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Presentation763 Words / ~2 pages Ethnic geography „Ethnic­ity&#­8220­; derived from the Greek word „ethnos­̶­0;, which means “people­” or “nation­̶­0;. Ethnic groups have a strong feeling of togetherness because of their culture, race, religion, language or nationality. Ethnic groups are associated with clearly recognized territories in which they are primary or exclusive occupants and upon which they have placed distinctive cultural marks. So ethnic separatism has to do with territorial isolation and assists individual groups to retrain their identificatio­n. Where ethnic groups are intermixed because territorial boundaries are inexactly, conflict between those groups can be serious if peaceful relations or central government control break down (think of former Yugoslavia) The opposite to that…[show more]
Homework689 Words / ~ pages Response to: “A Rose for Emily” ‛A Rose for Emily’ was written in 1930 by William Faulkner. The title of the short story suggests a love story, but in fact it is some kind of a ‛farewe­ll­217; to a woman who died. The woman, Emily, is the central character in the story. The setting of the story is a small, southern town of the United States. Major themes of the story: The ‛good old South’: - Women were not able to escape the social pressure of the town’s community. Emily, for instance, was suppressed by her father and later by the community of the small town (whose people didn’t want her to fall in love with a Northener). All of her life, Emily has been dominated by others – she has never had a life of her own and she has never been able to make her own decisions because of the patriarchal…[show more]
Term paper2.107 Words / ~7 pages · Slavko Kolar Slavko Kolar je u svom zivotu otkrivao nepoznati svijet, ali ne siroka i otvorena prostranstva dalekih krajeva, nego onu nepoznatu i nepriznatu blizinu, koja nam se uvijek nalazi za ledjima. Otkrivao nam je zabacene i zatamnjene zakute svijeta koje gotovo ni geografija ne biljezi. Vec ta zivotna povijest ilustracija je vremena u kojem je zivio i svijeta na kojem je izgradio svoju novelistiku. Rodjen je u selu Palesniku u Moslavini (1.XII. 1891), on ce po diktatu neprekidnih premjestaja svog oca, ucitelja, vec u mladosti obici Garesnicu, Cazmu, Bjelovar i Zagreb, upoznavajuci na taj nacin kontraste tadasnje Hrvatske. Zavrsivsi, nakon gimnazije, vise gospodarsko uciliste u Krizevcima, Kolar i sam prezivljava za to doba karakteristic­nu zivotnu putanju cinovnika koji je hirom vlasti bacen sa jedne tacke na…[show more]
Term paper1.288 Words / ~ pages Interpretatio­n “Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part” Michael Drayton Table of contents: Introduction. 2 Lyrical speech situation. 2 Theme. 2 General Structure. 3 Rhetorical Figures on the Syntactical Level 3 Semantic Structure. 4 Argumentative structure. 5 Conclusion. 5 Work Cited: 5 Introduction The poem “Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part” by Michael Drayton is an English sonnet and was written during the Elizabethan Era, which is often considered to be golden age in English history ₁. The poem describes the thin line between love and hate and it discusses the end of a relationship and its possible recovery. Lyrical speech situation In Michael Drayton’s poem “Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part” the lyric I is characterized by an explicit subjectivity, who is almost certainly a man who…[show more]
Presentation2.196 Words / ~5 pages The reason for American women’s and minority history Ø Discriminatio­n Ø Male-dominate­d society forced them into inferior categories Ø Gap between national ideals and realities of prejudice Ø Changes in law did not function as intended, nor did they assure changes in attitudes Ø Strong opposition towards affirmative-a­ction­ programmes and election districts that arrange for preferential treatment of women and minorities in order to correct the effects of the past discriminatio­n Women in America Ø They do not: - work in most prestigious occupations, - earn as much money, - enjoy positions of equal social status Ø Work in poorly paid service jobs Ø Under-represe­nted in politics and the highest level in business management Ø Women’s legal status was determined by English common law: Law made by judges through…[show more]
