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Bachelor thesis
Organized self-help housing: Key to housing the low and medium income majority in Zambia
Copperbelt University Kitwe, 2009, 2011-07-22
Organized self-help housing: Key to housing the low and medium income majority in Zambia INTRODUCTION Housing is a basic social need after food and clothing and, as with the other basic need, adequate housing is a pre-requisite to national socio – economic development. Its inadequacy can have

Keywords: schemes, houses, government, zambia, housing delivery, help housing, housing delivery systems, housing delivery system, help housing projects,
Graduate thesis
Fiche de Lecture, L`etranger
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - UAB, 2012, 2012-04-09
UAB-2012 Fiche de lecture L’Étranger – Albert Camus Éditeur : Éditions Gallimard. Date de parution : Première édition: 1942. Nombre de pages : 184 pages. L’édition utilisée pour rédiger cette fiche de lecture: folio plus classiques, 2005. Nombre de pages : 207 pages. Résume du

Keywords: avec, page, roman, raymond, mais, monsieur meursault, cela m’était, m’était égal, bizarre petite femme,
Paul DiMaggio und Walter Powell: The Iron Cage Revisited - Institutional Isomorphism And Collective Rationality In Organizational Fields Die zentrale Fragestellung von DiMaggio und Powell lautet: What makes organizations so similar?” oder genauer gefragt: [.] why there is such a startling

Keywords: organisationen, isomorphie, druck, dimaggio powell, powell 1983, organisationalen feldes, innerhalb organisationalen feldes,
Taha Azhar Samfundsfag Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium Velfærdsst­at og økonomiske sammenhænge Sa­mmenlign de tre velfærdsmodeller: Universelle, residuale og korporative: Den Universelle velfærdsmodel, so­m blandt andet benyttes i Danmark, kendetegnes

Keywords: ikke, denne, staten, fattige familier, blandt andet, universelle velfærdsmodel,
Specialised paper
Americanisation vs. Islamisation in German neighbourhoods
Lüdinghausen , 2012, 2012-06-20
Americanisation vs. Islamisation in German neighbourhoods Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Definitions 2.1 Americanisation 4 2.2 Islamisation 4 3. Process in German towns 3.1 Americanisation in German towns 5 3.2 Islamisation in German towns 7 4. How people react on Islamisation 9 and Americanisation

Keywords: americanisation, islamisation, society, english, german towns, german culture, stephan page, engleza online20 americanization, referate engleza online20, north rhine westphalia,
Specialised paper
Analyse von 'Another Day in Paradise' (1989) von Phil Collins. Socio-criticism in lyrics
Goetheschule Hannover, 13, 2014, 2014-07-13
­ Facharbeit S lyrics – Analysis of Another Day in Paradise (1989) by Phil Collins ­ EINLEITUNG Die reiche Nachbarschaft der Upper East Side von Manhattan hatte sich längst an sie gewöhnt. Eilige Yuppies joggten

Keywords: obdachlosen, gesellschaft, straße, ders, phil collins, obdachlose frau, thema obdachlosigkeit,
Research Proposal
Rassismus: Ein Vergleich zwischen den Ländern Deutschland und Slowenien
University of Maribor Faculty of Arts - Maribor, 2014, Kacjan Brigita, 9, 2014-04-27
UNIVERSIT-T MARIBOR PHILOSOPH­ISCHE FAKULT-T MARIBOR ABTEILUNG FÜR GERMANISTIK ­ S Vergleich zwischen den Ländern Deutschland und Slowenien ­ AUTOR: doc. dr. Brigita Kacjan Timotej Slekovec ­ MARIBOR,

Keywords: rassismus, slowenien, deutschland, partei, netz, nazis, jugoslawischen republik, weit verbreitet,
Examination questions
Social Problems - more than 100 questions and answers
Kirkwood Community College, Iowa City, Tarr, 2012-10-02
Social Problems 100 examination questions and answers   Chapter 1 1.The statement that reality is often less a matter of what people do than of how people define the behavior reflects which approach? A) social conflict approach B) structural functional approach C) symbolic interaction approach

Keywords: social, theory, women, society, symbolic interaction, following concepts, concepts refers, following concepts refers, symbolic interaction approach, cultural ideas about,
Sociologija polletna snov - sociologija teme in pogledi
Franza Preserna Maribor, LORD, 2015-10-15
SOCILOGIJA M. Haralambus(sociolo­gija teme in pogledi) FUNKCIONALIZEM: Pravijo da se vse kaj se v družbi zgodi potrebno in prispeva k delovanju in ohranjanju družbe kot celote. Zanima ga sestava družbe in funkcije posameznih delov. OITKI FUNKCIONALIZMU: Sociologija reda- vse pojave

Keywords: kulture, tudi, vedenja, družbe, pomen, primarna socializacija, kulturni relativizem, drugih kultur,
Cognitive competence and leadership
University of Hong Kong, 2013, 2015-03-03
A Review of cognitive competence and leadership Introduction When we are born to this world, we know nothing about the world. We started to learn as we grow up. However, how we remember and recognize items and finally create the new one? It is cognitive competen­ce and it can be improved through

Keywords: process, music, cognitive competence, which includes, students have, knowledge which includes,
Lesson plan + tasks
Dissertation sur le groupe social des jeunes 1ES
Allonnes Malraux, Premiere ES, 2018-04-05
Rationnement SES : Le groupe sociale des jeunes : I- La jeunesse, un groupe social: a) Les contraintes ; La jeunesse est un groupe social où les individus sont sortis de lenfance, mais ils ne font pas encore partis du monde des adultes. Alors, cette situation complexe engendre de multiples contraintes.

Keywords: leurs, cette, donc, groupe social, jeunes sont,
Why kids kill: Inside the mind of school shooters by Peter Langmans
Schotengymnasium Wien, 2009, 2010-10-08
Summary of Peter Langmans "WHY KIDS KILL: INSIDE THE MIND OF SCHOOL SHOOTERS" In this text I want to sum up the contents of the book. I added additional information about disorders etc. from Wikipedia if necessary. As this is not an official text for school to be graded, quotes from Wikipedia

Keywords: eric, students, dylan, shooting, thought, personality traits, school shooters, complex attack involving, time until turned, left school wounded,
Zusammenfassung : Spezielle Soziologie
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, 2014, 2014-06-22
Spezielle Soziolo­gie Vorlesung 1: Soz sozialer Ungleichheit Was v­erstehen wir unter Sozialstruktur und wie hängen Sozialstruktur und Ungleichheit zusammen? Erste Annäherung: Deskription; Verteilungsstruktu­ren nominalistische, objektivistische Theorien (

Keywords: ungleichheit, gesellschaft, sozialstruktur, bildung, inklusion exklusion, funktional differenzierte, soziale milieus, funktional differenzierte gesellschaften,

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