af vi fået hjælp af tidligere youtuber Sigrid Laier Hvordan bliver man youtuber? For det første er det vigtigt at have interesse for medie og youtube verden. Hvis du vil opstarte en kanal skal det være af lyst til at producere og dele dine videoer, ikke kun for at tjene penge. Derefter skal du klaregøre for dig selv hvilket indhold du vil have på din kanal. Dermed ikke sagt at du udelukkende kun kan have et tema, men at du kan udvikle din kanal. Hvis du gerne vil blive til noget skal du som udgangspunkt have et form for budskab du vil ud med. Rent fysisk skal du starte med at oprette en googlekonto, som automatisk også betyder at du har en youtubekanal. Efter det skal du have et kamera til rådighed så du kan optage. For at forbedre dine videoer skal du også have muligheden for at redigere dem. Derefter…[show more]
Bachelor thesis11.279 Words / ~46 pages University of economics, Bratislava UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN BRATISLAVA FACULTY OF APPLIED LANGUAGES Registration number: 20200/B/2012/­33742­4162­7 EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP Bachelor’s thesis UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN BRATISLAVA FACULTY OF APPLIED LANGUAGES Study program: Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Field of study: 7329 Foreign Languages and Cultures Consultation center: Department of Intercultural Communication Tutor: PhDr. T H, PhD. CONTENT­ ­ 1. Citizenship of European Union........­.....­....­.....1 2. Construction of European Citizenship .............­.....­4 2.1 Minimalistic Conception...­.....­....­......... 5 2.2 Migrants Forum........­.....­....­....... 5 2.3 The Third Conception...­.....­....­.......... 5 3. European Identity, European Citizenship..­.....­....­.......…[show more]
Final thesis1.227 Words / ~ pages PCC Alkmaar Het betoog: opdracht 2 Zwarte piet moet blijven! Al vanaf de 15e eeuw vieren we het Sinterklaasfe­est. We staan allemaal met smart te wachten aan de kade op de pakjesboot. ’s Avonds zetten we de schoen aan de openhaard, we zingen liedjes in de hoop dat we iets krijgen van de Sint. Kinderen zijn verkleed als pietjes en af een toe een sinterklaasje­. 5 december is een groot feest. Gezellig met de familie bij elkaar, cadeaus uitpakken. Samen chocolade letters eten met pepernoten en warme chocolade melk. Daarna spelen met je broertjes en zusjes en het gloednieuwe speelgoed dat je net hebt gekregen. Een maand van de voren lagen de pepernoten al in de winkel. Kinderen zijn blij en vrolijk dat Sinterklaas in aantocht is. Maar tegenwoordig zijn het niet de pepernoten die laten weten dat Sinterklaas in aantocht is. Nee, het zijn de eindeloze discussies.…[show more]
Research Proposal2.225 Words / ~10 pages UNIVERSITY SCIENCE OF MALAYSIA HXE 113- STUDY SKILLS RESEARCH PAPER Effects of Internet on Communication NAME : MATRIC NO : PREPARED FOR : Effects of Internet on Communication INTRODUCTION Internet is the most wanted information and communication technology that have changed the world revolution. It seems pretty obvious that our social networks have changed in the past few decades thanks to technology. During the pre-internet era, people communicate through phone or written letters. The first large network, Fidonet was establishes in 1983 to connect personal computers (Peter, 2003). The way we work, we lives and make relationships have also changed with the pervasive of usage of smartphones, the increasing affordability of air travel and the rise of Internet. The world has now become smaller or become more like a global village. ‘Information revolution’…[show more]
Research Proposal4.468 Words / ~20 pages Lillbaelt academy, Odense Finally I should admit that it was hard to study on project but I enjoyed the time I have spent to think creatively together with my group mates. Made by Yi Yang Looking back to the project ,I gained a lot through the collaboration with other members.I used to working individually and it gave an opportunity to experience a real group work. Fluently speaking, it changed me a lot ,the style of learning and working to some extent. During the project ,we discussed about the issues and worked out the problems .We shared the ideas and the inspiration sparked in my mind from time to time. The project helped me to improve my communication and organization skills .We needed to overcome the language barriers and dealt with the cultural differences as we come from different countries.We learned how to respect for each other and listen to others carefully…[show more]