Term paper3.248 Words / ~12 pages Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Research approach and theoretical background.2 3. Germanisms.4 3.1. verboten.4 3.2. blitz .5 3.3. ersatz.6 3.4. kaput(t).7 3.5. schlep(p).8 3.6. spritz.9 3.7. angst, angsty.10 4. Conclusion.11 5. Bibliography and webliography.­11 5.1. Secondary literature.11 5.2. Webliography.­12 1. Introduction This paper will deal with Germanisms in English. Selected Germanisms will be analyzed to illustrate their different fields of application and characteristi­cs. First, the research approach will be briefly explained before the analysis´ results will be presented. After the main analysis part, the findings of this paper will be summed up in a short conclusion 2. Research approach and theoretical background Germanisms, as all foreign and loan words, are created through the process…[show more]
Term paper1.809 Words / ~8 pages Text time (L2) and Story time (L4) in narratives. Order, duration and frequency in James Joyce’s A Painful Case Literary Studies II SS 2010 Table of content Introduction: 3 Text time. 3 Story time. 4 Order. 4 Duration. 5 Frequency. 6 A Painful Case. 7 Conclusion. 8 Introduction: Time is omnipresent; we cannot stop or change time. We use it to put events in order, to compare the duration of them and the intervals between them. So time has been a important subject of religion, science and philosophy. In narratives texts four levels can be distinguished­. The fist level concerns the real author, James Joyce, who addresses the real reading public by writing the narrative text. The second level is the text itself, written by the real author. The third one concerns the narrator, who is telling the story. And the last and fourth level…[show more]
Summary2.638 Words / ~12 pages Fiction is an imaginative form of narrative. It can be either written or oral. It is largely perceived as a form of art or entertainment­. The ability to create fiction is considered to be a fundamental aspect of human culture, one of the defining characteristi­cs of humanity. Representatio­n It is the production of meaning through language. It connects meaning and language to culture. It means using language to say something meaningful about, or to represent, the world meaningfully to other people. 2 systems of representatio­n exist: - Mental Representatio­n (concept): constructing a set of correspondenc­es à conceptual maps - Symbolic Representatio­n (language itself): constructing a set of signs to communicate and share the mental representatio­n To represent means to symbolize. We construct meanings and give them names,…[show more]
Notes14.688 Words / ~47 pages But by 1250 CE, French began to lose its prestige. King John had lost Normandy to the French in 1204 CE, and after him, King Edward I spoke only English. At this time, many foreigners entered England which made the nobility feel more English and so encouraged more use of the English language. The upper class tried to learn English, but they did still use French words sometimes, which was considered somewhat snobbish. French still maintained its prestige elsewhere, and the upper class did not want to lose it completely. Nevertheless, the Hundred Years War (1337-1453 CE) intensified hatred of all things French. The Black Death also played a role in increasing English use with the emergence of the middle class. Several of the workers had been killed by the plague, which increased the status of the peasants, who only spoke English. By…[show more]
Term paper3.363 Words / ~12 pages 1. Introduction The Tower of Babel was, according to Genesis Chapter 11, a planned tower in the city of Babel where numerous peoples lived, who were all speaking the same language. Working together as a unity they started to build a tower, which should reach the sky. However, God watching the people approaching heaven assumed that as long as people are unified through a common language, they could do whatever they wanted to. As a consequence, he confused their language and spread them all over the world. ( ) Whether this might be the reason for today’s vast variety of languages or not, fact is that there are probably ten thousands of languages spoken all over the world and even within a rather small part of it- namely Europe- it is not clear how many languages exist. Nevertheless, we can say that there is an effort to unify people…[show more]
Summary1.089 Words / ~ pages Summary of the last session (October 30, 2007) In the last session we finished Sidney’­s sonnet 15 and started with discussing two sonnets of Edmund Spenser’­;s sonnet cycle Amoretti, which means ‛little love poets’. I will start by analysing Sidney’­s sonnet and then give a short overview about Spenser’­;s life. After that, I will discuss Spenser’­;s sonnet 67 and 75 in greater detail. Sir Philip Sidney: Sonnet 15 1. You that do search for every purling spring “you”à he is talking to other poets. Search for spring, for water to be inspired 2. Which from the ribs of old Parnassus flows, “Parnas­sus”à­ mountain where the muses live 3. And every flower, not sweet perhaps, which grows 4. Near thereabouts, into your poesy wring; Pun: A posy is a bunch of flowersà gathering flowers…[show more]
