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Gymnasium Köln

Presentation694 Words / ~ pages Referat zu Rosa Parks: Civil Rights Movement Till the end of the 1960 racial segregation ruled in the USA, particularly in the south. That means that people of different skin colour were separated from the white in many areas of their everyday life. Rosa Parks exerted herself successfully for the abolition of this racial segregation. 1. Rosa’s life before the bus boycott Rosa Louise McCauley * 04.02.1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama an African American, U.S. Congress called the first lady of civil rights, and the mother of the freedom movement1924: moved to Montgomery Was taught by her mother, couldnt afford school -> so she had to clean classrooms after school. 1932: married Raymond Parks; Raymond supported her to receive her High school diploma, 1934: High school diploma 1943: Secretary of the NAACP (National Association for the…[show more]
Abstract632 Words / ~ pages Bus Stop by William Inge The play ‚”Bus stop” is set in a diner in early March of 1955. A snowstorm has delayed the trip, so the 5 characters who are on the bus and the 3 who are in the diner spend around 1-5 a.m. together. Grace, the owner of the diner, and Carl, the bus driver, have a little bit of a relationship. Cherie, who is a singer, is also in a little bit of a love mess with Bo, who is a young cowboy. Elma, the waitress, and Professor Lyman have a little bit of something going on between them, but this ends as the play ends. The sheriff informs the two ladies in the diner about the bus stopping and that the passengers will be stuck there until the road is cleared from the snow. Cherie tries to escape from Bo, but the more talk, the more they argue about their issues in their relationship. By the end of the play they both get back together on the bus and…[show more]
Review485 Words / ~ pages Summary: Indian reservations The newspaper article Indian reservations published by the Observer deals with a 25-year-old Indian, named Niraj Kapoor, who tells his story about his arranged marriage. In the beginning of the story, he briefly mentions, in which way he got married and that it was not his intention to end up with a wedding ring. Niraj says that he grew up in Northern Ireland, where he adopted western values. Despite being familiar with Indian rules, he prefers dating Irish girls, with whom he keeps relationships in secret. At the age of 25, meanwhile living in London, Niraj goes on holiday to India with his parents, in order to forget about personal problems. In New Delhi, Niraj is confronted with his arranged marriage. He encounters the 18 year-old Shweta in his aunts house. Trying to impress her, Niraj changes his…[show more]
Homework1.012 Words / ~ pages Homework – Answer the following questions about Islam: What is Islam?. 1 Who are the Muslims?. 1 What do Muslims Believe?. 1 How did Islam affect the World?. 3 What is Islam? • Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people • For a fifth of the worlds population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life • Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority have nothing to do with the extremely grave events which have come to be associated with their faith Who are the Muslims? · Muslim is an Arabic word meaning one who submits to God · Muslims believe God is one and incomparable · And believe their purpose of existence is to love and serve God · Muslims also believe that Islam is the universal version of the original faith was revealed at many times and places…[show more]
Interpretation547 Words / ~ pages Analysis of the speech I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King A The speech “I Have a Dream” from Martin Luther King contains many famous quotes and references. In the following I explain some selected quotes and clarify what effect they have. One famous quote from Martin Luther King is his sentence “We cannot walk alone” (l.64) He illustrates with these words that the world can´t solve conflicts without cooperation. So he demands that the black and white citizens forms a unit and respect each other. Another quote to consider is: “We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality”. (l.68-69). Martin Luther points out, that the whole nation can´t be proud of itself, because the police consider the black community as their enemies and use violence against them. Therefore the black…[show more]
Interpretation1.654 Words / ~6 pages „My Son the Fanatic“ summary: Parvez, a taxi driver, remarks that his son Ali threw away all his possessions (video games, guitar, TV etc., even pictures) and all the things he once enjoyed à bare room Ali parted from his girlfriend without reason and his old friends stopped ringing Parvez does not understand Ali’s unusual behaviour and is a bit afraid of his son who has developed a sharp tongue he had worked very much to offer Ali a prospective future and spent lots of money for his education as an accountant he cannot sleep, drinks more whiskey has been taxi driver for about twenty years, prefers to work at night with clearer roads and better money (like many other Punjabis, are together in the cabbies’ office playing cards etc.) he is too ashamed to discuss the subject of Ali with his friends, also afraid they could blame him he dreams…[show more]
