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List of Essays: Political Studies

Essay1.677 Words / ~ pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK Explain the idea of Party-State in China. Examine the pros and cons of adopting such a system in Chinese politics. Party-State is a political system of single-party government that the ruling party commands the absolute power and exercise sovereignty. In modern liberal democratic countries, the state power and political parties are usually separated to prevent abuse of power. However, the political system in China is completely different. The fusion of the state and party, one of the distinctive features in Chinese politics, has been criticized over the past decades. This paper discusses the idea of Party-State in China and examine the pros and cons of adopting such a system in Chinese politics. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the sole ruling party, which holds the absolute leadership and exercise supreme power on behalf…[show more]
Essay1.958 Words / ~4 pages University of St Andrews Is national security the only relevant factor in making foreign policy? Foreign policy is one of the key responsibilit­ies of governing bodies and decisions about it will be made differently in different countries. It can be defined as “the strategy or approach chosen by the national government to achieve its goals in its relations with external entities”. It includes decisions about immigration, intervention e.g. humanitarian, economic policies and also the decision to do nothing. Foreign policy has also been defined as the “self-interes­t strategies chosen by the state to safeguard its national interests and to achieve goals within its international relations milieu”, which is important for considering this question as it implies that national security is the most relevant factor in making foreign policy. National…[show more]
Essay1.119 Words / ~2 pages Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg Comment on David Cameron’s EU speech Im going to comment on the speech the english Prime Minister, David Cameron, held to the EU. In the speech he talked about a new European Union which is set for the 21st century. He started his speech with a review about the European Union history. Within his history review Cameron named the recent challenges fort he European Union and especially the role Great Britain played. Particulary Cameron announced Britains view and goals they have. Cameron named the significant changes in the European Union. Notably the economic miracle in countrys which were unimportant in earlier years. Likewise Cameron advocates the global economy increase but further he mention a new danger for the European Union which came with the increasing economy. Because the European union tryed to safe the peace within…[show more]
Essay469 Words / ~ pages Ås vidergåendeskole Samfunnsfag Oppgave Hvordan styres Norge? Norge styres av de tre styringsnivåe­ne, Staten, Fylket, og Kommunen. Hver av disse har forskjellige oppgaver og ulike måter å jobbe på. Staten Staten er delt i Stortinget, Regjeringen, og Departementen­e. Stortinget er den viktigste delen. Det består av 169 representante­r fra forskjellige partier. Disse representante­ne er valgt av folket. Representante­ne er delt i to grupper, partigruppene og fagkomiteene. I partigruppene møtes politikere fra samme parti, og diskuterer hva de mener i de sakene Stortinget har mer ansvar for. Regjeringen De som sitter i regjeringen blir valgt på stortingsvalg av folket. Hvis det består av flere partier så kaller vi et en koalisjonsreg­jerin­g. Regjeringen har ansvaret for den daglige ledelsen av staten. Statsminister­en er hoved sjefen i…[show more]
Essay1.525 Words / ~ pages Svendborg Gymnasium, Svendborg Delopgave B: Amerikansk udenrigspolit­ik I bilag B1 er en af de mest centrale pointer at have med, at Donald Trump til en vis grad lægger op til opgør med de seneste 70 års amerikansk udenrigspolit­ik. Dette betyder at han i højere grad er mere tilbøjelig til at trække amerikanske styrker hjem fra deres baser rundt om i verden, hvilket i den grad strider imod de 70 års seneste amerikansk udenrigspolit­ik som var baseret på tætte alliancer i de regioner, hvor USA havde interesse af større grad. ‘’Helt centralt i hans udenrigspolit­iske visioner (.) er hans tilsyneladend­e villighed til at trække USA ud af eksisterende alliancesyste­mer’’ (Bilag B1).Dette tyder på et skift blandt de fire teoretiske traditioner i international politik, hvor der sket et skifte fra Liberalismen til Realismen. I Liberalismen hvor der fokuseres på staternes…[show more]
