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List of Essays: Political Studies
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Does Germany still need the office of Bundespräsident?
Universität Potsdam, 2012, 2012-04-24
Does Germany still need the office of „Bundespräsi­dent“? Starting with the end of May 2010 the office of “Bundespräsi­dent” took one negative impact after the other. In May 2010, former President Horst Köhler answered in an interview that it might be necessary to defend

Keywords: office, loan, someone, german president, politik bundespraesident, christian wulff,
The 21st Century: the Revolt of the Masses Again?
CUB Budapest, 2012, R. Bellers, 5, 2012-04-25
An argumentative essay by R. M. The 21st Century: the Revolt of the Masses Again?[1] Despite decreasing the traditional form of participation, like voting, there are – as we can see - lots of revolutions, postmodern riots, demonstrations, violence on the streets, social and political movement

Keywords: democracy, making, oxford, social movements, political system, political institutions,
Monetary policy of European Union
University New Mexico, 2008, 2012-05-08
MONETARY POLICY OF EU Introduction In this first part of our seminar work I will bring forward the most important accomplisments of the original article of our Lessons-project. Some expressions and wording will be extremely advanced, since the whole article is very scientific, and therefore demands

Keywords: rates, short, monetary policy, interest rate, money supply,
Taiwan cultural policy: Defense of a national identity or economic challenge?
National Taiwan University - NTU, 2012, A, 2012-10-02
Taiwan cultural politics: Defense of a national identity or economic challenge? B. E. Student number: I00600005 Mid-term paper Taiwan Government and Politics NSYSU – 2011/2012 Outline Introduction. 3 I – The different verses of the Taiwanese culture. 4 1) Historical aspects. 4 2) Political

Keywords: taiwan, country, political, taiwanese culture, cultural policy, cultural renaissance movement, chinese cultural renaissance, international exchanges issues,
Analysis of International Relationships
Universidad Catolica Boliviana La Paz, , 2013-01-14
Name: V. A. Analysis of International Relationships The search of freedom is a desire always present in mankind. There are few people that would say that these things are not good and desirable to live better and develop a better world. At the same time, the need of belonging somewhere and

Keywords: countries, organization, power, order, international relationships, external politics, very important,
Comment on David Cameron's EU speech
Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg, 4, Arnold, 2012, 2013-02-15
Comment on David Cameron’s EU speech I'm going to comment on the speech the english Prime Minister, David Cameron, held to the EU. In the speech he talked about a new European Union which is set for the 21st century. He started his speech with a review about the European Union history. Within his history

Keywords: countrys, cameron, economic, european union, great britain, union which, european union which,
Essay on Juan Peron (Argentine Politician): History, Life, and Impact
WU Wien, 2007 Dr.Schickling, 2013-09-03
Juan Domingo Peron Juan Domingo Peron is probably the most famous Argentine Politician, he was the Dictator of Argentina from 1943 to 1955 however he got exiled and he came back in 1973. It is very unique that Peron came back to power after he got exiled. This essay talks about Peron and how he managed to

Keywords: argentina, president, country, exiled, juan domingo, domingo peron, juan domingo peron,
The War on Drugs: An Explanation
University of Washington - UW Seattle, Professor Frank, 2014-01-13
Professor Eklund - English 110 The War” on Drugs In 1973 Americas president, Richard Nixon, declared a total war against public enemy number one in the United States; the problem of dangerous drugs.” Since then, the use of drugs in America has increased exponentially, along with the potency of

Keywords: drugs, marijuana, according, substances, united states, federal government, medical dictionary, united states government, american medical association,
Damien Cave: The Spam Spoils of War” - American Patriotism
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, 2011, Prof. Ecklund, 2014-01-13
Damien Cave: American Patriotism Damien Cave’s article entitled The Spam Spoils of War” is something that any American can relate to. The article definitely evoked memories for myself as I remembered watching the scenes of 9/11 on the morning news. He uses this example to illustrate his point

