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Mapple Valley Highschool

Presentation1.288 Words / ~ pages The Graduate Book Report I.Introductio­n of the book The title of the book is The Graduate. The author’­s full name is Charles Webb. 1. Charles Webb was born in Ogden, Utah, United States. 2. Dean Hughes concentrates on messages of unity, truth, and love,” remarked a contributor for St. James Guide to young Adult Writers, “but the primary tie which pulls all of his works together is the note of hope on which they usually end.” Author of nearly ninety books for young readers, Hughes is a prolific and versatile writer of nonsense poetry, historical novels, sports novels, children̵­7;s stories, and young adult novels. Many of Hughes’­s works for young people II. Appreciation of the book A. The book is a non-fiction book. B. What made this a good book is that it was full of practically everything that I’m interested…[show more]
Essay1.557 Words / ~6 pages “Migration reduces disparities in wealth and development” Discuss this statement Migration is defined as the movement of people to a new area or country in order to find job opportunities and/or better living conditions. It can occur on a variety of scales ranging from domestic to international­. When migration is within a country we refer to it as domestic. International migration occurs between countries or even continents. In most cases domestic migration and international migration reduce disparities in wealth and development over an extended period of time. In certain situations, however, migration does not lead to a reduction of these disparities. Disparities in wealth and development can be seen as the gaps between the wealthy and the poor. The level of wealth and development of countries can be measured in GDP (Gross…[show more]
Abstract500 Words / ~ pages The black cat by Edgar Allan Poe Character development “The black cat” by Edgar Allan Poe is a story about a man who is a murderer and an abusive bully. He made home a living hell for his wife, pets, and himself. Hes writing to us from his prison cell, sharing his thoughts about the crimes he had done before he dies(death sentence). The character changes rapidly as the story develops. Though it might be hard to believe at first, the narrator describes his young years like this: “ From my infancy I was noted for the docility and humanity of my disposition. My tenderness of heart was even so conspicuous as to make me the jest of my companions. I was especially fond of animals [.]”. From this description we can assume that the character was a cheerful, warm hearted and animal loving human being. This might sound good on the surface but, now that he…[show more]
Text Analysis1.043 Words / ~ pages Okonkwo The Tragic Hero To answer this question, one should first know the meaning of the terrible saint. An appalling legend, as characterized by Aristotle is a character who is honorable in nature, has an unfortunate imperfection and finds his destiny by his own behavior. In Things Fall Apart, a novel by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo can be viewed as a grievous legend since he meets the majority of Aristotles criteria by being a terrible saint by being a fruitful and regarded pioneer in Umuofia, having a shocking blemish, and finding his destiny not long after his activity. The main Aristotles model of the unfortunate saint requires that the character must be honorable or a man of high status. In that sense, as depicted by Achebe, Okonkwo was notable all through the nine towns and even past. His distinction laid on strong individual accomplishmen­ts…[show more]
Lab Report1.939 Words / ~10 pages Rapport de laboratoire : recherche de la force de frottement THÉORIE On doit concevoir une sortie d’autoroute en déterminant précisément que devra être la valeur du rayon de courbure de cette sortie. La sortie sera constituée de béton et ne sera ni mouillée, ni enneigée. La vitesse limite donnée par la loi est de 100km/h, mais certains conducteurs ne s’en préoccupent pas et roulent à 120 km/h. On devra faire les calculs en conséquence de la vitesse de 120 km/h pour pouvoir accommoder ces conducteurs lors de leur début dans la sortie et pou. Or, pour ce qui est de la masse des automobiles, elle importera peu, car elle sera annulée dans les calculs. Il ne faudra donc pas prendre en considération la masse des voitures ou des camions (par contre, la vitesse sera importante). La sortie se situera sur un terrain plat, horizontal, donc il n’y…[show more]
Essay2.622 Words / ~7 pages Пірцхалав­­а Тіна 11 а Сучасні молодіжні субкульту­­ри У всі часи існувало розшарува­­ння суспільст­­ва на різні класи. На бідних і багатих, на розумних і безграмот­­них, на буржуазію і пролетарі­­ат, але за весь час існування суспільст­­ва ніколи не спостеріг­­алося такого яскравого і насиченог­­о розшарува­­ння молоді. Як дивно б це не звучало, але кого зараз тільки немає? Панки, готи, емо, фріки, растамани­­. Існує безліч молодіжни­­х субкульту­­р, як і безліч стереотип­­ів про те, що субкульту­­ра - це обовязков­­о погано. Свідчення тому, що половина безграмот­­них у цій справі людей вважають, що всі неформали ( люди з різних субкульту­­р) є божевільн­­ими сектантам­­и. Давайте ж спробуємо знайти плюси…[show more]

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