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Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK

Report1.418 Words / ~7 pages IC348 Report - Manufacturing processes of a robotic insect IC348 - Report Programme: 43078-2 Introduction This project aims at developing students’ understanding on the principles and operations of common manufacturing processes, and the properties and application of common materials. In this project, our group has to make a robotic insect by using different raw materials such as metals with different manufacturing processes. The manufacturing processes include 11 parts, which are hot metal, machining, quality control, NCM, CAM, plastics, sheet metal, welding, PCM, surface finish and assembly. The followings are the components we made in different manufacturing processes: Workshop Components Machining Gear_a 53T x 2 Gear_a 21T x 4 Bevel Gear 45 x 2 Bevel Gear 15 x 2 Gear b_53T x 6 Leg link x 6 Gear Box Pin x 12 Leg_spacer…[show more]
Report1.592 Words / ~11 pages Environmental Issues in Product Development - ISE 388 Laboratory Exercise on Life Cycle Assessment Introduction Every product damages the environment to some extent. Raw materials have to be extracted, the product has to be manufactured, distributed and packaged. Ultimately it must be disposed. Furthermore, environmental impacts often occur during the use of products because the product consumes energy or material. If we wish to assess a product’s environmental damage, all its life cycle phases must therefore be studied. To date, a designer, wishing to use Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). The Eco-indicator project has resolved these problems as follows: 1. The LCA method has been expanded to include a weighting method. This has enabled one single score to be calculated for the total environmental impact based on the calculated…[show more]
Lab Report2.434 Words / ~17 pages Environmental Issue in Product Development Laboratory Exercise on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Content: (A) Introduction (B) Background (1) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (2) EcoScan (3) SimaPro (C) Application & Analysis the LCA of the Overhead Projector (1) EcoScan (2) SimaPro (D) Result of the Overhead Projector (E) Discussion (A)Introducti­on Nowadays, everybody concern more about the environmental friendly, and this becomes a hot topic around the world. A lot of external factors such as legislations, change in international standards, market competitivene­ss and customer requirements, force the companies to change their strategy to develop some eco-design products. In order to reduce the environmental impact of a product, it is important to consider the whole product-life-­cycle of a product. In this report, we…[show more]
Essay6.384 Words / ~50 pages Project flow 年齡層 活動能力 用途 習慣 目的 Interview Research Pros/cons Children develop skills in five main areas of development: Cognitive DevelopmentTh­is is the childs ability to learn and solve problems. Social and Emotional DevelopmentTh­is is the childs ability to interact with others, including helping themselves and self-control. Speech and Language DevelopmentTh­is is the childs ability to both understand and use language. Fine Motor Skill DevelopmentTh­is is the childs ability to use small muscles, specifically their hands and fingers, to pick up small objects, hold a spoon, turn pages in a book, or use a crayon to draw. Gross Motor Skill DevelopmentTh­is is the childs ability to use large muscles. 年齡層 活動能力 First 6 Weeks Recognizes his mothers voice In the first few weeks of life, your baby will sleep much of the time. talking and…[show more]
Term paper2.348 Words / ~1 page BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Semester 2, 2012-13 Mini-Project: Dynamics in a Product Newton Cradle Analysis In this report, we a) Identify the requirement of dynamics of the Newton Cradle. b) Carry a detailed analysis of the dynamics of Newton Cradle. c) Suggest improvement of the dynamics of the Newton Cradle. Newton’s cradle This is a device that can show the conservation of momentum and energy by swinging a series of spheres. When one of the end spheres lifted and released, the resulting force will travels through the line spheres and the fore will act on the last spheres. The last one was pushed upward. Detail action The last ball is pulled away and going to fall, it will hit on the series of balls and comes to nearly a dead stop. The ball at opposite side will accept almost…[show more]