Essay6.203 Words / ~19 pages National Taiwan University - NTU Taiwan cultural politics: Defense of a national identity or economic challenge? Student number: I00600005 Mid-term paper Taiwan Government and Politics NSYSU – 2011/2012 Outline Introduction. 3 I – The different verses of the Taiwanese culture. 4 1) Historical aspects. 4 2) Political background. 5 3 ) Relationship with other countries. 7 II – Political challenges of a cultural policy. 9 1) Classical cultural challenges. 9 2) International image of Taiwan. 10 3) International exchanges issues. 11 III – Position defended by parties and importance of organizations­. 13 1) Existing cultural institutions. 13 2) Taiwanese parties cultural claims and policy. 14 3) Influencing third-party. 16 Conclusion. 18 Sources. 19 Introduction ­ Throughout the last century, Taiwan has evolved in many ways and consequently changed…[show more]
Essay1.667 Words / ~ pages Universidad Catolica Boliviana La Paz Name: Analysis of International Relationships The search of freedom is a desire always present in mankind. There are few people that would say that these things are not good and desirable to live better and develop a better world. At the same time, the need of belonging somewhere and grouping with others that are somehow alike to one self is also another human condition. These two necessities of people get in conflict at some point, because freedom also means the capability to go where we want and when we want without the need to ask somebody for permission. Still, we don’t want others to come to our already formed group and just stay there because they want, but have the power to surround us from the ones we want and close the group. So we need to bargain some level of understanding­, a middle point that can lead us to have both of our wishes…[show more]
Essay1.495 Words / ~ pages University New Mexico MONETARY POLICY OF EU Introduction In this first part of our seminar work I will bring forward the most important accomplisment­s of the original article of our Lessons-proje­ct. Some expressions and wording will be extremely advanced, since the whole article is very scientific, and therefore demands from me the usage of proper terms. For this reason, my main challenge is to explain complex economic terminology in a simplistic and approachable way. And this is what I will try to achive, also, by answering and evaluating my hypothesis. The first section of our research project will be examining the fundamental principles of monetary policy. What is monetary policy? What are its instruments? And how they work? This will help me to adequatly asses my hypothesis. The effects of the monetary policy can be effective only in a short-term…[show more]
Essay635 Words / ~2 pages Universität Potsdam Does Germany still need the office of „Bundes­präsi­dent­“? Starting with the end of May 2010 the office of “Bundes­präsi­dent­” took one negative impact after the other. In May 2010, former President Horst Köhler answered in an interview that it might be necessary to defend German economic interests with military force (1). With this sentence he had to face a lot of contradiction from various parts of German society which finally led to his surprising resignation on May, 31st 2010. His successor Christian Wulff was elected on June, 30th 2010 with the majority of the coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP. In the end of 2011 a newspaper presented an article about a private loan taken by Wulff for a house. He constantly denied that this loan was anything but a bank loan and damaged the office he held even more. All these…[show more]
Essay1.036 Words / ~3 pages CUB Budapest An argumentative essay by The 21st Century: the Revolt of the Masses Again?[1] Despite decreasing the traditional form of participation­, like voting, there are – as we can see - lots of revolutions, postmodern riots, demonstration­s, violence on the streets, social and political movement from the whole political spectrum. This means the People – whatever it is exactly – wants to take part in the process of democratic decision-maki­ng. Even so we have to welcome the This fact, because this is what Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant imagined as idealistic statement, a number of critics, for instance Jose Ortega y Gasset, Hannah Arendt, Carl Schmidt, imagine this “critic­al mass” can make some serious “mess” in the image of democracy, this “critic­al mass” can lead to a dead-end or stabilize…[show more]
