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Leibniz Universität Hannover

Term paper2.694 Words / ~9 pages Identitiy Dilemma in Amy Tans Rules of the Game - Living in American and Chinese culture Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Waverly’s struggle with the Chinese culture 2.1 Her distant relation 2.2 The strict Chinese upbringing&sh­y 2.3 Impacts of the Chinese conditions 3. Waverly’s conflict with the American culture 3.1 The anti-American view of her mother 3.2 Assimilation problems 3.3 Incongruity of the American and the Chinese culture 4.Conclusion 5. Works cited Leibniz University of Hannover Academic Writing and Research Identity Dilemma Living within two cultures can be challenging, especially in the case of the contrasting American and Chinese culture. Many Asian Americans are exposed to this multicultural living in the United States. They can be differentiate­d by generational means, i.e. the first-generat­ion…[show more]
Homework824 Words / ~ pages Should the Unemployed be Forced to Work in Any Job, without Free Choice? The question, whether the unemployed should carry out any job they get offered, seems to be in the focus of labour market politics at the present time. At the moment this discussion is pretty lively, especially in Germany. A new law, which forces the unemployed to work in any offered job, is being introduced. The introduction of this law caused a lot of controversy, although it is the right way to improve the disastrous situation on the labour market. ­ As a part of the so-called “Hartz” – reform, which centres around a complete restructure of labour market politics in Germany, the fourth part of this law comes into force on 1 January 2005. Its goal is to halve the number of the unemployed and the saving of twenty billion Euros. According to this law almost every…[show more]
Report7.353 Words / ~21 pages Geologischer Bericht Sed et lacus quis enim mattis nonummy Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ligula suspendisse nulla pretium, rhoncus tempor fermentum, enim integer ad vestibulum volutpat. Nisl rhoncus turpis est, vel elit, congue wisi enim nunc ultricies sit, magna tincidunt. Maecenas aliquam maecenas ligula nostra, accumsan taciti. Sociis mauris in integer, a dolor netus non dui aliquet, sagittis felis sodales, dolor sociis mauris, vel eu libero cras. Faucibus at. Arcu habitasse elementum est, ipsum purus pede porttitor class, ut adipiscing, aliquet sed auctor, imperdiet arcu per diam dapibus libero duis. Enim eros in vel, volutpat nec pellentesque leo, temporibus scelerisque nec. Ac dolor ac adipiscing amet bibendum nullam, lacus molestie ut libero nec, diam et, pharetra sodales, feugiat ullamcorper id tempor id…[show more]
Term paper3.280 Words / ~9 pages The Role of Women in Charlotte Bronte´s Jane Eyre 1. Introduction 2. Women in Victorian England 3. Women in Jane Eyre 4. Conclusion 5. Works cited 1. Introduction The role of women in society has changed significantly the last 200 years. This changing has not stopped until today. Topics like women´s quota, women´s emancipation, and sexism are mentioned in nearly every kind of informational media. For this current cause it is interesting to know more about the beginnings of changing women´s role in society. The initiation can be traced back in the Victorian Age where women began to revolt about undervaluing and disrespect in front of them. Many female writers tried to express themselves in literature, in which they find a helpful medium to advice people of the drawback in society. Women in Victorian England were treated unequally…[show more]
Term paper3.688 Words / ~15 pages Leibniz Universität Hannover - Englisches Seminar - Phraseology (LingF4) Connectors of comparison and contrast A corpus-based analysis of German EFL learners and natives speakers of English Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Data and methodology 2.1 Data 2.2 Methodology 3. Analysis of the data 3.1 Quantitative analysis/ Over- and underuse 3.1.1 Interpretatio­n 3.2 Qualitative Analysis 3.2.1 “Even though” 3.2.2 “On the other hand” 3.2.3 “At the same time” 3.2.4 “On the one hand” 4. Conclusion 1. Introduction In the contemporary usage of the English language, connectors play an important role. Their primary function is to link sentences, expressing a certain relationship to the reader. Therefore, they simultaneousl­y inherit numerous other functions such as adding, comparing, contrasting, resulting, summarizing…[show more]
Essay600 Words / ~ pages The Giver The Giver is the previous Receiver of Memory, who trains the storys protagonist and currently selected Receiver of Memory Jonas in the same called utopian/dysto­pian novel The Giver written by Lois Lowry and published in 1993. The cover of the novel illustrates the appearance of the character. With a height taller than the child on the cover, gray hair, a matching grizzled beard, fair skin and dark clothes, he portrays the quintessentia­l wise, old man. He stretches out both of his hands to the young child, who is standing infront of him, as if both of them are connecting. Looking more closely, it is remarkable that, just like the child, he doesnt have any facial features on the cover. Both of the characters are emphasized by a light coming from above that points them out and, in addition to that, also their importance in the novel.…[show more]

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