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Goethe Gymnasium Hamburg

Reflection820 Words / ~2 pages My personal ‛Americ­an dream’ My personal ‛Americ­an dream’ isn’t just about a certain person from a film, a book, a TV-series or from politics (although, it would be fairly interesting to talk to Barack Obama or someone like him). It is also not about some landscapes, like the fascinating view of the Rocky Mountains. It is not even about my expectations concerning a typical American high school that tiptoed into my mind by watching thousands of TV-series, but it consists of all these things combined. All of these things together form a unique world in my head – just my America. When I think about the USA, there automatically comes an image to my mind; you could call this phenomenon ’my mental movie projectorR­17;. First, this image shows some landscapes, like the Mississippi with…[show more]
Summary542 Words / ~ pages The UK at the Beginning of the New Millennium- main forces responsible for shaping Britain today: end of Empire, pressure to become more part of Europe, uncontrollabi­lity of international Business, deivisons within UK-British Empire spanned globe, included large number of colonies -> important for Britains trade (Trinidad, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Nigeria, Egypt)- course to 20th century all colonies gained independence; many kept up ties with Britain by joining Commonwealth (54 member with 1,7 mil people, recognize Queen as head, cooperate in trade, meet to solve political conflicts, Games (athletics and team sports) held every 4 years)- member of former Empire able to immigrate to Britain as British citizens, especially in 50s&60s welcomed large number of immigrants from Caribbean & South Asia (India, Pakistan,…[show more]
Essay1.119 Words / ~2 pages Comment on David Cameron’s EU speech Im going to comment on the speech the english Prime Minister, David Cameron, held to the EU. In the speech he talked about a new European Union which is set for the 21st century. He started his speech with a review about the European Union history. Within his history review Cameron named the recent challenges fort he European Union and especially the role Great Britain played. Particulary Cameron announced Britains view and goals they have. Cameron named the significant changes in the European Union. Notably the economic miracle in countrys which were unimportant in earlier years. Likewise Cameron advocates the global economy increase but further he mention a new danger for the European Union which came with the increasing economy. Because the European union tryed to safe the peace within…[show more]
Summary2.142 Words / ~5 pages Sue Townsend: Downing Street Nr. Ten (Chapter 1 - 22) English ErNi S3 Number ten Chapter 1 - 22 Chapter 1 The first chapter is about many years after the prologue where Jack Sprat and Edward Clare are adults and work as a policemen and the Prime Minister. The chapter gives an overview about their jobs and presents Alex McPherso , Adele and Poppy. Chapter 2 Chapter two is about Adele’s biography and how she met Edward and how they felt in love.The second part of this chapter is about Jack Sprat’s biography and his childhood is a main part of that. He was the “white sheep” in his family. Chapter 3 In the third chapter Jack visits his mother Norma who still didn’t get over of being discharged. Jack wants to help her to snap back to reality and employs James to help her. In the second part of that chapter we get to know Edwards children Morgan, who is and…[show more]
Specialised paper1.490 Words / ~7 pages Semaine de travail à Dublin 2012 Travail sur Samuel Beckett De et Groupe 4 Lycée Enge, Classe N4d 30.09.2012 1 Analyse et interprétatio­n des images 1.1 Première image On voit une image noir et blanc d’un vieil homme entre soixante et soixante-dix ans. C’est Samuel Beckett. Il a les cheveux courts en noir et blanc peignés vers l’arrière. Son visage est marqué par les rides, mais son expression est très forte. Il n’a pas l’air heureux mais plutôt déterminé. Il ne regarde pas tout droit vers la camera, mais quelque part. Il est filmé à partir d’un certain point de vue : On voit une partie de son épaule, tout son visage, mais sans son oreille gauche. Sa bouche est attachée à un ruban blanc et il porte un pull noir. Le fond est blanc neutre. Il doit se trouver dans une pièce. Samuel Becket ne peut pas s’exprimer. Il ne peut pas dire ce qu’il pense parce…[show more]
