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Friedrich-Gymnasium Wien
Campo speciale Sigrid Piemeshofer Roberto Benigni Biografia Roberto Benigni é nato il 27 ottobre 1952 a Misericordia, un paese vicino a Arezzo, in Toscana. I suoi genitori sono poveri e Benigni è educato cattolico e comunista. “Della mia infanzia”, racconta Benigni, “non ricordo quasi
"I hate these questions about immigration. I am German." She has got brown hair, dark eyes and a colored skin. She calls herself "a modern German girl" and this is probably how it should be in the century of multiculturalism. But the truth is sometimes different. "It is a great
Today there is nearly no one, who is not presented in any form of a social network, such as facebook, blogs in the internet or in the form of a personal website. These social structures are made up of individuals or organizations called ‛nodes’­, which are connected by one ore more specific
La francophonie Les trois définitions de la francophonie La plus ancienne définition de la Francophonie est géographique. Elle reste valable puisque la francophonie continue d’être un ensemble de territoires. La définition la plus utilisée aujourd’hui est culturelle, parce qu’on
La vie au minimum problèmes actuels en France Et maintenant je vais parler sur quelques problèmes et phénomènes qui sont apparus en France dans ces derniers temps et après on va faire une petite digression la situation religieuse en France. La vie au minimum Le premier problème dont je vais
Englisch: Referat über Mahatma Ghandi Good morning, first of all I want to begin my presentation with a quote of a famous personality Be the change you want to see in the world.” His image is one of the most recognizable in history: a thin, frail-looking man wearing round glasses, a loincloth and sandals,
Essay Risk taking people Have you ever felt you are on risk before? If yes, how do you feel at that moment? Great? And would you like to do it again? The answer can be very different for each person. In order to know what the differences are we should know what risk is. Risk is some kind of possibility or suffering
Essay Nowadays Family compared to than Nowadays technology and especially internet seems to get more popular in each part of our lives, it is said that families lost the bulk of its functions. Social networks replaced relationships, friendships and blood relations. However, I completely agree with
Emil-von-Behring-­Gymnasium Oberstufen Lawrence von Arabien im Spiegel des gleichnamigen Spielfilms Ver­fasser: Matthias von Grundherr Kursleit­erin: Elisabeth Deml 2013 Bewertung­: Seminararbeit: Not Tendenz): . Punkte: . Präsentation: No­te (mit
Term paper
PRIX DE LYCÉENS Introduction : Si tu entends Prix des lycéens À quoi est-ce que tu dois penser ? C´est un prix ? On peut gagner quelque chose ? Ce n´est pas seulement une personne qui peut gagner quelque chose, mon avis, c´est tout le monde qui gagne quelque chose : Vous

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