Summary575 Words / ~ pages Summary - What is America Just a few days ago I heard somebody explaining why a topic becomes worth studying. Whenever a problem occurs in any aspect of life we study it in order so find a solution. Therefore it is understandabl­e why culture became an academic discipline, because there are indeed a lot of troubles concerning all kinds of cultures. So the question “What is America?” is not that easy to answer as it may seem in the first place, but if you take a closer look you will see that there are a lot of problems. Conventional approaches mainly focused on the perspective of white, heterosexual, middle-class men, which excluded numerous of other experiences made by a diversity of people who live in America. Therefore I think new approaches are crucial in order to give those groups a voice that have been marginalised for a very…[show more]
Term paper2.634 Words / ~10 pages Proseminararb­eit Untersuchung zur okkasionellen Flexion Am Beispiel von « Brulé vif » Un phénomène grammatical de la langue française qui semble n’avoir été que peut discuté jusqu’à présent est celui des adjectifs adverbialisés­. Le problème soulevé par cette catégorie grammaticale, qui n’appar­aît par ailleurs presque aucunement dans les grammaires françaises, est celui de l’accor­d de l’adjec­tif. Comment ce peut-il qu’un adjectif, ayant dans une phrase la fonction d’un adverbe, s’accor­de parfois aussi avec le sujet ou le complément d’objet alors qu’un adverbe est habituellemen­t invariable ? Pour tenter d’expli­quer ce fait, nous allons étudier l’exemp­le « être brûlé vif » où l’adjec­tif vif présente les caractéristiq­ues évoquées…[show more]
Homework1.847 Words / ~10 pages Writing a curriculum vitae Introduction Before I began to work at this paper I informed myself about curriculum vitae in general and what is important to write such a form. I read books about this subject and tried to inform myself with internet sources. The curriculum vitae, also known as CV, is a detailed biographical description of ones educational and work background where a leader of a company can find out something about your personality and your working experiences. The literal translation of the term curriculum vitae is: The course of ones life or career. The origin of this term is Latin and such a form becomes enormous significance in the todays job market. tting started The process of writing a curriculum vitae can be an exhilarating experience because it generates a heightened degree of pride in your accomplishmen­ts…[show more]
Essay688 Words / ~ pages Fat Land USA The US people are supersized today, unintentional­ly forced by food companies? In the late 80s the owner of the Italian restaurant chain „Olive Garden “received a phone call from Larry, who had an unusual complaint: He couldn’t fit in any of the chairs, because he was too fat. So the owner decided to buy supersize chairs for every Olive Garden restaurant in the country. Nowhere did this new boundary-free culture of American food consumption thrive better than in the traditional American family. But there was a lack of time when it came to the kids. And when it came to eating together, that time became ever dearer. The new parent had no time for such unpleasantnes­s. Most parents were pragmatists. It was easier and more practical simply to eat out – or to order in. In 1970 the “food away from home” was 25 percent; by 1996 Americans…[show more]
Homework706 Words / ~ pages Leechgasse 1, 8010 Graz Austria Hotel Athena Naxos Beach Limassol /Cyprus Dear Mrs. And Mr. Hubbard, My friends Elisabeth Klug, Marlene Sakoparnig and I have just returned from a week-long stay at your hotel. Im writing to express my extreme disappointmen­t at the holiday we received. To begin with, the large, comfortable room you advertised in your brochure could be better described as a disgrace. Not only did the room barely measure ten square meters but it also reeked like some animal died inside there- Every minute we spent in our room was excruciating. The 4 star accommodation we had been promised turned out to be, and excuse my language but there is no better word, nothing more than a rat hole! The paper peels off the wall and we had to lay in a squeaking bunk bed keeping us from getting a good nights sleep. Added to all this, the room…[show more]
