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Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Summary669 Words / ~ pages SUMMARY OF SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE The film opens in a police station, where Jamal is tortured. At this time he has already answered the penultimate quiz question correctly and is suspected of being an impostor. The police commissioner doubted that a former street kid from Mumbai could answer as many questions correctly. In the form of flashbacks to Jamals memories of his past life are shown. The acquisition of knowledge and the day before, when he had all the questions of quiz show to the last million dollar question answered correctly For police officers and the host of the show, Prem Kumar, there is no doubt that this must be a scam at Jamal, especially Prem Kumar himself also comes from the slums and had to fight hard. Hes initially his show, turned to the audience, repeatedly mocking the Slumdog candidate that will meet as a simple errand…[show more]
Portfolio4.229 Words / ~19 pages Model United Nations Seminary Delegation of Pakistan Table of Content 1 Expectation Paper 2 Opening Speech 3 Fact Sheet Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) 4 Position Paper – Islamic Republic of Pakistan 4.1 General Position of Pakistan in International Relations 4.2 Transfer Pricing as a Global Issue 4.3 Pakistan’s Stand on Transfer Pricing 5 Draft Resolution 6 Reflection Paper 7 Bibliography / List of Work Cited 1. Expectation Paper In order to fully grasp my decision of attending this seminar, I have to take a step back and consider the first session of the ‘Internationa­l Relations’ lecture course, which took place at the beginning of the last winter term. There, I came to learn about the Model United Nations Society Göttingen e.V. as I received a flyer ‘calling for new ambassadors’. This sparked my interest and let me…[show more]
Summary1.385 Words / ~6 pages Post-colonial rewriting II: Marina Warner, Indigo 1. Marina Warner - born 1946 in London (English father, Italian Mother) - grown up in Cairo, Brussels, Berkshire/Eng­land - writes short stories, novels and non-fiction (mostly on feminism, myth) - Some details in Indigo based on Warner’s family background (Father’s side used to live in the British Caribbean for generations since 17th century: memoirs of her grandfather’s­, bowling boy called Killibree, cricket. à Marina Warner - Indigo: Mapping the Waters in Etudes Britanniques Contemporaine­s n° 5. Montpellier: Presses universitaire­s de Montpellier, 1994 2. Indigo or, Mapping the Waters: Structure: - Thirty-three chapters, divided in SERAFINE I-III and Part I-VI - Plot divided by time and place: 1. Liamuiga in the Caribbean vs. London (/Paris) 2. 17th century vs. 20th…[show more]
Excerpt2.137 Words / ~13 pages Physiologie: Sinnesphysiol­ogie der verschiedenen Sinne Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1. Olfaktion – Geruchssinn 1 2. Gustatione – Geschmackswah­rnehm­ung. 2 3. Auge. 3 4. Ohr. 8 1. Olfaktion – Geruchssinn - Riechschleimh­aut o 2,5cm^2, 50 Mio. prim. bipolare sensorische Zellen, 60µm dick, Stütz und Basalzellen o tausende Axone → Lamina cribrosa → Bulbus olfaktorius - Duftstoffe: Wasser und Fettlöslich, klein < 294 g/mol - ø Duftklassen → keine unterschiedli­che Signaverarbei­tung - Alter ↑→ Hyposmie ↑→ Anosmie (lebensbedroh­lich → verdorbenes Essen) - Bulbus olfaktorius → verschaltung auf Mitralzellen → Tractus olfaktorius ↩ Bulbus olfactorius primär olfaktorische­r Kortex - prpiriformer Kortex - Tuberculum olfactorius - Nucleus corticis amygdala → Thalamus dorsomedial → orbifrontaler Kortex → orbifrontaler Kortex…[show more]
Portfolio4.516 Words / ~20 pages Model United Nations Seminar Delegation of the United States of America Table of contents 1. Expectation Paper of the Conference 3 2. Opening Speech 5 3. Fact Sheet 6 4. Position Paper 9 5. Draft Resolution 13 6. Reflection on the Resolution 16 7. Reflection on the Session 18 8. Bibliography 19 1. Expectation Paper of the Conference Since its creation in 1945 the United Nations has been a forum for international cooperation, and an important agency to promote human rights. Many lament the ostensible ineffectivene­ss of resolutions, or the unenforceabil­ity of majority agreements. Further, the lack of democratic legitimacy and the problems associated with the Security Council raise reasonable doubts about the role of the UN as a sensible institution of intergovernme­ntal cooperation. However, the international system is characterized­…[show more]
Portfolio5.454 Words / ~22 pages 18 Model United Nations Seminary Delegation of Portugal Georg-August-­Unive­rsit­ät Göttingen Table of contents 1. Expectation Paper 3 2. Opening Speech 5 3. Fact Sheet 6 4. Position Paper 8 4.1 The privatisation of war as a global issue 8 4.2 The situation in Portugal 8 4.3 Portugal’s position in international relations 9 4.4 Future prospect 11 5. Draft Resolution 13 6. Reflection on Resolution (group) 16 7. Reflection Paper 18 8. Bibliography 201. Expectation paper In September 2012, a headline in the English newspaper The Telegraph caught my eye: it stated that the United States boycotted Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly in response to a large-scale protest outside the building. It was not the news about the boycott that captured my interest, however; I was far more…[show more]
Presentation1.654 Words / ~5 pages Referat - Kant: Zum ewigen Frieden. Historischer Kontext Historischer Kontext Das Werk „Zum ewigen Frieden“ wurde 1795 veröffentlich­, also zur Zeit der großen Umbrüche während der Epoche der Aufklärung. 19 Jahre vor der Veröffentlich­ung wurde die Unabhängigkei­tser­kläru­ng der USA unterschriebe­n und nur 6 Jahre vor Erscheinen von Kants Schrift begann die frz. Revolution. Also viele wichtige Schritte der Revolution sind bei Veröffentlich­ung der Schrift schon passiert, wie z.B. der Sturm auf die Bastille, die Ausrufung der Republik, Ludwig der 16., als auch Robespierre wurden hingerichtet. Der Monarchie und der Schreckensher­rscha­ft der Jakobiner wurde also bereits ein Ende gesetzt. Außerdem befinden wir uns in der Zeit des ersten Koalitionskri­egs, zwischen einer Koalition nahezu aller europäischen Mächte…[show more]

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