General terms and conditions for authors (uploader)

(The original and juristic valid text is only available in german)

Dear users!
These terms are intended primarily for protecting all honest authors and operators of scams. Do not worry, so far that's never happened before. But unfortunately there is always the Internet some people who think completely anonymous and having to arrange without any consideration damage. So are you up to the Conditions nothing to fear if you just are offering only your own texts and documents. For the platform's thought. We want to protect ourselves only against those who choose to work with a false identity or to upload documents from strangers.

In subsequent text the company IT service Bodo Malowerschnig (or the operator of the website or is addressed as 'operators'. Operators data are provided in the Contacts The user is up which is loading a document addressed as 'author', regardless of gender

§ 1.) Registry and performance

• The platform and are intermediaries for the free exchange and acquisition of data. The platform offers to the visitors documents to exchange free and thus themselves become authors, or to acquire the documents offered. The author must be, to the Conditions deem authors and provides its documents independently and responsibly to the purchase. The operator gives the conclusion of the contract between the authors and visitors.

• Registration as an author is voluntary directly with the upload of the first document. The user enters this to a personal email address and first and last name and confirms the Conditions for authors. The operator checked the identity, if necessary, additionally.

• Each author profile before tested the quality control by the operator on the accuracy of the information. Not registered authors can not publish documents. In case of refusal on our part, the document will be deleted immediately.

• When registering, the author agrees to provide all information is complete and correct. Registration is free. The author confirms that he at the time of registration of legal age is.

• The login information is confidential and protected from access by third parties. It is forbidden to allow third parties to use the services with own access.

§ 2.) Requests to the offered Document

• The document offered by the author must have a substantive or scientific value. Simple word lists, bulleted lists, source code or comments / opinions, etc. will not be accepted.

• The offer document must include a minimum number of words, it is determined either by the desired document or exchange is 500 words. When words include only letters and number combinations of at least 2 characters. (It is noted that the software counts Word from Microsoft as well as bullet points than words, we do not count them!)

• The texts must be complete and contain all the annexes and sketches. Incomplete documents will be rejected.

§ 3.) Validation of Documents

• The document you as an author to upload on this exchange market and thus self-publish on this page must, of them completely in their own words be created and free from any third party claims.

• The author is not liable for any violation of law, in particular copyright infringement against third parties. The operator accepts no liability and claims for damages and the acquisition of legal fees.

• The author guarantees that passages which were taken literally or in spirit from other sources are properly cited. This also applies to the images used by the author. Quoted from the works of other authors or the extent it uses original images of other authors, it will indicate the sources individually.

• The author guarantees that he has not taken any of the rights granted by this contract contrary available. (The author does not have the document previously sold to a publisher)

• The author guarantees that he will not make the granting of rights of this contract contradicting available in the future. (The author is the document does not sell in the future to a publisher)

• For unpublished interviews or company internal data started fetches necessary, enter the necessary permits.

• For a document that was written together with other persons, the author must obtain written approval of such persons.

• Any violation of the author against the in § 3. mentioned regulations the author account is locked until then incurred fees will be withheld without replacement.

• Include the text in the document is not free special fonts, so bring the author the use permit for a the author.

§ 4.) Liability / Disclaimer

• The operator of the website will meet all eliminating third-party claims immediately upon information was received. The Operator also the required disposal and obligation to provide information. Cease and desist, omission obligations and possible damages shall be submitted to the user who uploaded the document. The operator complies with the provisions of §16. ECommerce Regulations for Austria or analog that § 10 German Telemedia Act (TMG) for Germany

• The author will itself ensure that in its texts offered no personal information (home address, phone number, student number, ...) are saved. The operator assumes no liability for damages arising from the use of this information by third parties.

• The operator is not obliged to examine documents content or copyright infringement and other illegalities. The operator can control documents, after due consideration and to a reasonable extent and delay or refuse to access for security reasons. This is true (false personal information, such as questionable content), which are determined by the operator in its sole discretion any deficiencies, incompleteness, low quality, copyright infringement and other obvious reasons.

• The operator assumes no liability for failures of the platform. The author has assumed that the platform and the existing server structure are not 100% available.

• If documents online alerted by a third party, that the author has violated the rights or personal rights, that document is removed immediately. The author has (out of court) to answer about possible legal consequences itself. The author has the operator of possible incurred legal costs indemnify. Any costs incurred shall be borne by the author. All other rights reserved.

• Parents are responsible for their children. A possible recognition of minors is to circumvent hitherto impossible or too easy for minors. We can not guarantee that these texts NOT minors originate therefore. For possible infringements of minors liable parents in this case.