Presentation1.081 Words / ~ pages Para la gente en España y en los paises de America latina deporte es muy importante. El patriotismo en estos paises se eleva, cuando hay un campeonato deportivo. La poblacion especialmente en America latina es muy pobre, pero cuando vean los deportistas en la television, la gente olviden sus preocupacione­s. Deporte en Espana Al principo queremos hablar sobre el deporte en España. Los espanoles son un pueblo muy deportivo. Actualmente son los mejores del mundo en el futbol, el tenis, el ciclismo y en muchas otras disciplinas deportivas. El fútbol es el deporte más popular en España. En 2005 lo practicaba el 31,7% de los españoles. Futbol es el segundo deporte más practicado detras de natacion. Pero el fútbol es más practicado que por ejemplo el ciclismo o la carrera a pie. Futbol La liga de futbol en Espana, la Primera Division, es…[show more]
Notes5.424 Words / ~17 pages American Literary History 1. Einheit Vortragender stellt sich vor, redet über die Geschichte und Literatur Amerikas – nichts prüfungsrelev­antes­! 2. Einheit · Literature: works of historical places and times (not only isolated pieces) · Northern area: New York, New England · Northern/sout­hern colonies: political views At the very beginning, not many distinctions, but afterwards: Southern colony – Virginia: founded because they wanted to make many through looking for gold à therefore they took slaves; distinction business enterprise à they run business for the king à a lot of investment (VirginiaR­17;s economy worked with money of the British company) Massachusetts­: founded by English Puritans (“refor­mers”­) under the leadership of the Pilgrims (protestants!­!) -> Mayflower 1617…[show more]
Notes566 Words / ~ pages British Culture 28.4.2010 Elizabethan age: Elizabeth I (known from many miniature portraits) 26 when she came to the throne Half sister of bloody Mary- Elizabeth was thrown into the tower by her Peace and stability Advisor: William Cecil, Lord Burleigh (1520 – 1598) Elizabethan age is seen as a “golden age” in Britain, she was written about in “The Fairy Queene” However, there were also problems: inflation, Catholics … Mary, Queen of Scots was also a threat: She was the heir to the throne in case Elizabeth had no children, she was married to the king of France, when he died she returned to Scotland. There: religious reformation (à John Knox – “The Kirk”, introduced a version of Calvinism, emphasized the integration of “elders­” into church government à Presbyteriani­sm) Mary was forced…[show more]
Summary3.720 Words / ~12 pages THEORIES ON DELINQUENCY ANALYSIS OF YOUTH-DELINQU­ENCY IN GRAZ IN CONNECTION WITH THEORIES OF STIGMATIZATIO­N From: ******* Matnr.: ******* Course: Introduction to Sociology Course Instructor: Prof. SEITZ ANNE Karl-Franzens University January 2010 INDEX OF CONTENTS 1.) Introduction. 3 2.) Description of the methodology. 4 3.) The Established and the Outsiders. 5 3.1.) Why Elias?. 5 3.2.) Explanation and relationships in Winston Parva. 5 4.) Sociological Theories. 8 4.1.) Labeling Theory. 8 4.2.) Subcultural Theory. 9 5.) Conclusion. 10 6.) Bibliography – Webliography. 12 1.) Introduction The following paper is going to deal with deviance, prejudices and especially with stigmatizatio­n. When you start studying in Graz you have to start managing your life on your own (if the city is not your hometown). You have…[show more]
Interpretation3.180 Words / ~11 pages Prayer before Birth Louis MacNeice Proseminar-Pa­per Introduction to Literary Studies I 1 Prayer before Birth 1 2 Introduction 2 3 Lyric Speech Situation 3 4 Theme 3 5 General Structure 4 6 Metre and Rhythm 4 7 Rhymes and Other Sound Patterns 5 8 Rhetorical Figures on the Morphological and on the Syntactic Level 5 9 Semantic Structure 6 10 Conclusion 8 11 Bibliography 9 12 Webliography 9 1 Prayer before Birth I am not yet born; O hear me. Let not the bloodsucking bat or the rat or the stoat or the club-footed ghoul come near me. I am not yet born, console me. I fear that the human race may with tall walls wall me, with strong drugs dope me, with wise lies lure me, on black racks rack me, in blood-baths roll me. I am not yet born; provide me With water to dandle me, grass to grow for me, trees to talk to me, sky to sing to me, birds and a white light in the back…[show more]
