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Tutorial3.478 Words / ~54 pages Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - UAB Industry Sector, IA&DT Siemens Automation Cooperates with Education Documentación didáctica SCEpara la solución de automatizació­n homogénea Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Módulo TIA Portal 010-030 Temporizadore­s CEI y contadores CEI en SIMATIC S7-1200 Paquetes de instructor SCE apropiados para esta documentación SIMATIC S7-1200 AC/DC/RELÉ 6er TIA PortalRef.: 6ES7214-1BE30­-4AB3 SIMATIC S7-1200 DC/DC/DC 6er TIA PortalRef.: 6ES7214-1AE30­-4AB3 SIMATIC S7-SW for Training STEP 7 BASIC V11 Upgrade (for S7-1200) 6er TIA PortalRef.: 6ES7822-0AA01­-4YE0 Tenga en cuenta que estos paquetes de instructor pueden ser sustituidos por paquetes actualizados. Encontrará una relación de los paquetes SCE actualmente disponibles en la página: Cursos avanzados Para los cursos avanzados regionales de Siemens SCE,…[show more]
Essay1.608 Words / ~ pages XIMB, Bhubaneswar Team Name: , Disruptive innovation: implementing technology for businesses Submission for X-ITe Disruptive Innovation: Implementing Technology for Businesses In the year 1997, the term ‘Disruptive Innovation’ flew from the pages of Harvard professor’s Clayton Christensen’s book, ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ and into management lore. In layman terms, Mr. Clayton described any disruptive innovation as being the application of a technology that significantly alters the way a market functions. This innovation takes its roots at the bottom of the pyramid and moves up to eventually displace the market leaders who are usually preoccupied with innovation of a different kind, ‘Sustainable Innovation’. Disruptive innovation is usually the brainchild of smaller players and traditionally outsiders to hurt the market leaders…[show more]
Essay939 Words / ~ pages Spokane. Spokane Summary/Respo­nse 1st Draft Life Imitiates Art: Cyborgs, Cinema, and Future Scenarios? Today, technological advances are happening at a rapid pace. In the last thirty years we’ve been introduced to the Apple Computer, internet communication­, and medical breakthroughs­. These technologies have impacted how we participate in school, talk to our families, and take care of our health. Often these technologies are introduced and used in society so rapidly that they outpace our ethical or emotional reactions to the new technology of our daily lives. Furthermore, we live in a society that invests an immense amount of time and money in the entertainment industry. Movies, video games, music, and the publishing industry account for billions of dollars spent each year. Ramona Pringle, author of the article “Life Imitates Arte: Cyborgs,…[show more]
Report4.517 Words / ~13 pages St. Petersburg State University Technology Innovation Group Report Cultural differences in innovation management April 1st D. Solntseva D. Polyakov D. Prorok Filimonova MIB 2013 GSOM SpbSU TABLE OF CONTENTS. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 1. INNOVATION AND NATIONAL CULTURE 2 1.1 Italy . 2 1.2 France 4 1.3 Germany . 5 1.4 The USA . 6 1.5 China . 6 2. CULTURAL IMPACT ON INNOVATIONS . 8 CONCLUSION 9 REFERENCES . 10 APPENDIX . 11 Table 1. Hofstede Cultural Dimensions scores for EU countries . 11 Table 2. Hofstede Cultural Dimensions – overview . 11 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Globalization of the world economy makes the challenges of innovation important for every company in every country. To survive in a tough competition of the present economy every company should develop strategic view and gain an advantage staying on the cutting edge of the technological progress. However,…[show more]
Report2.736 Words / ~16 pages Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin - BHT ADE & PMM Materiale Rapport Isoleringsløs­ninge­r HIGH5 Indhold Indledning. 2 Tagkonstrukti­on(27­). 3 1. Stenuld. 3 2. Hør. 3 3. Perlite. 4 Terrændæk (13). 6 1.Trykfast Stenuld. 6 2.Celleplast. 6 3.Muslingeska­ller.­ 7 Etagedæk(23). 9 1.Cellulose fibre (papiruld). 9 2.Polyurethan (PU). 9 3.Expanded perlite. 10 Ydermur (21). 11 1.Stenuld. 11 2.Glasuld. 12 3.Papiruld. 12 Samlet konklusion. 15 Kilde/Littera­turli­ste. 16 Indledning Lige siden 1960érne, hvor man begyndte at fokusere på varmetab fra bygninger, har man arbejdet på at isolere bygninger i større og mindre grad. Der har lige siden dengang været udarbejdet regelmenter og lovkrav i forhold til isolering af bygninger. Isoleringen af bygninger kan altid forbedres, der sker også en stor og spændende udviklingen i for det område, i disse tider er der…[show more]
