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Presentation594 Words / ~ pages Violence Theories of Violence I. Violence is an instinct which we all have. It’s necessary for our survival. Some say that the energys, will and courage are forms of violence. Therefore, violence will always be with us. The only thing we can do is to find harmless ways of acting out violence (e.g. sports competitions)­. II. Violence is something we learn. We hear about violence, we see it and we imitate it. If violence is something we learn, we also could get rid of it. III. Violence is the result of frustration. Frustration leads to aggressive behaviour. People will always experience frustration and so we always are confronted with violence. People often learn not to hurt others but things (e.g. to slam a door). Emotional Violence Emotional violence leaves no visible trace, unlike physical violence. It is not been taken very…[show more]
Abstract731 Words / ~ pages Summary: „About a boy“ Marcus and his mother Fiona has moved to London. The kids in his new school treat Marcus like he was a freak and everyone, except from his mum and her friend Suzie, consider him weird. Marcus has a terrible time at home, where he has to look after his depressive mum, outside school, where older kids follow him, bully him and steal his things. And of course in school, where the children and the teachers make fun of him. The same time in another part of London, Will Freeman has just broken up with a single mum, and is now wondering how to get in contact with new sexy single mothers. He gets an idea, which includes pretending he has a son called Ned, so he can join SPAT (Single Parents - Alone Together) and hopefully meet single mums. On the SPAT-meeting, he meets a nice woman called Suzie, and she invites him to go…[show more]
Presentation659 Words / ~1 page · Englisch Kernstoff: food Food It is important for your health what you eat, where you eat and why you eat. As a teenager you have to eat a variety of foods that give you the nutrients your growing body needs. It is not wrong if you eat burgers and pizza but you have to eat smaller amounts and balance them with other foods. Eating while doing other things makes it easy to lose track of how much you have eaten. By eating at a table you can pay more attention to what you are eating (so you cannot overeat). Even if you are watching TV you should take a small amount of food with you, not the whole bag. For most people, reasons to eat are time of day, hunger, food looks tempting, boredom, frustration, nervousness or sadness. The best reason to eat is because your body tells you that you are hungry. If you are eating, instead of not being hungry try to get the…[show more]
Essay2.714 Words / ~15 pages Shakespearetr­ue or false? The Oxfordian Theory as shown in the film „Anonymous“ Coursework in English Introduction: The true identity of William Shakespeare has been questioned for centuries. The so called “authorship debate” first started in the early 19th century. The lack of historical facts and details about such an important figure in history like William Shakespeare is unbelievable and the few facts we do know are not always very trustworthy or either redundant in the search for his true identity or even questioning if he wrote all his work himself. For various reasons students, scholars, playwrites and poets started to question the true identity of Shakespeare and because of our lack of trustworthy information and historical facts we still can not settle this dispute over the identity of doubtlessly one of the worlds…[show more]
Essay525 Words / ~ pages Kommentar: Rechtschreibf­ehler in der SMS: Für Jugendliche kein Problem Sei es HDL für hab dich lieb, LG für liebe Grüße oder LOL für Laughing out Loud. Die Sprache wandelt sich. Laut einer Umfrage des GfK-Austria-I­nstit­uts nimmt ein Viertel, größtenteils Jugendliche unter 24 Jahren, eine Veränderung im Sprachverhalt­en war. Der größte Teil der Befragten sieht die Veränderung als Grund der Technik. Sie sehen dabei das Handy und das Internet als stärksten Einflussfakto­r. Besonders an den Smartphones ist der Umgang mit der Rechtschreibu­ng sehr locker. Mehr als 40% sehen die Rechtschreibu­ng auf mobilen Geräten als unproblematis­ch. Jedoch sehen zwei Drittel der älteren Generation das Telefon nur als Mittel zum Telefonieren. Bei den jungen genau umgekehrt. Für sie dient es zu zwei Drittel als schriftliches Kommunikation­smitt­el.…[show more]

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