Term paper1.791 Words / ~4 pages Mr. Hong Kong Contest Wing Yan 12100779d APSS1A03 Seminar Paper “Mass media became one of the main sources of popular culture in modern capitalist society. Media, however, not only entertains and offers news to people, but also transfers the stereotypes, beliefs and values of the society to reproduce the existing order of social life.” (Gataullina, 2008) It states that mass media have been a platform for building image of men to the public. One of the media is Mr. Hong Kong Contest which is a beauty contest for young men in Hong Kong. Mr. Hong Kong Contest has been organized since Year 2005 by the leading Hong Kong television station TVB. The contestants are divided into two groups: the Stylish Youth Division and the Maturity Division. The final winner was determined between the top of contestants in both groups. Judges are all women,…[show more]
Homework3.120 Words / ~34 pages Design and Manufacturing of Mixie Mug ME3204 Design and Manufacturing Project Group 20 Members: Ali Jahan Zaib (Leader) (12063189d) Ang Kee Jeng (12129471d) Jason Lai (12129761d) Maggie Lei (12130021d) Panisa Kwraiwattanap­ong (12129685d) Table of Contents (i) Introduction In recent years, elderly population has become a growing concern in many countries around world. This is also related to the advancement in technology that has increased the average life-span of an average human, in Japan for example, as of 2010; about 23 percent of its total population is over 65 years old. This is an alarming number as the government has to cater for so many elderly and as people age they start to become weaker and thus require more support for various tasks. This situation calls for creative engineers to build new technology that can enable…[show more]
Essay1.225 Words / ~ pages Why does anti-gay marriage culture exist in Hong Kong?by The rights and responsibilit­ies of Hong Kong citizens have been clearly stated in Law. “All persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discriminatio­n to the equal protection of the law.”(Article 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) so people should not be discriminated due to their race, sex, color, include sexual orientation. Everyone enjoys the same rights. In British, homosexual couples can register as civil partner under the United Kingdom’s Civil Partnership’s Act 2004. However in Hong Kong, there are no such act to protect the right of homosexual citizens and the civil partnership registration has been refused by Hong Kong government (Chan, 2006) it has been believed that Westerners tends to individualism while…[show more]
Report1.772 Words / ~10 pages 5 Market Research Report: Pacific Coffee Company Prepared by: ( 6) Content Introduction Introduction of Pacific Coffee Marketing Research Problem Research Objectives Research Methodology - Sample Plan and Data Collection Method Focus Description of a method and procedures Summary of major findings Suggestions and Improvement Questionnaire Survey Data Collection and Sample Plan Appendix INTRODUCTION BLACKGROUND OF PACIFIC COFFEE Pacific Coffee is one of the leading coffee chains based in Hong Kong, with retail outlets locating all around the Asian regions. Since opening its first outlet in 1992, the chain has played an instrumental role in bringing a coffee drinking culture and provides world-class coffee products to Hong Kong. It also sells its branded products to wholesale accounts and provides coffee service…[show more]
Report2.395 Words / ~16 pages ME1D01 Engineering and Environmental Management With English Writing Requirements Final Submission: Sustainable Landfill development for solid waste treatment in Hong Kong Background According to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (2014), solid waste is known as refuse that accumulates on the site where it is produced. As municipal solid waste is the only waste source that we can manipulate, the analysis below is focused on municipal solid waste. There are 3 main sources of HK municipal solid waste – domestic (households and public area), commercial (office and restaurants) and industrial solid waste. In order to deal with the problems which are caused by solid waste from different aspects, HK government has implemented several policies, such as enforcing plastic tax and encouraging recycle activities…[show more]
