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Category Electrical Engineering

• Electrical Engineering ⇒ Lab Reports (3)
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Develop a battery operated mobile lighting device
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK, 1, Paul Lo, 2016-03-09
Product: Water Bottle Content Introduction 3 Target customer research 2.1 Psychological need 3~4 2.2 Life style 4 2.3 Physical constrain 5 3. Marketing Research 3.1 Observation 5~6 3.2 Existing product 6~8 4. Objectives 8 5. Problem Define 8 6. Review of previous design 9 7. Product Design Development

Keywords: elderly, water, container, design, light, product,
SIMD Finance Simulation of Agribusiness in Trinidad using High Performance Computing
University of the west indies, 2013, 2013-12-17
SIMD Finance Simulation of Agribusiness in Trinidad using High Performance Computing Abstract This report will propose research into the development of an agribusiness model that provides financial simulation information operating on SIMD architecture. The research is conducted as a scientific

Keywords: data, research, crop, financial simulation, business process, high performance computing, object tesla software,
The photovoltaic effect and different types of PV panels
HTBLuVA Salzburg - HTL, 2014, 2014-03-21
Seminar Paper Photovoltaic­ 25.02.2014 Abstract In this seminar paper with the topic photovoltaic systems I will write about the photovoltaic effec­t, different types of Pv panels and some other interesting facts about the history of photovoltaic and applications where

Keywords: photovoltaic, figure, cell, efficiency, panels, power stations, national grid,

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