Discussion1.569 Words / ~4 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK Class: ELC1014S13SEM­005 Assessment Task: 2 Research Question/Titl­e: Is cloning technology beneficial to today’s society? Referencing Style: APA Is cloning technology beneficial to today’s society? Cloning technology is an engineering technique to create “a cell or individual that is genetically identical to another cell or individual” (Nash, 2002, p. 279). Since the emergence of the first cloned sheep, Dolly in 1996, cloning has been highly debated among scholars, scientists and doctors all over the world (Sevanthinath­an, 2007). The discussion among scientists focuses on whether cloning a human is practicable in order to help childless couples (Pickrell, 2001). Physicians who support cloning technology mainly highlight the applications of it in terms of organ transplantati­on (Koh & Atala, 2004). Veterinarians­…[show more]
Discussion733 Words / ~2 pages Feup,Porto Texto Argumentativo Hoje em dia, vivemos num mundo onde os avanços tecnológicos são enormes e em comparação com o século passado temos a sorte de poder comunicar por telemóvel ou ate por Skype. Há quarenta, cinquenta anos atrás tínhamos cerca de 20 horas por dia de televisão, hoje em dia temos cerca de trezentos canais que estão emitem ininterruptam­ente 24 horas por dia. Temos canais para todos os gostos como a Eurosport, MTV ou canais de entreteniment­o como Hollywood, AXN ou FOX. Outro avanço tecnológico ocorrido há poucas décadas foi a fundação da “Google” que facilita a navegação na internet Como vemos, vivemos numa sociedaede mais agradável em comparacao há meio século atrás.Contudo­, muitos canais de televisão e alguns sites da internet, como o E-Mail têm conseguem ser desagradáveis­, se forem utilizados pelas pessoas erradas.…[show more]
Presentation2.117 Words / ~11 pages Gymnasium, Stuttgart Artificial Intelligence An Introduction and First Developments Table of contents Definition General Information Introduction and issues The laws of robotics AI specializatio­n and subfields Problems and goals of AI Artificial psychology Current achievements Potential risks of Artificial Intelligence Narrow AI vs. general AI (AGI) Tay AI safety research As the field of AI is almost endless, this GFS is made to give a small insight to the most important topics. Definition Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. In addition it is also the name of the academic field of study, which teaches how to build computers and computer software that are capable of simulated intelligent behavior. The first known use of “Artificial intelligence” was in 1956. General Information…[show more]
Presentation336 Words / ~ pages Realschule,Wangen Asynchrongene­rator und Synchrongener­ator Definition und Unterschied In diesem Text geht es um Asynchrongene­rator und Synchrongener­ator .Kurz die Erklärung was für Generatoren das überhaupt sind. Asynchron-und Synchrongener­atore­n können als Motor oder Generator eingesetzt werden. Als Generator muss die Asynchronmasc­hine erregt werden und zwar magnetisch und dazu noch mechanisch angetrieben werden. ,,Werden Asynchronmoto­ren schneller angetrieben als die Umdrehungsfre­quenz des Drehfeldes, dann arbeiten sie als Generator und speisen Wirkleistung ins Netz‘‘. Das heißt, wenn sie schneller sind als das Magnetfeld, das selber um eine Achse dreht, dann speisen sie die Wirkleistung , die die Leistung in andere Leistungsform­en umwandelt , ins Netz. Diesen Vorgang nennt man Nutzbremsung. Genutzt werden…[show more]
Reflection6.456 Words / ~19 pages Universität Oldenburg En la zona de humos se puede efectuar un proceso de inmersión o un proceso de gasificación. El primero consiste en inundar el hogar o duchar los tubos con soluciones neutralizante­s de carbono sodico e hidróxido amonico para neutralizar las cenizas y los ácidos que se forman en el proceso de enfriamiento. La gasificación se fundamenta en la inyección de amoniaco en forma de gas en el hogar y en el tiro, cerrando convenienteme­nte las entradas de aire y de tiro. Mantenimiento de generadores de vapor Intentar especificar laS operaciones que debe contemplar un buen mantenimiento de un generador de vapor es casi imposible, debido a la variedad de equipos existentes en el mercado. Las líneas generales del mantenimiento preventivo pueden resumirse en realizar las operaciones necesarias para eliminar las sustancias que pueden dañar…[show more]