Lab Report1.610 Words / ~12 pages CC2305 Basic Electricity and Electronic Laboratory 1: Using oscilloscope and resistor network -------------­----- Objective: To introduce the control facilities of CRO, and to use CRO to measure DC and AC voltages. To verify the Kirchhoff’s laws. To determine the equivalent resistance of a network. List of Apparatus: Power supply Input power which convert AC line voltage to DC voltage; Multi-meter Collect the reading of voltage or resistance; Experimental boards Doing the experimental; Signal generator Input voltage source by different frequency; Oscilloscope Read the waveform on the CRO screen; Electric wires Adjust all the apparatus which need to use. Stop watch (Laboratory 2) Collect the time of capacitor and inductor in charging and discharging. Theory: Kirchhoff’s current law(KCL): In order have current flow,…[show more]
Essay1.164 Words / ~3 pages Discussion on the legalization of voluntary passive euthanasia for the terminally ill patients Mr. Tang Siu Pun who passed away in 2012 has raised wide discussion on euthanasia in the Hong Kong society. Mr. Tang became paralyzed after falling down accidentally and causing irreversible damage in vertebrae. His request for euthanasia was being rejected by the Hong Kong government. The legalization on euthanasia varies from countries. Euthanasia has been legalized in Netherland and some of the states of the United States. No consensus of the legalization of euthanasia is reached globally till this day. This essay will focus on the case of terminally ill patients and voluntary passive euthanasia, discuss the argument for and against the legalization of euthanasia to conclude that voluntary passive euthanasia should not…[show more]
Lab Report897 Words / ~13 pages EE2901S Lab report Lab 3: Use of NAND Gates Kok Ming Ariel 13066708D 14/04/2015 Introduction All possible logic circuits can be produced by combining basic AND, OR and NOT gates. However, most commercially available logic gates do not readily perform all the AND, OR and NOT operations in a single circuit package, But they do perform the combined operations AND-NOT (NAND) and OR-NOT (NOR). In this experiment, the properties of NAND gates would be studied and be able to build logic circuits with NAND gates only. Apparatus 1. Experimental board 2. Power supply 3. Logic gates: 7400 and 7410 4. Resistors: 330 Ω × 5 5. LED Procedure and results Connect the circuit shown in Fig. 1. Use the jumper wire as switches. Record LED outputs (lit or not lit) for the HIGH and LOW stats respectively. The truth tables for the 2-input and 3-input NAND gates…[show more]
Report1.487 Words / ~ pages Industrial Centre IC348 Report Introduction The project of IC348 is a group project providing manufacturing training to engineering students by allowing them to manufacture a robotic stag beetle. The objectives of the project are developing students’ understanding on the principles and operations of common manufacturing processes and the properties and application of common materials. Students have to do several manufacturing processes in the project that they can have basic understanding on the common manufacturing processes. In the project, students are required to manufacture most of the components such as gears and shell of the beetle by themselves. Manufacturing Processes There are several manufacturing processes for making the robotic stag beetle. Casting, machining, bending, welding and assembling…[show more]
Lab Report1.891 Words / ~9 pages Hong Kong Polytechnic University ENG224 Information Technology Assignment+La­b Exercise for Part III Instructions: - Answer all questions. Use this file to prepare your solutions and submit it to WebCT before the due date. Apply your commonsense knowledge whenever needed. Assignment Questions Q.1 a) Draw an Entity-Relati­onshi­p diagram (ERD) containing the Patient, the Doctor, and the Visit entity types connected by 1-M relationships from Patient to Visit and Doctor to Visit. Choose appropriate names for the relationships­. Define minimum cardinalities so that patients and doctors are mandatory for a visit, but visits are optional for patients and doctors. For the Patient entity type, use the attributes Pat_ID (primary key), Pat_FName, Pat_LName, Pat_Address and Pat_HealthPla­n. For the Doctor entity type,…[show more]
Essay1.529 Words / ~13 pages ELC3521: Project proposal about tracking robot Content Page Abstract P. 3 Background P. 4 Objectives P. 5 Methods P. 6 Working Schedule P. 11 Budget P. 13 References P. 13 Abstract In the last decade, tracking robots played an insignificant role in the security industry. Our society relied heavily on human resources to protect citizens’ life and property. Traditionally­, manpower security involves continuous cost and resources, it is an imperfect system. Fortunately, technology has been making good progress with advancement these years, growing importance could be seen in tracking robotics, as a replacement to manpower security. This proposal suggests some possible improvements to the existing tracking robotic system. We propose a series of functions and techniques, e.g. infrared thermal imaging system and automatic…[show more]
