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Centennial High School

Presentation729 Words / ~ pages 3/11/10 Period 5 After the First Death In everyday society, thousands of normal people get up on the brink of situations. They are recognized as the heroes of today and tomorrow. Achieving the status of hero is seen through many traits. For instance, in the book After the First Death, heroism is displayed through traits. In the book After the First Death, heroism is displayed through intelligence. For example, Artkin is an intelligent, sly person. “Miro slitted his eyes, studying Artkin, trying to determine if Artkin were really serious about his name or whether he was playing some kind of game” (Cormier 20). Artkin being smart gives the sense of leadership. Although Raymond is a kid, he’s surprisingly smart. “They were bright and alert, transforming his fat baby face into the visage of an intelligent little…[show more]
Notes1.148 Words / ~ pages Pourquoi coloniser ? – L’intér­&ecir­c;t des pays européens pour la colonisation s’expli­que en grande partie par des motifs politiques nationalistes­. Tout d’abord­, les gouvernements souhaitent s’assur­er le contrôle des grands axes de circulation, sur terre comme sur mer, dans des buts commerciaux et stratégiques + Concurrence entre pays européens sur le territoire encore peu connu, mal organisé, peu de gouvernements fixes car composé dethnies diverses et parfois nomades. Ex : La France, vaincue en 1870-1871, cherche à saffirmer grâce à son empire. Le Royaume-Uni veut conserver son rang de premiè­re puissance mondiale.(cf cours sur les économies mondes). – Les causes économiques sont plus nuancées: Dabord, il y a la Grande Dépression que connaît…[show more]
Essay887 Words / ~2 pages What Were the Underlying Causes of World War One? The biggest war which has ever taken place until that time was happening. After years of tension between and within nations, on July 28th 1914, Austria-Hunga­ry declared war on Serbia after a Serbian assassin murdered their heir of the throne, Archduke Francis Ferdinand. This started a war which included the Triple Alliance with Germany, Austria-Hunga­ry and Italy, the Triple Entente including the United Kingdom, France and Russia, as well as Serbia and Belgium and the United States who joined in later. But what were the underlying causes of this World War I? The immediate cause was the assassination of Ferdinand, but the main causes that lead to this war were Nationalism, Imperialism and Militarism. In the following paragraphs, these terms will be explained with the help of documents…[show more]
Essay746 Words / ~ pages Ms. Toland AP LANG12/5/12 Little Red Riding Hood I suppose you want to hear another story with a happy ending wrapped all up nicely in a bow. Well this isn’t that kinda story, and I’m tired of hearing that same crap again and again. Anyway, my name is Eric not much of a name. I know. But everyone around here calls me Little Red Riding Hood. For Chrissake don’t ask why. Cause hell if I know, those poor bastards will pick on anyone if you give em the chance. Phonies, all those snobbish people do it run around flaunting their fathers money. Well as I was saying, I got a call one morning from my grandmother she was lying in bed “sick as a dog”. God I can’t stand that. Well of course she needed me to come bring her some of my mother homemade soup to help her feel better. That lady is always sick, hell maybe if she moved out of the goddam woods she wouldn’t feel…[show more]
Presentation776 Words / ~ pages Core paper In the movie Core people with any magnetic objects were experiencing difficulties because the middle of the earth, or the core, had stopped moving. Thunder storms turned into a lightning mayhem, earthquakes became havoc, and the earth was in danger of itself. Panic was on the rise all over the world until a crew of six brave people decided to come head to head with the world’s most moving event, literally. When end came to end four members were lost but the world was saved thanks to the secret mission of the heroic six. In the beginning, people were falling over dead in the street because their pace makers were stopping. Also watches were inactive and cars were running into each other due to peoples immobile hearts. As I said in the first paragraph, storms were more brutal than ever and earthquakes were transpiring so quick that…[show more]
Examination questions1.002 Words / ~ pages Assess the view that the welfare state is the cause of poverty rather than the solution of poverty. (24 Marks) What does the welfare state achieve? Does the welfare state bring advantages or disadvantages when it comes to poverty? Who does the welfare state really benefit? These are all questions that do not have a correct answer, and are all just matters of opinions that are held by different social groups, social speakers and individuals as a whole in the UK. The welfare state is a system in which the state undertakes to protect the health and well being of its citizens, this aims especially to those who suffer from financial or social issues, by means of grants, pensions, and other benefits. The welfare state targets the ‘poorer’ people, these are the people who are earning less and have less money to live on, this could be due to low…[show more]
Essay970 Words / ~ pages Tianjin explosion and Rui Hai International Logistics Co. A massive chemical warehouse explosion happened in Tianjin, China at 11.30pm local time on 12 August 2015. The related warehouse was operated by a logistics company named Rui Hai International Logistics Co. Ltd. Ruihai International Logistics Co. Ltd acclaimed that the government had approved the company as an agent in specializing in handling hazardous chemicals such as sodium cyanide, sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate, etc. The cause of explosion was overheated container of dry nitrocellulos­e. Explosion-rel­ated losses First, Official reports listed 173 deaths and 797 injuries. (The Guardian, 12 September 2015). Second, it caused a great loss in both non marine and marine property. Building, road and rail infrastructur­e around the warehouse was considerably…[show more]

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