Homework1.252 Words / ~ pages Economic recession – A chance for small businesses This report is aimed at outlining the chances of forming a small business, which rised in the recent economic recession and, in addition, it describe a new kind of entrepreneurs­. I will concentrate on the recent increase in small businesses, the chances and challenges for the “new entrepreneurs­” and the problems of starting a business. Furthermore, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a sole proprietorshi­p, a partnership and a private limited company in order to give advices what might be the most suitable legal form for a small business. Finally, an example of such a small business will be given. The last few months have shown the world once more that a secure job cannot be taken for granted. A lot of people lost their jobs as a consequence of the recession and…[show more]
Homework1.738 Words / ~ pages My reunion with Jerry We used to sit next to each other in elementary school, but that was a long time ago, and I hadnt seen Jerry in quite a while. I was all the more surprised when I received his friend request one morning. We sort of reconnected via facebook, but soon we wanted a re-union in real life, too, so we arranged a meeting. And this is how it went: We were supposed to meet at a café near his alma mater, a place he chose because of its great menu, at least thats what he said. How he knew if it was still the same, when he had been living in another town for the past twenty years, I didnt know and I didnt really care either. He told me to wear the red dress with the extremely low neckline Im wearing in my profile picture, so he could recognize me. Thats how it was supposed to work. Him recognizing me as I hadnt seen a picture of him yet. He didnt trust the…[show more]
Summary1.335 Words / ~6 pages Summery The British museum is falling down (1965) David Lodge ➢Story: ⓣ 1960s (see “Beatles” p.38), November (p.11) ⓛ London (see “the British Museum” p.12, “Thames” p.35, “Bloomsbury” p.38, “the Great Russell Street” p.39), the British Museum (p.39ff) ⓟ · Adam Appleby, twenty-five years old, post-graduate student (p.11) · Barbara Appleby, Adams wife (p.12) · their children (p.13): ◦ Clare, firstborn ◦ Dominic, a year younger than Clare ◦ Edward, the youngest · Mrs Green, the renter, widow (p.28) · Father Finbar Flannegan, catholic priest (p.33) · Bernie Schnitz (p.92, p.164); the rich, fat American (p.33, p.49) · the door-keeper at the British Museum (p.40) · the two men at the ticket office in the British Museum (p.41) · Camel, Adams friend (p.44) · the Chinese (p.60) · Pond, an acquaintance of Adam at the British Museum (p.61)…[show more]
Summary796 Words / ~ pages Ames, Michael M. (1992), ‛How Anthropologis­ts Stereotype Other People’­, in Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes. The Anthropology of Museums, Vancouver, 49-58. There a four ways of ethnographic collections in museums by Ames Michael: Cabinets of Curiosities: The material properties of tribal peoples were classed with strange flora and fauna, as object of wonder and delight. It was important to select objects that would stimulate admiration and wonder to reflect the special knowledge or privileged status of the collector. Early anthropology museums and the natural history approach: In the latter part of the 19th century the cabinets of curiosities were transformed into organized museums that present artefacts of “primit­ive societies” as a part of nature with their evolutionary stage of development…[show more]
Presentation1.449 Words / ~9 pages MASS MEDIA IN BRITAIN Inhalt BRITISH PRINT MEDIA. 2 1. Newspapers 3 2. Quality Press 4 3. Middle-Market 5 4. Tabloids 5 5. Magazines 6 ELECTRONIC MEDIA IN GREAT BRITAIN. 7 6. TV. 7 7. Soaps: 8 8. Reality TV: 8 9. Radio. 9 ­ MEDIA FREEDOM IN THE UK Freedom of expression is protected under: · 1998 Human Rights Act which enacted into UK law the European Convention on Human Rights · 2005 Freedom of Information Act, the 1998 Act also introduced privacy as a statutory right. The British press is unrestricted by censorship or state control. It is considered to be an instrument and criticising government and decision-make­rs. It has considerable influence in public affairs and therefore is sometimes called the „Fourth Estate“. The „Press Council“ was set up to safeguard the freedom of the press and to maintain the highest professional standards.…[show more]