Report2.076 Words / ~19 pages Product: Water Bottle Content Introduction 3 Target customer research 2.1 Psychological need 3~4 2.2 Life style 4 2.3 Physical constrain 5 3. Marketing Research 3.1 Observation 5~6 3.2 Existing product 6~8 4. Objectives 8 5. Problem Define 8 6. Review of previous design 9 7. Product Design Development 7.1 Method 1 10~11 7.2 Method 2 12~14 7.3 Procedure of filling the cup 15 8 Extensive aging design 16~17 9. Product usage scenario 18 10. Reference 19 Introduction With the climbing proportion of elderly in Hong Kong, the elderly becomes the biggest customer segment. However, the tailor-made daily supplies for the elderly is scarce nowadays. The daily aging supplies lags far behind the medical instrument, since their daily needs are ignored. It is more obvious when it comes to comparing with child product. Someone may said that…[show more]
Homework861 Words / ~ pages ELC 1012 English for University Studies Assignment An examination of the advantages and disadvantages of elite higher education in Hong Kong In Hong Kong, only a few students can be admitted annually to local universities or educational institutions. This education system can be classified as elite higher education since a small number of students with relatively good results can be picked by those universities and institutions of higher education. The education system has both advantages and disadvantages­. While it avoids the waste of talented manpower, it generates numerous unsuccessful students. This essay will examine these advantages and disadvantages in more detail. Allowing the minority to receive higher education prevents the waste of human resources. Hallak (as cited in Wang, 2003, p.278) believes that…[show more]
Essay3.710 Words / ~11 pages = ELC1A01 Science fiction as a reflection on humanity Story planning sheet Aim: This story planning sheet is to help you plan your short story and make sure that you haven’t missed out anything important. You should submit it with your first draft for the Writing Requirement. Highlight the items below that apply to your story: The philosophy in the story is about: Human nature: family, politics, drama; A good life: agreement with nature / pleasurable sensations / live modestly in the limits of your desires / freedom and fate / skepticism Modernism: Descartes rules and maxims / scientific method / social contract / empiricism / sovereignty of the people and their right to pass laws / desire vs. reason The sub-genre is: Hard SF / Soft SF / Robots / Interstellar travel / Time travel / Superpowers / Bodily transformatio­n / Parallel universe…[show more]
Term paper1.430 Words / ~8 pages The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Project Proposal Professional Communication in English Individual Proposal \ Content 1.Background 3 1.1Current Relevant 3 1.2Importance 3 1.3Significan­t for the pet owners 4 2.Objective 4 3.Technical Details 4 3.1Technical Concept 4 3.2Pilot Study 5 4.Working Schedule 6 5.Budget 7 6.References: 8 Abstract An increasing number of people decided to be a pet owner. Although the pets are lovely, a main problem that traditional vacuum cleaner cannot solve perfectly is the hairs of their pets are difficult to sweep up. This project proposal attempts to examine the work principle of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner, distinguish the problems after used and give recommendatio­n. In particular, this project will study the reasons why the Robot Vacuum Cleaner can work effectively and automatically­. As the quality…[show more]
Essay1.017 Words / ~6 pages Class: ELC1012 S14 Sem003 Assessment number:2 Word Count: 825 Topic area: Language Policies in Hong Kong Narrowed topic: “Hong Kong should put Putonghua as the first language.” With reference to Hong Kong, to what extent do you agree with this view? After the handover of Hong Kong in 1997, whether the first language should be ged from Cantonese to Mandarin has been thoroughly debated. Since Mandarin (also known as Putonghua), is “the national spoken standard variety on the Chinese mainland” (Gao, Leung, & Trent, 2010), some citizens support Putonghua replace Cantonese as the mother tongue in Hong Kong, while some do not. This paper will discuss both sides of the argument. The reason for ging mother tongue from Cantonese to Putonghua is that the latter is the official language of China. After 1997, the frequency of using Putonghua…[show more]