Essay1.389 Words / ~3 pages Technische Universität Darmstadt - TU Unconditional Basic Income With a warm home and enough to eat a human being is not yet very much, but he must have that warm home and enough to eat if his better nature is to be activated. The pertinent comment/conce­pt for our debate today was not written by a current advocate for an unconditional basic income – it was Friedrich Schiller, a renowned German philosopher and poet in the 18th century. Schiller wrote those lines in one of several letters in which he was thanking Friedrich Christian von Augustenburg for his hospitality – offering Schiller shelter and financial independence in the years from 1791 to 1793 (giving Schiller the opportunity to study the works of Kant.) From a normative perspective – is the UBI a desirable objective within a welfare-state in order to assure Schiller’s fundamental preconditions­, triggering…[show more]
Essay1.795 Words / ~4 pages WU Wien Juan Domingo Peron Juan Domingo Peron is probably the most famous Argentine Politician, he was the Dictator of Argentina from 1943 to 1955 however he got exiled and he came back in 1973. It is very unique that Peron came back to power after he got exiled. This essay talks about Peron and how he managed to gain power and come to the position of being elected as a president. What he did to appeal to the most of the population and be elected as a president. What Peron Changed in Argentina’s Policies, how he changed the economics of Argentina, how he modernized Argentina etc. At last how Peron Managed to loose his popularity that fast get imprisoned get freed out of prison get exiled and after a 18 year Period of exile to come back to the country being popular again and ruling the country until he died. Juan Domingo Peron first went to military school…[show more]
Essay3.086 Words / ~14 pages Budapest BGF HÁZI DOLGOZAT A Pinochet diktatúra, Chile 1973-1989 BGF-PSZK Tartalomjegyz­ék Bevezetés A katonai hatalomátvéte­l előzményei A diktatúra megszilárdítá­sa A gazdaság átalakítása Az új politikai berendezkedés Az 1980-as évek A Pinochet diktatúra bukása 1. Bevezetés Augusto Pinochet uralma Chilében több szempontból eltér sok más latin-amerika­i katonai diktatúrától. A katonai hatalomátvéte­l előtt a chilei politikai életben hosszú évtizedekig többé-kevésbé demokratikus viszonyok voltak a jellemzők, a hadseregnek közvetlen politikai szerepe nem volt. Az 1973-as katonai puccs után sokan arra számítottak, hogy a hadsereg vezetése rövidesen választásokat ír ki, vagy más módon átadja a hatalmat megfelelő civil kezekbe. Ezzel szemben Pinochet 1989-ig hatalmon maradt. A rezsim brutális elnyomást alkalmazott…[show more]
Essay2.568 Words / ~10 pages University of Washington - UW Seattle Professor Eklund - English 110 The “War” on Drugs In 1973 Americas president, Richard Nixon, declared a “total war against public enemy number one in the United States; the problem of dangerous drugs.” Since then, the use of drugs in America has increased exponentially­, along with the potency of the drugs. Today we currently incarcerate over 1.5 million people for drug arrests, and currently spend over 15 billion dollars combating this “war.” It’s obvious that our current policy isn’t effective, as the amount of narcotics in the country increases yearly. Is it really worth the 15 billion dollars spent per year? And since our current policy is ineffective, why is the federal government so reluctant to make any changes to it. To truly understand this ignorance we must first examine the motives behind it. It’s imperative that we…[show more]
Essay597 Words / ~ pages University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Damien Cave: American Patriotism Damien Cave’s article entitled “The Spam Spoils of War” is something that any American can relate to. The article definitely evoked memories for myself as I remembered watching the scenes of 9/11 on the morning news. He uses this example to illustrate his point about “the intimate relationship between crises and capitalism” (122). Are many Americans “patriotic” in the true sense of the word? Or are many disillusioned with the idea? If so, why? The idea of patriotism is something that all Americans can relate to and is therefore something we can all critically analyze. To understand this complex relationship we must look at America’s loss of “community” values and the overvaluing of personal identity in our society. Within weeks following the tragedy of September 11, 2001, entrepreneurs everywhere…[show more]
Essay384 Words / ~1 page keine Angabe Trade Unions Trade unions were developed in the 19th century by workers who joined together to try to improve their working conditions and to demand higher wages. Those trade unions gave unhappy workers more power to demand better conditions and higher salaries from their employers. Today the trade unions advice the unsatisfied workers and they give them information and help to eliminate their problems. They also pay attention on the health and the safety on the employee’s workplace. Today’s trade unions also fight for equal rights and an equal payment for women and men. Furthermore, they support employees in discriminatio­n cases. They also offer many services like credit cards, special discounts and good insurance deals and also further opportunities for education and training to the needy workers. At first glance, that…[show more]
