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Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - LMU

Report4.316 Words / ~14 pages Alien Notes Intercultural Project Reflective Report 1. America- 1 1.1. First observations – Night on Earth- 1 1.2. My Project – Helping American Indian families- 2 2. I’m an alien- 3 2.1. Downtown- 3 2.1.1. Thank you, Mr. Busdriver 3 2.1.2. Sweety, Honey, Sugar 6 2.2. At the office- 7 2.2.1. The Cubicle- 7 2.2.2. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. 8 2.2.3. Just let her bring her own cake. 8 2.3. Out with friends- 9 2.3.1. Beer and culture- 10 2.3.2. Let’s take over the world- 11 3. Conclusion- 12 1. America 31 July, 2009. The plane smoothly touches down on the runway, the wind roars as it hits the flaps of the wings bringing the plane to a halt. Then a short moment of silence until the clicking of seatbelts can be heard, phone conversations are started and the passengers hurry to get their carry-on…[show more]
Interpretation1.428 Words / ~ pages Journal de lecture Thierry Lenain - Un pacte avec le diable Table des matières · Pourquoi j’ai choisi le lecture · Resumées du chapitres 1-7 · Critique personelle 1. Pourquoi j’ai choisi le lecture J’ai triai le lecture ‹‹Un pacte avec le diable››, parce à mon avis le sujet de la drogue est très problématique et plus de jeunes gens s’adonnent à les drogues. Les nouvelles concernent souvent des les consequences du toxicomans. C’est pourqui les livres comme le lecture ‹‹Un pacte avec le diable›› est important pour clarifier le danger du drogues. 2. Resumées du chapitres 1. La fuit Roxanne, qui a douze ans, n’aime pas les livres pour enfants parce qu’ils ont toujours un happy-end et ce n’est pas comme ça dans la vraie vie. Elle trouve qu’elle est à mi-chemin entre une petite fille et une grande personne et pour elle, c’est un problème. Mais…[show more]
Summary1.335 Words / ~ pages Bernard Fauvre, The Red Thread Buddhist Approaches to Sexuality; Chapter 4 - part 2 21.06.2012 Summer Term 2012 Seminar: Reading Theory in English: Bernard Fauvre, “The Red Thread: Buddhist Approaches to Sexuality” Lecturer: Presenter: Chapter 4: Clerical Vices and Vicissitudes Part 2 (p.172-206) The Juridical Background Edict of 1873: Monks are now allowed to eat meat, take wives freely etc. (This edict deplores corruption) how corrupt must your circle be if are forced to lower the rules like that in order for everyone to be an acceptable monk The role of Shintô: (anti-Buddhis­t atmosphere), promotion and support majority, as Buddhism was already seen as degenerated => leave Buddhist monks to their degeneration Inner rule of the sangha now supplemented by an external rule. Code for Monks and Nuns (Sôniryô) State legislation…[show more]
Presentation1.992 Words / ~7 pages Contrastive linguistics and language teaching I. Introduction As you already know, Contrastive linguistics is a branch of linguistics which seeks to compare the sounds, grammars and vocabularies of two languages with the aim of describing the similarities and differences between them. Such a description’s purpose may be to contribute to the task of foreign language teaching. The aim of my presentation is to show how and why contrastive linguistics can be useful to the teacher of English as a second language. First I will give you a short overview over today’s presentation. After that, I am going to explain each of the three different linguistic fields that contribute to language teaching: Contrastive analysis, error analysis and Interlanguage­. I am also going to analyze, in what way each one of these topics is useful for a…[show more]
Report875 Words / ~2 pages Review on the thesis “Resilience in Energie Regionen, Das Praxisbeispie­l Energie Region Erzgebirge” by Thorsten Schilling Seminar: Transition Towards Sustainabilit­y Prof. Dr. C. Binder / Prof. Dr. B. Gill Review written by: The thesis “Resilience in Energie Regionen, Das Praxisbeispie­l Energie Region Erzgebirge” deals with resilience in energy regions and focuses on the energy region “Erzgebirge” as a concrete example. The author starts of with an introduction, which points out general ecological problems, like the rise of the temperature in the 21th century. The continuous global change calls for a change in the energy sector, towards the use of sustainable energy sources. The Main research question is, if the structure of an energy region itself can be characterized as resilient. In the following step the author…[show more]
Term paper4.732 Words / ~13 pages 4.3 Neuaubing/Fre­iham as a model district The following example shows, how an existing area with mixed zoning of residential buildings and commercial property as well as a development area can transform to a district with balanced CO2 data. With todays technologies it would already be possible to make this area a real model district, with the reasonable use of building, energy and traffic technology. This scenario covers a period of 30 years, in which the modification should be completed (Siemens, sustainable urban infrastructur­e (2009), P. 49). Munich and its southern surroundings have a huge reservoir of ecologically friendly energies. In a depth of 3000 to 5000 meters, there are inexhaustible hot water sources with temperatures reaching up to 140 degree Celsius. This thermal energy can be used for heating and energy…[show more]
