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Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU HK

IC348 Report - Manufacturing processes of a robotic insect IC348 - Report Programme: 43078-2 Introduction This project aims at developing students’ understanding on the principles and operations of common manufacturing processes, and the properties and application of common materials. In
Environmental Issues in Product Development - ISE 388 Laboratory Exercise on Life Cycle Assessment Introduction Every product damages the environment to some extent. Raw materials have to be extracted, the product has to be manufactured, distributed and packaged. Ultimately it must be disposed.
Environmental Issue in Product Development Laboratory Exercise on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Content: (A) Introduction (B) Background (1) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (2) EcoScan (3) SimaPro (C) Application & Analysis the LCA of the Overhead Projector (1) EcoScan (2) SimaPro (D) Result of
Project flow ­ skills in five main areas of development: Cognitive DevelopmentThis is the childs ability to learn and solve problems. Social and Emotional DevelopmentThis is the childs ability to interact with others, including helping themselves and self-control.
BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univer­sity Semester 2, 2012-13 Mini-Pr­oject: Dynamics in a Product Newton Cra­dle Analysis In this report, we a) Identify the requirement of dynamics of the Newton Cradle. b)
Mr. Hong Kong Contest Leung Wing Yan 12100779d APSS1A03 Seminar Paper Mass media became one of the main sources of popular culture in modern capitalist society. Media, however, not only entertains and offers news to people, but also transfers the stereotypes, beliefs and values of the society
ME3204 Design and Manufacturing Project Group 20 Members: Ali Jahan Zaib (Leader) (12063189d) Ang Kee Jeng (12129471d) Jason Lai (12129761d) Maggie Lei (12130021d) Panisa Kwraiwattanapong (12129685d) Table of Contents (i) Introduction In recent years, elderly
Why does anti-gay marriage culture exist in Hong Kong?by H. W. The rights and responsibilities of Hong Kong citizens have been clearly stated in Law. All persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to the equal protection of the law.”(Article 26 of the International
5 M. G. A. Market Research Report: Pacific Coffee Company Prepared by: (G. 6) Content Introduction Introduction of Pacific Coffee Marketing Researc­h Problem Research Objectiv­es Research Methodol­ogy - Sample Plan and Data Collection Method Focus G. Description of
ME1D01 Engineering and Environmental Management With English Writing Requirements Final Submission: Sustainable Landfill development for solid waste treatment in Hong Kong Background According to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (2014), solid waste is known as refuse that
CC2305 Basic Electricity and Electronic Labor­atory 1: Using oscilloscope and resistor network --------------­-------------------- To introduce the control facilities of CRO, and to use CRO to measure DC and AC voltages. To verify the Kirchhoff’s laws. To determine the
Discussion on the legalization of voluntary passive euthanasia for the terminally ill patients Mr. Tang Siu Pun who passed away in 2012 has raised wide discussion on euthanasia in the Hong Kong society. Mr. Tang became paralyzed after falling down accidentally and causing irreversible damage
EE2901S Lab report Lab 3: Use of NAND Gates L. Kok Ming Ariel 13066708D 14/04/2015 Introduction All possible logic circuits can be produced by combining basic AND, OR and NOT gates. However, most commercially available logic gates do not readily perform all the AND, OR and NOT operations in a
Industrial Centre IC348 Report Introduction The project of IC348 is a group project providing manufacturing trai­ning to engineering students by allowing them to manufacture a robotic stag beetle. The objectives of the project are developing student­s’ understanding on the
Hong Kong Polytechnic University ENG224 Information Techno­logy Assignment+Lab Ex­ercise for Part III Instructions: - Answer all questions. Use this file to prepare your solutions and submit it to WebCT before the due date. Apply your commonsense knowledge whenever needed.
ELC3521: Project proposal about tracking robot Content Page Abstract P. 3 Background P. 4 Objectives P. 5 Methods P. 6 Working Schedule P. 11 Budget P. 13 References P. 13 Abstract In the last decade, tracking robots played an insignificant role in the security industry. Our society relied heavily
Product: Water Bottle Content Introduction 3 Target customer research 2.1 Psychological need 3~4 2.2 Life style 4 2.3 Physical constrain 5 3. Marketing Research 3.1 Observation 5~6 3.2 Existing product 6~8 4. Objectives 8 5. Problem Define 8 6. Review of previous design 9 7. Product Design Development
ELC 1012 English for University Studies Assignment An examination of the advantages and disadvantages of elite higher education in Hong Kong In Hong Kong, only a few students can be admitted annually to local universities or educational institutions. This education system can be classified as elite
= ELC1A01 Science fiction as a reflection on humanity Story planning sheet Aim: This story planning sheet is to help you plan your short story and make sure that you haven’t missed out anything important. You should submit it with your first draft for the Writing Requirement. Highlight the items below
The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Project Proposal Professional Communication in English Individual Proposal \ Content 1.Background 3 1.1Current Relevant 3 1.2Importance 3 1.3Significant for the pet owners 4 2.Objective 4 3.Technical Details 4 3.1Technical Concept 4 3.2Pilot Study 5 4.Working Schedule
C. P. L. L. 1. Class: ELC1012 S14 Sem003 Assessment number:2 Word Count: 825 Topic area: Language Policies in Hong Kong Narrowed topic: Hong Kong should put Putonghua as the first language.” With reference to Hong Kong, to what extent do you agree with this view? After the handover of Hong Kong in 1997,