Essay1.898 Words / ~6 pages Part One Persons Place Content Perspective Chapter One Delaney and Kyra Mossbacher « The Mexican » On a road Delaney hits a Mexican with his car and gives him 20$. Delaney Chapter Two Candido and América In a canyon Candido is hit by the car, and has severe injuries and is found by his wife, who helps him to go back to the camp. They live very poorly and now they have bigger issues because Candido cant work. So América decides to find work. Candido Chapter Three Family Mossbacher Their neighborhood This chapter describes their lifestyle as an upper-middle-­class family living in L.A One day one of their dogs is grabbed by a wild coyote. The same evening D goes to a meeting to discuss about building a fence around the neighborhood. D is mostly against Delaney Chapter four América and Candido Camp A is going to get some work while C is getting healthy.…[show more]
Discussion937 Words / ~ pages Alcoholic problem of young teens in the UK (United Kingdom) EUX English b K. -Jacobsen A. Summary “Would an alcohol advertising ban work?” By Channel 4 News. Channel 4 made ​​a television broadcast, about the young people´s drinking culture. In the broadcast, there is said that, all marketing, and sponsorship of alcohol should be banned, for sports and music events, included price promotions like happy hours. Doctors warn that these commercials, where they show people having a great time, dancing and drinking alcohol, are giving young people the wrong idea about alcohol, and that the youth doesn’t understand the dangers of drinking alcohol. The British Medical Association made a report, saying that the medical, psychological and social harm caused by drinking, needed to get tackled right. The BMA says that products like…[show more]
Presentation444 Words / ~ pages Kangaroo presentation On the Australian coat of arms the Emu and the Kangaroo were selected as symbols of Australia to represent the country progressbecau­se they are always moving forward and never move backwards. Kangaroos belong to a group of marsupials called „macropods“, which means great footed animals. There are 4 main species of kangaroos: the red kangaroo, the Eastern Grey kangaroo, the Western Grey kangaroo and lastly the Antilopine kangaroo. Kangaroos are found all over Australia, they are often found in bush land, wood land, open forests and grassland. The Eastern Gray Kangaroo is only seen in the fertile eastern part of Australia. Most of Australia grassy plains and woodland are the Antilopine kangaroos habitat. Lager kangaroos do not live in deserts of Australia, because there isnt enough food for them to feed…[show more]
Presentation1.279 Words / ~3 pages Geschichte der Unabhängigkei­tser­kläru­ng U.S.A - The Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in the history of the USA. It was written and signed in 1776, that is 235 years ago. Before that time there was no country with the name United States of America. (Arrival) My presentation starts around 1600. Some Europeans moved to America and created colonies. Many of them were looking for a better life, others wanted more freedom or practise their own religion. (building village) Most people– they were called colonists – lived on farms. They grew their own food, had pigs and cows and they chose their own leaders. Soon they build the first small villages. (slavery boat) Many people did not choose to come to America. They were forced to come and they were sold to others to work…[show more]
Essay639 Words / ~1 page Reflexion zu „Vergänglichk­ei­t“ Bei der Findung des Motivs war von Anfang für mich entschieden, dass ich mich der Landschaftsma­lerei widmen möchte. Die Landschaft und ganz besonders die unberührte Natur stellen für mich eine über jedes menschliche Individuum wiegende und kontrollieren­de Macht dar. Das Gefühl klein und unbeholfen, aber gleichzeitig tief mit der vor einem liegenden Landschaft verbunden zu sein, fasziniert mich schon sehr lange. Die Unerreichbark­eit der Weiten und die erdrückende Wahrheit, dass die Natur immer die Macht über einen selbst hat läuft auf eine Ohnmacht der Gefühle hinaus. Ich habe mich für einen impressionist­ische­n Stil entschieden, da die Wirkung der Landschaft vor allem von außen an uns ran tritt. Des Weiteren bin ich bin davon überzeugt, dass die bis heute für uns Menschen nicht…[show more]
Essay603 Words / ~ pages Comment on Adams concept and compare it to the American reality of today. Essay 13.01.2016 When people hear the words The American Dream, the first thought wich appears to most of them is from rags to riches and that America is the land where the dreams of everybody can come true. In the given extract from the book The Epic of America written by James Truslow Adams and released during the Great Depression, he coined this expression in another way. He defines the American Dream as a vision created by humans which states that the American dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement (c.f. ll. 5 f.). The pursuit of the possibility of free evolvement in your own life based on the equality of humans, no matter what origin, race or…[show more]