Handout494 Words / ~ pages Carl-Friedrich-von-Siemens Gymnasium Die Jugendsprache Ein Sprachwandel oder Sprachverfall­? Was ist Jugendsprache­: -Die Jugendsprache ist der Jargon der Jugend (Jargon= Sprachvarietä­ten in verschiedenen Menschengrupp­en) -Es gilt als Verursacher der Verständnispo­blem­e zwischen Generationen -meist unter Gleichaltrige­n, in den „Peer Groups“, Soziolekt ( Entstehung von Sprachvarietä­ten durch Gruppen) -gesellschaft­liche Faktoren wirken sich auf die Sprache aus - Laut Helmut Heine: Jugendsprache bezeichnet spezifische Sprech- und Schreibweisen­, mit denen Jugendliche u. a. ihre Sprachprofili­erung und damit ein Stück Identitätsfin­dung betreiben Geschichte der Jugendsprache­: -seit dem 18Jh. gibt es dokumentierte Wörtersammlun­gen - seit über 30 Jahren Jugendsprachf­orsch­ung - früher nur vereinzelt, später durch Verbeitung des…[show more]
Interpretation437 Words / ~ pages Carl - Bosch Gymnasium, Ludwigshafen Interpretatio­n Movie “American Beauty” - Kitchen Scene Analysis The scene opens with a medium shot of Jane and Angela who hear noises from the kitchen and turn around. They are in the centre of the frame, so the viewer notices a clear contrast between Angelas feeling about Lester and Janes feelings about her father. Angelas facial expression shows excitement, Jane feels rather disturbed by Lester. When Angela goes to the kitchen to say hello, she says he looks good and gives him a flirtatious look. Instead of a typical over-the-shou­lder shot the camera is next to Lester, who is reaching into the fridge. That way the viewer can see both Angelas and Lesters faces. The next shot is a reverse-angel shot to show their faces and reactions to each other from a different perspective. This also causes the viewer to feel involved in the characters…[show more]
Interpretation519 Words / ~1 page Landrat-Lucas- Gymnasium Leverkusen Advertising Datum: 9.07.11 In the following I want to describe and interpret the given advertisement “Breast­feedi­ng”, taken from the campaign for equality between black and white in 1989, published on November 9, 2006 by Oliviero Toscani. On the staged photo called “Breast­feedi­ng”, taken by the well- known photographer Oliviero Toscani in 1989, you can see two people. There is no division between background and foreground, both persons are the eye-catcher and they are in the middle of the picture. You can see a colored woman but her head and her legs are not in the picture. You can just see her breast and her stomach. She does not wear a T-Shirt or a bra, so you can see her naked breast. But she wears a red cardigan. She is carrying a baby in her arms, a naked white baby. The black woman breastfeeds the baby and the…[show more]
Opinion speech1.931 Words / ~6 pages Free motion ”Acest Parlament consideră că , în obținerea progresului școlar ,cooperarea este mai importantă decât competiția .” - Guvern Repartiția argumentelor pe vorbitori : Vorbitor 1: Arg. Socio-educați­onal : ”Evoluţia se bazează pe comunitate şi cooperare.” Bruce Lipton Vorbitor 2: Vorbitor 3: Contraargumen­tare + arii de conflict Definirea termenilor : Progres școlar = exprimă aprecierea rezultatelor obţinute şi a evoluţiei situaţiei la învăţătură a elevului prin raportarea acestora la performanţe anterioare. Corelat cu succesul şcolar, progresul nu implică un nivel limită de performanţă şcolară, ci are un caracter de proces, se află în continuă devenire, ceea ce înseamnă că rezultatele obţinute de elev se raportează, în orice moment, atât la obiectivele stabilite cât şi la posibilităţil­e proprii întru-un moment al…[show more]
Portfolio2.244 Words / ~12 pages The Catholic University of Eastern Africa - CUEA Areas of professional development Personal Portfolio BSB124 Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Intrapersonal effectiveness 2.1. Learning style 3. Interpersonal effectiveness 3.1. Preferred team role 3.2. SPARK ratings 4. Organisationa­l effectiveness 4.1. Networking 4.2. Mentoring Conclusion References list 1. Introduction The purpose of this portfolio is to reflect on what I have covered in working in business unit (BSB124) and the experience gained about self-study on how I learn best, how I do in team work and the impact these have on my overall effectiveness in an organizationa­l setting. I am presenting this portfolio in three sections. In section one; I will discuss my intrapersonal effectiveness in which I will review my effectiveness by discussing my learning style using Jackson’s learning style profiler.…[show more]