Keywords: true, support, country, meaningless, many americans, patriotism today, disillusioned idea,
Governments play an important role in business innovation.’ Discuss in relation to two sectors Inhalt Government’s role in business innovation: 2 Conclusion. 5 Reference: 6 Innovation is essential to distinguish one’s contribution to find and fill untapped areas in the market, and to keep

Keywords: government, research, development, business innovation, health sector, important role,
The Pork Barrel: The unright usage of people's money - the government uses funds to build projects.
University of the Philippines Diliman, Second year, 2015-03-06
The Pork Barrel: The unright usage of peoples money - the government uses funds to build projects. Pork bar­rel it is the unright usage of the people’s money where in the government uses funds to build projects to have political advantages among the others by bringing money to different districts

Keywords: money, right, government, pork barrel, don’t know, barrel should, pork barrel should,
Nyttige samfundsfags noter fra 8-9 klasse
hillerřd, fra 8-9 klasse noter samfundsfag, 2015-10-08
Samfundsfag side 1 - 5: Sociologi Side 5 - 8: Demokrati Side 8 - 13: Řkonomi og forbrug Side 13 - 20: Politik Side 20 - 22: Magt Side 22 - 24:International samarbejde Side 24 - 27: Velfćrd 8. klasse Emne: Sociologi Arv og miljř Der er store diskussioner vedr. hvor meget og hvad der pĺvirker dem mest, arv

Keywords: danmark, vćre, eller, blandt andet, derfor skal, mener liberal alliance, mener venstre derfor, mener enhedslisten partiet,
Norsk styringssett: Hvordan styres Norge?
Ĺs vidergĺendeskole, 2015, 2015-10-30
Samfunnsfag Oppgave Hvordan styres Norge? Norge styres av de tre styringsnivĺene, Staten, Fylket, og Kommunen. Hver av disse har forskjellige oppgaver og ulike mĺter ĺ jobbe pĺ. Staten Staten er delt i Stortinget, Regjeringen, og Departementene. Stortinget er den viktigste delen. Det bestĺr

Keywords: bestĺr, regjeringen, stortinget, norge, disse pengene, staten fylket,
A Pinochet diktatúra, Chile 1973-1989
Budapest BGF, 2015, 2015-12-08
HÁZI DOLGOZAT A Pinochet diktatúra, Chile 1973-1989 BGF-PSZK Tartalomjegyzék Bevezetés A katonai hatalomátvétel elzményei A diktatúra megszilárdítása A gazdaság átalakítása Az új politikai berendezkedés Az 1980-as évek A Pinochet diktatúra bukása 1. Bevezetés

Keywords: hogy, volt, katonai, alkotmány, fegyveres erk, pinochet diktatúra, politikai pártok,
Is national security the only relevant factor in making foreign policy?
University of St Andrews , Second, 2016-03-21
Is national security the only relevant factor in making foreign policy? Foreign policy is one of the key responsibilities of governing bodies and decisions about it will be made differently in different countries. It can be defined as the strategy or approach chosen by the national government to achieve

Keywords: public, foreign policy, national security, making foreign, making foreign policy, most relevant factor, only relevant factor,
Current Refugee crisis in Europe
Gymnasium Überlingen, 2016, 2016-11-23
conclu -yes -to a certain extent -find policy and divide intro number, why , structure con -costs and money pro- Entkräftung long term, tax payer, workforce, younger people Syria, middle east, south asia, west balkans Europe should not fail refugee. Over the past months, there has been a growing concern

Keywords: refugees, europe, solution, money, crisis, asylum seekers, european countries,
Lösungsansätze füe den Nahostkonflikt
BSTS Schwerin, 1, Müller, 2015, 2017-01-07
J. ca M. Sozialkunde 24. Mai 2015 Zusatzaufgabe Nahostkonflikt Aufgabe: Nimm Stellung zu der Frage,ob und wie der Nahostkonflikt gelöst werden könnte. Der Nahostkonflikt ist ein im nahen Osten , um die Region Palästina, ausgetragener Konflikt zwischen Israel und den arabischen Staaten, der