Essay2.215 Words / ~8 pages Radiotherapie­s for cancer ­ Principles, applications, and limitations. Principles: In modern society, the treatments against cancer are limited to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and surgery method (National Cancer Institute, 2011). Radiation therapy as know as radiotherapy is an acceptable alternative for patients who are medically unable to tolerate a surgery or who refuse surgery (Dosoretz, 1992) since this method requires no removal of large volume of tissue (Gillette & Gillette, 1995) The method is suggested to be effective in small tumors by killing the cancer cells and shrinking the tumor size (Dosoretz, 1992). Hence, this method is widely used by the newly diagnosed patients with more than half of its population received radiation therapy (Kinsella, Sohn & Wessels, 2006). The principle…[show more]
Report1.559 Words / ~18 pages IC348 Appreciation of Manufacturing Processes Individual Report 2015/16 Programme-yea­r 05403-PEM IC Group L Student Name Student Number Table of Contents Introduction.­.....­....­.............­. 2 Technical Contents.....­.....­....­...... 3 2.1 Hot metal........­.....­....­..... 3 2.2 Plastic......­.....­....­........ 4-6 2.3 PCM & Surface Finishing....­.....­....­. 6 2.4 Sheet Metal & Welding......­.....­.. 6-9 2.5 NCM & CNC..........­.....­....­. 9-12 2.6 Machining & Assembly.....­.....­... 12-16 3. Recommendatio­ns & Conclusions..­.. 16-17 4. References...­.....­....­............ 17 Introduction The objective of IC348 training is to let us learn practical techniques and technologies which used in common manufacturing processes through hands-on real work in industrial…[show more]
Essay2.446 Words / ~7 pages Living on a Dynamic Earth: Earth’s age evolution and origin Introduction “Origin and Evolution of Earth: Research Questions for a Changing Planet” is published by The National Academies Press. It is a science book which contains several report findings of the universe. With the great effort of the National Research Council, total 10 research questions are screened out and discussed in the book. The research questions covered a variety of spatial and temporal scales from subatomic to planetary. Also, all the research questions fulfilled at least the following two criteria: it surpasses the borders of a narrow subfield of geological and planetary science; and it deals with eternal issues, for example the origins of Earth and life. This book is divided into 4 parts, including Origins, Earth’s Interior, A Habitable Planet,…[show more]
Essay1.741 Words / ~8 pages Proposal of 4-in-1 cleaning robot – My smart household assistant A. Abstract An all-rounded cleaning robot, “My smart household assistant”, possessing four capabilities ranging from sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, to drying in one device is being presented in this proposal. A web-based app by means of cloud services is also integrated into robotic in the proposal. The convenience it delivers in terms of functionality­, maneuverabili­ty and autonomy is believed to suit all types of people nowadays. Technical information on the project implementatio­n would be included for a better overview of the proposed robot. Besides, the proposed working schedule and budget for the project could ensure its success when launched. B. Background Household cleaning has always been an essential issue for human, despite their age, career…[show more]
Homework1.093 Words / ~ pages “Pet euthanasia should be banned in HK.” To what extent do you agree with this view? In recent years, pet euthanasia has been a controversial topic among the public. In Hong Kong, pet euthanasia is legal and can be performed by a professional vet at either vet clinic or pet owners’ home. Though it is legal, the ethics moral value of killing a living animal has been thoroughly debated. While some supports that pet euthanasia is vital for terribly ill pets, others doubt the correctness of ending animal’s life. This paper examines both the arguments for and against pet euthanasia and provides suggestions based on these arguments. Most animal rights activists support the banning of pet euthanasia. They believe that every animal, including pets, have their rights on their life. It is wrong and unethical for a human, especially the pet’s…[show more]
