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Statement: Цhy not give your child the best possible start of life?. Will the possible benefits of PGD wipe out all ethical objections?

Todays scientific researches pave the way for a lot of new options in medical terms. In many cases, they improved the way of helping people such as recovering from diseases or even preventing them. Daily, these researches save human lifes. However, not all measures todays researches offer are highly welcomed by all parts of the population.

Such a measure is the so call PGD. By modifying the structure of genes of an embryo, several diseases can be sorted out before the child is given birth. This should give a child the best possible start of life.

However, one can argue, why a children suffering from a disease may not have a good life. Today, disabled human are highly accepted in our society. This could change by supporting the PGD. Indirectly, parents will be forced to use this option, even if they do not want to.

The reason is simple. Parents not using this technology will be considered as rude towards their child, if it is disabled. They will face reactions of people confronting them with the fact, that they decided against a completely healthy child. However, it was their child now facing the consequences.

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Statement: Why not give your child the best possible start of life? Will the possible benefits of PGD wipe out all ethical objections?
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Furthermore, one can argue with the occidental tradition that it was god whom gave life to us. So, human do not have the right to amend god's creation. Amend the decision of god would wage the worth of a life. It would mean, that disabled children are less worth than healthy ones. This is simply wrong. So, human should not interefere god's work.

Last, PGD can be used for a lot of more things than simple sorting out diseases. The best possible start in life can be defined very liberal. For some parents, a healthy child may be the biggest present. However, some parents will be wanting to create a child with a certain IQ-level, as an example.

Using PGD will offer the possibility to create a child of degree and will prevent a natural selection. This can not be the aim of our society.

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