Essay2.101 Words / ~3 pages Bend It Like Beckham: Scene Analysis (Teetu’s parents paying the Bhamras a visit 37:10 – 40:16) Assignments: Outline what happens in this scene by regarding setting, plot, and dialogue, and sum up the overall effect. Analyse how the means of the film contribute to this effect by considering some of the following aspects: camera movement/angl­e/pos­itio­n body language use of language/comm­unica­tion music colour / lighting suspense. 3. Comment on. © Şener Saltürk, 2009 Setting - Plot – Dialogue – Effect The first setting of this scene is a bus stop in London Hounslow where Jess and Jules are standing and hugging each other. They are laughing about Jules’s mother’s behaviour, mimicking her way of mispronouncin­g Jesminder’s name. While the girls are having fun, a car drives past1 them, driven by the father of Teetu who is…[show more]
Report2.515 Words / ~9 pages BOGY - Report Theresa , Auf der Gänsweide 13, 77963 Schwanau 1a) I heard a lot interesting things about the BOGY – week and because of this I was really looking forward to this week. I got more and more excited the closer the week moved. I knew long before where I wanted to do my internship because I already was a long period of time very interested in this Job. But I also heard things about this Job which didn´t convinced me, so this week was perfect to try out. I´m not sure why I was so interested in this job, but I like working together with other people. It makes me happy to help them and one of the best ways to help people is to be lawyer. I would describe myself as a person who can work well in groups because it´s interesting to have many different opinions and to discuss about them, which you need to be a lawyer too. Also I´m confident which is another…[show more]
Essay1.816 Words / ~3 pages Remarks of Senator Barack Obama after New Hampshire Primary von Bock September 28th, 2014Stufe Q1 Englisch L1 KUE Mock Exam Q1.1 The present text “Remarks of Senator Barack Obama after New Hampshire Primary” is US President Barack Obama’s election speech held on January 8th, 2008 in New Hampshire.In the speech Obama names various US-only problems, but also problems affecting the whole world he wants to solve as an US President, which I’m now going to list. At first, Obama states that there is no problem the US citizens cannot resolve and it becomes clear that the mobilization and unification of people is Obama’s solution for all the problems he enumerates in his speech (cf. ll.3ff.). Obama wants to tackle the problem of unaffordable and unavailable health care (cf. ll.7f.).Furth­ermor­e, he wants to improve schools and make…[show more]
Homework401 Words / ~1 page If I could choose one of the characters from the book „Looking for Alaska“ to be a friend of mine it would be Chip Martin The Colonel because I think he is a really good friend and has always time for his friends and try to help and support them in every single way. The Colonel is an intensely loyal person who does not believe in snitching or ratting anybody out, under any condition. He strongly believes that the things clear up by themselves.He always tells the truth even when the truth hurt or is offensive, he doesnt lie.He is a very sarcastic and humorous person, who is always trying to make sense out of every situations presented to him. The Colonel seems like to be the person who dont have secrets like Alaska or is depend on someone like Miles, that is why I would choose him. The second person who I would choose is Miles he is a friendly and lovely…[show more]
Presentation1.062 Words / ~6 pages The “Golden Years“ - Handout THE GOLDEN YEARS (DEFINITION) second half of the 1920s -> Weimars Golden Years life in Germany improved compared to 1923 better foreign relations the age of cabaret, cinema, theatre, experimentati­on not everyone approved of the Highlife Immoral behaviour in nightclubs issues such as sex were now openly discussed greater gap between rich and poor STRESEMANN birth: 10. May 1878 in Berlin death: 3 October 1929 studied national economy 1907: entered the Reichstag as its youngest member supported the Weimar Republic 1918: Co- founder of the right-Wing DVP 1923: appointed chancellor of the new coalition government 10. December 1926: Nobel Prize for peace 1923-1929: Foreign Minister aims: cheaper terms for the reparations did everything to bring stability to the Weimar Republic he wanted the peace…[show more]
Essay557 Words / ~ pages Discuss the role America has been playing in terms of global leadership since 2001. Do also draw on your knowledge of historical developments in 20th century. Global leadership is a contested term due to the lack of an established definition. It is often remarked that there are literally hundreds of definitions of leadership. For example global leadership can be defined as being capable of operating effectively in a global environment while being respectful of cultural diversity. Since the end of World War II, the United States of America has appeared as the newest form of leadership, and has been in conflict with different types of nations. Many do not contest the fact that America is a new form of leadership, but its actions and policy towards exercising world leadership are questioned and criticized. The United States has…[show more]
Discussion533 Words / ~ pages Comment Comment on the statement that woman should have it all a family and a care. Life has changed for families over the past years, and now in our world where success and sacrificing all for the job playing a bigger and bigger role one major question is whether woman should have a happy family and a good running care or only one of the both big life goals. In my opinion it’s very important for woman to have it all. I think both things having a family and a child but also a good job and making a care in it are so important and expiring thinks that no woman should risk one thing for the other. But first of all I want to mention that there are also many people which think that it is more important for woman and specially mothers to fully concentrate on raising their children the best they can. Especially in their first years from the birth till their about…[show more]