Essay2.484 Words / ~ pages A study of logic:Logic in everyday life Introduction In our everyday life, we experience different kinds of problems. Some of them are easy to solve, while the others, are somehow much harder to figure out the true solution. In fact, to solve each question, we would have to think carefully about the causes and the facts, whether they are closely connected, or they are just some irrelevant stuffs. The dictionary defines this kind of thinking process that to get the final answer, we must think carefully through some necessary steps and find out the relations between the facts and premises, as thinking logical. This essay is written to prove that logic is playing an important role during our daily life. Being logical is also significantly necessary in our everyday life. Definition Before any discussion that I will be making, I would…[show more]
Essay1.012 Words / ~ pages The advantages and disadvantages of abolishing the death penalty in Hong Kong In the past few years, Hong Kong have happened some serious cases of which its criminals have severely offended the law .They are being imprisoned for the life ,but some citizens think they should have death penalty. It triggered a heated debate about the necessity of capital punishment. While some scholars welcome the coming of execution, others doubt the effectiveness of death penalty and the related moral issues created by the using of death penalty. This essay examines both the arguments for and against abolishing the death penalty in Hong Kong. Abolishing the death penalty can modify the judicial system. The goal of setting the penalty is preventing the violation of law by the deterrence, not to torture the criminal [1]. Death penalty do not match…[show more]
Assignment4.268 Words / ~14 pages Question 1: Case Study - Making Toys Globally Background Toys in U.S. are mainly imported from other countries, such as China. Many of the toys are implied with lead paint or made up of plastic treated with lead. To ensure the safety of toys, lead has been abandoned as lead may cause health problems on children, such as damage to nervous system and brain disorders if children chew or touch the contaminated toys. Despite the strict monitoring and regulations on the lead level in toys, there are still many toy manufactures still violating the rules. ai) As a CEO of a toy company, what is your responsibilit­y? First of all, a CEO should take up responsibilit­ies towards different stakeholders, including share holders, employees and consumers. Towards the shareholders, I should set strategies and the direction of the company aim at gaining…[show more]
Assignment3.382 Words / ~16 pages The retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong In this group project, our group is going to evaluate mainly the retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong. As young women, we spend efforts on personal care and some of our group members do sometimes purchase in LUSH. Being attracted by the diversified and creative products, we are interested in LUSH and believe that LUSH must have developed its own unique retail strategy. Therefore, we decide to explore more on LUSH as a retailer via this project. At the beginning, we aim to introduce the background of LUSH and its involved skin care market in Hong Kong. Then we will further discuss LUSH’s retail format, retail channel and retail marketing strategy. Last but not least, by analysing its retail marketing mix, we will further investigate how those activities contribute to various…[show more]
Report1.019 Words / ~3 pages Will expectations from the others affect someone’s performance? Do you agree that once the others expected something more on you, your performance would likely be better? According to the Pygmalion effect(Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson ,1968), there is a positive correlation between expectation and performance. Rosenthal and others have found that higher expectations lead teachers to act differently in regard to the learner. The Pygmalion effect is a form of self-fulfilli­ng prophecy which concluded when someone is believed that has the ability to be a great performer by the respective authorities, their belief becomes reality as their potential abilities have been aroused. To some of its extent, I agree with this theory as it always applies in my daily life. In my secondary school, I chose business and financial…[show more]
Essay2.293 Words / ~10 pages The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Professional Education and Executive Development General University Requirements (GUR) SPD2310 Personal Management (Semester 1, 2015/16) Group Project Subject Lecturer: Mr. Tutorial Group: F11B Team # : _ Word Count: _ words Index Sections Page Introduction P. Background P. Prevent the abuse of drugs P. Reduce the abuse of drugs P. Other countries’s example P. Recommendatio­ns and action plan P. Conclusion P. References P. Appendix · P. Introduction Drug abuse, also meaning by substance abuse with public health and medical definitions. It refers to the taking of drugs without following medical advice or prescription, or the indiscreet use of dangerous drugs for non-treatment purposes. In Hong Kong, Heroin is the most commonly abused drug which it accounted for 28.9% of…[show more]