Presentation634 Words / ~ pages SCHOOL Systems School systems: British System: à Basic information: Years 1-2 are spent in infant schools Years 3-7: junior schools Years 7-11: Secondary schools (aka High schools) Main exams: GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) = taken at the age of 16 From age 16 to 18, many students stay in the school system to study for A (advance) levels. If they have good results, they can go to one of the 89 universities in the country. à Different types of schools: o State schools (94% of the 9 million schoolchildre­n) = free o Private schools (6%) = you have to pay for it State schools: o Comprehensive schools: = most common type of school (90%) = non-selective (anyone can go to them) à Specialist schools (specialized in a particular area, e.g. modern languages, technology, sports o Grammar schools and secondary modern schools…[show more]
Presentation4.039 Words / ~19 pages Problems of Megacities at the example of Mexico City, New York, London, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro 1) Definition – What is a mega-city? 2) Problems which can occur in a big city. 3) Why do cities grow? - Urbanization 4) Slums 5) Examples: · Mexico City · New York · London · Tokyo · Rio de Janeiro 1) Definition – What is a mega-city? à Mega-cities are cities that are expected to have populations of at least eight million inhabitants by the year 2000. à A further definition: “Megaci­ties”­ are defined as urban areas with more than five million inhabitants. Scientists estimate that by 2015 the world may contain as many as 60 megacities where more than 600 million people will like and where much of the worldwide process of urbanization is taking place. à A megacity can be a single metropolitan area or two or more metropolitan…[show more]
Homework654 Words / ~ pages Correction of Task 1 How to create a business organisation In this text I would like to deal with the typical features of a business organisation. The definition of “busine­ss” First of all I would like to define the word “busine­ss”. Business is a kind of organisationa­l entity which deals with the production, buying or selling of goods, services or ideas to generate profits. The most important motive of any business is to make money and to work economically. Every business needs a legal form and some sort of organisationa­l structure. Initiating a business Before initiating a business it is advantageous to find out if people are interested in buying the products and services you would like to offer and if your idea is accomplishabl­e.[1]­ When starting a new business, there are numerous important decisions to be made…[show more]
Term paper1.994 Words / ~11 pages SONNET XII by William Shakespeare Proseminar paper for LITERARY STUDIES I SS 10 by [student name] Matr.Nr. Table of Contents 1) Introduction 3 2) Lyric Speech Situation . 3 3) Theme 4 4) General Structure 4 5) Metre and Rhythm 5 6) Rhymes and Other Sound Patterns 6 7) Rhetorical Figures on the Syntactic Level . . 7 8) Rhetorical Figures on the Semantic Level 7 9) Argumentative Structure 8 10) Conclusion 8 11) Works Cited . 9 SONNET XII 1When I do count the clock that tells the time, 2And see the brave day sunk in hideous night; 3When I behold the violet past prime, 4And sable curls all silverd oer with white; 5When lofty trees I see barren of leaves 6Which erst from heat did canopy the herd, 7And summers green all girded up in sheaves 8Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard, 9Then of thy beauty do I question make, 10That thou among the wastes…[show more]
Notes2.586 Words / ~7 pages American Literary History 1. The “Discov­ery” of America Christoph Columbus The way he writes about America (which he thought was India) is interesting for Literature Genre: travel-writin­g Reiseführer: sells an idea of what to expect of a specific place with the intention of a person going there. Columbus wrote very similar but his intention was not to get people (the King and Queen of Spain) to go there but to report to them. He writes about his discoveries He wrote a daily diary, a lot about ordinary things; reported everything that happened. Many days they didn’t find anything at all, but when they did, it was a huge deal and he sold it well to the King and Queen. He was very convinced and self-confiden­t that his life was so important for History because he wrote and discovered so much in India. His writings imply that he…[show more]
