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About the book! Author: Stephanie Meyer Country: United States Language: English Series: 2nd book of the Twilight Saga Genres: Young adult, romance novel, vampire fiction Publication date: September 6, 2006 Pages: 563 The author: Stephenie Meyer Stephenie was born in 1973 in Connecticut. In her childhood she spent five years in Phoenix, Arizona. Later she graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English literature. Now she lives in Arizona with her husband and her three sons. Her novels from the Twilight Saga: “Twilight­”,…

Book Review

“Twilight” from Stephenie Meyer

Twilight is the first part of the twilight sage written by Stephenie Meyer. The novel has been published on 5th October 2005 by “little, brown an company”. The romantic fantasy novel tells the love story between the seventeen year old Isabella and the vampire Edward.

The seventeen year old Isabella Swan (Bella) has to move from the sunny Phoenix to her father who lives in rainy Forks. Her parents have been separate years ago. As Bella has been a little child, she spends every summer vacation with his father in Forks. But the last years his father visits her in Phoenix for 2 weeks in summer.

Now she has decided to leave her mother and to live some times with her father. She thought it was better for her mother. Her mother has a boyfriend who has to travel round because of a new job.

Her mother has stayed with Bella without her boyfriend. Bella thoughts that her mother has been unhappy about this. So Bella has decided to live a time with his father.

At the first day in school Bella meets Edward, who behaviours strange and ignores her. In the run of the novel the relationship between Bella and Edward changes. At first Edward seems to dislike Bella. He doesn't want to be near Bella. But on the other side he has saved Bella's live. Bella has been bewildered. Mixed emotions are in Bella's mind.

Then Bella finds out that Edward is a vampire and they get a couple.

Starting from this point, Bella wishes to be like Edward. She wants to be a vampire, too. For her has been this the only possibility to be for ever together with Edward.

Vampires have special skills: they could be very strong and fast. Bella meets the family of Edward, which are also vampires. In this moment they get an unannounced visit, the bad vampires Victoria, James and Laurent, which brings trouble.

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The story is settled in Forks in our century. And is told from Bella's point of view, so that the reader is introduced to her feelings and her thoughts. The protagonists are Bella and Edward.

The other major characters are : The Cullen family, Bella's friends, her father Charlie and the bad vampire James. The mood changed throughout the novel from an idyllic to a thrilling atmosphere.

The Cullen’s are good vampires and drink only animal blood. James is a mean vampire who loves to hunt and play with his food, humans. Bella has to escaped to Phoenix with Jasper and Alice. James establish contact to Bella. They meet at Bella's old ballet studio. James has got only one target : Bella's blood.

The tenseness climax of the book is the rescue of Bella. James has entrapped Bella. He wants to kill her. Edward is in love with Bella and willing to rescue her. Bella and Edward are both willing to give up their own lifes for the other one, but maybe Edward comes to late.

[ ] He stepped back, and began to circle, casually, as if he were trying to get a better view of a statue in a museum. His face was still open and friendly as he decided to start.[ ]

He was in front of me in a flash. I didn't see if he used his hand or foot, it was too fast. A crushing blow struck my chest— I felt myself flying backward, and then heard the crunch as my head bashed into the mirrors.[ ]

Let it be quick now, was all I could hope. My eyes were closing.

I heard, as if from underwater, the final growl of he hunter. I could see, through the long tunnels my eyes become, hid dark shape coming toward me. With my last effort, my hand instinctively raised to protect my face. My eyes closed, and I drifted.

Page 391-393

Stephenie Meyer describes the details of every scene very exact, throughout Bella's narrative style. Therefore the reader can identify himself with the protagonists.

Everything seems to be realistic. In the first 250 Pages Bella tells about her “normal” teenage life. She has problems like every teenager has. I like the mixture of vampire-fantasy and realistic lifestyle.

The Author achieves her purpose. The reader will be taken in Bella's word. It is absolutely fascinating to be a part of the story. Stephenie Meyer's easy writing and the rich use of adjectives in the sentences submit feelings strong. The reader “feels” with the protagonists.

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