Report1.378 Words / ~6 pages EE1D03: Light: The science, the engineering, and how it shapes our civilization with English Writing Requirements Dr. Lau First Draft Submission: [The measurement in astronomy by using light] Word count: [818] words Student Name: Student ID: Date: [26/2/2017] EE1D03 Light: The science, the engineering, and how it shapes our civilizationL­itera­ture review, Draft 1 Use this checklist before submitting your first draft to ensure that it meets all the requirements. Submit the completed checklist (as part of the assignment cover) together with your first draft. The first draft is about 700 words uses headings and subheadings uses an academic style and tone ensures all sections logically connect and transition smoothly The introduction introduces the topic/issue to be reviewed justifies the choice of the issue clearly…[show more]
Essay1.675 Words / ~ pages Explain the idea of Party-State in China. Examine the pros and cons of adopting such a system in Chinese politics. Party-State is a political system of single-party government that the ruling party commands the absolute power and exercise sovereignty. In modern liberal democratic countries, the state power and political parties are usually separated to prevent abuse of power. However, the political system in China is completely different. The fusion of the state and party, one of the distinctive features in Chinese politics, has been criticized over the past decades. This paper discusses the idea of Party-State in China and examine the pros and cons of adopting such a system in Chinese politics. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the sole ruling party, which holds the absolute leadership and exercise supreme power on behalf…[show more]
Final thesis1.614 Words / ~9 pages COMP 417 Assignment 1 Due: 23:00 Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 Note: Assignment must be submitted as soft copy on line. Late submission will be subjected to 33% per day and after 3 days, there is no marks. You can submit at most two times (just in case you found a mistake in a previous submission). Grading and late penalty will be based on your latest submission. Student Name: Student ID: Question One (Total: 50%) Your friend owns a computer store in Shatin, selling Desktop and Notebook PCs and other computer peripherals. Having been rather successful with his business there, he decided to venture into the infamous Mongkok Computer Center and he has already been there for three months. As expected, compared to his Shatin store, his new store has been recording much larger revenue but when it comes to profit, he is not so sure. He needs to pay several…[show more]
Homework2.897 Words / ~9 pages Activity 15 Application letters with comments Jacky Au’s letter Annotated Version 1211 Wing Cheung House Wing Cheung Estate Tuen Mun New Territories 22 March 2016 Ms Connie Ho Director Human Resources Department South China Construction Ltd. 10th Floor, Phoenix Tower 65 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong Dear Ms Ho With reference to the advertisement for the position of Trainee Quantity Surveyor which was placed in the South China Morning Post on Saturday 16 March 2013, I wish to apply for it.1 I am a third-year student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am studying the BSc (Hons) programme in Construction Economics and Management in the Department of Building and Real Estate. This programme prepares students for a career in the quantity surveying profession. This year I have studied the following subjects: Value Management,…[show more]
Report2.446 Words / ~11 pages ABCT1D05: Chinese Medicine: Myth or Treasure? Student Name: Student ID: Title: TCM should integrate Western medicine Words count: 2239 Abstract The history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be traced back to 2500 years ago, which is one of the integral aspects of Chinese culture. Over the past century, there has been a constant increase in studies of integrated TCM with Western Medicine (WM). However, a much debated question is whether the integration of two different medicines is practical because WM and TCM are two medicines that have developed under different cultural conditions, and each of them has both merits and shortcomings. In this essay, integration of TCM and WM will be analysed and further discussion will be developed based on a case-study. Background Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the world’s…[show more]
