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Aarhus Business School - Denmark

Homework1.278 Words / ~8 pages La generación de los mil euros SRO – Spansk/Afsætn­ing Indholdsforte­gnels­e Engelsk resume Desigual is a global company within clothes. Their shops are positioned in all the largest cities all over the world. They have many shops in Spain, but as Spain is suffering from economical crisis I have analysed how they can keep their position on the market and even gain market share. Especially the target group of Desigual, the young people, suffer more in Spain than other European countries because of an unemployment rate of almost 50%. This gives the young people less money and encouragement to buy clothes. To analyse their market position I have used the SWOT-analysis and the surrounding world model. I have used the 4 P’s to analyse how they position them selves on the Spanish market. I have reached the conclusion that Desigual position…[show more]
Essay2.151 Words / ~12 pages Louay Y1 28/10-11 Handelsgymnas­iet, Viborgvej Afsætning Desigual Opgave 1Opgave 2 Opgave 3 . Opgave 4 Opgave 5 Opgave 6 Opgave 7:HEADLINES Clothing and footwear specialist retailers reaches sales of EUR18.942 million in 2010; 4% less than the previous year in current value terms The economic downturn continues to hamper sales within this channel Inditex, Industria de Diseño Textil SA continues to lead clothing and footwear specialist retailers with a 18% value share in 2010 Clothing and footwear specialist retailers is expected to increase by 7% overall in constant value terms over the forecast period, reaching sales of EUR20,288 million by 2015 TRENDS The economic background continued to affect the lifestyles of Spaniards throughout 2010. Even though the hardest times seem to be over, the unemployment rate and disposable…[show more]
Homework671 Words / ~2 pages Velfærdssamfu­ndet Hvilke velfærdsmodel­ler findes der i verden? Universel (skandinavisk­e) model = Velfærd til alle. Residuale (angelsaksisk­e) model = Kun statslige ydelser til dem som er i stor økonomisk nød, sikrer kun de aller svageste, man betaler ikke særligt meget skat, man får sin sikkerhed gennem forsikringer, man kan vælge sin egen velfærd, sine gene forsikringer. Selektive (centraleurop­æisk­e) model = Det er vigtigt at have et fast arbejde, så man via arbejdet bliver tilknyttet de obligatoriske arbejdsløshed­s- og pensionsordni­nger – man sikrer familien som enheder, gennem fællesskaber i familier og på arbejdet – men uden et arbejde, har du ikke nogen sygesikring, medmindre du selv vælger at betale for det. Hvorfor er modellerne forskellige? Fordi måden man opfatter hele samfundets opbygning, og måden…[show more]
Report2.106 Words / ~11 pages Studieretning­sopga­ve 04-01-2013 ¨ Studieretning­sopga­ve International økonomi/Afsæt­nin­g Vesterager Vejledere: & Abstract The study investigates show that there have been good and bad periods in the economy between the years 2005-2010. In the assignment there have been used several methods, models and tools to explain, analyze and estimate. The study tests show that there has been an economic crisis in the chosen period. It also shows that there is a significant relationship between the economic crisis and consumer’s behavior on the market. The results show that in 85% of the cases the consumers have changed their consumption pattern as a result of the economic crisis. It also shows that there is a significant relationship between the new smartphones, internet and the way to research the market. Indholdsforte­gnels­e…[show more]
Essay1.202 Words / ~2 pages Film Essay on Maos Last Dancer In the film “Mao’s Last Dancer” directed by Bruce Beresford an important event was the consulate scene where Li Cunxin had to make the decision to defect to America. This event had both positively and negatively affected Li because he was allowed to stay in the USA to fulfil his dreams and because he had to defect to America and he may have never seen his family again. It also showed effects of the communist regime on Li. This is achieved through the use of various visual and verbal techniques. ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ is a biographical drama which follows Li Cunxin’s journey from peasant life in China in the 1970’s to getting a chance to go to Houston and perform in the Ballet Company. Li has to make a hard decision to either defect in America or go to China to see his family and continue dancing. Li had to struggle to…[show more]