Review5.137 Words / ~27 pages Lornsenschule Schleswig Thème : Aménagement de jardin Introduction Les jardins en montagne ainsi que les jardins à flanc de coteaux sont souvent des jardins avec des dénivelés plus ou moins importants. Ces terrains sont souvent difficiles d’accès et sont parfois des surfaces étroites avec des problèmes de ravinement et de drainage des eaux pluviales. L’instabilité de l’état du sol tout comme l’aménagement coûteux de ces jardins sont de grands inconvénients­. De même, les versants en pente sont souvent secs, ce qui entraîne la nécessité d’installer un dispositif d’irrigation. Il faut donc tenir compte de tous ces problèmes pour aménager ces jardins. En revanche, la topographie du terrain offre des possibilités nombreuses et variées. La dénivellation du terrain permet une perception optique complète du jardin, elle donne un aperçu du paysage environnant.…[show more]
Miscellaneous 1.308 Words / ~ pages Adelaide univerisity Adelaide Acrylic clock investigation Record as many situations where a clock would be used and what qualities the clock would require for this usage: i.e. kitchen > needs a timer and alarm. Provide at least 3 situations. Personal room > Alarm clock for morning call, Checking time, scheduling your day. Study room > Checking time, reading the schedule, math questions or test may have clocks needed. (timing ) Out Door > Athletics timing themselves, time checking, Timer for BBQ etc. Find at least 4 images of clocks that show different shapes: highlight the following for each. Features you might include in your own design Materials used Strengths and weakness of design/functi­on The draft feature of my clock and the example on the left has many similarities. I am planning to use space as main concept. Stars, planets, moon, sun has everything to…[show more]
Exam thesis3.025 Words / ~20 pages Visoka skola, Kiseljak VISOKA ŠKOLA ”CENTAR ZA POSLOVNE STUDIJE” STUDIJSKI PROGRAM PROMET KISELJAK ČOVJEK KAO FAKTOR SIGURNOSTI U PROMETU SEMINARSKI RAD KISELJAK, 2014. SADRŽAJ 1. UVOD Cestovni promet predstavlja bitno obilježje savremene civilizacije a istovremeno je i složena pojava u kojoj dolazi do mnogih konfliktnih situacija. Kao i u svim sferama ljudskog života tako i u cestovnom prometu prisutan je rizik. Svaki čovjek je izložen ovom riziku, jer su svi ljudi na neki način sudionici cestovnog prometa, bilo kao pješaci, biciklisti, motoristi, putnici ili vozači u automobilima ili vozilima javnog gradskog prijevoza (tramvajima, trolejbusima, autobusima). Sigurnost predstavlja najvažniju karakteristik­u prometa. Drugim riječima, sigurnost predstvlja pouzdanost da svaki sudionik u prometu završi započeto kretanje bez neželjenih…[show more]
Exam thesis1.678 Words / ~17 pages Pomorski Fakultet, Rijeka SVEUČILIŠTE U RIJECI POMORSKI FAKULTET U RIJECI TEMELJNE ZNAČAJKE PROJEKTIRANJA LUKA I TERMINALA SEMINARSKI RAD RIJEKA, 2015. SVEUČILIŠTE U RIJECI POMORSKI FAKULTET U RIJECI TEMELJNE ZNAČAJKE ROJEKTIRANJA LUKA I TERMINALA SEMINARSKI RAD KOLEGIJ: Tehnologija luka i terminala MENTOR: dr.sc. Čedomir Dundović STUDENT: RIJEKA, prosinac 2015.SADRŽAJ 1. Uvod.........­.....­....­.............­.. 1 2. Projektiranje .............­.....­....­..........2 2.1. Projektna dokumentacija .. .............­.....­....­.2 2.2. Poticaj izgradnje u lukama .............­.....­....­. 3 2.3. Elementi postupka projektiranja .............­.....­....­3 2.4. Faze projektiranja .............­.....­....­.......3 3. Pristupna moć pristana .............­.....­....­.....4 4. Tehnički uvjeti projektiranja­…[show more]
Summary570 Words / ~1 page Stedelijk gym amsterdam Zusammenfassu­ng ‘Stimmen’ Ebling ist einen Mann und hat eine Frau, 2 Kinder und vielen Arbeitskolleg­en. Sie hätten sich über seine Unerreichbark­eit beschwert. Deshalb hat er nachgegeben und ein Handy gekauft. Sein Handy läutet, weil eine Frau ihm anruft. In der Abend ruft ein Mann ihm an. Sie suchen jemand wer Ralf heiβ. Ebling sagt sie sind verwählt. Am nächsten Morgen hat er 3 Nachrichten  eine Frau (kichernd) um Rückruf, ein Mann (sehr Böse) daβ er herüberkommen sollte, der Mann wartet nicht mehr auf ihn. Zum Schluss wieder die Frau: ‘Wo bist du denn?’. Ebling rief den Kundendienst an, aber sie können ihm nicht helfen, weil es gar unmoglich ist daβ er eine Nummer erhalten hat die schon in anderer habe. Sie tun deshalb nichts daran. Wieder läutet sein Handy, wieder verwählt. Ebling steht in die S-Bahn. Er mag seines Leben nicht.…[show more]

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