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Freie Universität Berlin - FU
De bello gallico 1] Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, quarum unam incolunt Belgae, aliam Aquitani, tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur. Hi omnes lingua, institutis, legibus inter se differunt. Gallos ab Aquitanis Garumna flumen, a Belgis Matrona et Sequana dividit.
Right to the city Lefebvre Freie Universität Berlin Fachbereich Geowissenschaften Institut fĂĽr Geographische Wissenschaften Arbeitsbereich Anthropogeographie­ Datum: 30.07.2011 Anthropogeographie­ II, SoSe 2011 DozentInnen: Jun. Prof. Dr. Dörte Segebart Jahn Dohnke
Der Dualismus von geistlicher und weltlicher Gewalt Kirche Welt Anfang chr. Kirche zu Armut und Bescheidenheit verpflichtet Ende 5. Jhd. Frankenkönig Chlodwig durch Taufe und Hinwendung zum Christentum Akzeptanz seiner Herrschaft in Gallien 4 Jhd. n. Chr. Kirche bekommt Strukturen
Final thesis
Josiah Strong and his ideology compared to Nazi ideology Josia­h Strong’s and Hitler’s (Nazi) Ideology have many similarities and differences. Both ideologies subscribe to some of the same social and political theories and have many points of comparison and interest. Firs­t
Corporate social responsibility - as a concept; corporate citizenship; sustainability; necessity of entrepreneurial responsibility Corporate social responsibility as a concept The usage of the term corporate social responsibility” has been increasing for quite some time now in the fields
Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg Fakultäŧ der Geistes-, Sozial- und Erziehungswissensc­haften English Presentation Course WT2010/2011 John Bateman Hitchhiking: A lost art? by J. R. January 31, 2011 The first image of a hitchhiker that comes up in a random persons mind is most likely
E. T. D. 09/02-2015 Lærer: N. M. Gymnasium Analyse af Jammersminde, skrevet af Leonora Christina Dette er en analyse af Leonora Christina, som handler om hvordan hun blev anholdt, og hvad hun har oplevet, jeg vil sætte fokus på hendes mening, Det var jo også en tekst som ikke blev udgivet med det samme,
Modern Music - K Pop (Korean music) Research In the minds of many, being an artist is a job that comes with a lot of freedom. Whether it is what you create or how you create it, the choice should ultimately be yours. Well, sadly, in the modern industry it is not so. Huge teams of people are chosen to write for
Émission Philosophie : Subjet du Meurtre. (Philosophie: Meurtre) Philosophie : Meurtre Cette émission de Philosophie a été diffusée le premier décembre 2013 sur Arte. Le modérateur Raphael Enthoven débatte les différents aspects du meurtre avec son invitée la philosophe

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