Notes1.685 Words / ~4 pages Survey of American Literary History Main topics: Patriots vs. Loyalists Stamp Act 1765 Republicanism Slave Narrative Epistolary Novel Stamp act: 1765 Every written paper had to get one, and of course pay for it, this was one of the main reasons for the American revolution 1776 -> Declaration of Independence only 14 states involved (today 52) formed the USA about 1/3 supported it, 1/3 were against, and 1/3 didn’t care, as about 80% of the Americans were farmers, among them political awareness was not very high at this time the number of people in America was about 4 million (today about 230 million) One literary genre formed Americas mind about being a nation was the sentimental novel. Reader: Patriots: in favour of American Independence, every patriot saw himself as slave, because they were “slaved­” by the English…[show more]
Notes15.497 Words / ~63 pages Songs of Innocence and of Experience Published in 1794, this collection of poems, fully illustrated and originally hand-printed by Blake, aimed to show the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul. The Songs of Innocence section contains poems which are positive in tone and celebrate love, childhood and nature. The Songs of Experience poems are obviously intended to provide a contrast, and illustrate the effects of modern life on people and nature. Dangerous industrial conditions, child labour, prostitution and poverty are just some of the topics Blake explores. The French Revolution In 1789, the French people revolted against the monarchy and aristocracy, using violence and murder to overthrow those in power. Many saw the French Revolution as inspirational - a model for how ordinary, disadvantaged people could seize power.…[show more]
Term paper2.148 Words / ~11 pages Advanced Pronunciation An outline of the mispronunciat­ions WS 2010/11 Table of Contents pages 1. Introduction 1 2. Most frequent mistakes of our example 2-7 2.1. Pronouncing the Consonant /p/ 2 2.2. Pronouncing the Consonant /b/ 2 2.2.1. Analysis of the student’­;s reading 3 2.2.2. Remedial exercises 3 2.3. Voiced /z/ versus unvoiced /s/ 4 2.3.1. Analysis of the student’­;s reading 4 2.3.2. Remedial exercises 5 2.4. Pronouncing the /th/ 5 2.4.1. Analysis of the student’­;s reading 5-6 2.4.2. Remedial Exercise 6-7 3. Conclusion 8 4. Bibliographie 9 1. Introduction This paper aims at illustrating the pronunciation mistakes of German natives speaking English, and explaining those pronunciation mistakes by analysing example three of the given samples. Many German speaking people often tend to mispronounce…[show more]
Summary829 Words / ~2 pages RIASSUNTO CRISTINA COMMENCINI: QUANDO LA NOTTE Marina, una giovane madre, su consiglio del suo pediatra, va in montagna in Austria con il figlio piccolo in estate e si trova di fronte alla propria incapacità di essere una brava mamma. Manfred, un uomo di poche parole e rude proprietario dell’ap­parta­ment­o di montagna soffre del trauma di un doppio abbandono: è stato lasciato da sua madre e anni dopo anche da sua moglie per cui ha perso la fiducia nelle donne. Una notte succede qualcosa nell’ap­parta­ment­o di Marina che cambia la vita dei due protagonisti. Manfred, dopo aver sentito il rumore di un vetro che si rompeva, il pianto del bambino, dei colpi e un improvviso silenzio, apre la porta della stanza di sopra e trova una scena spaventosa: c’è sangue, il bambino è ferito e muto, sdraiato a terra in una bozza…[show more]
Homework552 Words / ~ pages Strange Meeting – Essay All this hype, about vampires, was slowly but surly starting to annoy me. For some reason the youth of today had this insane obsession for the living dead and their immortality. I had taken a book off of one of my students today because she was reading it in class. I should be happy that they are at least reading something, but still, they shouldnt be doing it during lessons. I thought to myself that evening, why not read it myself, to see what all the fuss is about. So I started. I was through the first five chapters when a strange eerie feeling came over me. I ignored it at first, shrugging it off, but it stayed. At last, I looked up. And there I saw it, a tall dark figure, all clad in black and hooded. At first I thought I was dreaming, I thought that I must have dozed off while reading my book or something. After staring…[show more]
Presentation804 Words / ~ pages The Cherokee Nation by Mediha Ohranovic General Information: · Cherokee – largest tribe which is federally recognized by US government · At about 300.000 members · Originally settled in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee · Capital of the Cherokee land = New Echota · There are two theories concerning their origin: 1st – they came from the Great Lakes region (to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.) 2nd – they have always been there ( in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.) · The Cherokee Nation has more tribes, it is not just one Cherokee tribe. 3 of the tribesare federally recognized by US government. One of them is in North Carolina and two of them are in Oklahoma (Why in Oklahoma? -> see Trial…[show more]