Homework1.062 Words / ~3 pages 2 15069057D – Yin Ka ITC1001D Introduction to Thinking Styles 15 April 2016 Lecturer: Dr. Spencer TAO Title: How would you apply the theory of thinking styles to consider the studying area(s) and/or the future career that your will pursue? Introduction Thinking style dominate the way one thinks, learns and acts. Since one is able to attain the skills to solve problem effectively and efficiently, it is strongly believed that a good match of thinking style and one’s abilities will lead to better result in future studies and career. (Zhang, LF, 2002) According to one of the principles of thinking styles, people must choose their life careers which match their styles of thinking. For the studying area and the future career that I will pursue, that is the fashion industry, which is a major market with design, business and technology…[show more]
Essay739 Words / ~2 pages Classical Conditioning in Daily Life Classical conditioning discovered by Ivan Pavlov is one of the theories that is related to learning in psychology. According to Kendra(2016), classical conditioning is presented over the linkage between conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus. Apart from stimuluses, classical conditioning also involves conditioned response and unconditioned response which are different responses evoked by the above mentioned stimuluses. One of the remarkable examples explaining classical conditioning is the dog salivation which is known as Pavlov’s Dogs. The dog knows that when the bell rings(conditi­oned stimulus), food(uncondit­ioned stimulus) will be given and salivation is elicited. When the dog gets used to it, even there is no food given after the bell rings, salivation still…[show more]
Report1.254 Words / ~9 pages The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering ISE430 – Laboratory 1 Report Student Name (ID): Submitted to: Dr. C.K. Kwong Prepared on: 16th October, 2015 Part a:Results of the laboratory exercise Dendrogram Factor Analysis Communalities Initial Extraction Quality 1.000 .658 Performance 1.000 .696 Userfriendlin­ess 1.000 .344 Comfort 1.000 .694 Attractivenes­s 1.000 .631 Total Variance Explained Component Initial Eigenvalues Extraction Sums of Squared Loadings Total % of Variance Cumulative % Total % of Variance 1 2.097 41.947 41.947 2.097 41.947 2 .926 18.517 60.464 .926 18.517 3 .818 16.361 76.826 4 .634 12.689 89.515 5 .524 10.485 100.000 Total Variance Explained Component Extraction Sums of Squared Loadings Rotation Sums of Squared Loadings Cumulative % Total % of Variance…[show more]
Essay1.498 Words / ~6 pages Internet Regulations to Control the Internet There are a narrow and a broad definitions for the Internet. The narrow definition solely defines the Internet as a technical subject that needs to be programmed or managed. On the other hand, the broader definition covers the whole aspect of human life related to the Internet: privacy, security, cybercrime and changing interaction with technical systems (Kurbalija, 2010). According to Coffman et al. (2002), Internet is growing at unprecedented rates and it is affecting the vast majority of people. Some specific groups may have the concern that the growth of Internet might severely damage their privacy, while others may believe that Internet freedom upholds social justice. Owing to this power that the Internet possesses, many have raised questions on whether one should govern…[show more]
Essay1.692 Words / ~6 pages APSS1L01 Tomorrow’s Leaders Individual Paper Name of the student: Lam Wang Fai, Student ID: 16063811D Date of the Class: Wednesday Time of the Class: 1330 to 1630 Group Name: Era Lecturer of the class: Pui Ki Li Introduction of Emotional Competence and Its Relationship with Leadership Introduction It is believed that emotional competence (EC) facilitates relationships and plays an important role in leadership. According to Goleman (2001), it is the ability to regulate and notice emotions in others and ourselves. This term paper will be divided into 2 parts. Part A will introduce EC in 5 main concepts: emotional perception, facilitation, understanding­, management and social skills. Meanwhile, Part B will discuss my personal experiences related to leadership and EC. Part A. -Emotional Perception Emotional perception…[show more]

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