Essay924 Words / ~ pages Bekhtyanov Dmytry Gymnasium 9 Research advisor: Dubrovskaya T.V. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TRASH – SAVE THE PLANET! The Earth is our home and at the same time it is a big place with big problems. Everybody knows about global warming, deforestation­, water, air, soil pollution, overpopulatio­n, destruction of ozone layer. People really do a lot to solve them. But in my work Id like to draw your attention to another, not less serious problem – the problem of trash. It is very close to us as we deal with it every day and as we can without special ecological education do something to help and all the small steps can add up to a lot of forward movement. People get rid of billions of tons of trash every day. The garbage mainly comes from industry, but it also comes from homes, apartments, schools, etc. All of this garbage has to go somewhere, and that “somewhere”…[show more]
Abstract1.396 Words / ~ pages Looking for Alaska by John Green - Capter Summaries Summaries ► one hundred thirty-six days before: Miles Halter, the protagonist of the book decides to leave Florida and move to a boardering school in Alabama. His mother plans an unsuccessful farewell party but due to the parents-son moment the three have a nice evening. ► one hundred twenty-eight days before: The Halter family arrives in Culver Creek, the boardering school. The parents say goodbye to Miles and drive back. Miles gets to meet his new roommate in an awkward way but Chip Martin, also known as ‘the Colonel’ doesn’t seem to care. The Colonel explains Miles, who starts to get called ‘Pudge’, the school, for example the difference between regular boarders and Weekday Warriors. Miles meets the hottest girl in all of human history, Alaska Young who sells cigarettes and…[show more]
Report1.035 Words / ~ pages Could e-sports replace real sports or could e-sports compete with them in near future 1. Introduction In this term paper I will work on the question, whether e-sports could replace real sports or compete with them in near future. To compare them I will first look at the beginning of normal sports and e-sports to see how both of them started to form. Then I will look for why humans started to make a competition out of 2. What is e-sports and most popular genres First of all we have to clarify what e-sports are. E-Sports stands for electronic sports which is the competitive gaming of video games. Unlike real sports, e-sports are not played on a physical field like football or basketball but on a virtual field on a computer or console, which is the game itself. Like in real sports there are games that are played with a team (mostly of five people)…[show more]
Essay458 Words / ~ pages Educating Rita by Willy Russell. Change of protagonist Rita White Educating Rita by Willy Russell is about the protagonist, Rita White, attempting to break free from her mundane working-class existence as a hairdresser and enter Frank’s academic, middle-class world. Through the first act she makes a few notable developements­, mostly in her perception of literature. At the beginning Rita is aware of her uneducated background hence, she feels socially inferior to Frank. This is also evident as she feels privileged to talk to him : But I dont often get the chance to talk to someone like you. Besides, she admires his sophisticated way of speaking : .ycan say dead clever things like that, cant y? I wish I could talk like that. School had been a bad experience for her because her curiosity and individuality were opressed by her classmates…[show more]
Essay697 Words / ~2 pages Essay TASK : Analyze in which way Victorian society is mirrored in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The victorian era marked great changes in society both resulting from the Industrial Revolution and the reign of Queen Victoria. Whereas the Industrial Revolution led to huge innovations in technology and with that made the communication and transportatio­n much faster, through Queen Victorias reign Great Britain became the worlds leading economic and military power. But it was also the age of Colonization. Despite the positive changes during this era, by the end of the century, however, many people were beginning to call into question the ideals of progress and civilization that had defined the era, and a growing sense of pessimism and decline pervaded artistic circles. Robert Louis Stevenson was one of the authors…[show more]
Essay1.081 Words / ~3 pages Conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland The troubles The country of Ireland, which is known for its beautiful scenery, is divided into two parts. The northern part, called also Northern Ireland belongs for today to the United Kingdom and covers about 13 800 km². The southern part ,called the Republic of Ireland belongs to Ireland and covers an area of over 70 000 km². These two parts are separated and are independent of each other. This separation of Ireland is back to a decades-long conflict. The conflict began when English ships sat down on the Irish mainland and successfully tried to conquer Ireland. Even though there were many protests, King Heinrich achieved his goal to be the first Irish King of England.He broke away from the Catholic church and supported the Protestantism­, so he tried to extended the protestantism­…[show more]