Powerpoint613 Words / ~28 pages University of Cologne Presentation by Sintha Ervianto and Jan Table of Contents: What is Uber? General Information The Founder and Cofounder Founder Story How Uber Works The Old and New Concept Value Preposition Pricing Structure Financing of Start-Up (Funding) Strategies Targeted Customer Segments Product Lines Alternative Business Models Uber Users Uber‘s Competitors Failures Revenue and Expenses Report Comparison with Taxi Company Challenges 1.What is UberTaxi? A Private Chaueffeur Entity One of Sillicon Valley Start-Ups Logistic Company Taxi Service Competitor 2. General Information Founded in March 2009 as UberCab Launch date: May 31st, 2010 Company Headquarters : San Francisco, California, USA Funding received by Uber $9.1 Billion (As of January 2015) Company Valuation: + $62 Billion (as of January 2016) 3. The Founder and Cofounder…[show more]
Miscellaneous 1.021 Words / ~23 pages Henriettenplatz Wien Portfolio Meinungsbeton­te Zeitungstexte untersuchen und beschreiben Inhalt Kommentare. 3 Aufbau eines Kommentars. 16 Untersuchung einer Glosse. 18 Leserbrief 19 Rezension. 20 Kommentar. 21 Glosse. 22 Kommentare - Beispiele Kommentar 1: „Soldaten, „Zivis“ und J.F. Kennedy. Warum die Befragung nötig ist“, Thomas Chorherr, Die Presse, 14.01.2013 Kommentar2: „Wenn Rot-Schwarz sich nicht leiden können, müssen Reformen sie erlösen“, Anneliese Rohrer, Die Presse, 12.01.2013 Kommentar 3: „Freibrief zum Frotzeln. Adressat: Die verwirrte Republik.“, Anneliese Rohrer, Die Presse, 19.01.2013 Leitartikel 1: „Der Krieg in Mali geht auch Österreich etwas an“, Christian Ultsch, Die Presse, 18.01.2013 Leitartikel 2: Leitartikel: „Den Status quo nicht einmeißeln“, Rainer Novak , Die Presse, 19.01.2013 Leitartikel…[show more]
Assignment3.758 Words / ~15 pages Akademie für Pflegeberufe Lösung zur Studienaufgab­e Fachkraft für Leitungsaufga­ben in Sozial-, Gesundheit- und Pflegeeinrich­tung Themenkomplex­: Kommunikation Teil 1 Diese individuelle Lösung stellt keinen Anspruch auf Richtigkeit. Die Aufgabenstell­ung ist nicht enthalten Inhalt Aufgabe 1: a)Gesprächsst­örer b) 2. a, b, c 3. a, b Aufgabe 2 a)Aktives Zuhören b)körperliche Signale Aufgabe 3: a) b) Aufgabe 4: Transaktion beschreiben a), b), c), d) Aufgabe 5: Begründung einer Aussage Aufgabe 6:Mind-Map Aufgabe 7: klientenzentr­ierte Gesprächsführ­ung Aufgabe 8: Feedback Aufgabe 1: 1. …[show more]
Summary1.283 Words / ~ pages Universidad Nacional de Córdoba- Argentina UNIT 1 GETTING THE MESSAGE ACROSS To get across: to succeed in communicating an idea or piece of information to someone, or to be communicated successfully. Stranded (adj): to be stucked What’s a GOOD communication­? · Getting the message across quickly and efficiently. · Developing an interesting exchange of ideas. · Using language correctly: organization of the information to be transmitted, good articulation, knowledge of the jargon, background knowledge sharing, body language, etc. · Having time to think before you speak. · Being able to express your feelings. Means of communication can be: ADVANTAGEOUS DISADVANTAGEO­US Efficient: You can be reached wherever you are. Intrusive: You can get disturbed when trying to relax. Personal: You can take time to express yourself. Impersonal: You can be able to communicate successfully.­…[show more]
Summary1.494 Words / ~ pages ECOLE Güssing Internet and new Media Introducing the Internet The Internet is a global network of networks. A Global Network of Networks The internet is a loose, international collection of networks Millions of computers are connected to each another via cables and radio waves Public backbones connect all the local together Internet Statistics The number of people online worldwide is thought to be around 2.1 billion Around 30.5% of the world’s population The number of internet users is increasing by around 7 % year-on-year Host The number of hosts (computers) connected to the internet stands at around 850 million and increase about 10.5 % Traffic Internet traffic – the amount of bytes transferred Is increasing by roughly 40 – 50 % every year Google has reportedly now seen over a trillion unique URLs Broadband Subscribers Fixed broadband…[show more]

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