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Documents about Energy Management / Energy Business

Essay1.102 Words / ~ pages BG Zehnergasse Wr. Neustadt Global Perspective - What are the consequences of Kazakhstan becoming the first nuclear energy provider in central Asia? Aitkazin 11 C 21th of February What are the consequences of Kazakhstan becoming the first nuclear energy provider in central Asia? Year by year our world has a greater scarcity of raw material particularly oil which according to scientists will run out for 50 to 60 years1. In our planet most countries such as Kazakhstan now must make a momentous decision whether to use new technologies to get energy namely biofuel or to use nuclear energy. Nuclear power is one of the most famous alternatives to oil which appeared in the last century and is considered as one of the most eco-friendly source of energy. Recently Kazakhstan had a leader position in stock of uranium all over the world2. Despite the fact that there was…[show more]
Presentation1.546 Words / ~ pages FH Burgenland Pinkafeld Alternative Sources of Energy Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to tell you something about the topic alternative sources of energy. Definition: First I want to give you a short definition about alternative sources of energy. Alternative energy is energy that is neither based on fossil fuels nor on the splitting of atoms. It is usually a renewable source of energy that could be used should fossil fuels run out. I want now like to turn to the question: Why do we need alternatives. To answer that question, we need to start by discussing fossil fuels-what they are and the advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels. Within this context, the pressing need for alternatives becomes quite clear. Most fossil fuels are formed from the remains of long-dead creatures and plants. Buried over the course of hundreds of millions…[show more]
Presentation799 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium Petershausen Which alternative forms of renewable energy hold the greatest promise? Presentation in English Introduction The energy consumption is rising exponentially­. With this, the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels has increased dramatically. To satisfy the future demand of energy it is necessary to think of new and alternative ways to generate energy for our daily life. What alternatives do we have? Photovoltaic cells (PV-cells) Principle: PV-cells allow the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. Many houses today carry PV-cells on the rooftop. In some areas large fields of PV-panels have been installed to generate electricity. Advantage: No waste of resources. No environmental pollution by the operation of the modules. Efficiency: up to 35% under concentrated sunlight. Disadvantage: The production…[show more]
Term paper1.416 Words / ~ pages Technische Universität Dresden - TUD Market Integration of Wind Generation in Germany After describing the special characteristi­cs of wind energy it is important to analyze the market integration of wind generation in Germany. Klessmann et al. (2008) therefore analyze the integration of wind energy in Germany, Spain and Great Britain. In the paper at hand, only Germany’­;s market is discussed. As there are fluctuations in the wind yield, wind power plants are limited in replacing conventional power generators. In Germany there are currently 21,164 wind energy plants with a power of about 25,777 MW and an amount of 7.58 percent of the gross electricity consumption and thus wind power generation is the most used form of renewable energy in Germany (BWE, Statistics, 2009). There are different support schemes in Europe for the market integration of renewable…[show more]
Exam thesis1.197 Words / ~7 pages UiO Oslo Vindkraft – Vindenergi Naturfagspros­jekt 10 trinn. Vindkraft Vindkraft går i grove trekk utpå å omdanne energien i vinden til elektrisitet. Det er en av de mest miljøvennlige metodene for kratproduskjo­n vi har i verden. Vind er luft i bevegelse, bevegelsen kommer av at lufta beveger seg fra steder med større lufttrykk til steder med lavere lufttrykk. Derfor kommer vinden fra havet, inn mot land. Landjorda varmes opp raskere enn havet, og varm luft stiger opp til himmelen. Når den kalde luften fra havet kommer inn til land oppstår det vind. Historie Vindmøllene kom til Europa på 1100-tallet. Da ble de brukt til å male korn. Det var først i middelalderen at man begynte å bruke vindkraft. Nederland og Danmark regnes som pionerer innenfor vindmølleindu­stri­en, og disse landene dekker mye av sin energi behov med vindkraft. Det…[show more]

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