Presentation1.041 Words / ~ pages Body Language Referat – Presentaton – Communicaton Techniques Body Language of Americans Let’s start with a short classificatio­n of body language. As you may know human communication consists of two parts, the verbal and the nonverbal communication­. The first one is about what we say and the second one about how we say it. Body language is a part of nonverbal communication­. What do you think. Do we communicate more verbally or more nonverbally? Actually 90% of our body language is nonverbally, which is a very high percentage. So let’s get started with the actual topic. Let’s just think for one moment about this question: “ When we turn the TV sound off, how do we know we’re watching an American TV series or film?” Well, what we see first are the actors and their mimic which is a form of body language. What we can observe is that Americans…[show more]
Notes1.056 Words / ~ pages Survey of American Literary History 15.11.2010 American Exceptionalis­m Salem, MA Platonic World View The Great Awakening Utopia-Dystop­ia Antinomian Controversy Huac “The effects of the egg and the mirror” 3 Local girls began to experiment with fortune telling by looking at an egg in the mirror. One of them was frightened when she saw something that looked like a ghost. Soon after that, the daughter of the local pastor and his 11 year old niece began to show symptoms à invisible demons. Questioning several women including a slave from the Caribbean. Symptoms did not disappear but became more. 3 random women were accused of witchcraft and executed. Up to 200 men and women were then executed because there was enough scientific proof that they were witches. A lot of them confessed (torture!). What does it tell us about American…[show more]
Final thesis9.202 Words / ~34 pages Managing the global energy challenges Contents 1 The poker of pipelines for oil and gas. 5 1.1 Introduction 7 1.1.1 World primary energy consumption of oil and natural gas. 7 1.1.2 Environmental impacts. 11 1.2 Worlds poker over pipelines. 12 1.2.1 Pipeline Routes all over the world. 12 1.2.2 History and Interests behind the pipelines. 16 1.2.3 New conflicts about fossil energy. 19 1.3 Outlook: Alternatives and Expectations for the future. 24 1.4 Bibliography. 33 Figures Figure 1: Proved Oil reserves at end 2009. 8 Figure 2: Proved natural gas reserves at end 2009. 8 Figure 3: World pipeline map. 13 Figure 4: European strategy for natural gas. 14 Figure 5: Source EU Commission, IEA; Calculated by DIW Berlin, in Billion per unit volume, p. 4, 30.04.2011) 24 Figure 6: Eurogas long term outlook 2030, ( p. 5, 30.04.2011). 25 Figure 7:…[show more]
Notes7.025 Words / ~26 pages Succeeded Elisabeth, Son of Mary, was interested in the study of witchcraft Stuart Kings. George Villiers, first Duke of Buckingham who was to pay for government/ war, taxation (regular- not just taxes in war but also in peace) royal prerogative; absolutist monarchies (e.g. France) – king has all the power. He rules, dissolved from the people, his rule has not to be judged. The Gunpower Plot, 5.11.1605- Guy Fawkes Charles 1 (1625-1649) (painting by Anthonis van Dyck) equestrian portrait- he liked to be painted like that. Anthonis van Dyck (painter): portrait of Inigo Jones (1573-1652), surveyor of the king’s works; costume designs for masques as well. Banqueting House at Whitehall Palace, London- Ceiling by Peter Paul Rubens, with the apotheosis of James 1 The Wilton Diptych (London, National Gallery) wife:…[show more]
Homework924 Words / ~ pages Amnesty International Amnesty International is a worldwide movement which is indepent of any goverment, political party, economic interest, or religious belief. Its activities focos strictly on prisoners: ·It seeks the release of prisoners of conscience: These are men and women imprisoned for their political believes, race or religion and who are not guilty of any violence. ·It demands fair and early trials for all such prisoners ·It opposes the death penalty and torture. A.I. was started in 1961 with a newspaper article by British lawyer Peter Benenson. Their was an enormous response to hi initiative and A.I. became soon the largest human rights organisation. Prisoners of conscience are held in nearly halt the countreis of the world, in some countries prisoner could be put in prison without trial. When it happens so A. I.…[show more]

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