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List of Homeworks: Psychology

Homework3.438 Words / ~15 pages Lycée Jean-Piaget Neuchâtel OCPP 22.02.2014 « Les mémoires d’un bébé » : résumé Les bébés restent les mêmes au cours des années, alors que les parents et les médecins changent la façon dont ils s’en occupent et la manière de voir ce qui est mieux pour eux. Le 20ème siècle est le siècle de l’enfant. August Lumière se fait filmer avec sa femme et sa fille, en 1895. Ce sont les premiers souvenirs des mémoires d’un bébé. Aujourd’hui, quand un bébé naît, ses parents sont très contents, mais à la fois, ils sont inquiets de bien s’en occuper. Les jeunes parents, qui n’élèvent pas leur enfant aux côtés de leur famille, veulent apprendre, mais ils craignent aussi de s’y prendre mal. Ils ont certainement lu beaucoup de choses sur internet ou dans les livres qui, le plus souvent, se contredisent. Ils peuvent être confus, car les spécialistes aussi ont changé de point de vue au fil…[show more]
Homework524 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU 2nd Homework- Psycholinguis­tics 1. Brocaaphasia- Typical for this aphasia is that the patients are speaking slowly and hesitant. Characteristi­c for Brocas aphasia is a strongly restricted grammar. Furthermore they have very big problems with word finding. Example in video: The psychologist just had Smalltalk with his patient. The person could not even express easiest things although he knew what to say. Example: The psychologist asked him about his injured knee and he couldn’­t respond well. He just said particular words like “ache, knee and No, No .” No real context. 2. Wernickes aphasia- Typical for this kind of aphasia is that the patients are able to speak fluently, even excessively, but do not understand the meaning of the words they say. Designations can only be called bad. They even say words that do not…[show more]
Homework1.072 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Shame in our society Everybody in our society is daily confronted with other people. In each encounter we can observe social interaction. According to Goffman this means that individuals always are in face-to-face or mediate contact with other participants of the society. In each contact the participants have to express their view of situation with verbal and nonverbal acts (Goffman 2006, 104). Such nonverbal acts could be mostly emotions which occur in every social interaction. In this working paper I will concentrate on a specific emotion which can lead to dysfunctional communication between actors in the social world. This emotion is called shame. First I want to show why according to Goffman shame could arise in social interaction. Then I want to refer on the authors Scheff and Neckel because in their opinion shame can…[show more]
Homework13.727 Words / ~43 pages ASE Bucuresti OBIECTUL ŞI PROBLEMATICA PSIHOLOGIEI ORGANIZAŢ­;IONA­LE 1. OBIECTUL PSIHOLOGIEI ORGANIZAŢ­;IONA­LE Psihologia organizaţ­;iona­l­59; = ramură aplicativ­9; a psihologiei, care studiază omul şi comportamentu­l său organizaţ­;iona­l (omul în organizaţ­;ie) − mult timp, Psihologia organizaţ­;iona­l­59; a fost studiată într-o disciplin­9; complexă numită Psihologie industrial­59; şi organizaţ­;iona­l­59;; mai nou, se numeşte Management şi comportament organizaţ­;iona­l (în psihologia americană­;); · Bloom şi Naylor: psihologia industrial­59; este o aplicaţi­e/ext­ensi­e a fenomenelor şi principiilor psihologice, la problemele referitoare…[show more]
Homework1.728 Words / ~ pages Rudolf-Steiner Schule Hamburg Boekverslag Van de Koele Meren des Doods Frederik van Eeden Ewoud Luiten Eigen Mening Op een of andere manier word ik altijd aangetrokken door psychologisch­e romans. Vooral dit boek gaat diep in op de psychologie en laat de lezer alle emoties en gedachtes van de hoofdpersoon weten. Ik heb dit boek gekozen, zonder dat ik echt wist waar het over zou gaan. Eigenlijk kwam ik op het idee om dit boek te lezen, nadat ik op internet had gezocht naar boeken uit de periode van 1880 tot 1910 en de titel van dit boek las: ´Van de Koele Meren des Doods´ . Een titel die mij persoonlijk wel nieuwsgierig maakte, omdat deze nog geen nuttige informatie geeft over de inhoud van het verhaal, als je het boek nog niet gelezen hebt. En ik moet zeggen dat er nadat ik het boek gelezen had nog steeds niet helemaal duidelijk is, waarom de schrijver voor deze titel heeft…[show more]
Homework495 Words / ~ pages UBC, Vancouver November 5 2013 Psychology 101 - 005 42508135 Assignment 4 Biology classes preceding my time in psychology looked at the functions of the human eye and how vision worked, but Psychology 101 has delved deeper into the brain processes that occur to represent the visual stimuli that we receive at nearly every moment, and has also revealed more about the role that the retina plays in vision. The retina is the membrane at the back of the eye that converts light into neural activity. In this membrane there are two types of sensory receptor cells, known as rods and cones. The rod receptors, long, narrow and quite plentiful, enable us to see basic shapes and forms. We also rely on them to see in low levels of light, a process that occurs with “dark adaptation”, the time that it takes for rods to be light sensitive again after being immersed in darkness.…[show more]
Homework1.191 Words / ~12 pages Uniwersytet Gdański - UG Analiza wyników ankiety dla uczniów – „Ja i szkoła” W ramach realizowanego w szkole gminnego programu profilaktyczn­ego „Wolni od.” na przełomie października i listopada 2016 r. uczniowie klas IV – VI (IV b, c i V a, b oraz VI a, b, d) wypełniali ankietę pt. Ja i szkoła. W badaniu wzięło udział łącznie 138 uczniów (71 chłopców i 67 dziewczynek). Analiza wyników Poniższe wykresy ilustrują przekonania uczniów związane z podanymi w pytaniu 1. stwierdzeniam­i, dotyczącymi szkoły i relacji ucznia z nauczycielami i rówieśnikami. 86,95 % ankietowanych uczniów deklaruje zadowolenie, że uczęszcza do naszej szkoły natomiast przeciwnego zdania jest 1,45 % pytanych. 11,6% zaznaczyło odpowiedź trudno powiedzieć. 81,16% uczniów jest przekonanych, że w szkole czuje się bezpiecznie. 13,04% dzieci miało trudność w jednoznacznym określeniu…[show more]
Homework1.062 Words / ~3 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK 2 15069057D – Yin Ka ITC1001D Introduction to Thinking Styles 15 April 2016 Lecturer: Dr. Spencer TAO Title: How would you apply the theory of thinking styles to consider the studying area(s) and/or the future career that your will pursue? Introduction Thinking style dominate the way one thinks, learns and acts. Since one is able to attain the skills to solve problem effectively and efficiently, it is strongly believed that a good match of thinking style and one’s abilities will lead to better result in future studies and career. (Zhang, LF, 2002) According to one of the principles of thinking styles, people must choose their life careers which match their styles of thinking. For the studying area and the future career that I will pursue, that is the fashion industry, which is a major market with design, business and technology…[show more]
Homework1.020 Words / ~ pages New Castle ADHS - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Causes and Symptoms What is ADHD? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and it is characterized by problems with attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity­. ADHD can be discovered in both children and adults but is commonly diagnosed at a young age. In fact, ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children. ADHD may disrupt a child’s ability to learn or get along with others. According to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual by the American Psychiatric Association, there are specific characteristi­cs that leads to the final diagnosis of ADHD. ADHD also comes with three subtypes: people with Predominantly Inattentive Type often have difficulty paying attention to details, finishing tasks, and are easily distracted or forgetful. Those who…[show more]

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