Keywords: israel, konflikt, palästinenser, juden, staaten lösung, binationale lösung, israels palästinas,
Hvad er uddannelse uden dannelse?
Gymnasium Köln, 2000, Hr. mark, B, 2017-03-06
S. M. Odder Gymnasium 2/3 - 2017 Fokuspunkter fra min kronik om reality-tv: Jeg skal huske alle detaljer om udgangsmaterialet. Jeg skal huske, at foretage en vurdering af argumentationstekn­ikken – fungerer den? Jeg skal husk, at bruge tid pĺ diskussionen og komme frem til det centrale ved

Keywords: skal, ikke, dannelsen, řkonomisk vćkst, danske uddannelsessystem, hendes synspunkter, stigende politiske fokus, mathilde illum aastrřm,
Explain the idea of Party-State in China. Examine the pros and cons of adopting such a system in Chinese politics.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK, Kut Suen Jackson CHO, 2016-17, 2017-04-16
Explain the idea of Party-State in China. Examine the pros and cons of adopting such a system in Chinese politics. Party-State is a political system of single-party government that the ruling party commands the absolute power and exercise sovereignty. In modern liberal democratic countries, the

Keywords: china, power, political, economic, party state, state system, governance capacity, party state system,
Etnikai konfliktusok - A hegyi- karabahi konfliktus: Etnopolitics: About the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca, 8, Szabó István, 2017, 2017-06-08
Etnikai konfliktusok M. - Fekete V. , politológia II. év Örményország-Azerb­ajdzsán A hegyi- karabahi konfliktus -2017- A hegyi- karabah területen három népcsoport osztozik: grúzok, örmények és azeriek. Inkább a két utóbbi releváns esetünkben. A két etnikum között

Keywords: hogy, örményország, azerbajdzsán, hegyi karabah, hegyi karabahi, fegyveres konfliktus,
Kisebbségek Erdélyben
University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca, 8, Pállfy Barna, 2017, 2017-06-08
Kisebbségek Erdélyben Örmények - M. - F. V. Politológia, II év Az örmények a 17. században telepedtek meg tömegesen Erdélyben. A szakirodalmak betelepedésüket 1672- höz kötik. Az örmények azonban már jóval korábban megjelentek Erdélyben és betelepedésük folytatódott

Keywords: örmények, erdélyben, volt, mint, magyar örmény, örmény identitás, század elején, magyar örmény identitás,
Homosexuality and same-sex marriages in Germany. Essay - an Example on Identity Politics
Europa-Universität Viadrina, A,Purchala,2017, 2018-03-08
1st Essay - an Example on Identity Politics Homosexuality and same-sex marriages in Germany B. K. Identity politics” is nothing new it is based on identity and political discourse (cf. Malik, 2015). It refers to political positions based on the interests and perspectives on social groups, in which

Keywords: germany, marriages, lgbt, available, identity politics, identity politics”, population than,
Delopgave B: Amerikansk Udenrigspolitik
Svendborg Gymnasium, Svendborg, 2018, 2018-05-20
Delopgave B: Amerikansk udenrigspolitik I bilag B1 er en af de mest centrale pointer at have med, at Donald Trump til en vis grad lćgger op til opgřr med de seneste 70 ĺrs amerikansk udenrigspolitik. Dette betyder at han i hřjere grad er mere tilbřjelig til at trćkke amerikanske styrker hjem fra

Keywords: rusland, ikke, gřre, europa, andre lande, donald trump, dette ville,
Sprĺk og Demokrati: Hvor viktig sprĺk er i vĺrt demokrati
Kristiansand Katedralskole Gimle, Kristiansand, 5/6, Vibeke Lauritsen, 2017, 2018-11-21
K. K. H. , KKG, 16 ĺr Skrivekonkurranse om sprĺk og demokrati Kor viktig er sprĺket for vĺrt demokrati? Sprĺk er ein viktig del av demokratiet vĺrt, men kvifor er det slik? Og gir fleire sprĺk i vĺrt samfunn eit betre demokrati? Sprĺk er noko som alle har, og dei trenger ikkje vere like. Nesten

Keywords: ikkje, eller, land, vere, forskjellige sprĺk, sikre sprĺkkulturen, bedre demokrati,

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