Essay1.334 Words / ~8 pages University of New Orleans Governments play an important role in business innovation.’ Discuss in relation to two sectors Inhalt Government’s role in business innovation: 2 Conclusion. 5 Reference: 6 Innovation is essential to distinguish one’s contribution to find and fill untapped areas in the market, and to keep up with increasing efficiency of competitors (Pinchot and Pellman, 1999). One has to innovate quicker just to keep oneself in position. In this developing world, innovation is playing a very important role for a country to sustain its growth and acquire great heights (Pinchot and Pellman, 1999). So now organizations have realized the significance of innovation to gain competitive advantage. These days the urge to innovation is growing rapidly. Organizations that innovate tend to outlive and grow faster (Business.gov­.in, 2015). More…[show more]
Essay1.602 Words / ~3 pages University of the Philippines Diliman The Pork Barrel: The unright usage of peoples money - the government uses funds to build projects. Pork barrel it is the unright usage of the people’s money where in the government uses funds to build projects to have political advantages among the others by bringing money to different districts to have their own benefits as well as the tax payers. Pork barrel should be abolished because it is so unfair. People strive hard to earn a living, money for instance. Why do people need to do work if all of their hard work is useless? Am I right? It is so unfair that you are doing job, you don’t get enough sleep, a weekend with your family, a day with your love ones, enough money to send your children to school, buy the things that you needed the most while the others is having a good time, having a capricious works, using your money for their own good? People…[show more]
Essay8.576 Words / ~26 pages hillerød Samfundsfag side 1 - 5: Sociologi Side 5 - 8: Demokrati Side 8 - 13: Økonomi og forbrug Side 13 - 20: Politik Side 20 - 22: Magt Side 22 - 24:Internatio­nal samarbejde Side 24 - 27: Velfærd 8. klasse Emne: Sociologi Arv og miljø Der er store diskussioner vedr. hvor meget og hvad der påvirker dem mest, arv eller miljø. Arv er de egenskaber og træk, der er genetisk betinget. Hvorimod miljø omhandler de egenskaber og træk, der er kommet ud fra ens miljø. Social arv Social arv handler om, at vi overtager holdninger, personligheds­træk og adfærd fra vores forældre gennem opvæksten. På den måde er social arv den ballast, som vi får med hjemmefra. Socialisering Gennem socialisering­en lærer man hvordan man bør opføre sig, og hvad der forventes af en. Primær socialisering­: Den socialisering der foregår i familien fra alderen 0-6. Sekundær socialisering­:…[show more]
Essay519 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Überlingen conclu -yes -to a certain extent -find policy and divide intro number, why , structure con -costs and money pro- Entkräftung long term, tax payer, workforce, younger people Syria, middle east, south asia, west balkans Europe should not fail refugee. Over the past months, there has been a growing concern in the european countries over the developing refugee crisis. Since the civil war started in Syria, more asylum seekers than ever, come to Europe to find shelter. The different countries have divided options, if the refugees should get help or if they should get rejected. The chaos is getting severer each week and the EU has to find a solution. One of the major reasons, why some european countries dont want to help, is the money. Europe is often seen from the outside as a „rich dream island“, but in the last years many of the southern EU…[show more]
Essay878 Words / ~3 pages BSTS Schwerin ca Sozialkunde 24. Mai 2015 Zusatzaufgabe Nahostkonflik­t Aufgabe: Nimm Stellung zu der Frage,ob und wie der Nahostkonflik­t gelöst werden könnte. Der Nahostkonflik­t ist ein im nahen Osten , um die Region Palästina, ausgetragener Konflikt zwischen Israel und den arabischen Staaten, der zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhundert zwischen Juden und Arabern durch die Gründung des Staats Israel am 14. Mai 1948 entstand. Im Zentrum der verschiedenen Konfliktfelde­r stehen die territorialen Ansprüche auf das Gebiet zwischen Jordan und Mittelmeer sowie die Endstatusfrag­en nach dem Grenzverlauf, dem Status Jerusalems, der Zukunft der israelischen Siedlungen in den besetzten Gebieten, dem von den Palästinenser­n beanspruchten Recht auf Rückkehr der Flüchtlinge sowie der Verteilung der knappen Wasserressour­cen. Der international­e…[show more]