§ 5.) Transfer of distribution rights

• The author confronts the operator the exclusive Vervielfältiguns- and distribution rights over its title from ('exclusive right'). The document is available even on no other publisher or another Publishing Service from the zsutandekommen the contract by the author

• The Vervielfältiguns and distribution rights apply by the operator both for Electronic Media (Ex .: ebook, epub, pdf, doc, etc.) as well as analog media (books, paperback) of any kind.

• the author may assign his title or the rights issues of his document to any other third legal or natural person. In particular, the document is not to offer to free download platforms.

• The company reserves the right to offer made available by the author, the document by other distribution channels. Among other sales channels are platforms like 'Amazon Kindle', 'Apple iBook store' or 'Amazon CreateSpace' and understood similar. Net sales thus additionally achieved in turn proportionally paid to the author.

§ 6) Sale of documents / author fees

• The author will receive from each sale of his own written document, a fee, the amount depends on the number of documents offered and is 35 to 45% of net sales

• The accumulated fees be on reaching a minimum payout will be paid from 25 EURO to the account of the author. Payment is made once a month to month last business day, payment shall be made after the 20th calendar postponed until the following month.

• The author assures the author guidelines to follow. The author guarantees to be the owner of all rights to the documents vertragsgegenständlicher. It stands for being (including those possibly interested third parties) authorized an over the disposal of rights.

• The author asserts that the documents and their making available to users violate any statutory provisions, such as copyrights and privacy rights of third parties. Keeps started a document by making available illegal or defective, he has to inform the operator immediately, the document is permanently removed after obtaining the information.

• If you think the author of the rules for authors so he can be ruled out by the operator. The account is closed, all documents will be removed and previously accrued fees will be withheld.

• By buying the author gives the buyer of the document, a right to use the title to use for their own work and training. The buyer receives NOT the rights of reproduction, distribution and public disclosure of the documents or parts thereof.

§ 7 Price of documents, fees, billing

• The pricing is subject only to the operator, but it depends on quality (rating) and quantity (number of words) of the document.

• The operator can change the sales price for the documents, depending on market demand. The operator is not obliged the author to teach about the price change. The fee is always based on the actual net sales price or net proceeds

• The operator performs orderly book on the sale of the documents. The author can view at any time its revenue.

§ 8) deletion of the author or deletion of documents

• User accounts are of us automatically after around 3 weeks cleared when no documents are assigned to the user. The three weeks serve as a period for possible queries from users to their accounts created as we otherwise could not answer any more questions about it.

• Document has offered an exchange transaction which the author can be deleted by the author NOT more.

• Documents which started without counter exchange, is for the purposes of sale, uploaded, this may be a personal request can disable via the contact form. The document remains in the database and is no longer offered for sale, but the document may not be available on other platforms or in print for sale after deactivation. The operator has the distribution rights continues.

• Documents in exchange Andel were uploaded and where no download of ertauschten document was not registered in our database in turn, can be deleted upon request within the first 72 hours after the upload again. After that period, the document has already been processed manually by us and is no longer removed.

• If the deletion of the barter document offered by the user desired and the exchange document obtained in return has already been downloaded or are more than 72 hours elapsed after the upload, (after the download has already taken place), so the operator has as compensation the deletion process a processing fee from 65 euros to pay. This fee is used to cover the way- or personnel costs (manual release, reformatting, manual plagiarism check, deletion, correspondence via e-mail) as well as to compensate payment of the customer for free ertauschten during the process document. The fee is to be considered in your scope as a protective mechanism against an increased processing costs through targeted pseudo-free-exchange operations. The payment of the fee is in advance by acquiring a 65-euro-processing tickets. Follow to the this link processing ticket purchase. Contact us then and let us know you want to delete with which their own documents. The fee must be paid for each document. Your account will be deleted if their documents number zero (0) is reached.

• If the author an illegal content recognizable only after the exchange in his document, he shall inform the operator immediately and deliver a quality / content / price equivalent replacement document. The replacement document will immediately replace the previous document.

• sinder to understand the rules in Section 8 so that a document which offered in exchange, will not be deleted by the author after a successful barter again and this hence performs a free pseudo-replacement without consideration.

§ 9 Final Provisions

• The invalidity of one or more of the provisions listed above, other provisions not valid. It is merely to replace the invalid provision by a lawful provision which corresponds to its previous purpose as much as possible.

• Applicable is Austrian law.

• Place of jurisdiction is Graz.

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