Presentation737 Words / ~6 pages Washington Today i want to tell you something about Washington State. Facts: The nickname of Washington is Evergreen state, because washington has a very beautiful nature. It is situated in the northwest of the USA at the Pacific. Washington is 185.000 square kilometers big. The state has got 6.5 million inhabitants. The capital is Olympia, but Seattle is the biggest City. Jay Inslee is the gouvernor of Washington. History Washington has become the 42. state of the USA at November the eleventh in 1889. It is named after George Washington and is the only US- state that has the name of an American president. To distinguish it from the U.S. capital, Washington is often referred as Washington state or The State of Washington. Washington D.C, the capital of the USA, is situated nearly the state Maryland. Geography Washington borders…[show more]
Specialised paper3.511 Words / ~15 pages Inwiefern beeinflusst die Integrationsp­oliti­k der Bundesregieru­ng die Radikalisieru­ng der Gesellschaft? Facharbeit von: PGW-Profil, S3 Carl von Ossietzky Gymnasium Herr Hamburg, den 14.10.2016 Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1.Einleitung .1 2. Integrationsp­oliti­k 2 2.1 Nationaler Integrationsp­lan .4 2.2Integratio­n als Zukunftsaufga­be 5. 3.Radikalisie­rung 8. 3.2Rechtsruck 9 3.3AfD 10 4. Literaturverz­eichn­is .13 5. Versicherung 15 1 Einleitung In Zeiten, bei denen vermehrte Anschläge islamistische­r Herkunft auftreten, rechtsorienti­erte Parteien, wie die AfD Ansehen gewinnen und eine Flüchtlingskr­ise herrscht, ist es besonders wichtig eine gute Integrationsp­oliti­k zu führen. Integration ist eine zentrale Herausforderu­ng und eine Aufgabe für die ganze Gesellschaft. In der deutschen Gesellschaft…[show more]
Exam preparation825 Words / ~2 pages Oscar et la dame Rose: characterizat­ion Oscar: Il est dégourdi, très intelligent et a beaucoup d’humour Il est tombé malade à la leucémie incurable et il est hospitalisé Il a un surnom, comme tous les autres enfants, à savoir ’Crâne d’Oeuf’, parce qu’il perd tous ses cheveux par la chimiothérapi­e ( = chimio) Oscar souffre sous son apparence physique, il se sens comme il a sept ans, il se sens comme il a un martien Oscar répart les patients dans deux groupes, les malades qui font plaisir et les malades qui ne font plus plaisir, il se compt parmi de le groupe qui ne font plus plaisir Oscar sens la distance et la contraite de les autres dans le maniement de lui, en particulier la comportement de ses parents lui blesse Oscar se sens seul et sans défense, il n’a personne pour parler par sa maladie et se mort imminent Il trouve l’aide auprès de Mamie-Rose,…[show more]
Essay929 Words / ~2 pages English Homework comment Is The „American Dream“ Still Alive? We students had to write an essay about the American Dream as a homework in English class, and especially we had to answer the question „Is The „American Dream“ Still Alive?“. But I did, however, deal with the question „Was there ever an American Dream?“ The first thoughts which came in my mind were „What exactly is the American Dream and is there something like an American Dream?“ According to Google the A.M. is „the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.“ This sounds pretty nice, for the Americans but I will not be jealous or sad. So in my words it means that with hard work and the focus on the right aim, I can reach everything in America because it is a country where these things can happen.…[show more]
Interpretation475 Words / ~ pages Literarische Charakteristi­k Jean-Baptiste Grenouille ist der Protagonist in Patrick Süskinds Kriminalroman „Das Parfum“ (1985). In diesem Werk schildert der Autor das Leben von Jean-Baptiste­, der einen außergewöhnli­chen Geruchssinn besitzt. Zu seinem Lebensziel setzt er sich, seinen eigenen Körpergeruch zu finden und ihn zu kreieren. Jean-Baptiste wird am 17. Juni 1738 „an einer Fischerbude Rue aux Fers“ (S.7) in Paris zur Welt gebracht und verstirbt dort auch 1767. Seine Mutter wird kurz nach seiner Geburt hingerichtet, da sie als Kindermörderi­n verurteilt wird. Grenouille wird von Amme zu Amme gereicht, die ihn aber alle nach kurzer Zeit ablehnen, da er sehr unheimlich wirkt, gierig ist, keinen Eigengeruch besitzt und er ihnen schon im Säuglingsalte­r suspekt ist. Von Geburt an ist Jean-Baptiste ein gefühlloses…[show more]

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