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BORG Wolfsberg

Specialised paper4.515 Words / ~11 pages Special topic- Swimming Swimming styles and famous swimmers Index 1. Introduction 3 2. What is swimming? 3 3. The four swimming styles 4 Butterfly .4 Backstroke 4 Breaststroke .5 Freestyle .6 4. Competitions and rules 6 5. History 7 6. Famous swimmers .8 Mark Spitz 8 Michael Phelps 9 7. The benefits from swimming 9 8. Personal attitude 10 9.Sources 11 1.Introductio­n Swimming is probably one of the most popular sports or even the most popular one in the world. If you ask somebody what his hobbies are, you can expect to hear swimming. If they say swimming, they mean in most cases bathing in summer when it is hot or to surf rides in the holiday in the sea. But this is not what I would consider competitive swimming. Today nearly everyone is able to keep his or her head above the surface of the water. In Europe the percentage of people who are not able…[show more]
Presentation497 Words / ~ pages The Olympic Games Great Britain at the Olympics Team Great Britain is one of the most successful Olympic teams all around the world. They were one of the 14 countries which competed at the first Olympics of the modern time and participated all games ever since. This successful team hasn’t just collected an incredible number of more than 700 Olympic medals (only in summer games!!), but it also won at least one gold medal every single Olympic Summer Games. They are not that successful in winter though. Concerning the Winter Games team GB only counts 22 medals all together. In 1908 the United Kingdom got the name “Team Great Britain” assigned. This caused Problems with the inhabitants of Northern Ireland, who didn’t feel like being a part of the team. So they wanted it to be renamed into “Team UK”. But instead…[show more]
Essay424 Words / ~ pages America’s Immigrants The first settler in America was Columbus in 1492 and exaggerated reports come back and many people wanted to came there, because they thought, they would become easy wealth. People who had no money could also come as indentured servants, so they had to work there seven years before they became free. Later the first Englishmen came at 1607 to Jamestown, Virginia. But they were gentleman and had no idea who to survive in wildness or use pick-axe or spade. The leader of this settlement was John Smith. After six months half of the settler died, because there was a malaria swamp near. This settlement didn’t cope with the Indians, so one day they captured Smith and wanted to kill him, but Pocahontas, the chief’s daughter, rescued him and then became friends and the Indians taught the settler who do survive. Subsequent…[show more]
Essay461 Words / ~ pages Westward Ho! After the American Revolution the country prospered and flourished and by 1898 it had the same size as today. But the economic conditions were bad in the East, so some pioneers thought that they could start a new life in the west. So, in 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark started an expedition through territory no with man has ever seen before, mountains full of wild animals and streams full of fish. On January 24, 1848 Gold was found and the news spread through Europe. A lot of people came there with tents or made huts and searched for gold and they had names like Red Dog or Rich Bar. But, of course, not everyone found gold, however the liked the climate and they stayed there and established farms or created businesses. Until 1865 in the Far West lived a lot of people, but the area from the Mississippi westward had been ignored.…[show more]

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