Notes1.098 Words / ~3 pages 10 Zeittafel zum Balkankonflik­t seit 1990/91 2. Juli 1990 Das slowenische Parlament stellt die slowenische Verfassung über die Bundesverfass­ung Jugoslawiens. 25. Juni 1991 Unabhängigkei­tser­kläru­ngen Sloweniens und Kroatiens. Daraufhin geht die serbisch dominierte Bundesarmee gewaltsam gegen die früheren Teilrepublike­n vor. 15. Okt. Bosnien-Herze­gowin­a erklärt seine Unabhängigkei­tdur­ch Beschluss des Parlaments in Sarajewo mit seiner Mehrheit an Muslimen und Kroaten. 1992 Januar Da die Konfliktparte­ien in Kroatien den UNO vermittelten Waffenstillst­and akzeptieren, entsendet die UNO 15 000 Blauhelm-Sold­aten im Rahmen der UNPROFOR- Mission in drei Schutzzonen. 8. April Beginn der Offensive der bosnischen Serben mit Luftangriffen in Bosnien. Milosevic liefert den Angreifern bis Herbst…[show more]
Abstract1.363 Words / ~6 pages ,,Die Welle’’ - Lesetagebuch Zusammenfassu­ng Gedanken/Frag­en/Ko­mmen­tare Kapitel 1 Nachdem Laurie Saunders, Chefredakteur­in der Schülerzeitun­g ,,Ente’’ an der Gordon High-School, wieder einmal alleine im Redaktionsbür­o war, holt sie ihre Freundin Amy Smith von Mr. Gabondis Unterricht ab und sie gehen zusammen zu Ben Ross Geschichtsunt­erric­ht wo sie ihre Freunde und den nicht so beliebten Robert Billings wiedersehen. Ben Ross kritisiert die Klasse in 3 Punkten: Pünktlichkeit­, Sorgfalt und Hausaufgaben. Er droht den Schülern sogar mit schlechteren Noten, doch diese scheinen nicht interessiert zu sein Kapitel 2 Im Geschichtsunt­erric­ht zeigt Mr. Ross seinen Schülern einen Film über Deutschland zu Zeiten von Hitler. Während Robert Billings nach dem Film noch schläft, durchlöchern die anderen Schüler…[show more]
Essay2.247 Words / ~7 pages Odder Gymnasium 2/3 - 2017 Fokuspunkter fra min kronik om reality-tv: Jeg skal huske alle detaljer om udgangsmateri­alet. Jeg skal huske, at foretage en vurdering af argumentation­stekn­ikke­n – fungerer den? Jeg skal husk, at bruge tid på diskussionen og komme frem til det centrale ved denne. Hvad er uddannelse uden dannelse? I dagens Danmark er ”dannelse” et uomgængeligt begreb i forbindelse med den politiske debat om uddannelsessy­steme­ts fundamentale formål. Uddannelsessy­steme­ts formål skal forstås som et udtryk for de idealværdier, man i samfundet gerne vil viderebringe til de studerende. Udformningen af disse idealværdier påvirkes både af folketingets partier, såvel som partshaverne i skolerne, hvoraf det endelige resultat blot afspejler tidens aktuelle standpunkt. I det dagsaktuelle samfund…[show more]
Portfolio3.365 Words / ~10 pages A prayer for Blue Delaney – Portfolio Inhaltsverzei­chnis Letter from Colm to his mother. 2 Diary entry. 2 Inner monologue of Colm in chapter 8. 3 Diary entry. 3 Table with short summary about every chapter. 4 Comment on chapter 18. 7 Comment on Chapter 9. 7 Book review 8 Characterizat­ion Colm 9 Summary about chapter 28. 10 Summery on chapter 1. 10 Letter from Colm to his mother Dear mum, I wrote you a lot of letters, but I don’t get one back from you, maybe you don’t get mines. I´m now 14 years old and I decided to write you that letter after a long time, because I know that we won´t met each other in our lives. I don’t care about why you left me or why you don’t hold me back, I decided to catch up with this chapter in my life. Maybe you won´t get this letter or won´t read, but I want you to know that I’m not mad or angry at you. I have a family now, a home. I go to…[show more]
Homework594 Words / ~1 page Essay: It all happened on the first night. ..It all happened in the first night. Me, Donovan, Dani and Ruby wanted to put up a tent and made a fire but unfortunately the weather changed and it began to storm heavily so we had to choose an other place where we could stay. Luckily Donovan saw a house in the forest and shouted: „Lets go to the house!“So we ran as fast as we could to it but the door was closed. Suddenly a man who was I think 30 ran to us and greeted us. Then he opened the door with his key. Although we didn’t know the man we decided to go in. At next he gave everyone of us a towel and we had a conversation. The man presented himself and allowed us to sleep here. We accepted his offer. At the next day the weather was beautiful. It was shining. The man whose name was Mike and who was a hunter and survival specialist aswell told us that we had to hunt our…[show more]
Homework547 Words / ~1 page Digital age We live in an age with a lot of technic and everything else that goes with it. This age is called Digital Age. We can hardly imagine a life without digital things today. There are many people who love to do everything with technical equipment. But there are also those who disagree and find it nonsense to digitize everything. Then there are people who do not know what to think of all this. In the following text I will give advantages and disadvantages of our digital age and present my own opinion. There are many reasons why you may find this age good but also enough to dislike it. But Im one of those people who do not think its particularly good or bad. Because I see many benefits in this age to live. But I also see the disadvantages­. I as a student find an advantage especially good in fact is it that I can search anything on the Internet what…[show more]

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