Lecture1.266 Words / ~4 pages Nichtregierun­gsorg­anis­ationen und Freiwilligkei­t in der Republik Moldau In der letzten Zeit wird in der Republik Moldau über den Aufbau der Zivilgesellsc­haft ständig diskutiert. Politische und wirtschaftlic­he Umgestaltunge­n führten zur Entstehung neuer juristischer Normen und Begriffe. Dazu gehören auch die Gestaltung der Zivilgesellsc­haft sowie die der Nichtregierun­gsorg­anis­ation. Sie spielen bekanntlich in der Gesellschaft ein gewichtige strukturieren­de aufbauende Rolle und bilden sichere Voraussetzung­en für die Ausformung eines Rechtstaates. Der Werdegang einer Zivilgesellsc­haft ist in proportionale­r Abhängigkeit von der Öffentlichkei­t, die daran teilnimmt, vom Sinn der Gerechtigkeit der Mitbürger und derer Fähigkeit das Recht auf Vereinigung sowie das Recht auf neue Gesellschafts­organ­isat­ionen…[show more]
Term paper1.664 Words / ~ pages Ludwig-Maximi­lians­-Uni­versität München Institut für Englische Philologie Early Modern Revenge Tragedy SS 2015 Dozent: , BA, 11257192 Comic relief in Hamlet’s Act 5 Scene 1 Definition and function of comic relief Comic relief scene in Hamlet: the graveyard scene 5.1 (Scene summary and use of humour) Overall effect on the play An often recurring feature of William Shakespeare’s tragedies is the presence of at least one humorous scene in an otherwise serious play. This is called comic relief and is intended to release some of the dramatic tension. After the murder of Polonius, Ophelia’s suicide and Claudius’ plot to get Hamlet killed the tension of the play is at its climax and in need for some emotional release. This way Shakespeare could also delay the final confrontation and save some suspense to keep the audience interested…[show more]
Exam thesis29.299 Words / ~121 pages Figure 24: Relative number of mentions (in %) of the strategy of IFIDs in Australian and American English (December 2008). At first glance, it seems that only marginal differences are observable. Yet, some interesting results became visible. Generally, American English native speakers made use of less IFIDs than Australians across all situations, as is clearly illustrated by the chart. The case of S3 (Manager), in which invariably all respondents from both target groups explicitly apologized, was surprising in light of the fact that the situation was characterized by a higher social status of the offending person. Nevertheless, it seemed to call for an explicit apology among all participants of the study. The results found in S1 (Professor), in which Australian English speakers showed a significantly higher employment…[show more]
Handout2.505 Words / ~11 pages Generally very heterogenous groups Wicca largest neopagan group in the UK: worships mother goddess and a horned god Founded in the first half of the 20th century by Gerald Gardener Derives from the Old English word for witch and wizard Belief: very diverse, no uniform doctrine, but most wiccans believe in the existence of a goddess and a god Some wiccans claim to exercise magic Problems: some people think of Wicca as Satanism or Witchcraft -> practice their beliefs in secrecy Census 2011 offered members of Wicca to describe their religion simply as “Pagan” Heathenry Heathenry in the UK is mainly divided into two groups: Odinism and Fyrnsidu Odinism: honours Norse deities (Odin, Fricka, Freya) and members believe that they are the national British religion Symbol..…[show more]
Interpretation1.161 Words / ~3 pages Gedichtvergle­ich von Thomas Hardys The Darkling Thrush und William Wordworths Hark! Tis the Thrush In the following, William Wordsworth’s sonnet “Hark! ‘tis the Thrush” from 1838 and Thomas Hardy’s poem “The Darkling Thrush” from 1900 will be briefly analyzed and then compared with regard to the dominant word fields and imagery as well as to the way they deal with the Romantic concept of nature and its effect on the human soul. In Wordsworth’s poem, the lyrical I – supposedly a man – listens to the caroling of a thrush and gains confidence and strength as a result. Concerning the content, it can be divided into three units: In the first five lines, he describes the thrush as a very strong and loving animal which isn’t much affected by any wind or weather and still keeps on caroling. He then addresses the thrush and thanks it for having…[show more]
Essay567 Words / ~ pages Bevölkerung 2050- Sollte man sich Sorgen machen? Was hat die Geburtenrate, die Lebenserwartu­ng und die Migration gemeinsam? Auf den ersten Blick scheinbar nur die deutsche Herkunft des Wortes, doch auf den zweiten Blick stellen sie sich als die wichtigsten Faktoren für die Bevölkerungsz­ahl eines Landes heraus. Tatsächlich ist es mit der Bevölkerung schon so weit gekommen, dass man angefangen hat sich darüber Gedanken zu machen, ob es noch in 20-30 Jahren die Gemütlichkeit der Lebensqualitä­t geben wird. Doch ist diese Vorsorge wirklich notwendig? Ein Artikel aus einer deutschen Fachzeitschri­ft setzte sich mit diesem Thema auseinander. Im Artikel geht es um, die Bevölkerung die auch die spätere Arbeitswelt beeinflussen werde. Laut dem Artikel sind 3 Größen für die Bevölkerungsz­ahl bestimmend. Die Geburtenrate, die…[show more]

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