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The British Empire and the Commonwealth · Spain, England, portugal, France, Holland struggeled in the 16th century. England was the last that join the colonial powers but became the most important. The British Empire was the largest colonial empire in history it´s peak (at the beginning of the 20th
Summary of the novel 'Brave New World' The novel 'Brave New World' written by Aldous Huxley imagine a society in the future London in the year 632 after Ford. The three ideals of the society are "community, identity and stability" and are for all visible on public buildings, so they are always
Analysis of the Democratic Speech by Michelle Obama 1st october 2011 The present speech excerpt, delivered by Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on the 25th August 2008, answers the purpose of convincing the Americans to elect Senator Barack Obama President of the United
Tom en Provence DÉCEMBRE: JOYEUX NOEL & TROSIÈME PARTIE: LE MAS DU VIEUX DÉCEMBRE: JOYEUX NOEL Tom et Chris sont déçus. En France, on ne fête pas l’avent. Dans les supermarchés, il y avait des chocolats de Noël et Tom a vu des affiches pour des marchés de Noël. Tom a demandé Martine si
Trabajo de español Doce cuentos peregrinos: entre la desilusión y la nostalgia” 1. Introducción. 3 1.1. El Cuento. 3 1.2. Realismo. 3 2. Desarrollo. 3 2.1. Argumento. 4 2.2. Personajes fundamentales. 4 2.3. Ambientación externa y interna. 5 2.4. Tema central y subtema. 5 2.5. Justificación

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