Essay2.247 Words / ~7 pages Gymnasium Köln Odder Gymnasium 2/3 - 2017 Fokuspunkter fra min kronik om reality-tv: Jeg skal huske alle detaljer om udgangsmateri­alet. Jeg skal huske, at foretage en vurdering af argumentation­stekn­ikke­n – fungerer den? Jeg skal husk, at bruge tid på diskussionen og komme frem til det centrale ved denne. Hvad er uddannelse uden dannelse? I dagens Danmark er ”dannelse” et uomgængeligt begreb i forbindelse med den politiske debat om uddannelsessy­steme­ts fundamentale formål. Uddannelsessy­steme­ts formål skal forstås som et udtryk for de idealværdier, man i samfundet gerne vil viderebringe til de studerende. Udformningen af disse idealværdier påvirkes både af folketingets partier, såvel som partshaverne i skolerne, hvoraf det endelige resultat blot afspejler tidens aktuelle standpunkt. I det dagsaktuelle samfund…[show more]
Essay1.155 Words / ~ pages University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca Etnikai konfliktusok - Fekete , politológia II. év Örményország-­Az­erbajdz­sán A hegyi- karabahi konfliktus -2017- A hegyi- karabah területen három népcsoport osztozik: grúzok, örmények és azeriek. Inkább a két utóbbi releváns esetünkben. A két etnikum között akkor kezdődtek meg a harcok, amikor a Hegyi- karabah autonóm terület parlamentje megszavazta (1988, február 20) az Örményországh­oz való csatlakozást. Az eseményre kihatással volt az éppen felbomló Szovjetunió helyzete is. Ahogy a felbomlása közeledett, fokozatosan egy növekvő tendenciájú erőszakos konfliktussá nőtte ki magát, az ami békésen indult. Nem csak ez az egy ok vezethető vissza a konfliktus gyökeréhez. Egy másik fontos tényező, hogy a terület az évszázadok, sőt évezredek alatt többször tartozott más fennhatóság alá, esetleg volt vazallus.…[show more]
Essay929 Words / ~ pages University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca Kisebbségek Erdélyben Örmények - - Politológia, II év Az örmények a 17. században telepedtek meg tömegesen Erdélyben. A szakirodalmak betelepedésük­et 1672- höz kötik. Az örmények azonban már jóval korábban megjelentek Erdélyben és betelepedésük folytatódott a 18. század elején is, kisebb csoportokban. Erdély kisebbségeine­k története sajátos jelenség Európában. Mindig is sokvallású és etnikumú ország volt. Három nemzet (székely, magyar, szász) és négy vallás (katolikus, református, evangélikus és unitárius) volt releváns politikailag. Biztosították a hatalommegosz­tást és a hatalmi egyensúlyt egy sajátos rendszert alkotva. A székelyek adóktól mentesek voltak, ezért pedig Erdély keleti határait őrizték, önkormányzatu­kna­k autonómiája volt. A szászok, akik a Német birodalom különböző részeiről…[show more]
Essay796 Words / ~ pages Europa-Universität Viadrina 1st Essay - an Example on “Identity Politics“ Homosexuality and same-sex marriages in Germany “Identity politics” is nothing new it is based on identity and political discourse (cf. Malik, 2015). It refers to political positions based on the interests and perspectives on social groups, in which way people identify themselves on the aspects like race, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, religion, culture, language, etc. Moreover, the significant identities are ascribed instead of chosen (cf. Levine, 2007). The term identity politics often appears in relation to oppressed people and/or minority groups in a predominant culture. For example the United States received many European immigrants, African slaves and other nationalities than the dominant culture – therefore the States…[show more]
Essay400 Words / ~1 page Kristiansand Katedralskole Gimle, Kristiansand K. , KKG, 16 år Skrivekonkurr­anse om språk og demokrati Kor viktig er språket for vårt demokrati? Språk er ein viktig del av demokratiet vårt, men kvifor er det slik? Og gir fleire språk i vårt samfunn eit betre demokrati? Språk er noko som alle har, og dei trenger ikkje vere like. Nesten alle land har forskjellige språk, eller kvartfall noko med språket dykkar som gjør det til dykkar språk. Språket i Norge er noko som er unikt for oss, anten om ein skriv nynorsk eller bokmål, eller uansett kva for ein dialekt ein snakkar. For å ha eit demokrati må ein også ha eit felles hovudspråk, slik at alle kan forstå kvarandre. Utan eit felles hovudspråk vil ikkje alle innanfor eit land, om det er eit demokrati eller ikkje, klare å kommunisere med kvarandre. Dette vil gjøre det vanskelig å holde eit demokrati gåande, fordi folk vil misforstå kvarandre.…[show more]

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