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Heidehofe Gymnasium Stuttgart

Interpretation553 Words / ~ pages Analysis “The White Man’s Burden“ by Rudyard Kipling The poem “The White Man’s Burden“, by Rudyard Kipling published in 1899, is a good example of the thinking of people from western countries in the age of imperialism. The poem shows that western society thinks it is its duty to integrate the colonized people into its social system because Westerners assume their community is better than the natives’ one. Kipling criticizes the ungrateful and stubborn behavior of the natives, who do not want to become a part of the western community and benefit from being “civilized”. Kipling addresses all the Britains which are either not imperialistic or hesitate to support colonizing native peoples. The poem has seven stanzas with eight lines each, written in an ABCBDEFE rhyme scheme. This creates a feeling of continuity. Continuity is…[show more]
Review1.331 Words / ~7 pages Ilie Ilie American Studies Major, 2nd year Professor : Ethno-Racial Identities 12/22/2014 Acculturation and problems of the Jewish Immigrants in the 20th century America The purpose of this essay is to analyze the experiences of the working class-Jewish immingrants that moved westward in chase of the “American Dream” and the conflicts and changes the main protagonist Sara Smolisnky goes through in Anzia Yezierska’s novel “Bread Givers”.In the first part of my paper I focus on discussing the context and situation of the European Jews along the line of the upward mobility, and in the second part of my paper I will analyze Sara Smolinsky’s changes toward Americanizati­on.Th­e critical sources I am using include writers such as Fernando Ortiz, Gay Wilentz, Mary L. Pratt and Douglas Golstein. In the years between the assassination­…[show more]
Homework758 Words / ~2 pages An American Quilt – Jesse Jackson Speech Analysis The speech „An American Quilt – bound by a Common Thread“, which was delivered in 1988 to the Democratic Party Convention by Jesse Jackson, is about the structure of the American society and possibilities to achieve the common aims of jobs, education, housing health care and hope within in this structure. Jesse Jackson takes the view that the American society is structured like a quilt of many patches, which represent different ethnic and social groups, and that the achievement of the above-named aims can only be carried out if all the patches do hold together and help each other. Therefore, Jackson tries to convince his audience to establish a nationwide cohesion by using many different stylistic devices. At first, he often uses the first person plural when talking about society…[show more]
Handout403 Words / ~ pages Murder OnThe Orient Express by Agatha Christie Genre: crime novel part of a book series published on 1 January 1934 by Collins Crime Club in the United Kindgdom The novel “Murder On The Orient Express“ is a crime novel and part of a book series about the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. On the journey from Istanbul to London Hercule Poirot experiences a murder on the Orient Express. A man got killed. Poirot is called up to investigate the murderer of Mr. Ratchett. He starts to interview all the passengers on the train and finds out that Mr. Ratchett was originally Mr. Casetti, a man who kidnapped and killed a three years old girl, Daisy Armstrong. Now Hercule Poirot needs to find out who could have the motive to kill Mr. Cassetti. Surprisingly he realizes that all the passengers on the Orient Express do have a connection the family of Daisy…[show more]
Presentation1.075 Words / ~2 pages Manchester City Hello and welcome to my presentation about the football club Manchester City. First I would like to show you my structur. My first point is the general information my second point are the achivements. My third point is player and coach. My next point is the stadium and my last point is about the Emblem. Lets start with the first point, general information. Manchester City FC was founded on 1880. The first name was West gorton Saint Marks. The second Name was Ardwick F.C. And now the name is Manchester City Fotball Club. Manchester City is a english football club. They play in the barclays premier league. Shortcut Bpl. (here you can see the emblem). They are one of the best teams in the Bpl. The rival from the citizens is Manchester united.The place from Manchester city and Manchester united is in Manchester. The president…[show more]

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