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Report2.076 Words / ~19 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK Product: Water Bottle Content Introduction 3 Target customer research 2.1 Psychological need 3~4 2.2 Life style 4 2.3 Physical constrain 5 3. Marketing Research 3.1 Observation 5~6 3.2 Existing product 6~8 4. Objectives 8 5. Problem Define 8 6. Review of previous design 9 7. Product Design Development 7.1 Method 1 10~11 7.2 Method 2 12~14 7.3 Procedure of filling the cup 15 8 Extensive aging design 16~17 9. Product usage scenario 18 10. Reference 19 Introduction With the climbing proportion of elderly in Hong Kong, the elderly becomes the biggest customer segment. However, the tailor-made daily supplies for the elderly is scarce nowadays. The daily aging supplies lags far behind the medical instrument, since their daily needs are ignored. It is more obvious when it comes to comparing with child product. Someone may said that…[show more]
Report2.543 Words / ~15 pages University of the west indies SIMD Finance Simulation of Agribusiness in Trinidad using High Performance Computing Abstract This report will propose research into the development of an agribusiness model that provides financial simulation information operating on SIMD architecture. The research is conducted as a scientific method to address the problem of increasingly failing agricultural crop farms in Trinidad and Tobago due to uncontrollabl­e financial expenditure by the development of a crop farm model for financial simulations utilizing SIMD architecture implementatio­n. Introduction This research is of great importance as total capital to start and manage any sustainable agribusiness is finite and cost of operation quickly becomes the major determining factor to whether the business succeeds or fails. Research show that there is a gap…[show more]
Examination questions1.963 Words / ~5 pages Università degli studi di Torino Question time: che cosè lincertezza dellincertezz­a? Un panettiere utilizza una bilancia elettronica in classe di precisione ±0,5% (k=2) munita di regolare certificato di taratura. [4 pt] Nell’arco di una giornata l’incasso prodotto dalle pesate di detta bilancia è di 400 euro. Contrassegnar­e le affermazioni che non sono certamente vere. Il mancato incasso dovuto agli errori di pesata è di almeno 2 euro Il mancato incasso dovuto agli errori di pesata è al massimo di 2 euro La probabilità di un mancato incasso è del 50 % La probabilità di un eccesso di incasso è del 50 % L’eccesso di incasso dovuto agli errori di pesata non super 1 euro L’eccesso di incasso dovuto agli errori di pesata è di 2 euro Il manuale d’uso di un voltmetro riporta la seguente specifica: Accuracy: +/- (% of FS + % of reading) above 1/3 FS +/- (1+0,1) Viene misurata…[show more]
Portfolio1.326 Words / ~13 pages HTBLuVA Salzburg - HTL Seminar Paper Photovoltaic 25.02.2014 Abstract In this seminar paper with the topic photovoltaic systems I will write about the photovoltaic effect, different types of Pv panels and some other interesting facts about the history of photovoltaic and applications where it is used in nowadays life. Furthermore I will explain how a Pv system can be installed at home and give a short overview of the so called power stations. Table of contents Inhalt Table of figures Figure 1: Structure of a photovoltaic cell Figure 2: Current-volta­ge characteristi­cs of a photovoltaic cell Figure 3: Monocrystalli­ne module Figure 4: Polycrystalli­ne module Figure 5: Thin film module Figure 6: power station Figure 7: spacecraft application General aspects The word “photovoltaic­” is a combination of the two words “photo” which means light and the…[show more]

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