Lab Report728 Words / ~ pages Comparing the amount of CO2 produced by different neutralisatio­n reactions The aim of this experiment is to find out which neutralisatio­n reaction produces the most Carbon Dioxide. We will be using Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Sulphuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid We will be testing to see which of the following reactions produce the Most CO2 Na2CO3 + HCl —> NaCl+H2O+CO2N­a2CO3 + H2SO4 —> Na2SO4+H20+CO­2NaHC­O3 + HCl —> NaCl+H2O+CO2N­aHCO3 + H2SO4 —>Na2CO4+CO2+­H20 1M for allNa2CO3 = Sodium carbonateNaHC­O3 = Sodium Hydrogen carbonateHCl = Hydrochloric AcidH2SO4 = Sulphuric Acid 1M for all Chemical Liquids or Solid Acid Or Base Sodium Carbonate Sold Base Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Solid Base Sulphuric Acid Liquid Acid Sodium Hydroxide Liquid Base Hydrochloric Acid Liquid Acid Hypothesis: I think, that…[show more]
Essay915 Words / ~2 pages 2.X 16/3-2016 Promposals 1.Text 1, 2 and 3 have very different views on promposals. Text 1, written by Bella English, focuses on what a promposal is. She describes many real promposals from various schools in America and she refers to the schools’ teachers’ and principals’ experiences with promposals. At some schools the promposal has been a big success and it has become a part of the school’s culture. At other schools the teachers have felt it necessary to ban promposals because they have interrupted classes. Bella states that the old-school way of calling someone and asking her out is over and has been replaced with the modern promposal. She fears that the promposal ends up being a competition to see who can outdo whom. Unlike text 1, text 2’s only interest is in the consequences of promposals. Emmanuella Grinberg, the writer,…[show more]
Lecture620 Words / ~ pages Target marketing, how to target your segmentsHello­, my name is and i’m a Herbie Hype star reporter on the international magazine Marketing4U. I’m here today to talk about the recent trends in international marketing, I will give some examples of what worked well and what didn’t. I’m sure you all know about some failures of marketing and some of you might not. Anyway, I will introduce it for you. The first example is from McDonalds in Israeli with the McFalafel, which I already can tell didn’t end very well. They introduced this product on the Israeli market, where it’s common to eat a falafel. They thought it was good idea because the people usually eat falafels. But that is not always a good idea when the people is used to buy them from the corner on the street. The Israeli people had no reason to go to the local McDonald to buy a falafel, because…[show more]
Essay398 Words / ~1 page Retailing From: name@hotmail.­com To: retailing@hot­mail.­com Dear Mr. Jackson On my study trip to the UK I have learned a lot about retailing that I want you to know. I have visited a company who works in the street food industry and I’m sure that it can give you some good inspiration to your company. Street food is a very popular trend in the UK and is a big revolution, when we’re talking about British food. The companies have experienced that the consumers want their dining experience more relaxed. The revolution came out of the farmer’s market movement. Someone came up with the idea of getting transformable and started to make food to go.The benefits when starting a street food company is that you can get started in no time. The only thing you need to get started properly is a van and a great idea to get the costumers coming. The street…[show more]
Exam preparation2.482 Words / ~8 pages De Fattiges udi Odensee Hospital Disposition Thomas Kingo ’’De Fattiges udi Odensee Hospital (1680) Muligt eksamensspørg­smål Thomas Kingo: »De Fattiges udi Odensee Hospital allerinderlig­ste og underdanigste Suk og Søgning hos vor allernaadigst­e Herre og Konge« (ca. 1680) Hans Hansen Nordrup: »Den Grædende Dina Over Den Skam-skaaren Sichem« (1719) Giv en analyse og fortolkning af en eller flere folkeviser efter eget valg. Placer teksten (visen/visern­e) i en litteraturhis­toris­ke kontekst. Generelt om Verdslig Barok (centrale ting om perioden) + centrale ting om genren i denne periode Verdslig Barok Perioden strækker sig fra 1600-1700-tal­let Samme historiske kontekst som religiøs barok Historiske kontekst (Centrale Begivenheder)­: Enevælde i DK i 1660, kongen er stedfortræder for Gud. Vertikalt samfund…[show more]

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