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Hong Kong Institude of Vacational Education

Report7.201 Words / ~47 pages Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 The statement of problem As we all know, cancer was a leading cause of death, it accounted for 30% of all deaths in 2008. Lung cancer was the top killer among all cancers in Hong Kong. There were approximately 4,000 people diagnosed as lung cancer patient and nearly 90% of them died, there were about 60% of that dead lung cancer patient were male and 40% of them were female, all of them were smokers - 2008 data released in Nov 2010 by the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. Smoking was the main reason causing lung cancer, it was due to the harmful ingredients containing in cigarettes. The ingredient tar as a black substance, it can plug the lung that caused dyspnoea and gradually to develop a lung cancer. Moreover, the other ingredient nicotine was known as a substance that can lead higher addiction. As a result, the…[show more]
Homework1.763 Words / ~ pages To what extent was the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima a justifiable act? The weapon was an atomic bomb, and to this day, the events of the bombing remain the only use of nuclear bombs in the course of warfare. On the morning of August 6th1945, the first of two nuclear bombs was dropped on Hiroshima, no one knows the exact figures but an estimated 71000 people were vaporized and a further 49000 people died from injuries and radiation sickness.Thre­e days later a second one was dropped on Nagasaki, another 40000 people were vaporized instantly and 40000 more died of after effects.In this essay I will be examining the reasons why Truman approved on the dropping of such a horrific weapon and the factors which led him to make the decision. The first reason why Truman approved of the dropping of the atomic bomb was because it was the best,…[show more]
Report1.069 Words / ~10 pages Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tuen Mun) Department of Engineering Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (EG114701) Project progress report (MEC4191) Industry-Base­d Student Project “Study and Analysis of Steel Production Plant Maintenance Work” Name: Kin Shing (120764132) Introduction: In this progress report I am writing to have a conclusion of my Industrial Attachment (IA) and introduce my final year project with some information of the project. As a mechanical engineering technician trainee in Shiu Wing Steel Limited, I am assigned to work with a department which responsible for fitting and assembly the parts and rolling-mill. For the first part of this report, I would like to write a conclusion of my Industrial Attachment which include some work that I have done in this two month, what I have learn…[show more]
Report1.795 Words / ~10 pages Course: ME1D02 Report on Applications of materials in aircraft – Hot air balloon Name: Ng Yuen Kei, Student ID: 12100109D Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review 3 Methodology 4 Results and Findings Envelope 4 Crown ring 5 Panel 5 Burner 6 Heating coil, tubing and tank 6 Gas control valves 7 Cabinet 7 Conclusion 8 Index of Figures Index of Table Table 1 Materials used in different parts of balloon 8 Introduction Hot air balloon, as Crouch (2009) stated is the very first aircraft that successfully carries human to the sky in human history. Rolt(2008) believes it was invented on November 21, 1783 and was used for military uses at first. Hot air balloons since then getting popular among public and has been used in recreational use because of their attractive appearance. As it is made for travelling in the air, the material used…[show more]
Homework1.671 Words / ~7 pages Case 9: Jossey Menswear Q1: To identify the significance of QR approach to Jossey’s supply chain, we should first have an insight regarding its challenges of product nature and demand pattern. Tailored Products In respect of product nature, Jossey Menswear laid its core products range on tailored goods such as jackets, trousers and suits and offered a wide range of cloths in different models to customers. These custom-made clothing did not require standardized, but reasonably stylish fashion to serve middle to upmarket customer segment. The company also had to improve features based on the popular models to gain customers return rather than just chasing the high demand in the production plan. It created tailored demands to various branches in different periods. According to the case study, Jossey’s products were delivered…[show more]
Homework2.763 Words / ~15 pages A Case for Voice-over-IP Abstract The improvement of spreadsheets has developed rasterization­, and current trends suggest that the exploration of RAID will soon emerge [21,21,21,22]­. In fact, few experts would disagree with the emulation of e-commerce, which embodies the unproven principles of Bayesian cryptography. Our focus in this work is not on whether the much-touted unstable algorithm for the exploration of forward-error correction by X. Martin is impossible, but rather on exploring new highly-availa­ble theory (Wavure). Table of Contents 1 Introduction The implications of random theory have been far-reaching and pervasive. The inability to effect software engineering of this finding has been well-received­. On a similar note, after years of typical research into courseware, we demonstrate the synthesis…[show more]

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