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Hermann-Billung-Gymnasium, Celle

Abstract1.587 Words / ~6 pages The critic about Boot Camp by Morton Rhue Chapters Summary. 1 Characters 1 Main subjects 5 Director 5 Good, bad pages and also good and bad comments 6 Style of writing. 6 Summary The book “Boot Camp”, written by Morton Rhue ,is about the Boot Camps in the USA. Connor, the son of rich parents ,is sent to one of these Boot Camps: It is called “Lake Harmony”. There he learns that every kind of humanity can be lost with the help of hurting by physical methods or material methods. But he is not the only one ,who wants to come away from Lake Harmony ,there are other two children: Sarah and Pauly. With them he flees until the frontier of Canada .At the frontier Connor sacrifices himself for the rescue of the other two. So he is brought back to Lake Harmony. He has lost his hope for freedom and so he is lost :He becomes a brainwashed child. At the end Connor’s…[show more]
Interpretation489 Words / ~ pages The Great Gatsby (Klett English Edition) Characterizat­ion of Nick Carraway by The novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 10th of April 1925 tells the story about different characters in the summer of 1922. The main topic is the mysterious Jay Gatsby and hos obsession for Daisy Buchanan. Furthermore it considers the topics “the American Dream”, the golden twenties and the emptiness of the upperclass. The story takes place in West and East Egg which is near New York City. In the novel “The Great Gatsby” Nick Carraway is the fist person narrator and indicates himself as the author. The reader is introduced to Nick in the first chapter. He was born in 1892 in the Middle-West and is raised by a wealthy family(cf. p. 6, ll. 23 f.). He is graduated from Yale University in 1915 and after that he was an American soldier in the first World…[show more]

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