Radiotherapies for cancer ­ Principles, applications, and limitations. Principles: In modern society, the treatments against cancer are limited to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and surgery method (National Cancer Institute, 2011). Radiation therapy as know as radiotherapy
IC348 Appreciatio­n of Manufacturing Processes Indivi­dual Report 2015/16 ­Programme-year 054 L Student Name C­han Chun Hei Student Numbe­r 14066912D Contents Introdu­ction.. 2 Technica metal.. 3 2.2 Plas­tic... 4-6 2.3 PCM
Living on a Dynamic Earth: Earth’s age evolution and origin Introduction Origin and Evolution of Earth: Research Questions for a Changing Planet” is published by The National Academies Press. It is a science book which contains several report findings of the universe. With the great effort of
Proposal of 4-in-1 cleaning robot – My smart household assistant A. Abstract An all-rounded cleaning robot, My smart household assistant”, possessing four capabilities ranging from sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, to drying in one device is being presented in this proposal. A web-based app
Pet euthanasia should be banned in HK.” To what extent do you agree with this view? In recent years, pet euthanasia has been a controversial topic among the public. In Hong Kong, pet euthanasia is legal and can be performed by a professional vet at either vet clinic or pet owners’ home. Though it is
A study of logic:Logic in everyday life Introduction In our everyday life, we experience different kinds of problems. Some of them are easy to solve, while the others, are somehow much harder to figure out the true solution. In fact, to solve each question, we would have to think carefully about the causes
The advantages and disadvantages of abolishing the death penalty in Hong Kong In the past few years, Hong Kong have happened some serious cases of which its criminals have severely offended the law .They are being imprisoned for the life ,but some citizens think they should have death penalty. It triggered
Question 1: Case Study - Making Toys Globally Background Toys in U.S. are mainly imported from other countries, such as China. Many of the toys are implied with lead paint or made up of plastic treated with lead. To ensure the safety of toys, lead has been abandoned as lead may cause health problems on children,
The retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong In this group project, our group is going to evaluate mainly the retail marketing strategy of LUSH in Hong Kong. As young women, we spend efforts on personal care and some of our group members do sometimes purchase in LUSH. Being attracted by the diversified
Will expectations from the others affect someone’s performance? Do you agree that once the others expected something more on you, your performance would likely be better? According to the Pygmalion effect(Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson ,1968), there is a positive correlation between
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Professional Education and Executive Development General University Requirements (GUR) SPD2310 Personal Management (Semester 1, 2015/16) Group Project Subject Lecturer: Mr. V. C. Tutorial Group: F11B Team # : _ Word Count: _ words Index Sections
EE1D03: Light: The science, the engineering, and how it shapes our civilization with English Writing Requirements Dr. A. P. Lau First Draft Submission: [The measurement in astronomy by using light] Word count: [818] words Student Name: [. Student ID: [. Date: [26/2/2017] EE1D03 Light: The science,
Explain the idea of Party-State in China. Examine the pros and cons of adopting such a system in Chinese politics. Party-State is a political system of single-party government that the ruling party commands the absolute power and exercise sovereignty. In modern liberal democratic countries, the
COMP 417 Assignment 1 Due: 23:00 Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 Note: Assignment must be submitted as soft copy on line. Late submission will be subjected to 33% per day and after 3 days, there is no marks. You can submit at most two times (just in case you found a mistake in a previous submission). Grading and late
Activity 15 Application letters with comments Jacky Au’s letter Annotated Version 1211 Wing Cheung House Wing Cheung Estate Tuen Mun New Territories 22 March 2016 Ms Connie Ho Director Human Resources Department South China Construction Ltd. 10th Floor, Phoenix Tower 65 Queen’s Road Central
ABCT1D05: Chinese Medicine: Myth or Treasure? Student Name: C. A. N. Student ID: 1. Title: TCM should integrate Western medicine Words count: 2239 Abstract The history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be traced back to 2500 years ago, which is one of the integral aspects of Chinese culture.
2 15069057D – W. Yin Ka ITC1001D Introduction to Thinking Styles 15 April 2016 Lecturer: Dr. Spencer TAO Title: How would you apply the theory of thinking styles to consider the studying area(s) and/or the future career that your will pursue? Introduction Thinking style dominate the way one thinks,
Classical Conditioning in Daily Life Classical conditioning discovered by Ivan Pavlov is one of the theories that is related to learning in psychology. According to Kendra(2016), classical conditioning is presented over the linkage between conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering ISE430 – Laboratory 1 Report Student Name (ID) D. M. (. Submitted to Dr. C.K. Kwong Prepared on 16th October, 2015 Part aResults of the laboratory exercise Dendrogram Factor Analysis Communalities
Internet Regulations to Control the Internet There are a narrow and a broad definitions for the Internet. The narrow definition solely defines the Internet as a technical subject that needs to be programmed or managed. On the other hand, the broader definition covers the whole aspect of human life
APSS1L01 Tomorrow’s Leaders Individual Paper Name of the student: Lam Wang Fai, I. Student ID: 16063811D Date of the Class: Wednesday Time of the Class: 1330 to 1630 Group Name: Era Lecturer of the class: Pui Ki Li Introduction of Emotional Competence and Its Relationship with Leadership Introduction

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